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  1. rayp

    UK Phraseology

    Hi, I have used 7.42 at Frankfurt and the UK/European phraseology seems to be used automatically. It uses "Decimal" for the decimal point and "departure" for the departure. Ray
  2. I am writing checklists for this aircraft and I woukd like to use the Flight Engineer's position for some commands. However, the main window for MCE states that a flight engineer is not used, only the co-pilot, mechanic and purser positions are activated. Is it possible to activate the flight engineer so that he can respond to all appropriate commands. I have searched the forum but cannot find any other mention of this.
  3. I get this error code when trying to set up FSX control logging while using LINDA in P3dV4 and the Just Flight Dove/Devon. This is to work out which of the aircraft controls are using FSX controls and which are using Lvars so that I can construct my own LINDA module for this aircraft. Is there a way round the problem or will it be necessary to revert back to FSX while I construct the module. Thanks Ray
  4. I have recently loaded version onto my PC and there appears to be a problem with the Unshifted, Shift 1, and Shift two commands. I have these working from the 3 position button on my Saitek Yoke but when the switch is operated there is no reponse from LINDA and I cannot access the commands placed on the two switched sections. I also have one of the momentary buttons on the Yoke operating the Global Shift command and this one is working OK. When it is held ON I can access the commands on both switched pages . The version I had before which operated OK was 2.8.4.
  5. rayp

    HID Button Assignment Problem

    Thank you for your quick reply and understand what should happen but it has not answered my problem about where these corrupted files come or came from. I have looked at the config-hid files again and have made the following observations I can confirm that the config.hid file in linda-cfg\system does contain the Bodnar card's serial number at line J[4][8]. I can also confirm that every time LINDA is started, another config-hid file is generated with a date/time added to the file name such as "config-hid-1607252047.lua" and I now have 24 of these in that folder as well as the normal config-hid file which is always the same as the last date time file . If you look at the config-hid file in linda-cfg\aircrafts\{my aircraft} the serial number ofthe Bodnar card does not appear to be shown. Below is the first five lines of a card showing the start of the assignment list. -- ## 6F B39442 BBI-32 ## (1DD211400) ## {NoSerNum} ############ JSTK["1DD211400"][1]="FSX:_ZOOM_IN:0" JSTK["1DD211400"][2]="FSX:_ZOOM_OUT:0" JSTK["1DD211400"][3]="Panel_Light_Dome_On" The serial niumber is shown but only because I have included it in the name of the card for my reference purposes. Does this missing serial number have any effect on my problem and why do I have multiple config-hid files being formed in both \system and \aircraft sections of lind-cfg.
  6. Where does LINDA obtain the button assignments for the attached HIDs when it is started. I have six Leo Bodnar cards in my setup. When LINDA is started two of the cards and button assignments always appear correctly. The same two pairs of the remaining four always start with the button assignments appearing for the wrong one of each pair. That is, if we call these four cards in question A,B,C,D the the button assignment for card A is always attached to card B with B's buttons attached to card A. Similarly for cards C and D. The config-hid files for both linda/aircraft and linda-cfg/aircraft show the correct assignments with all the correct serial numbers and LINDA ID numbers for all six cards. Also the Joystick setup shows all the correcr numbers for each card. I am using the latest LINDA version 2.8.3 which was upgraded from version 1.1.3. Thanks for any help available
  7. rayp

    "Access Violation" error message

    I am using version 1.1.3 at the moment and, yes, I am referring to the right-click pop up menu. I tried version 2.5.7 but had a problem using Tracer which I reported and am now waiting for the next finished version to be distributed.
  8. While using LINDA Editor to write several instructions I tried to ease the job by trying to highlight an instruction and use the copy/paste system. I was allowed to highlight the instruction and bring up the copy/paste sub menu. However, when I clicked on copy, a LINDA error message appeared on the screen producing continuous images with a bleep each time and I could not stop them. I had to reboot the computer to close LINDA and remove the multiple messages and images. The message was "Access violation at address 00405B16 in module "linda.exe". Read of address 000028EC". Have you come across this before. I don't mind one error message if I do something wrong but this multiple repetition seems a little over the top.
  9. rayp

    Tracer problem with Linda2.5.7

    Thank you for your reply. Do you have any idea when the next release will be?
  10. I've just started using LINDA2.5.7 after upgrading from earlier version and am having a problem with the Tracer window. I can open the window and obtain the Lvars list but when I click "Start All" to begin the trace, the program stops and I get an error message "Range check error". The Editor and Console sections are working correctly. Has anybody else come across this or found a way round? I am running on Windows 7 64 bit with FSX and Linda on their own drive "D" separate from the system drive "C".
  11. Thanks for the help. I think I have it sorted now. The two shift ranges accessed by the Saitek mode switch can only be used by the Saitek Yoke and not by any of the other devices (Leo Bodnar button boxes) that I have connected. In order to access a shifted position on the other devices I will have to use the GLOBAL shift instruction and then will only have access to the Shift 1 button positions on the other devices. In order to have two shift positions available on each device I will have to allocate switches on each device to choose shift 1 or shift 2 or unshifted. If this is correct, I would like to ask if there is any possibility, in the future, of having two Global shift choices so that there would only be need for one shift choice button for a number of devices instead of each device needing a shift choice as at present.
  12. I have already programmed the three pages as you requested but when I move the Saitek mode switch to shift 1 or shift 2 the page does not change and stays in unshifted mode. The only way to get to a shifted page is to use the mouse and click in either of the two shift boxes at the top of the page using the mouse. If I then move the mode switch to unshift, the page stays in shifted mode until I click the box with the mouse.
  13. I have loaded up Linda 2.5.7 (following instructions) and now see the mode switch showing as buttons 9,10, and 11 on the Saitek Yoke page.. I have programmed buton 9 as Shift 1, 10 as Unshifted, and 11 as Shift 2. However, when I move the Yoke Mode from 2 to 1 i.e. going from Unshift to shift 1, nothing happens. The Yoke page does not go to the Shift 1 page and neither do any of the other joystick pages change (I have three Bodnar button boxes set up in the system). The only way to move to a shifted page is to use the Global shift instruction and then I can only access the Shift 1 page. Is this normal or do I need to do something else to make it work. Scott says something about Global shift needing two presses of the button in a previous topic but how can this be done with a switch similar to the Saitek Mode switch which is just a three position switch ON-ON-ON.