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  1. Well, I did but w/o MSFS default deicing trucks, I guess I must have bent some real life provisions regarding ice buildup on wings and fuselage. Nevertheless I managed to arrive at Arlanda.
  2. Great pics that made me shiver, brrrr 🥶 . BTW, how on earth did you find your way to the apron in that all-white mess?
  3. Great set. MSFS does a nice job replicating the atmosphere when flying beneath clouds.
  4. Took Asobo´s beautiful Bell 407 for a quick ride around Sydney and its famous opera house and iconic Harbor Bridge. Guess in real life I wouldn´t be allowed to fly under the bridge. It´s always fascinating how MSFS enables us to go to places all over the world with just a few mouseclicks.
  5. Wonderful pics of a wonderful aircraft.
  6. I even did some quite bad takeoffs until I watched the developer's video that explained that without any flaps you just let the tail come up and without pulling back on the yoke just let her climb away from the runway. Now I only have to work on my landings 🙂
  7. Overall high settings with buildings on ultra , LOD 300 and Vsync fps limited to 30.
  8. With the Bell 407 and Lower Manhattan heliport available since the last update, I find myself hovering all over the Big Apple. It´s become my favorite pasttime 😀 So here are a few pics of my - in real life certainly absolutely non tolerable - flights above and through the streets of New York. Hope you enjoy them.
  9. It is TNCM Princess Juliana International airport at Sint Maarten, that comes with the 40th anniversary update.
  10. Great shots. I can virtually imagine you humming "Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars ..." 🙂
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