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  1. Impressive, very impressive. Who needs Top Gun 2 when you can have DCS and super carriers 🙂 The night scene with the deck end llghts rushing towards the pilot is real scary. And the rain effects are just WOW! Unfortunately, my current computer is far from able to run this kind of simulation, not to mention at this high level of detail. But then, I can still watch the spectacular videos that keep coming ...
  2. Today we leave sunny Greece and the Aegean islands for something different. City Express was a Canadian airline, which ceased operations long ago. It operated a fleet of Dash 7 and Dash 8 out of Toronto Island Airport to destinations like New York, Montreal, Ottawa and of course London, Ont. Here we see an evening run from CYTZ to CYXU.
  3. Servus Torsten, very impressive pics indeed! Don´t we have beautiful mountains here in Austria 🙂 btw, I spotted only the two lifts on the Daunferner, but maybe I´m snowblind 😄 Werner
  4. Once Olympic Airlines was Greek´s biggest airline and flag carrier. Today, after the merger with Aegean, Olympic Air (as it is named now) is Aegean´s subsidiary and degraded to just a regional carrier. With temperatures in Greece up to 104°F for the last few days, people flocked to the beaches for refreshment. Here´s a planeload of heat-suffering citizens of Thessaloniki heading to the beaches of lovely Paros onboard Olympic´s Dash 8-100 (Olympic have 2 Dash 8-100s and 8 Dash 8-400s in service). So let´s join the flight. Hope you enjoy. Passing over Skiathos: Athens with Piraeus in the Background: The smaller, but hip island of Antiparos in front with bigger Paros in the background: On final to LGPA: View from the office: Landed: Paros tower in the back: Waiting for boarding:
  5. Great pics of that classic airplane. When I was young I was lucky enough to have flights on both LH and AA 727s. And the roaring sound of the engines as well as the smoke trails is something I won´t ever forget.
  6. As you may know, my last trip took me to LGMT Mytilene. Mytilene (or Mytilini in Greek) is situated on the greek island of Lesbos in the Eastern Aegean Sea, very close to the turkish border. This time, we find ourselves in the Western Aegean Sea at Syros, one of the cyclades islands. LGSO Dimitros Vikelas is the island´s airport with a crisp short runway length of 3543´or 1080m. Biggest commercial aircraft to land here are Aegean´s ATRs 42-500 at underweight.. To the northeast of Syros lies the cyclades island of Tinos, further to the east youl´ll find the small but lovely island of Rinia and then wellknown Mykonos. So here´s Olympic Dash 8-100 from LGSO to LGMK. Enjoy!
  7. It´s from Virtualcol ATR Series 2. I also have Flight1´s ATR but this one suffers from annoying sound stutters. So for quick flights I use Virtualcol´s ATR and have retrofitted it with Integrated Simavionics gauges and FMS. Only thing I am mmissing with VCol´s ATR is the possibility to have engine 2 in Hotel mode which Flight1´s ATR has.
  8. Rwy 32 has a length of 6138´ or 1871m which is more than enough for an ATR, which is very well suited for short field takeoffs and landings. Actually it can come to a full stop at about 3500´ or little more than 1100 m.
  9. As my last flight ended in LGHI Chios Omiros I thouht I might travel on northwards and thus took Aegean´s ATR 72-500 from Chios to LGMT Mytilene, a town on the Greek isle of Lesbos.
  10. The plane shown here is Virtuacol´s Dash 8 as it comes with the most recent update from them (it´s now possible to open the cargo door without actually triggering the baggage cart so GSX loaders can be used now). As I also have Majestic´s Dash 8 Q400 I know there are some Olympic liveries around. How bout this one: https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=176687&Cookie=1 Not quite sure if it also works with P3Dv4 but this one is for P3D by default. If you already knew about this scenery and in case it´s not working with v4, please disregard. https://simmershome.de/lgmt-mytilene-airport/ Cheers from rainy LOWG, Werner
  11. With travel restrictions slowly being lifted in Europe, Greece is calling me again. This time it´s the Island of Chios in the eastern Aegean Sea. The island´s airport called "Omiros" is pretty tight with only two parking positions.
  12. At Simmarket, all JustSim titles are off 20% until May 29th.
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