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  1. duesenwerni

    Crossair Saab 340 departing LSZH

    Hi guys, sorry for responding so late. And no, it's Virtualcol's Saab v2 package. Greetings from LOWG, Werner
  2. duesenwerni

    Virtualcol Releases Saab Regional Pack v2

    Well then, just let your copilot do the walkaround check, hop directly into the cockpit instead and enjoy the pilot´s perspective 😎😀
  3. duesenwerni

    Virtualcol Releases Saab Regional Pack v2

    Ok, here you go, AnkH. Starboard engine as seen from the cabin: Starboard exhaust as seen from the cabin: Port engine exhaust as seenfrom the cabin: Aircraft seen from front right: VC with Integrated Simavionics EHSI gauge: Saab 2000 overhead panel
  4. duesenwerni

    Virtualcol Releases Saab Regional Pack v2

    No problem, mate 🙂 ! As for the close-ups, I´ll get to that when i´m back at home. Maybe I´ll be also able to post the first screenies of the "retrofitted" S2000/ISG virtual cockpit. For the time being, here´s a (not yet retrofitted) S340 virtual cockpit:
  5. duesenwerni

    Virtualcol Releases Saab Regional Pack v2

    Nope, AnkH, HB-IZD actually belonged to the Swiss International fleet until 2004! Small detail, but overlooked 🙂 Virtualcol just showed that Saab when it still belonged to Swiss. Anyway, fact is that today, it belongs to Skywork. I´d post a link to air...net, but am not sure, wether that would be appreciated on that forum; so you´ll have to go and look it it up yourself, searching for HB-IZD + Swiss 😎 As for Skywork, since the paintkit has already been released, I´m working on that also ...
  6. duesenwerni

    Virtualcol Releases Saab Regional Pack v2

    Not in the same league maybe, but constantly getting better 🙂 Yes, Carenado´s Saab 340 is definitely out of reach when you consider systems depth. I too have study-level aircraft like Majestic Dash 8 Q400 or the still impressive Flight1 ATR 72-500, but then sometimes, just for the quick evening flight before dinner, I take something more simple and quick to fire up. I have been following Virtualcol´s product range for a while now and do own the Dornier 328 range, both ATR series and Dash 8 v2 pack but don´t "fly" them any more. Quality has varied, especially considering the virtual cockpits. Now the Saab v2 range is quite a step forward into the right direction. Far from study level but defiinitely better than default FSX. The virtual cockpits now actually look like their real counterparts and the outside visuals have improved, too. And - of course - you get not only the Saab 340 but the 2000 as well. Also mind that currently there is no other Saab 2000 on the market that offers a virtual cockpit and DX10 compatible graphics! And if you (like me) already own Integrated Simavionics ISG suite, you can retrofit the panels with the ISG EHSI and CDU gauges, use Navigraph navdata and thus have two nice looking aircraft that can fly SID´s and STAR´s with actual navdata for just a third of the Carenado´s price! Currently, I´m just retrofitting the 2000. As a last a pic showing the much improved outside visuals of that product line:
  7. duesenwerni

    FSX Steam Edition – Embraer ERJ 145LR Add-On

    Here´s a screenie from my hdd pointing all the way to the manual, , maybe gives you a hint where to look for :-) http://
  8. duesenwerni

    FSX Steam Edition – Embraer ERJ 145LR Add-On

    Have you already looked into your Steam/Steamapps/Common/FSX/DLC directory? Among your DLC content, there should be a directory with your ERJ-download. I remember I had found a pdf-document there.