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  1. Hola, great pics. Defo would like to chill on that beach 🏖️
  2. Again in Turkey, this time at the southern coast of the Black Sea at LTCM Sinop, a great piece of freeware by SceneryTR Design. Their (or better his, cause it´s a one-man-show by Sunay Kilic) website can be found at https://scenerytr.com/
  3. Uh oh, didn´t know this background before. So, being a regular virtual flyer to Corfu, you might call me "nymphomaniac" 😀 Fine shots, as always! Cheers, Werner
  4. But alas, if you run out of beer .... 😉 Great shots of that african sandbox!
  5. atlasjet was a turkish airline based in Istanbul. It served turkish domestic destinations as well as some international ones and ceased operations in 2020.
  6. Absolutely beautiful! Your screens make me longing to get away from my office desk!✈️🏝️⛱️
  7. Quite an interesting aircraft and - at least for me - a rather unknown chapter of aviation history as well. Thanks a lot for that! Btw, the idea of crossing the pond in one of these, specially at night in complete darkness, makes me shudder. Not even simulatorwise, as I wouldn´t like to spend that much time in front of my computer,
  8. Love the shots, very exotic and very realistic! Btw, did that little Piper of yours get there as a deck load on board of a ship 😉
  9. A bold captain to cruise without destroyer escort 😀
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