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  1. Thanks, I'm using 16 gigs of ram (G-skill Ripjaws,) Your system should run XP very well! Rob
  2. It looks great! Will this be a plugin that could add reflections to any plane? or is it something that has to built into a plane from scratch? Rob
  3. I have a 3770k CPU and a 960GTX (4gb) Video card. My CPU is overclocked to 4.7 (with water cooling) and I also overclocked the bus, video card and memory. My computer is close to 3 1/2 years old now, except for video card, which is about a little over a year now I think. Anyhow, I live in NYC and I spend a lot of time flying there in X-plane. NYC is by far the most demanding place to fly in either X-plane, P3D or FSX, because of the close proximity of all 3 major airports and a hugh city in between. If you can get good FPS here, your good pretty much anywhere else you go in the sim! It a great place to benchmark performance and settings. This CPU, seems to run XP so well, I just don't see any reason to upgrade right now and I'm an upgrade junkie! I'm dying to build a new computer just because I enjoy buying the parts and building a new computer, but this one is running so well, I just can't part with it. at some point it may die from the overclock, but that's ok, I had a few great years of use out of it and that will give me a good reason to build a new one. so far its not overheating and has never crashed on me in the last 3 years running at this speed. I took a few screen shots of NYC today using the new Lagardia 2020 scenery. I used Fraps to display FPS, but for some reason, the FPS did not show up. I don't feel like taking new ones now, but I was getting between 34 and 46 FPS in these shots. At one point it dropped to 32 for a few seconds. NOt sure how I feel about this proposed Laguardia airport. Looks good on paper, but I need to see it in person when its done. The old one is in bad need of a renovation! Its a dump! I'm running 10.5, DD Manahattan, World Traffic, Maxxfx, DD design NY Airports, RTH and a few small scenery addons for NYC. Rob The Port Autority Proposed KLGA
  4. Great shots, Ill have to check out those sky colors, they look great! Rob
  5. Yes, I am having the same issue. Except in the TBM, which seems to work fine. Rob
  6. I noticed that Carenado just updated all their G1000 aircraft (5 in all) to v 3.2. not sure if its been updated on all vendors yet. Its supposed to fix some performance issues as well as other bugs, but I haven't been able to update mine yet, I'm stuck at work. Just thought Id pass this along. I'm looking forward to checking out the updated TBM & Cirrus. Rob (These are old pics before updates)
  7. I've been having a lot of fun in this plane (IGEX 737) and have been flying it all over the US. Next week, Europe. The last 2 were around Area 51, the Sedan crater created in a nuclear test 1962 at the nevada test range, just outside of area 51. Rob
  8. Nice shot! Great looking clouds and plane! Rob
  9. I am in the process of learning how to program an FMC. I am a GA flyer, mostly, but the IGEX 737, has me hooked. Ive made some good progress and I can now enter a plan, fly it and it all works just fine. However, I have a question... Ive been using the online flight planner to create a plan. http://onlineflightplanner.org/ I use this site a lot with GA planes and just copied the downloaded flight plan into the X-plane /Data folder and load it up into the default GPS. Is there a way to do this with the IGEX FMC? So far, Ive been using this site to generate a PDF of the plan, printing it and manually adding in all the way points by hand, which takes some time to do. I was wondering if there is an easier way to do it, even if its not the way its done in real life, I'm OK with that. I generate a plan for FS2004 to use with Radar contact and then the PDF to manually enter the way points. Im thinking there might be an easier way. Rob
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