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  1. Comanche

    Manhattan 10.50b7

    Thanks, I'm using 16 gigs of ram (G-skill Ripjaws,) Your system should run XP very well! Rob
  2. Comanche

    Reflections Plug in

    It looks great! Will this be a plugin that could add reflections to any plane? or is it something that has to built into a plane from scratch? Rob
  3. Comanche

    Manhattan 10.50b7

    I have a 3770k CPU and a 960GTX (4gb) Video card. My CPU is overclocked to 4.7 (with water cooling) and I also overclocked the bus, video card and memory. My computer is close to 3 1/2 years old now, except for video card, which is about a little over a year now I think. Anyhow, I live in NYC and I spend a lot of time flying there in X-plane. NYC is by far the most demanding place to fly in either X-plane, P3D or FSX, because of the close proximity of all 3 major airports and a hugh city in between. If you can get good FPS here, your good pretty much anywhere else you go in the sim! It a great place to benchmark performance and settings. This CPU, seems to run XP so well, I just don't see any reason to upgrade right now and I'm an upgrade junkie! I'm dying to build a new computer just because I enjoy buying the parts and building a new computer, but this one is running so well, I just can't part with it. at some point it may die from the overclock, but that's ok, I had a few great years of use out of it and that will give me a good reason to build a new one. so far its not overheating and has never crashed on me in the last 3 years running at this speed. I took a few screen shots of NYC today using the new Lagardia 2020 scenery. I used Fraps to display FPS, but for some reason, the FPS did not show up. I don't feel like taking new ones now, but I was getting between 34 and 46 FPS in these shots. At one point it dropped to 32 for a few seconds. NOt sure how I feel about this proposed Laguardia airport. Looks good on paper, but I need to see it in person when its done. The old one is in bad need of a renovation! Its a dump! I'm running 10.5, DD Manahattan, World Traffic, Maxxfx, DD design NY Airports, RTH and a few small scenery addons for NYC. Rob The Port Autority Proposed KLGA
  4. Comanche

    A few from X-Plane

    Great shots, Ill have to check out those sky colors, they look great! Rob
  5. Yes, I am having the same issue. Except in the TBM, which seems to work fine. Rob
  6. I noticed that Carenado just updated all their G1000 aircraft (5 in all) to v 3.2. not sure if its been updated on all vendors yet. Its supposed to fix some performance issues as well as other bugs, but I haven't been able to update mine yet, I'm stuck at work. Just thought Id pass this along. I'm looking forward to checking out the updated TBM & Cirrus. Rob (These are old pics before updates)
  7. Comanche

    FlightSim World - One World

    Beautiful pics! Love that livery! Rob
  8. I've been having a lot of fun in this plane (IGEX 737) and have been flying it all over the US. Next week, Europe. The last 2 were around Area 51, the Sedan crater created in a nuclear test 1962 at the nevada test range, just outside of area 51. Rob
  9. Comanche

    A few CJ2'S

    Great Shots! Very crisp! Rob
  10. Comanche

    A C-47 over Wales.

    Nice shot! Great looking clouds and plane! Rob
  11. Comanche


    Looks Great! Rob
  12. Comanche

    FMC Route Question

    Awesome info! Thanks Matthias! Rob
  13. I am in the process of learning how to program an FMC. I am a GA flyer, mostly, but the IGEX 737, has me hooked. Ive made some good progress and I can now enter a plan, fly it and it all works just fine. However, I have a question... Ive been using the online flight planner to create a plan. I use this site a lot with GA planes and just copied the downloaded flight plan into the X-plane /Data folder and load it up into the default GPS. Is there a way to do this with the IGEX FMC? So far, Ive been using this site to generate a PDF of the plan, printing it and manually adding in all the way points by hand, which takes some time to do. I was wondering if there is an easier way to do it, even if its not the way its done in real life, I'm OK with that. I generate a plan for FS2004 to use with Radar contact and then the PDF to manually enter the way points. Im thinking there might be an easier way. Rob
  14. Comanche

    Phenom 300 High Above

    Awesome Shot! Great job Rob