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  1. Did my first flight from point A to point B with the 737 using the FMC an all. Everything went smootly and I did not have any issues, except that I wanted to go to San Francisco from Phoenix and ended up in San Diego. (lol) keep getting those two airports mixed up in my head sin the both start with "SAN". So it was user error in my part, But aside from that, it was fun! Rob
  2. I bought this plane last night too. I only had an hour to spend with it, because I had to get up early for a meeting today. However, the time I spent with it, was amazing! Rob
  3. Great news! Congratulations to everyone involved! This is a going to be a fantastic addon for X-plane. Rob
  4. Amazing work! Your scenery is better than payware! Rob
  5. Very interested in the IXEG 737! Looks like it will be a fantastic addon aircraft. The preview videos are amazing! Not really that interested in anything based off FSX however. Rob
  6. I dont have the Carenado 172. I think its the only Carenado plane, I dont have. I do have the airfoil labs version and it is a very nice flying plane. However, I disagree thats its visually better looking. its not bad, but I was a little disaponted in it. Maybe its the lack of a 3d pilot and paint kit, thats turning me off from it. honestly think Carenados stuff looks better inside and out, but The airfoilabs plane has a very nice fght model to it and the camera system is really amazing. I bought this plane a long time ago and not much on updates or anything for it. I dont really fly it much anymore. Rob
  7. The only time I've noticed this is when the aircraft is in a shadow of a cloud or in sunrise or sunset times of the day, but then again, I use MaxxFX to tweak the colors, so that may be one of the reasons, I don't see this. Rob
  8. Lots of dislike for X-plane on this thread, but I guess that's what happens when someone posts a thread with a title like this one. I have P3d, FSX and X-plane, all with lots of add-ons. All have good an bad points, but the only ones I'm having fun with right now is X-plane and occasionally DCS world. The rest I fire up once in a while, but for one reason or another just don't do it for me. I was a long term FSX user and one of the first to jump to P3d when it first came out. I enjoyed P3d much more, but then X-plane 10 slowly pulled me away from it. I guess im in a minority here, but X-plane just looks more realistic to me. (At least in my area) Rob
  9. There are a lot of things I like and don't like about xplane and some things that should be improved, but trees are not one of them. I think they look pretty good. Higher resolution trees would impact fps too much and people would complain it runs too slow or jerky. You can get away with better looking trees in other Sims because they cover smaller areas. Falcon has very low res scenery and graphics compared to xplane so better looking trees to make up for the 1999 graphics is do able.
  10. I dont have this plane yet, Maybe after the Holidays. However, SES, have you disbled all your other plugins, to see if there is a conflict? If it runs good, then re-enable them one at a time to see if you can find the conflict. Rob
  11. How much is it? The store seems to be down right now, for me. Rob
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