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  1. Good luck 🙂 you know what else needs an upgrade is the nvidia control panel - its archaic 🙂
  2. Going to pm you thats not the program I use - sorry about link - thanks
  3. Yup they have it really locked down - I played with those permissions manually and really messed up MSFS - so thats when I bought Steam version - one file in the entire install could cause the issue so I dont have time to mess with it so dumped MS Store version You could be trying to hunt down the problem file for a long time - I'm all set with that - oh and good luck getting a refund wont happen absolute joke - but at the time I thought it was worth buying sim twice
  4. Yup thats it - your welcome - comes in handy for all sorts of files and folders other than simming
  5. Ive had to resort to all this hack stuff due to the night environment stock is terrible to me anyway
  6. Your welcome just ask if you have question - again dont do a ton of files at the same time - after you launch bat file - you highlight a folder or file and right mouse click takeownersahip command The main MSFS that contains the exe is prob the most I would do at once - worth a try I cant because I dumped MSFS Store version
  7. Have you tried this program - been using it for years 1 click take ownership of any folder or file 🙂 https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/takeownershippro.html Dont do lots of folders at the same time - especially the entire C drive - take your time with this program and dont stop it until its entirely done as it can look like its not working but it is depends how much stuff is in 1 folder for instance
  8. The reason I went with Steam version was ridiculous security issues on that folder - life's to short
  9. Thanks for heads up - actually not hard to do it your self also 🙂
  10. Well thats not good - glad I trashed windows store version
  11. Windows store version: C:\Users<YourUserName>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe Steam version: steam\steamapps\common
  12. Why not it should you just need to find the folder - its harder than steam version but should work - its not right protected is it - take ownership of that entire MSFS folder
  13. Be careful make a screenshot of your main sim folder before you load Reshade - to know what you will have to manually uninstall I made the mistake of not doing so and now I think there may be few extra files that dont belong - this was before I found Gshade - I think its cleaned up well but best to take screenshot first - its a manual uninstall for reshade
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