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  1. Copy the text into note pad then copy to forum - problem solved 🙂 no more highlight
  2. I believe you have an unclockable cpu - these new 1090's only use more ghz when needed - floats all over the place I wouldnt pay attention to it - its like car engine 4 cylinder then pops to 8 cylinder when you get on it - yes corvettes have this feature which I over ride 🙂 I want all 8 cylinders at all times - modern tech 😞 I was told that it saves life span of the cpu - yah whatever - I thought I was purchasing a k (unlockable) version cpu and built pc was to late but if you keep checking it you do see it hits almost 5.3 ghz when being pushed - at idle it really falls off - if works well its actually not a big deal - that said I will make sure next time its a K version cpu
  3. Figured it out I cleared cache in Steam program then it signed me out I resigned in and rebooted - then got a steam screen to update then launched game from that screen bam its updating now
  4. Steam users any problems getting initial update - keeps blowing by checking for updates screen - never done that before I am at new one is Tried the usual reboot restart pc restart steam stuff yet no luck Are they monitoring maybe whos able to get it maybe ? thanks Guys
  5. Took forever to load web page of Vegas screenshots - no need to quote a posting with same pics most of the time
  6. I have 64gig or ram took all of it just to load these pics above holy word not allowed
  7. Yah bit of a gripe of mine - changing aircraft should be way easier 😞
  8. I wouldnt buy anything from marketplace if I dont have to
  9. To be honest not a fan of the 380 so the wait will be less painful for me
  10. You Guys realize they all ready have an installer for the A320 right - just install latest A320 version from their installer - shortcut on my desktop - saves a bunch of time searching around https://github.com/Externoak/A32NX-installer/releases/tag/v0.7
  11. And another video in beginning shows where you access it - nice
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