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  1. can you please send me the dome light fix for Carenado's Aero Commander 500?

    I'm using P3d v4.4



  2. Happy Holidays Guys & Gals been quite some time but not forgotten all my Friends
  3. I dont have them sorry maybe edpatino member here hes a cool dude I think he might be able to help you out
  4. Sorry guys been way to busy for simming and yes did sell my rig so be a while before simming again - hope all is well - thank you
  5. Great shots and product well done Mr. Chris - well done
  6. That time of year Vic - Vette season here - take it while you can get it :) thanks guys for the concern - Mark nope not even XP right now
  7. Hi Guys: Sorry been very busy and have not had a lot of time for simming, hope all is well guys
  8. Thanks just crazy how amazing XP is and will be in the future
  9. Awesome stuff - thanks for heads up Freeware - payware ? not sure
  10. After viewing all the Flightsimcon videos thus far XP is way ahead of all the others and that wont change - I am glad I made the switch great things down the road for XP users also more and more developers jumping on board lately - going to be a great ride - huge thanks to Laminar
  11. You forgot this one :) WOW - XP is amazing
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