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  1. https://flightsim.to/file/33275/custom-camera-views-fenix-a320 Little buggy maybe number pad 5 key was not setup rest were - also num lock has to be on or off - dont remember which otherwise very nice some inside views not ideal but most are nice views
  2. Your the best I'll go for what your using - thanks so much for the help 🙂
  3. I got wifi working had to get password from xfinity - what tablet would you recommend ? a decent screen size would be good - cost not an issue - I appreciate your help
  4. I have wifi antenna on my asus motherboard tried that now having all kinds of issues with internet disconnections
  5. Can you help me with choosing a usb tablet for the Fenix - my internet is hard wired and dont use wireless - is there a tablet that will work usb for Fenix EFB - thanks
  6. Dont have either 🙂 may look into a tablet for EFB - that would be cool
  7. Hopefully this can help a little - still an issue every time I use navigraph from quick access bar it asks for a code - silly - anyway I wont use it Ill just use EFB
  8. Cant import flight plan after buying navigraph subscription - any help would be appreciated - use to work before subscription - I installed all the proper files and Fenix navigraph update install
  9. When you open up navigraph in sim from quick access bar you have to make sure its clicked on to window mode - the middle button on flyout then it works proper if you make it full screen window it will crash sim again even after inserting code But after getting subscription version its importing simbrief flight plan into fmc now - have to figure that out now
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