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  1. NA-73

    New CJ2 re-paint download

    The link is no longer functioning :( Anyway possible to post a new one to get his beauty?
  2. Is there any possible way to get G-EDCM with the registration N525WB? I'd be willing to compensate you for your work
  3. NA-73

    A2A C182 Skylane or Flight1 T182T?

    A2A all the way with GTN 750!! I cannot wait to see what they will have out in their next 3 releases!!
  4. NA-73

    Devs, where are the Lears?

    Challenger 300 please or a Lear 60!
  5. NA-73

    The Ferrari of the FSX world

    RealAir Legacy. 'Nuff Said.
  6. NA-73

    GTN 750/650

    I can't imagine flying the A2A Cessna 182 without it!
  7. NA-73

    La Crosse, WI to Dubuque, IA

    Hey I work at KLSE!! Thanks for visiting!
  8. NA-73

    Citation II HD-Audio

    This one is excellent. Being a line guy at my local airport we run into Citation II's frequently and this is very, very close in my opinion.
  9. NA-73

    Best GA Single Prop

    I know you are looking for freeware but you cannot go wrong with A2A's Piper Cub, Piper Cherokee, Cessna 172 or their Cessna 182. All of them are great and add an incredible amount of immersion to your experience. Happy flying!!
  10. NA-73

    Words I need to share with our Community

    Thank you.
  11. NA-73

    The Rising Cost of Flight Simming

    I look at add ons as buying almost another simulator in itself. I have my budget and I have what I will and wont spend and honestly if you are smart and can hold off on impulse buying you can find some really good deals occasionally. Whether it's FSX, P3D or XPlane, to me they are just the canvas to the sim, the add ons are the colors and textures and I, within reason, am happy paying for my add ons.
  12. NA-73

    Flying wild Alaska

    Great stuff!!!
  13. My choices would be for military the Civilian Mustang and for modern the 182. Those are just my picks!