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  1. I have to admit I am curious as to what your CPU temps are running 5.1Ghz on an air cooler. I have my 7700K clocked to 5.1Ghz and it is always around 45C, but that is with a custom loop.
  2. N405GJ

    747-8 Officially in Beta Yet?

    I am so very ready for this one. I have been spending a bit of time with the -400 lately and I am really starting to see just how well this one has been done. That 400 and a 320 by a developer who won’t be mentioned are the closest I have felt to actually being in the cockpit. So many great new features to play with. It’s heaven for a systems guy like me.
  3. N405GJ

    Captainsim 757 thoughts?

    Let me preface this reply with the fact that I usually restrict my flying to “high end” addons such as PMDG, FSL, and more recently the Maddog X. I recently picked up the CS 757 as I had finally gained enough hours in my VA to “unlock” the 757. I had pretty high expectations from the videos and articles on the aircraft and I have to say I was less than impressed. As mentioned above the aircraft does handle pretty well, and the modeling looks great. As long as you don’t zoom in too close. However, there are a few big issues that I cannot look past and ultimately wind up leaving the 757 in the hangar and going back to another aircraft. Firstly, there are no panel states nor is there a Cold and Dark option. Also, the FMC is not very good at providing a VNAV profile that is anywhere near accurate. You mostly wind up having to use VS mode to control your descent. If you can look past these issues it is a decent product. But in my opinion, these are items have pretty much become the standard for products in this price range. Until CS gets these basic items sorted out I can’t recommend the product to anyone. YMMV, but I would hold off this one. That’s my two cents worth.
  4. N405GJ

    Any good LearJets for V4?

    While the interior textures of the FSW Lear 35 do leave a bit to be desired, it is a fantastic bird. Systems and flight are very well modeled in relation to the real aircraft.
  5. N405GJ

    ATC callsigns

    If I’m not mistaken Editvoicepack allows you to create custom callsigns. Just don’t ask me to tell you how as I have never messed with that part.
  6. N405GJ

    Dutch Harbor X for P3D V4???

    I understand your frustrations. I am waiting for some news on what Aerosoft intends to do with Anchorage X. It’s such a gateway airport for so many areas. Would love to see this brought up to modern standards.
  7. N405GJ

    Fslabs performance settings

    As I’m sure you are aware, the FSL A320 is heavy on resources. Check out the settings post by Rob Ainscough for some pointers. I have always found his suggestions to be a great place to start tweaking your own. I will leave a link to Rob’s post below. Hope it helps. http://p3dwiki.com/graphics.html
  8. The only other item you need to go with this is a pair of MFG Crosswind pedals.
  9. As with every new release from Carenado, I am thankful I did not give them my hard earned money. It’s amazing that people still pay them for this. While I am a systems guy, I can completely understand the desire for a simplified “fire up and fly” aircraft. And they do have some of, if not the best, visually appealing aircraft. But there are always problems that are so basic with every release. I do wish Carenado would get some proper Beta Testers to catch the simple things before shoveling another product out the door.
  10. N405GJ

    Cessna P210N/R Pressurized Centurion

    Personally I would love to have an Aerostar. Great little planes.
  11. I am curious as to when this will be updated as well. Did not even think about it not being compatible when I bought it. Oops.
  12. N405GJ

    Turboprops for P3D V4? (not carenado)

    Don’t forget the Flysimware MU-2. One of the best turboprops available for P3D. And as others have stated the Q400 is coming out tomorrow. That is the one I am highly anticipating.
  13. N405GJ

    SLI config working again in V4.1

    Hello Rob, Quick question for you if you have a moment. I’ve always found your 4K settings very handy as a basis for my system. Would you by chance have an updated version posted somewhere for V4.0 or V4.1? I checked your website but didn’t see anything new there. Thanks for your time.
  14. N405GJ

    737 MAX with modern panel and Scimitar winglets

    I know the topic of split scimitar winglets has been discussed at length, and as far as I recall, it’s on the very back burner at best. Primarily because it is not just a visual effect but it changes the flight dynamics, which would require a lot of work to integrate. Personally I would be ok with paying a fair price to just have the visual effect, but I understand PMDG’s reasoning. I think you will find that the next gen flight deck, or MAX if I remember would be in a desperate update. Im sure this will draw fire so I will pull on my flak jacket now, but I would not mind an entirely new product for the MAX series. I would buy it in a heart beat. I have yet to find a PMDG product that is not worth the price.
  15. This is excellent news. This is easily my most eagerly anticipated aircraft for P3Dv4. I purchased it just before V4 released when I had no V3 installed so I have been unable to enjoy flying it. I know it’s going to be even better than before.