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  1. Hello Keven. My Chase Plane is not saving the pre-set views? \please advise
  2. Am I to assume that it's not possible again now?
  3. I bought this scenery from Simmarket and it was full of .bin files with one 'application file. It failed to install so SimMarket gave me a small discount for the next scenery but, I lost money over it.
  4. Thanks a lot Dave. Nice name you have, lol Happy Xmas.
  5. Shannan Airport EINN in western Ireland. Please?
  6. I found it had made a new P3D5 folder, all of it's own, so I copied and pasted it into the main folder but it has holes in the panel and is unflyable. Never mind. Thank you John. I wish you a Happy New year, my friend.
  7. Hello John. After installing the plane, It never appeared within the aircraft list.
  8. I had it running okay in P3Dv4 but does not work in '5.3'. Is it not compatible or, is there an update, please?
  9. Thank you Raymond. Your help is much appreciated.
  10. If I do that, I would be using the standard P3D AI traffic. I, ideally would like to see the 'Traffic Global' in action? I thought that was the idea?
  11. I recently purchased this program and have to say that I really am not impressed at all! It's the first time I have used anything like this and nothing's happening. My Sim is P3Dv5.2 and I executed the file and don't see any AI at all unless I adjust the P3D settings to include them? I am about to ask for a total refund. Money wasted!!!
  12. He has been showing on Facebook but does not answer any messages.
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