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  1. In that case it's not a free update at all! I could have swore I read that it 'is'!
  2. Using P3Dv4.5. Can anyone tell me what advantages I would obtain by using P3Dv5?
  3. Both controller's wwill default standard setting and control so this will lead to 'out of control' problems. You cannot us a joystick AND a Flight Yoke. Period. .
  4. Thank you Keven. Stay safe my friend.
  5. Please explain why the Community facility has been removed?
  6. ..............To restart the programming again, please Keven?
  7. I have had to remove my PTA from P3Dv4.5. I consistently had an annoying mud coloured horizon everywhere. I was using Matt's profile. I had to delete my shaders folder to remedy it.
  8. No Mine does not close either with P3Dv4.5 and I have to open Chaseplane myself. In the settings I remember a tick box for this which does not exist any more within the current version.
  9. The Thrustmaster Warthog will not work without its drivers.
  10. I have tried ALL the remedies here and also recieving instruction from a real Captain who sims as well and they still do not work properly. From a setup that cost's £330+, I think It's disgraceful.
  11. Chaseplane needs a reinstall every time I open the sim.
  12. Yes a report I sent also has not been acknowleged either.
  13. No addons installed more that already existed. Report sent.
  14. I own the boxed version for FSX. Let me know if you want it?
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