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  1. How about doing something exciting like the Vickers VC-10? Great to fly and fly within and the fastest airliner after Concorde.
  2. My NGX Navdata displays as 'Out of date even though the dates shown on the display are current. Is there a 'fix' for this please?
  3. Beware only to use a default aircraft for your opening page. (It's something to do with how the gauges load.)
  4. The license only applies to the user. It's not on my system and neither too is FSX. P3D is my sim of choice and X-Plane so, therefore it is mine to sell. Activation will work as the servers are no longer active to okay it. Are you implying means that if I wanted to use it if I downloaded FSX again I could not?
  5. I didn't realise it was a video. Does it work with the NGX?
  6. 10.27 where?
  7. Thank you for all your answers.
  8. I have the boxed FSX version. I moved on to P3D and X-Plane so sadly, It's not any good any more for me. PM me if interested?
  9. What are the requirements criteria for the call 'Positive Rate'?
  10. What are the requirements criteria for the call 'Positive Rate'?
  11. Would you please refrain of 'talking down to me' as though I am some sort of idiot? I merely stated a 'fact' that you seem to have overlooked. If what you say is true, regarding a modern plane why did PMDG choose an ancient aircraft for XP?
  12. Only questioning 'Tabs' reply. The DC-6 does not use an FMC.
  13. I would hardly place the DC-6 in that category.
  14. Awesome future simulation