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  1. G7USL

    PMDG and P3D v4.4

    110% is fantasy. Nothing can ever achieve more than 100%.
  2. G7USL

    Importing views

    Thank you for your help. Now having a good look at your other products. 😉
  3. G7USL

    Importing views

    Sorry to be a pain but how do I know after downloading the new views whether they are the imported ones, please Keven? They have the same title e;g Captain.
  4. G7USL

    Importing views

    Hoooorah. Thanks Keven. Now to try and include them.
  5. G7USL

    Importing views

    Thank you Keven for replying. I followed the manual and after writing Blackbox711 in the search within the Community search, It said that 'We found nothing matching your search'. I took a screenie but can't upload it to here.
  6. Cannot import a view file by 'Blackbox711' using the import function. Help please?
  7. G7USL

    Position Freeze User

    Click on 'Options' scroll down to 'Position Freeze User' and untick it. 😉
  8. G7USL

    Approach to LEPA

    Thank you. I'll give it a try.
  9. G7USL

    Approach to LEPA

    Switching off the AP for a manual landing caused the warbler warning horn to sound. Could not be cancelled. Gear down, flaps set at 20 and not overspeed. Still warbling after landing and when stopped. Any help please?
  10. I have to bring up the Task Manager to resolve. The cursor when pressed, changes the view direction but will not release.
  11. G7USL

    Assignments faulty

    Well, after a hour or so, they malfunction and do not work. Thanks for support.
  12. I have assigned numbers on my keyboard below the F keys for view points. Sometimes they are faulty. Help please Keven?
  13. Well, I am more than ready for the P3dV4.2 MD-11. lolol
  14. I hear that PTA is not compatible while using 'Chaseplane'. Can anyone confirm this please?
  15. Thanks Gerard. I was going to ask if PTA works on P3Dv4.1 and you answered it. :-)