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  1. maybe post a flight plan here, so could try to reproduce it. Some info where you got the haywire would be useful as well. Mike
  2. Same here, no relevant LNAV problems. Maybe there is still room for adjustments, it is not perfect in case of waypoints very close together. But the real AP isn't perfect either. Very enjoyable plane when treated correctly. Mike
  3. You might consider a Thrustmaster T16000M. I used it around a year before changing to an ACC Sidestick and found it quite solid and precise. There was a thread in the FSL forum a while ago, some A320 pilots in their beta team used it as well. It also includes a kit to change from right to left hand operation within minutes.
  4. Just wondering, is the IAS Mode of the Autopilot working this time ? That's a quite important mode for F50 operation. With working I mean does the speed get held exactly by pitch changes ? In several Carenado planes the IAS mode holds "something", but never the exact speed.
  5. Ok, will do, thanks for the info !
  6. Couldn`t agree more ! The Maddog was the most immersive Airliner experience I ever had in FSX, together with FS2Crew, and a big regret having lost it when moving from FSX to P3D. So glad to have it back in a few days. FSLabs A320, it`s hard to find words. So much love to details, and the sound atmosphere deserves a flight simulation Oscar. Definitely needs both !
  7. Is there any info how to update Navdata ? I have updated XPlane native via Navigraph, but it doesn`t seem to use that.
  8. yes, he is. He mentioned during one of his Twitch broadcasts, he has around 20000 flight hours, in 737 Classic, 747-400 and A320.
  9. So, maybe tomorrow A320 Update and the Maddog at the same time. Ouch
  10. I have almost exactly the PC specs you have planned and use an LG 43" 4k monitor. The fps impact 4k vs Full HD was not that much, around 5-8 fps. fps locked at 30, VSync on, Monitor set to 30Hz. I have P3Dv4, Activesky/ASCA, Envtex/Envshade, Orbx Global + Germany North/South. Black marble Base for night flying. No Vector Addon, don`t need that for Airliner flying. UTLive set at 50%, at big airports 30%. Not all sliders to the right, e.g. Autogen at medium. DL is on. With e.g. FSLabs A320, Aerosoft EDDF professional, fps remain at 30. Only at very dense areas around KLAX or EGLL ( with Aerosoft EGLL) I notice slight drops below 30. So overall it is quite smooth. No idea regarding VR. Mike
  11. Theoretically yes, but the speed border between two categories can be just near the middle of your Vref range. E.g. the border between Category B and C is a strict 121 kt. If you look at the Dash-8 speed cards, you`ll find that border depending on weight for every Flap setting. Mike
  12. generally a good explanation regarding the subject : How to get the correct approach minimum :
  13. I use and update it regularly, mainly for use with VOXATC, because currently also the ARTCC/FIR sectors in Europe get refined. If you don`t use any ATC program using that data there is probably no need to update it regularly.
  14. I also have a Brunner Yoke, but found it too weird to operate the 320 with a Yoke. I used a Thrustmaster T16000 initially. Not ideal due to its light resistance, but quite reasonable, you can even change it to left hand handling with a kit. More ideal, because quite stiff, means much more control feel : The ACC A320 Sidestick (available at Simmarket). Currently I use a Throttletek G737V2 Throttle also for the 320. It has very long travel, so it's easy to set up detend zones. Throttletek also sells a 320 Throttle, but I am not happy with their 737 Throttle. The Potis seem to have low quality. Sometimes you move the throttles by a centimeter, but don't get any response in P3D. Also with both levers in identical position, thrust differs by more than 5% in P3D, on top of that both are not linear. FSUIPC sync function helps, but to get them synchronous over the entire range is almost impossible. Probably the PFC throttle is much better in this regard. Would love to build a homecockpit around the FSLabs A320, but unfortunately FSLabs leaves users a bit clueless regarding that. No more info/news regarding their professional version since several months :-(.
  15. That`s right. Now we only need UGCX