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  1. Norway : From Bergen (AP available at flightsim.to) or Kristiansand to Alesund (both available at ORBX). Very beautiful scenic flight over the Norwegian coast and no matter which runway, great departure/approach in the Fjords. Mike
  2. I don't think so. I have tested it with ORBX Global lights set to big and high brightness and did not notice any difference. So at least it doesn't look like as if it adds up.
  3. Let's keep this a 3D Lights thread please. Mike
  4. Thanks ! I have installed them now via the LORBY Addon-Manager (Add Packages), looking good now. Mike
  5. I think so, yes. For me it looks like there is no dynamic lighting at all. Look at the night Screenshot at their Simmarket product page, there is only one. Should be obvious. Mike
  6. That did not help, also "Run as administrator" didn't, so I might have to install the files manually as well. Where in the scenery.cfg did you put them, above or below the ORBX stuff ? Mike
  7. Just hoping UCGX will still get new variations. A quote from your product description: "UGCX is a long-term project that will be frequently updated and enhanced..."
  8. Just thought I shift that over to a thread here, before it gets lost in the Weekend Update thread ... I know, but 2.3 mostly contains bug fixes, not any new feature. UGCX really needs more voice variation. You hear the same German guy in UGCX throughout Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia up to Russia. You fly 2500KM from Frankfurt to Moscow and hear the same guy at departure and destination airport. That is not very immersive. I think it would really deserve the same voiceset variation of Pushback Express. I use UGCX Exclusively in my home cockpit with voice control. The professional pushback is just great while not having to open any menu. Mike
  9. Just wondering, I have bought 3D Lights, but don't notice any difference. Also no difference at all in loading time. After installation one is supposed to use "Add scenery in P3Dv5" in START/Programs. If I do that, a windows opens for a split second and closes immediately. Should I find any entry in the P3D Addon folder afterwards, or does it add to scenery.cfg ? I could locate it in any of those. Mike
  10. 😀 . Well, I stopped real flying due to my age, and moved to the Black Forest. Although, wait, nooo. I stopped real flying because of Greta of course 😉 Mike
  11. I have done around two dozen real VFR night flights over densely populated area (Northrine Westfalia in Germany) and from that kept a certain picture of night lights or night impression in my brain. With this "other developer" Addon I never could get it right, it was always overdone. I get a similar impression from your screenshots. That is by no means meant critical regarding your screenshots or your preference. Not at all, if they are fine for you, then it is OK of course. I guess everyone has a very personal sight of night impression, either seen live or just by imagination how it should look like. Mike
  12. Couldn't agree more regarding "the other Addon", I also found it overdone. Too much Hollywood. @killtthespam, thanks for the screenshots. Indeed extended lights in the distance is a very welcome effect. Looks very natural. I think I'll get it as well, especially because it covers the whole world. Mike
  13. I really like it so far, at daytime. Ground and Building textures look better, fps is also better than before. I hope the SODE problem is solved, at roughly 50% of the gates I get "jetway too far from aircraft door" or "outside rotation range" But nighttime is unacceptable, it is just plain dull. No dynamic lights, looks like FSX. Mike EDIT : Nope, SODE problem not solved for me. Still the same errors.
  14. Looks very good at daytime, but the night lighting looks like FSX. Just dull, no dynamic lights.
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