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  1. Would be nice in a Tu-154 🙂 Anyone remember Project Tupolev? Mike
  2. Just wondering, is there any developer working on Frankfurt EDDF?
  3. Hi Umberto, >> GSX Pro Change: Changed Deicing fluid colors to be more realistic: Type 1 = Yellow, Type 2 = Clear, Type 3 = Orange, Type 4 = Green. you mixed up Type 1 and Type 3, see e.g. here :
  4. Ok, very good. These dampers are the key to give you an as close as possible A320 feel. By adjusting the force AND almost eliminating the centering force not present in the real pedals.
  5. Did you add the hydraulic dampers to the pedal purchase, as recommended in my initial post? https://mfg-sim.com/en/rudder-acessories/43-hydraulic-damper-retrofit-kit-for-v12.html
  6. You probably mean the strenght of the hydraulic damping, that's what you can adjust. You have 24 positions/clicks, 24 being max dampening. I have it on position 18. So adjust it to max dampening and then 6 clicks back. That's the easiest way. That setting was confirmed by an Eurowings pilot to be quite close to the real thing.
  7. That would be Hollywood sound then :-). You can't hear the barking sound in the Cockpit. Well, if you open the Cockpit Windows you might.
  8. You are very optimistic regarding V6 scenery compatibility 🙂 With almost all developers disappeared we can only hope...
  9. Looks like Simmarket has completely gone south regarding P3D. The guy doing the P3D installers is gone, so all sceneries come without installers now. Not a big problem of course, but it's remarkable. Mike
  10. Yes, I have two of these in my A320 home cockpit with P3D and FSLabs and like them. According to two A320 RW pilots the feel is very close to the real thing. I plugged them once into my Laptop, no problem at all to set them up in MSFS. I don't have the Fenix though, so can't tell. You can only buy them directly from MFG. They are usually out of stock with the base pedals around Christmas, but should restock them soon. Mike
  11. The footrests kit is below the base pedals. Click on the model selector and choose 'Airbus'. Yes, the second link is just meant for the center portion. If you contact them, you can get a reduced price for just that. Mike
  12. Another solution : MFG Crosswind pedals + Airbus footrests kit : https://mfg-sim.com/en/rudders/51-mfg-crosswind-v3-grey.html These pedals have hall sensors, no potis, so no wear and tear at all. I have mine since five years now. If you additionally buy the hydraulic dampers, you can set them up quite close to the real force , and they also almost eliminate the centering force. Real A320 pedals don't have any centering force (unfortunately present in many pedals, even expensive replicas like Opencockpit or FSC). If you want them to look even more like A320 pedals, you can get these center cover. Fits well over the MFGs. : https://airframelab.eu/product/a320-saitek-rudder-mod/ Mike
  13. thanks for sharing ! Indeed looks much better . Mike
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