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  1. 1. Munich (EDDM) by Jo Erlend Sund (Aerosoft), but can be any developer (Flightbeam, MK Studios, ...). The current TAXI2GATE EDDM is an eyesore in the German Airport Addon Landscape. 2. Fokker 70/100 by Aerosoft. For me it was the best Airliner Addon they made so far and I really miss it. A new version would be great. Mike
  2. I had exactly the same error with MKStudios Palma, with Addon Organizer run as Administrator . And yes, removing the P4AOBAK file manually cured it. Mike
  3. are you sure Simmarket doesn't charge for the additional redownload bandwidth, or even new installers?
  4. what do you expect, if Simmarket is apparently charging for the update. You take Airports for 5 Euro and then want Justsim to pay for the update?
  5. After seeing the comparison, how can that be valid (FS Global Ultimate NG 2020 product description) ... About 80 GB of 3D-data is injected with more than 500 times more detail in your Flight Simulator when compared to the default world! Mike
  6. Well, yes, in that regard P3D with DX12 right NOW seems to be a questionable decision. Sends a lot of Gaming Laptops (.e.g. mine with 980M and 4GB VRAM) and probably Desktops with 6GB VRAM to end of life. Even new UHD Gaming Laptops, all limited to 8GB VRAM, make no real sense for P3Dv5. Mike
  7. all reviews I read so far about the NVidia Titan (with 24GB VRAM) came to the same conclusion : No game needs that much VRAM, not even close. So there probably won't be much motivation for NVidia to increase the VRAM in future graphic cards.
  8. The whole discussion makes me wonder how Microsoft will handle that in FS2020, as they might also have to use DX12. They probably have to cope with even more default data. And then on top of that, how much VRAM will be left for Addons, or how many Addons will FS2020 be able to deal with ?
  9. I could care less about the new features except one thing, the performance. Saved me from buying new hardware. With my five years old Laptop with GTX980 and just 4GB VRAM I get now double fps. 60+ fps with ORBX Global/LC Europe and the new MK Studios LEPA scenery. That leaves some room for FSLabs :). Also I trust the Active sky and REX guys will sort out a similarly nice weather depiction in v5 as well, just give them a few days. Mike
  10. While waiting for my new PC, I checked it on my Laptop with GTX980M (just 4GB VRAM). No problem at all with ORBX Global + OrbxLC Europe + new MK Studios LEPA scenery. VRAM stays constantly at 3.8GB. No fps gain though, with same settings I get exactly same fps as in P3Dv4. Mike
  11. Is the gaming hardware industry not aware of that? A lot of 144Hz monitors are advertised now, and you can`t find any gaming Laptop with less than 144Hz displays. No matter if FS or any game with decent settings, getting consistently at least 72Hz is probably rare.
  12. Great sale again, thanks Justsim! Now all I need is something similar from FSDG, to get all the African Airports for ORBX LC Africa 😊
  13. you mean as "soon" as they release their CPH update, supposed to be out January and silence since then,. And now we get Vienna screenshots just one day before the Gaya release. No, thank you, that's not my cup of tea. Somehow Flytampa lost its way years ago.
  14. FT was very quiet over the last years, the original FT Vienna is already around 8 years old. So why not a fresh version with newest techniques (PBR, etc.) I'll go for it. Mike
  15. I think that has been done due to numerous complaints of users with shimmering and flickering ground textures (Moire effect ?), and their hardware not capable for SSAA. So they install an alternate texture set for MSAA users. Apparently for KORD and LFSB. SSAA textures have been default from the beginning, so SSAA users probably won't notice any change.
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