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  1. Still a nice aircraft, But I have to admit, Justflights profit orientation is annoying for my taste. They have abandoned their P3D version, although fixes and improvements had been promised for more than a year (lastly by Justflights Martyn in their forum -> quotes : "FMC fixes/improvements TBC" or "improvements to the FMC are being worked on by Eric M so will be included in a dedicated update ASAP"). That was Sep 2021 and it never appeared. Just to have the FMC in the MSFS version now replaced by a Working Title FMC copy with even more features incomplete or removed compared to the P3D version Profit, yes, I well understand. But a bit more dedication to their products would be highly desirable. Mike
  2. Hm, EDDF is my home base, have never seen AI takeoff from 36. I am using AIG traffic. No idea if that is injected traffic or not ?
  3. Roger, ticket on the way. Yes, it is Add-On scenery (Aerosoft Mega Airport Frankfurt Professional).
  4. Two questions right into my first flight starting from EDDF Frankfurt 1. How does FSHud determine takeoff/landing runways ? I just noticed AI planes getting runway 36 for takeoff at EDDF. This runway is never used for takeoff 2. I got taxi instruction "taxi to holding point runway 07C via N5 N5 N N N16". And noticed AI planes even getting ...via N N N N16. Why double or triple mention of taxiways ? It sounds weird.
  5. Ah, Ok, thanks for info. Will try it right away on my Laptop then. And hope at some point network capabilities will be added. I'm sure all homecockpit users would appreciated that ! Mike
  6. FSHud looks great, would love to try it. Some comments regarding two things from the FAQ though : 1. "Can I network FSHud from another POC - not at this time" what does not at this time mean - not anytime soon ? Reason for asking. From a homecockpit using beamers you can't or don't want to have any user interface or menu on screen 2. "In the first release please only use weather that is set at the beginning of the flight." Ouch, I hope this is on the very top of the priority list. Being forced to use the departure airport weather at the arrival airport, that's a NO-GO for any Airliner flight. It removes a significant part of any flight planning. Mike
  7. It's quite good, a world of difference to the default. I definitely did not regret buying this. Mike
  8. I think the CAT module is a global module on top of the existing Realturb modules, which simulate turbulence based on terrain analysis. So these are usually close to terrain, while you encounter CAT at higher altitudes (FL200-FL360)
  9. no, not an April joke ! Realturb has just released its Clear Air Turbulence (CAT) module, available at Simmarket. Awesome, one more realism building block. Just encountered some from EDDF to LOWW, incredible as usual in the FSLabs A320, as you can see it and hear it ! You can get a CAT forecast here : https://www.metcheck.com/WEATHER/clear_air_turbulence_charts.asp So, about time to use the seat belt switch during cruise 🙂 Mike
  10. Hi Bryan and @pilot87 yes, I had 2.4 prior to release, but due to health issues (I made you aware of that!!) I was unable to do any beta testing. I only VERY quickly tested if UGCX even starts with GSX active. That was the case. So no further testing done from my end. I can confirm the issues @pilot87 has reported. @Manuel82 In customize aircraft offsets none of the XYZ bars are moving, no matter which increment I choose.
  11. Hi Bryan, is it still possible to get V2.3. Or could you provide a download link ? Too many issues in 2.4, e.g. the sparks issue. Also "Customize aircraft offsets" does not work, the X/Y/Z bars do not move in 2.4. Would like to go back to 2.3. Best regards Mike
  12. That sounds VERY promising ! I hope ATC will use US and European phraseology. Mike
  13. I'm afraid not. It's there since last year, so supposed to be released 09/02/21. The author disapperead since then without further notice.
  14. It's good to see new P3D releases, but I must admit, I'm not that enthusiastic though. Both certainly don't use latest techniques (PBR, ...), especially the LFST building textures are really dull. And France VFR never offers season textures, so in Winter you approach an ugly green "island". Mike
  15. That's a great thread !! You are only as old as you feel, not what's written in your passport 🙂 I'm 62 and started flight simming in 1985, a whopping 37 years ago with FS2. I did not even dream about what's possible these days. In the meantime I have let a dream come true with an A320 homecockpit with P3Dv5 and FSLabs. On top of that excellent weather simulation with AS, 260 Addon Airports and convincing AI traffic everywhere on the planet. What more could I ask for, so I will certainly stay with P3Dv5 as well. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qznk4o89pyrn230/a320_20.jpg?dl=0 Mike
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