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  1. mikealpha

    Crosswind Crab Airbus

    There's a nice video showing the crosswind technique in the A320 at Youtube. Recorded by a former A320 pilot and demonstrated with FSLabs A320. Not sure if also applicable to the Aerosoft Airbus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93iqTd3IHmA
  2. mikealpha

    Aerosoft A318/9

    I`m flightsimming A320 since roughly 20 years. The diversity of RW pilots approaching A320 Addons is something between amazing and entertaining. Funny world indeed 😂
  3. It is, but certainly the AP doesn`t behave like that at all altitudes. However, when looking at the available A319/320 offerings on the Addon market, don`t forget to look at the big picture. All very much understandable "selling" put aside : With your RL experience you probably know that.
  4. most probably both can. But day to day operations alone are not what seperates one Addon from the other. For me it is the feeling and the immersion that counts. How close does the Addon come to what a real pilot sees and hears and "feels" during this day to day operations. What does he see on the displays, what small details can you notice, what kind of sound nuances do you hear, how does the Autopilot deal with the plane (just an example, you won't see any sudden +/- 6000 fpm climb/descend in the FSL) and so on. In that regard, and after a short Aerosoft A319 test flight : IMO you cannot replace the FSL with anything else. Sure you can fly with an 'I don't notice it anyway" attitude. But for me that's not what flight simulation is all about.
  5. mikealpha

    A question for FSL Fan Club

    No CTD with FSL since the beginning, on two Computers. Asus ROG Laptop with GTX 970, and relatively new Desktop with I78700K/GTX 1080Ti. Both W10. Besides FSL : AS, ASCA, GSX, Chaseplane and roughly 100 Addon Airports. Mike
  6. Hi Nick, I don't have the CLS-E NG, just the normal CLS-E since two years. It has 150mm travel and I find that just perfect related to my real Cessna/Piper experience. 90mm sounds a bit low indeed. Generally and probably the biggest advantage of the Yoke : Trim feels much more real, as you really "trim" away the forces. The double force in the CLS-E is really not needed for Cessna/Piper flying, almost half of that as in the NG should be OK. Just fun to setup maximum force for planes like the DC-8. But that is based on imagination 🙂 Mike
  7. mikealpha

    Objective of UGCX

    I think UCGX would focus on realistic pushback and ground crew operations. For me that is much more valuable than any animated passengers.
  8. mikealpha

    Addon organizer / MakeRwys problem

    that was it. Normally I do that by default, but this time I forgot it. Thanks for the heads up !
  9. Hi, I'm using the actual version of the Addon organizer (1.34b01) and it seems the file MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg (necessary for Pete Dowsons MakeRyws tool) is no longer created. So all of my sceneries defined via add-on.xml are not recognized by the tool. I have a MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg file in the P3Dv4 folder dated back Mid April. But it does not get updated (or created if I rename it to e.g. .orig) after using Save in the Addon organizer. Do you have an idea ? Mike
  10. mikealpha

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    Very nice announcement for my taste ! So within one week we have ... Comprehensive Icing Simulation / St.Elmos Fire and Bugs on windshield (FSLabs) Much more realistic everyday operations (PMDG) Ground pedestrians walking up the stairs (FSDreamteam/GSX) More realistic ATC experience (PilotEdge) All of this goes one step further regarding realism. So why being disappointed at all ? Mike
  11. mikealpha

    FSL Website hacked ??

    Things like that hurt the entire FS community, not just FSLabs.
  12. mikealpha

    FSL back at it again

    Not enjoying the best Airliner that has ever been made, with soooo much love to details ? Because of what, a file in the system32 folder ? I have a hard time to understand how this is a hobby for some.
  13. mikealpha

    To Purchase?

    Ermmm, you`re not talking about FlytheMaddog, aren`t you. Just to throw some abbreviations at you : DFGS, FD, CADC, EFIS, AHRS, FMS :-)
  14. mikealpha

    Whats the average age of our community?

    Certainly a reason, but I don't think that covers it all. As a kid, you don't think about pilots salaries or pilots reputation. When I was 10 years old, I was standing on the fence near the local railway station or airport. With a "find out how things work" attitude. Today you won't see any kid there. I don't want to generalize, but today many young kids are sitting in front of a keyboard or smartphone doing multiplayer games or watching ESports tournaments or whatever. More passively consuming things than actively doing things outside. Must not be like that. I know someone with an A320 sim cockpit who occasionally has a local kids group in the cockpit or does kids days. The kids actively learn what flying airplanes is all about, while sitting in the left seat. Learn about teamwork and how things work. All of them, they are on fire regarding Airliner flying. I'm currently building a cockpit myself and plan to do something similar. To summarize : I think it's also on us 'old blokes' to get them involved. Mike
  15. mikealpha

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    If it is based on bgl format, it should work with Voxatc.