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  1. I think you must have confused the old QW757 for FS9 and FSX, which USED to be listed in the FSDT Addon Manager, and made some kind of connection between the FSDT Addon Manager and QW787, which was never related to it. Not that this has anything to do with the subject, which discussed resetting shaders whenever you have problems that might seem related to them, and it's a solution that is always worth trying, even if it's totally unrelated to the FSDT Addon Manager
  2. All downloads are working, it's just the webpage with links that is currently down. Here's the directly links to all the installers: GSX Prepar3d 4 and 5 http://update.fsdreamteam.com/gsx_p3d4_setup.exe GSX for FSX FSX/P3D3 http://update.fsdreamteam.com/gsx_fsx_setup.exe KORD V2 http://update.fsdreamteam.com/kordv2_p3d4_setup2.exe LBSB Basel http://update.fsdreamteam.com/lfsb_p3d4_setup.exe.exe KMEM Memphis http://update.fsdreamteam.com/kmem_fsx_setup.exe KLAX Los Angeles http://update.fsdreamteam.com/klax_fsx_setup.exe KSDF Louisville http://update.fsdreamteam.com/ksdf_fsx_setup.exe Hawaii airports http://update.fsdreamteam.com/hawaii1_fsx_setup.exe http://update.fsdreamteam.com/hawaii2_fsx_setup.exe http://update.fsdreamteam.com/phnl_fsx_setup.exe KJFK V2 http://update.fsdreamteam.com/jfk2_fsx_setup.exe LSZH Zurich http://update.fsdreamteam.com/zurichx_setup.exe CYVR Vancouver http://update.fsdreamteam.com/cyvr_fsx_setup.exe KDFW Dallas http://update.fsdreamteam.com/kdfw_fsx_setup.exe KCLT Charlotte http://update.fsdreamteam.com/kclt_fsx_setup.exe KORD 2011 http://update.fsdreamteam.com/oharex_setup.exe KLAS Las Vegas http://update.fsdreamteam.com/klas_fsx_setup.exe KIAH Houston http://update.fsdreamteam.com/kiah_fsx_setup.exe KFLL Fort Lauderdale http://update.fsdreamteam.com/kfll_fsx_setup.exe LSGG Geneva http://update.fsdreamteam.com/lsgg_fsx_setup.exe XPOI http://update.fsdreamteam.com/setup_xpoi.exe
  3. Yes, the main idea behind DX12 is to give app developers more control over how and when things gets shuffled in and out between RAM and VRAM, on the premise they might know better what their application needs are. This is what usually allows higher performances ( in addition to better support for multi-threading ) in DX12, but it also makes the application more complex to program, debug and test, with more responsibility on the application developer to prevent crashes due to VRAM exhaustion.
  4. I'm confident LM will keep improving video memory management with updates.
  5. That's exactly what's supposed to happen in DX12: if everything fits in VRAM, it will run well, until it doesn't fit anymore, and you'll get a crash if the program cannot anticipate a sudden increase in VRAM fast enough so it could have its own memory managing kicking in. With DX11, video memory managing was made by the DirectX itself and the video drivers so, it was mostly a blackbox to app developers. Which means, it was less likely to crash, but you could have the memory management kicking when you least expected, causing stuttering, black textures regenerating, and generally slower fps. But the fps can still give you some idea of the impact the various graphic options have. In fact, the VRAM counter is now more important but, of course, it depends a lot how many add-ons that can increase VRAM consumption you have installed.
  6. What looks good for you on your system. 2xSSAA should probably work Ok with 4K and it's much easier on hardware and fps. And use cloud resolution at Medium or High, the drop in fps from High to Ultra is huge.
  7. I'd say "Ultra" cloud resolution is what is killing you. I find it very hard on fps on my 2080Ti, with 11GB. And, you haven't show the "Lighting" page, several important graphic settings are there too.
  8. I believe a single map can be 20x20 km, but there's a feature that can use any number of these tiles together and stream them.
  9. I think you are confusing here what will be project xCloud, which allows to play games that are in fact running on a remote server so, for example, playing MSFS on a smartphone/tablet, or a PC with very low specs, or an nVidia Shield, etc. That would have such kind of requirements of constant bandwidth and small buffering to prevent lagging behind. That's not how MSFS will work normally. The scenery will still be rendered entirely locally, the Azure servers are just a repository of photoreal scenery, which will be of course fully buffered locally, not unlike Google Maps or Bing.
  10. As other said, Unreal Engine is not a replacement or an alternative to DX11, DX12, OpenGL or Vulkan. It's more high-level and it can use different graphic API depending on the platform so, for example, in Windows it might typically use DX11 or D12, on Mac/Android it will typically use OpenGL or Vulkan, etc. Everything you see in Unreal can also be made without it, because your video card is capable of that, and the graphic API used ( DX11, 12, Vulkan, etc ) can do that. The main difference is, Unreal is EPIC games most important business, so they work on it full time, constantly improving it, making it easier for their user ( game developers ) to get access to those graphic advancement without having to meddle with the low-level details of the implementation AND across multiple platform ( PC, Console, Smartphones, etc ). It's surely possible to do a flight simulator with UE, for example this: https://rb-d2.itch.io/wingman It's an arcade game, very similar to Ace Combat, and it looks impressive, considering it's being made by a single person.
  11. The only thing sure, it's NOT the airport: - PMDG 747 just updated. - Active Sky Open Beta - TrueSky is enabled, with Cloud resolution as Medium - UtLive at 100% but please note how much the fps increase by turning off AI traffic, almost reaching 60 fps on external view. The only thing I don't have, is OrbX so, clearly, whatever fps problems you have, are not caused by the airport. Notice how much less VRAM it's in use for me. I'm using 4K textures. Of course, I don't crank all sliders to the right and, if you cannot reach 30 fps, it's best you keep the frame rate unlocked. Have you maybe raised the road traffic slider a lot ? There are a lot of highways around KLAX, and if you have OrbX there are even more, so if you have too high settings for road traffic, that insane amount of cars generated by those roads will surely affect fps. Los Angeles traffic is annoying even in a sim... I have a 2080Ti, like you, but my CPU is WAY worse, since it's an old i7-6700 NOT overclocked.
  12. It's not a problem, if all the add-ons you use install using the suggest method of the add-on.xml, instead of the legacy dll/exe.xml method, which is there mostly for backward compatibility reasons.
  13. In the meantime, we published a Live Update yesterday, which makes runway/taxilight smaller in KIAH and KLAX.
  14. Back in the day, a scenery using "default" runway lights was considered to be low quality and freeware-like. And, with a scenery that is supposed to work with FSX, P3D 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, it's basically mandatory using custom lights, because it's the only way to prevent ground flickering, fighting and layering issues with ( again ) a scenery that was originally made FSX and is STILL available to FSX users. And that's not the only reason. The most important reason to use custom lights, it's because it's impossible to match the custom light fixtures to the default lights eventually coming from the AFCAD, both on the taxi sidelines and the one in the pavement, because the ones in the AFCAD have just a fixed spacing, while the custom one we place are placed where they are in the real airport. The only way to be precise, is to model them together, 3d fixture ( papi, etc. ) and the light itself, which is NOT made as an attached effect because: - FSX, P3D1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 have slightly different formulas to attach effects to objects, P3D4 and 5 are more precise, the others not so much - Attaching thousands of Effects will just destroy the frame rate, while custom lights as a single triangular mesh are very fast. - With custom lights we can also control their behavior, allowing for example the FAROS, THL, REL, etc. which is not possible with standard lights. About the lights being too big, it's because they are made with a texture trick, which is affected by MipMapping, and not all simulators reacts to MipMapping the same way, and even on the same simulator, the effect changes depending on the video card settings. And, P3D V5 renders colors more bright and saturated, which give the illusion of bigger lights *because* MipMapping IS affected by this. We tuned them down for KLAX but, obviously, we cannot update all our sceneries at the same time.
  15. No idea what they are, they don't look too different than default. I think most of the work in XP is done by Reshade ( which I think could be used in any sim ), and it's probably doing too much.
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