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  1. virtuali

    FSDT GSX2 and FSL A320X problems

    That's precisely the reason why we repeatedly clarified, here and on our forum, it's a function of the airplane. FS Labs is aware of it, and they confirmed on their forum they are working on a fix.
  2. virtuali

    FSDT GSX2 and FSL A320X problems

    GSX doesn't open or close anything. It's the airplane that has an automatic door feature, when used with GSX.
  3. virtuali

    Jetways not animating in P3dV4

    Are these standard CTRL+J jetways ? The default models have about 4x less polygons than GSX's ones, and use exactly 64x LESS texture space ( 512 vs 4K ) yet, we managed to keep the fps impact as low as it is now because they are static, except the one on your airplane. In addition to that, CTRL+J jetways are handled internally by the sim, bypassing Simconnect entirely, which removes the risk of their animations disrupting other addons. Which is why, the GSX Control Panel has a feature that allows to restore default jetways. Passengers will continue to work at parking spots in the open, and they will continue to work at 3rd party SODE jetways, which DO (optionally) work with AI.
  4. virtuali

    Jetways not animating in P3dV4

    I only listed sceneries that already had GSX-based SODE jetways ( = not working with AI ) which were released BEFORE GSX Level 2, because I was trying to make a point that, back then, nobody complained about this, and users were happy to get SODE to their older sceneries. After GSX Level 2 came out, we also updated: JFK KLAX CYVR LSGG I don't know what do you mean with "disappointing rumour" but yes, we UPGRADED KLAX to have: - Double and triple good looking SODE jetways, in place of the single default jetways we had before - Updated all the parking stands at the TBIT terminal, to their current status. - Remade ALL the ground markings in ALL airport to comply with the much better GSX positioning standard, which is so much better than default, and allow every airplane to be parked in the correct position to make the jetways working even better. So yes, we "changed" KLAX, and it obviously works way better now, thanks to the power of the GSX Level 2 editor (which is easier to use FOR US too!) which of course works for FREE there.
  5. virtuali

    Jetways not animating in P3dV4

    Jetways are animated using the Bones system, same as people. A single animated SODE jetway has about 15 bones. An airport like JFK has 170 jetways so, if we tried to create all of them animated (to work on AI), we would cause the sim to deal with 2550 bones. As a comparison, a GSX passenger has 22 bones (the maximum *FSX* allows, because we stayed within the FSX limit) so, adding 170 dynamic jetways to JFK would cause the same impact as 115 passengers boarding at the same time. Even at the "Insane" passenger density setting in GSX, you never see more than 30-40 passengers at the same time so, that would give you a rough estimate of JUST the impact of animated bones. Someone might say "just use LOD". Of course we use it, the static jetway has many LOD's levels, which is why they are very light on fps. Adding LODs to the dynamic jetway surely can be done and, for the maximum efficiency, we would probably disable bones in the outermost LODs, but this will of course have the side effect of seeing the jetways "snapping" from parked to docked immediately, as soon you get close with the viewpoint. And, LODs increase the RAM required to load an object, which means FSX will probably crash. Sure, we might try to detect what an AI is doing and, for example, display a dynamic jetway only when the AI is boarding/deboarding passengers but, again, the simulator doesn't help, because there's a simulated boarding/deboarding state for AI, but it only lasts 1 second so, it's not usable. Sure, we might read the AI ETD, to display a dynamic jetway only during the last 15-20 minutes before departure but, again, the flightsim market is not helping us because, those using UT2, UT Live or another traffic product that generates AI programmatically, will not support this, since if the AI schedule is not coming from a standard Traffic.bgl file, there's no way to *know* when an AI will depart so, we lose a chance to optimize here. I once emailed Flight1, asking if there's a way for addons to read their schedule, but they never replied. And, before someone asks, a docked jetway that doens't move IS still a dynamic jetway, because in order to have it docked to the airplane door, it must be a fully skinned object with bones, so that SODE can "resolve" it to the door. That's just the graphic part of the problem, which is the first half. The second half of the problem is sending animation commands. While default CTRL+J jetways are handled by the simulator itself, bypassing Simconnect, SODE jetways must use Simconnect to send animation commands to all active jetways. This must be made at the video frame rate so, assuming you are running at 30 fps, and considering a jetway is animated using 6 different variables, EACH jetway that moves requires 180 Simconnect commands *PER SECOND*. It's very difficult to estimate how many jetways might move at the same time, because it's highly dependent by the number of the AI, their schedule and the time of the day. At peak hour, I'd say it wouldn't be unusual to see maybe 2-3 jetways moving all at the same time. This won't be a problem if the jetways were the only things requiring Simconnect commands, but that communication channel is shared by all your addons so, while a jetway is moving, perhaps Active Sky is creating weather, some GSX vehicles are moving too (users are asking us to allow more services to run at the same time, and we *are* looking into it, this would obviously increase the load on Simconnect), UT Live might be creating new airplanes and sending commands to them, everything you run in the sim might sending commands and, it's possible that sometimes some of these might be skipped, causing all sort of troubles like disappearing objects, frozen objects, wrong animations and, guess what, the blame would always go to the last addon installed, as in "I enabled GSX AI jetways, now Active Sky doesn't work anymore"... That's the basic analysis of the problems we are facing, before someone might assume we haven't thought about it, which doesn't mean we won't try doing it anyway.
  6. virtuali

    Jetways not animating in P3dV4

    All reported features has been fixed already, when they required something to fix in our code. Most users having problems, are related to the customization of 3rd party jetways, which requires a bit of knowledge about how a scenery is made and the various ways 3rd party jetways are made (default, custom-default, static and modeled separately, static and modeled as part of the terminal, or made with SODE), because our MAIN design goal, was to allow users to customize 3rd party sceneries without touching any files belonging to the scenery. That's why, for example, we don't allow to customize a scenery which has been already made with SODE. That doesn't mean it "cannot" be done, because it can, but it requires altering files belonging to the original scenery, which we rightly don't want to touch. Same for jetways on 3rd party sceneries which were modeled as part of the terminal. They cannot be excluded, easily. They CAN be excluded though, but it requires modifying the original scenery, either by removing files or, in some cases, editing the scenery at the deepest level, decompiling and compiling with ModelConverterX, which is something that CAN be done, by advanced users, but we surely cannot do that, if only for obvious copyright reasons, we can only suggest what to do in these cases. The matter IS complex and, as of today, there's no other tool that lets you improve a scenery you bought in this way, without altering it and with an easy way to go back to the original situation. And YOU don't *have* to do it. But, it's enough that, thanks to the availability of such editor, somebody else, who likes tweaking stuff, can do that for you and share the results. That was the main point of having an editor, to give users the maximum possible freedom.
  7. virtuali

    Jetways not animating in P3dV4

    This doesn't have anything to do with GSX Level 2. Before GSX Level 2 was released, we already updated some of our sceneries that were originally released with CTRL+J jetways, to SODE. And some of them were already made with SODE. Those were: KIAH - originally released with default jetways, then updated to SODE KLAS - originally released with default jetways, then updated to SODE KCLT - released with SODE KSDF - released with SODE KMEM - released with SODE These jetways also didn't worked on AI, but nobody complained, since they are clearly superior in every aspect for the airplane you are flying. After GSX Level 2, we are just continuing to update the rest of our sceneries with SODE, nothing has changed here. We are looking into making all jetways work for AI, but first we want to be sure every user will know that, normally, GSX Level 2 doesn't kill the frame rate. It will be surely an *option* that will have to be enabled, and will be disabled by default.
  8. virtuali

    Jetways not animating in P3dV4

    Well, there's a manual, which explains all of this, and how you can use the GSX Control Panel to restore default jetways, if you want to. The message doesn't say GSX Level 2 must be installed. It says it must be *activated*, which is of course normal. Having SODE jetways everywhere is one of the main feature of the Level 2 expansion, if they worked with no purchase, it would kind defeat the purpose of the expansion, making them effectively free. The alternative would have been making a time-limited Trial, but we always believed time-limited trials are too restrictive, so we only limit by airport. Default jetways cannot be disabled selectively, because they are just one single library object: you either disable them all globally, or you don't. It wouldn't have been possible to show the new replaced SODE jetways only at some places, without disabling the default ones globally, because that's the only way to disable them. That's why there's a GSX Control Panel to restore them. Of course it has been explained, in the announcement thread we posted in June when GSX Level 2 was announced, which has been read so far by more than 32.000 people:,17940.0.html
  9. virtuali

    Jetways not animating in P3dV4

    That's precisely the reason why we DO have the option to "RESTORE DEFAULT JETWAYS" in the GSX Control Panel, to offer a CHOICE. You decide what to do. The automatically replaced SODE jetways will be static, is GSX Level 2 is not bought, unless you are on a Trial airport or an FSDT airport. This is normal. Jeways are replaced automatically during the installation, and the default are disabled, to prevent double jetways after install. But the GSX Control Panel is there, so you can decide what do to: - You want the old default jetways back, because you don't want to purchase GSX Level 2 ? You can do that, by restoring the default jetways in the Control Panel. - You bought GSX Level 2, but want to decide *which* airport and which jetways you want to customize on 3rd party airports ? You can do that, by restoring the default jetways in the Control Panel Regardless what you decide to do with default jetways, passengers will still work on 3rd party airports using SODE jetways, on FSDT airports using SODE jetways and on every parking in the open which use a Bus + Stairs.
  10. virtuali

    UTLive, GSX or P3D traffic problems ?

    Of course it does. GSX always knew if a gate is taken by an AI, because it asks the sim about it. There's ONLY one difference: - If UT Live or another product that controls AI directly is used, GSX will only show the gate as "occupied" or not, since these products don't work on a standard schedule, so they don't report the time of departure to the sim. - If the standard Traffic.bgl file is used (regardless if the AI are default or not), GSX will also show how much time left before the gate will be free again, since it obtained the ETD from the simulator.
  11. virtuali

    UTLive, GSX or P3D traffic problems ?

    ?? We don't have airplanes in GSX...maybe you mean an UT Live A320 ?
  12. As I've said, it shouldn't suggest you can update without restarting the sim from now on so, you won't see any changes until the next update notification.
  13. virtuali

    On screen text missing on 3 progams

    In P3D 4.3 you can disable the green bar notifications in the Options->General->Information->Message Text.
  14. This has been discussed and answered so many times on our forum and, the very concept of a "version" is not really relevant with a Live Update system that will always update everything to its latest version. When you run the Live Update, there are only two possible outcomes: - The Live Update is not blocked by anything (firewall, antivirus, internet down, etc.) and completed successfully, which means all files of every installed product have been updated. OR - The Live Update was blocked the firewall/antivirus, an update server was down, your internet connection was down, etc. so there was at least one file that failed the download and is not the version we have online. To check this, as each file finished downloading, it's checked *again* for its hash against the one on the server and if they don't match, an error message will come saying the updater couldn't get the latest version of the file for some reason, so you know you don't have the very latest version of something. If you don't see such message during the Live Update, then you surely have the latest version of everything so, knowing about a version number is just redundant information. What you need to know, is that there IS an update available, and what has been changed, and this information is already there by the notification itself and the ability to read the release notes.
  15. I'm not sure what updates you were on when you saw this but, it should always tell you to quit the sim from now on.