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  1. Mr_LoL

    Blueprint KLAX V3 Opinions

    I'm sorry I have to disagree. Sceneries that we pay £30 for should have ALL the parking spots like the real life counterpart modelled. Thats not unreasonable. If you think it is you're easily pleased.
  2. Mr_LoL

    Blueprint KLAX V3 Opinions

    I'm sorry but I find them overrated. That horrid reshade they have on their runways which makes it look like wet tar They haven't even bothered updating their sceneries with Dynamic lighting or at least giving us the option of having it on. In fact I would put Aerosoft ahead of them. Cologne Bonn is better than ANY FSDT scenery.
  3. Mr_LoL

    Blueprint KLAX V3 Opinions

    Shouldn't the developer actually add all the parking spots that are at the Airport when the scenery is made? In FSDT'S version, they have missed all the spots by the Delta maintenance hanger.
  4. Does anyone have this scenery? I know Blueprint aren't the best but I'm fed up with FSDT's version. There aren't enough parking spaces to deal with the flow at 19:00 to 22:00 The textures in this look ordinary but it looks up to date especially the American Eagle terminal which seems to be much better than FSDT's laughable attempt. Thanks
  5. I thought it would take 2 hours tops. The guys on YouTube seem to flt through them. Anyway it's all done now.
  6. Hey A quick update to this thread. I've just built the PC below. I need to remove those led strips as I don't really need them. I went with the 7920X instead of the 7940X as it was much cheaper. The Samsung 960 EVO is so quick I had windows installed in less 5 minutes. This is the first time I've ever built my own PC and it will be the last. It took me 1 hour to mount the cpu cooler and radiator. The worst part was inserting the CPU into the motherboard. I was shaking as I didn't want to drop the cpu into it's socket and bend the pins. The whole build took about 7 hours which was way too long. I have overclocked the best 6 cores to 4.7 and the other 6 are at 4.5 @ 1.265v. Overall everything minus the 1080Ti cost £2250 which I think is expensive but worth it. Right round Southern California, it's now playable. With my 5820K @ 4.5, I was averaging around 10- 12 FPS with everything maxed out around downtown LA. Now it's 19-21 FPS. For me 20 is the minimum for smooth gameplay. It's been worth it as my other PC is going to be backup. Another benefit I have seen is scenery loads up so much quicker as theres an extra six cores. I do wish Lockheed
  7. Thanks a lot for this informative reply. As you say I feel that getting a 8700k even overclocked to 5.2ghz is a side grade not an upgrade so I might just stick with the 7900X and save myself £300. Thanks
  8. Thanks for this chart. Man that 8700K is flying. It's almost 1000 points better than my 5820K at stock. Wonder what the passmark score wil be with it overclocked to 5GHz.
  9. Thanks a lot you guys for all your replies. I have a lot to ponder. I can afford a 7940X but if I can see no benefit from it as Rob says, I might as well save myself £700 and go with something like the 7820X which can clock to 4.8GHZ apparently. I already have a 6 core cpu so getting another would be a sidegrade rather than an upgrade.
  10. Hi I am about to pull the trigger on this CPU for £1188. As you can see it's quite pricey. With my other upgrades I'm looking at £2600 in total. The PC in my Sig is slow especially with every slider to the right Would I see any fps gains with 14 cores at 4.5 GHz with everything maxed out?? Thanks
  11. Hey V4 has a problem of not keeping textures in memory especially at addon airports and with complex AI. Notice in the quick dirty video I recorded at Aerosoft Heathrow (which is the V4 "Professional" version) panning around means the game unloads things from memory. It doesn't need to do this as we're now in a 64bit environment. Does anyone know is this a V4 problem or an add on problem? It's even worse at Latin Vfr Miami. Thanks
  12. Mr_LoL

    Opus FSI View lost

    Hi Opus I have updated to v4.1 and I have lost the opus view from behind the aircraft. How do I renable this please?
  13. Thanks Simbol. I have to go to work now but I'll email you a couple of screenshots tomorrow to show you what I mean. With your lights and without.
  14. The Faib 767 with winglets has two white nav lights on the tip of each winglet. They disappear with the add on. I will send you two screens tomorrow by email so I can show you what I mean.
  15. The new Faib 767 Simbol. I do not see these things on the 767 model for V4. As I said to you in an email I will be buying your pro version. You seem like a decent person but I've just tried your lights on the 767 and this is just a personal preference but I prefer the look of the original lights. Another issue is you have to turn off wingflex. I like my ai having wingflex. As I said brilliant free tool but this is my opinion.