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  1. I fired up MSFS for the first time in more than a month yesterday….first time since the last update. It was a great experience just using default everything. Real time weather was spot on all afternoon. Shot a ton of approaches /A. Still waiting for Working Title to overhaul RNAV…and the Asobo ATIS/AWOS fix to report clouds. But everything else was fantastic. This sim is really starting to get there.
  2. Hmmmmm….Still trying to figure out how to plug my Honeycomb Yoke and Throttle and CH pedals into my iPhone. And I’m not anti-xplane. But my point is that even if mobile and desktop are running 85+% of the same code base, that doesn’t make for an equivalent experience…yet.
  3. Flight sims provide so many legitimate opportunities for supplemental support of actual flight training. I personally had a 16 year hiatus in flying altogether between the private certificate and instrument rating. Even after such a long time out of an actual airplane, I found the instrument rating a relative breeze because I did a a ton of self study and practice on a flight sim connected to the PilotEdge network. Flight sims are outstanding procedural trainers….as long as you are disciplined with running all of the correct procedures. You do what you practice. 100% if you don’t practice it, you will carry it over to the plane. I see it as an instructor over and over. I still, however, have yet to see a sim that that does an effective job at teaching stick and rudder skills. The students that try to “practice” landings at home in the sim are almost always the ones who struggle the most with actual landings. Primacy is a beast to try and overcome. But on the other hand, it all depends on the person. Some students seem to have an ability to disconnect the “sim muscle memory” and test/correlate flight control principles to quickly grasp what is going on in the real plane. The clear winning use case, though, is procedural practice.
  4. Don't get me wrong, Dominique. I would never argue against continual improvement. People are free to discuss what they want, but I won't be holding my breath waiting for that one exception where the conversation is constructive. And again, for the vast majority of simmers who have no intention or means (sadly, regardless of the desire) to fly an actual airplane. It...does...not...matter.
  5. You are operating under the premise the one or the other is “correct”. What if neither are “correct”? 😉
  6. I know this is going to ruffle some feathers...but It simply does not matter. I have 2 current students that started as simmers first. They started by touting the merits of another sim with a “superior” flight model. After the first few lessons by the time we started working on landings, both realized that the sim was nothing life real life. I’m not saying that sims are not valuable or fun, but I wouldn’t get all worked up about A vs B flight model. Truth is any of the current sims can work well enough.
  7. How did I know?!? 😆 In my US-centric world view, clearly I should have accounted for the bidet.
  8. Ha! So is toilet paper, but I don’t see people denigrating each other over their choice of Charmin vs. Cottonelle. ....then again, knowing the internet, there probably is a toilet paper forum somewhere that gets as heated as this one 😂
  9. I simply don’t understand the scarcity mentality that exists in the minds people. Why does the success of one platform automatically mean the death of all others? How does the saying go? ...”a rising tide lifts all boats” ... or something to that effect.
  10. Ah...I somehow missed Air Combat, but Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer a few years earlier was one of my favorites!
  11. That's a little limiting, but I understand the sentiment. I've found that all I have to do is cover the flight instruments and the rest works itself out with a little guidance developing proper sight pictures.
  12. Different strokes...some people may place a higher value on utility over immersion. Personally I’m waiting to see what Working Title does with the default systems before I jump on this, but that’s just me.
  13. @MattNischan, outstanding to hear the plans for the navigator overhauls! I know you guys have focused on the full glass panel suites. Is there any possibility you could give the legacy GNS 530 unit some love too? Obviously the old GNS equipment wasn’t certified for RF legs, but it badly needs your other leg based navigation implemented to be useful. About half of my school’s training fleet still uses steam gauges with GNS 430/530s. I have a few instrument students with MSFS but end up sending them to XP to practice at home.
  14. I had to resort to those registry hacks...they worked for me.
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