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  1. snglecoil

    Are you a real world pilot (P3D users only please)

    PPL earned in 1999. Flight simmer since the mid 80s starting with Sublogic FS 2, but really got into it around MSFS 5. I used Terminal Reality’s Fly! very heavily during flight training (in spite of protests from my CFI)
  2. snglecoil

    Orbx Airports

    I'd definitely add Monterey CA (KMRY) to the list. One of my favorites.
  3. snglecoil

    PC aviator support requests - Unanswered!

    WOW! Update: I actually got a response from PC Aviator with the code I requested for a Carenado P3Dv4 update. They actually do have someone checking emails!
  4. Well, since you asked... Enhanced terrain rendering approach. Vector and land class based texture system used now is still a viable foundation, I think. I would love, however, to see the the ground environment rendering scaled to allow a significant increase in detail as you approach the ground. But even at flight altitudes, textures should be adjusted appropriately to believably accommodate any object that overlays it. A road shouldn't simply cut through a texture of a housing development. It should look like the road (which looks like a road and not just a gray line) belongs there. Let your imagination go wild here. Some of the current 3rd party airports do an great job with the detail in the airport environment. How great would it be to take that sort of visual fidelity and figure out a way to programmatically apply that to "generic" airport environments? ...or to any ground environment for that matter, but hey, this is a flight simulator after all. And make no mistake, I have no illusion as to the difficulty of solving this item Global dynamic lighting engine. Of course that has already been implemented effectively in another sim, so FSW would simply be catching up. Regular systematic updates of current navigation and airport data (which personally I wouldn't be opposed to as paid DLC/subscription) But honestly, my wishes are not the significant question. I ask in all sincerity, why would a seasoned flight simmer choose FSW over existing offerings if it does nothing to significantly differentiate itself much less advance the state of flight simulation? That's the importance of asking Dovetail's "Why". Where does it see itself in the market place? If all it does is produce a decent, accessible, and mostly enjoyable sim that ultimately doesn't really move flight simulation technology forward, BUT introduces a bunch of new people to the joy of the hobby, that's not a failure. It's just a different "why" than some may have hoped.
  5. Yes, Why? That statement above seems like great marketing material...but almost every company says they want to the the No. 1...whatever... company in the world. No. 1 in what? Quality? Innovation? Customer satisfaction? Revenue generation? It's not something that you nor I can answer for Dovetail...but their answer (in the form of a delivered product) will either resonate with me as a consumer or not. My point in all this is that one of the prevalent perceptions of Dovetail's "Why" is to make a decent sim and then make profit by selling a ton of DLC...right, wrong, or indifferent. I think the reaction you are seeing in all the negative or guarded comments, is the fear that at the end of the day, FSW will be a decent, accessible, and mostly enjoyable sim that ultimately doesn't really move flight simulation forward in any significant way. But that's just my perspective.
  6. The question that Dovetail still has to answer is WHY they are making a flight sim. It seems on the surface an absurd thing to have to ask. They can say that they are passionate about building a game changing flight sim platform and be completely honest in saying so. But DTG has a reputation already established, right or wrong, that holds with it a level of distrust. They are going to have to fight that perception for a long time. With each new paid DLC offered at this stage in FSW's development, it is really easy for critics to point and say, "See we knew this is what would happen...Same ol' Dovetail" I still hold hope for FSW. I definitely don't have a problem with paid DLC...we've been doing it for years with all other platforms, only calling them add-ons. The planes in various types will be developed. The tools you see in other platforms (paid and free) will come with the release of the SDK. There is still much work on the core engine to be done. TrueSky is great, PBR looks fantastic. Now the lighting engine, scenery engine and definitely performance are core engine needs. If FSW can knock those items out of the park, I have a feeling people would be a little more open to DLC offerings. As it stands now, however, paid DLC does nothing to change the Dovetail's reputation.
  7. snglecoil

    PC aviator support requests - Unanswered!

    Sorry, I have to say that PC Aviator's "support" is garbage. I have emailed numerous time for an updated product key for a few of Carenado's P3Dv4 compatible planes that I had purchased from PC Aviator in the past. No response...despite the fact that the new version is available for sale on their website with a note for previous owners to email support for updated keys. This has been my experience with this vendor for several years now anytime there is a platform update. Not one response...ever. My advice, go directly to the developer if at all possible. If not, avoid the headaches with this company.
  8. snglecoil

    Best King Air for V4/4.1?

    I have both the Flight 1 and the Carenado B200. Both are visually well done. Typical Carenado...beautiful but not very deep. Fun to fly if you just want to hop in and go. Flight 1 system modeling is much deeper and the G1000 is well done, but it can be heavy on the frames. It is one of my favorite planes. I can't wait until they get it updated for V4. Since I'm a sucker for King Airs, I will give the Milviz one a look....IF it ever comes to market.
  9. snglecoil

    Battery Switch Problem

    Need more info. For instance, what hardware are you using for the switch?
  10. snglecoil

    What's in your P3D hanger?

    Turbine Duke runs beautifully in v4. Similar install as the Legacy.
  11. snglecoil

    What does your typical v4.1 flight look like?

    Step 1: Put the kids to bed. Step 2: Tuck my wife in. Step 3: Load up somewhere SoCal. Step 4: Connect to PilotEdge Step 5: Put kid who refused to drink water during dinner that is now dying of thirst back to bed. Step 6: Get clearance from PE controller. Step 7: Put second kid back to bed who “just can’t fall asleep” Step 8: Request taxi. Step 9: Put first kid back to bed that drank all the water and now has to go potty. Step 10: Request takeoff, depart, and contact Departure. Step 11: Lose it on the third kid who woke up panicking because they forgot to finish homework...which wakes the wife...and the other 2 kids up. Step 12: Disconnect from Pilot Edge, shut down the computer and get a restless night’s sleep on the couch because the wife has locked you out of the room. ... Just me?
  12. snglecoil

    The case for FSX...

    Hey, you just have to go with what works for you! .........IBTL
  13. It’s on their website. Sorry you’ll have to look it up as I’m on mobile.
  14. snglecoil

    Best Weather and Texture Add-ons for V4

    Active Sky, I'm currently using ASCA and like it a lot, but I also do like REX Soft Clouds as well. Either will do nicely. I decided to give ENVSHADE a try. For $5, I really like it.
  15. snglecoil

    A kingdom for a torch light ...

    Yeah, that's pretty nice. That's certainly a more deluxe version of what I had in mind, but I could see that being very useful. My hope is that developers will implement that sort of lighting natively in virtual cockpits as they move forward with P3D specific planes. Until they do, though, I could possibly see justification for the asking price.