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  1. Ha, you know, actually you are right! Now that I look at the video again, they did a lot of things right for a 172. Brought it in high for a power off approach (check the RPMs). I can't see the all of the airspeed tape, but it looks like they held 60-ish over the fence. A little slow for a normal landing, but about right for a short field. Flare with very little float. Put in on the center line that that would be good enough for a commercial check ride. 👍
  2. Must be a student pilot. Student pilots...always landing left of center line 😂
  3. I'm sorry, but this just rubs me wrong. Who crowned Rob king? Since Microsoft dropped the bomb on the flight sim world last June (like covid-19 has dropped the bomb on my pilot career), his tone towards anything Microsoft reads like someone who's feelings were hurt that they weren't invited to a party. Maybe that's just my perception, I certainly hope so. But implying that some super secret inside source go on record about a pricing strategy likely that hasn't been finalized, not to mention that this source may most likely not be authorized to discuss, is naive at best, but really just sounds like someone with an ax to grind. I get that lack of certainty causes stress for someone whose income may be impacted by a sudden paradigm shift...believe me, as a relatively new commercial pilot, I get it! Passionate people will have to find a way to pivot and keep pursuing their passion.
  4. It was not clear at first that this post originated in the P3D forum. Now knowing that, I better understand how there could be some confusion and misunderstanding. @Sesquashtoo is one of the most entertaining folks around. I genuinely do appreciate his enthusiasm for whichever platform he has chosen as the best thing ever...this week 😉 (Thus the reference to hyperbole, Mitch...and I don't say that as a slight toward you. It is what makes your posts fun to read...seriously, that sort of positivity is sorely lacking in a lot of places.)
  5. C’mon, Mitch. I know you are prone to hyperbole, but this is kinda ridiculous. The “insider subscript” costs you only the time it takes to sign up for it. Sign up and get the information for yourself. There is no mystery here. The project lead had stated in a few interviews that the program would be available to purchase outright and would be included as part of the Game Pass if you choose that option. They have also said that pricing has not been finalized, thus the reason it has not been published. Now, does that leave he door open for some sort of incremental pricing option for some service in the game? (*gasp* I called it a game) Sure it could, but it doesn’t mean that it will. Until then, everyone just needs to put their pitchforks away.
  6. It’s been that way for much longer. I remember between MSFS starting around 98, Pro Pilot, Flight Unlimited, and Fly!, people would throw on their team’s jerseys and go at it just like today.
  7. Oh, there is definitely a deep bias being displayed, that is certain.
  8. Agree. Most flight simers could not judge the accuracy of a C172 flight model, much less a 747. Honestly, as long as the flight model performs basically by the numbers for a given pitch/power/configuration, that is good enough.
  9. Wow, what an unexpectedly awesome way to end a day!
  10. Comparison...is the thief of joy. The color saturation in Google or Bing maps around my area is generally overdone. I wouldn't base color accuracy on either.
  11. Jose, that is much closer to what we really see at night. Nice job.
  12. Can we stop for a moment and just appreciate that there are plausible shorelines in just about every water shot shown so far! It may not be perfectly colored yet, but rivers, lakes and oceans have believable transitions between land and water. ....I can't wait to get this sim 🤩
  13. I’m delighted too. But c’mon, Mengy, be honest. Deep down inside you were really hoping that this was some huge, jaw dropping news. Huge - like the first time you saw the E3 trailer. Huge - like open beta starts June 1st. Huge - like releasing October 2020. Am I right?!? It’s ok. You can admit it! No judgment here. 😂
  14. On an average day I'm called by many different names that aren't my given name...mostly by my wife...and most of which would be replaced with "word not allowed" by the forum language filter 😂
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