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  1. One advantage to having real world experience is that you can generally get away using the TLAR method… That Looks About Right 😄
  2. If you are using traditional screens without head tracking or VR, unfortunately it is alway going to be a compromise between seeing enough of the panel, and having an accurate zoom POV. i think I’m using 60-65 in most planes. The default 50 is good for seeing more of the panel without an unnatural fish-eye view of the surroundings…but it is too far out in reality. And reading gauges is tough on my aging eyes.
  3. I’m using MobiFlight with an Arduino Mega. Pretty impressed with it. They have a WASM module that exposes a lot of the avionics that haven’t been brought into simconnect yet. Don’t know if it supports the Leonardo, though.
  4. Private. This is a case where an instrument proficiency check would be the greatest value. From the sounds of it, I can’t imagine the guy is current on instruments, much less proficient.
  5. Nice! They need to include mods to the KGSO scenery for the HJet factory 🙂 What avionics suite is being used? Default ASOBO stuff to be replaced with improvements from Working Title?
  6. I haven’t read through the whole thread, however there is real word precedent for the original scenario….sort of 🙂 From Wikipedia: On the night of February 3, 1986, a Boeing 737-201/Advanced airliner operated by Piedmont Airlines landed on a 3,877 feet (1,182 m) long Daniel Field runway instead of much longer runway at Augusta Regional Airport as intended. After skidding to a stop still on the runway, the crew and all 106 passengers were unharmed. My understanding is that the plane was stripped down of excess weight and fuel and flown out.
  7. Wait are you saying that you are replacing the default Bing maps … with Bing maps?
  8. If there is a fatal flaw with MSFS….this would be it.
  9. @Matchstick, has a right to his opinion. I see where he is coming from. The default GNS, G5, and Bendix/King AP are a liability as we stand here on release day. Where I differ significantly is that the price for the REST of the plane is well positioned. People have been craving A2A level of depth and from what I've seen, this exceeds that by a large margin. I however, don't see the default components being a liability forever. If Working Title delivers the upgrade that we are all hoping for the other Asobo components anywhere close to what they have delivered in the G1000nxi, this may be the most complete GA addon I've ever seen.
  10. The G1000 is still an incredibly powerful system, but controlling it is dated and cumbersome. This is really where Cirrus has nailed it with their Perspective/Perspective + suite. Once you get used to that, it’s hard to go back even to the smaller touchscreen options.
  11. I saw a little of the preview stream on Twitch today. So much good stuff going on with that plane. The textures, wear and tear, systems…and OMG the sounds!
  12. Thanks for that. Jeb Burnside is another of my favorite aviation writers. As I suspected, the interpretation of that study generates more questions than answers. I’d be interested to see how those findings hold up today. Most of my student clients are more comfortable with glass these days. I’m proficient with steam gauges, but I know I’d definitely prefer even a Garmin G5 or two given a choice especially for single pilot IFR. Did I see G5s as an option on the 310? This is looking like a definite purchase!
  13. I’d like to read as well. If it is on AvWeb, it’s classic Paul Bertorelli. And he’s usually not prone to hyperbole…sarcasm yes. Usually if you dig deeper into his articles, he’ll note that the headline doesn’t tell the whole story. While I usually don’t find a reason to dispute his statistics, I’ll bet even he concludes that there is more behind them than simply a cockpit full of glass.
  14. I’m still feeling out the changes in the 172 with the new CFD enabled. IRL I have just under 1000 hrs in the 172…mostly in the last 15 months so I’m pretty in tune with the flight characteristics. The CFD implementation has significantly improved the handling IMO. Stall and spin characteristics are much more familiar with the new CFD. It’s still far from perfect. For instance, I’m unable to coax a proper power-on stall out of the airplane. Full power, with the elevator full up, all of the warnings of the stall are present but the plane happily maintains altitude and even climbs 1-200 fpm in some instances. It also seems a little floaty again in the landing flare. It does appear to be significantly better overall in terms of the feeling of mass and inertia. So I think Asobo is definitely on the right track. Criticisms of the original flight model are definitely valid. But I’m pretty happy with what they’ve done with the 172. Hopefully that’s indicative of the trend going forward.
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