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  1. “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. And we promise, this plane will be rich with features” -Aerosoft
  2. Ha I’m base in Chicago, that’s not bad. In East Flow most of the time Chicago uses 9C/FF for as one of their departure runways. The other is 10L/DD. Coming from the north, you’ll generally get 9L for landing. Now once you land, I wished taxi clearances were that easy! 🙂 From 9L “standard taxi” in East flow from 9L is M1, M, M2, C, C3, D, hold short of VV (with 9C tower controller), on VV get cleared to cross 9C, Hold short 9R and contact ground. Ground will clear you across 9R and… thats when the fun begins depending on which gate you are going to. For Terminal 1 it could be G, cross 4L to the “north port”. For Terminal 2 lately it has been something like J, T, U, B, A12 (or A13), A to the ramp. For Terminal 3 it is G, cross 4L, TT, A, to the ramp. And for terminal 5 it will be similar, G cross 4L, TT, A, depending on the gate one of the A (21,20,19) to the ramp or A18, V, to the ramp. I’ll only consider BATC if they get their stuff together and get all these taxi clearances as realistic as possible /s
  3. Oh cool. It looks really good. I fly in and out of there probably on average of 6 turns per month IRL.
  4. Oh…the delay must be because Aerosoft is throwing all of it resources behind the CRJ update…
  5. 😂…flying in the east, we don’t get many of these.
  6. I’ve had this happen in the SR22 once after the last update. Restarted the sim and everything was back to normal.
  7. Awww…though flirting at the precipice few times, this thread has actually seen some reasonable discussion avoiding the usual descent into the abyss.
  8. @UrgentSiesta…just stop! You’re on very dangerous ground here taking a balanced, reasonable approach. Pardon the pun, but that just ain’t gonna fly around here 😂
  9. Oh, that’s interesting. Was that shown in the survey results?
  10. Ah yes…the annual “most predictable Avsim thread” of the year. Let me go grab some coffee. Anybody want to wager the number of pages until closure? I don’t know…maybe it’s the hope of the Christmas season, but I’m optimistically going to go with 7.
  11. At my company, it is permissible to hand fly below FL200. I generally request autopilot on climb out above 10,000, and on approach, I hand fly visual approaches from the base leg with the runway in sight, or once in visual conditions on an instrument approach. Keeps the skills sharp…in addition to just being more fun.
  12. Oof, I feel bad for the student for which the first video was based. That seems more likely a case of “checkride nerves” vs any G1000 gotcha. I’m sure his instructor emphasized the importance of tuning and identifying the navigation source during training, but the identify step can be overlooked easily in a high workload and stress environment. You look down and see “green needles” pointing in the general direction of the approach and forget to glance up to the identifier. Hard lesson to learn on a checkride but one I bet the student never forgets again!
  13. Yeah and I’m sure Cirrus would appreciate some updated liveries included as well. They are very much a “lifestyle” brand so the latest and greatest paint schemes are a big deal from a marketing perspective.
  14. I finally had a chance to update and take a quick flight in the 22T. Overall, what a superb job representing the plane! It does fly largely by the published performance numbers which is great. There are some small deviations that don’t really take anything away from the enjoyment of the plane at all. For instance, as mentioned earlier, one common leaning technique taught by Cirrus instructors is to set manifold pressure to 30.5” and then lean the mixture to maintain EGT/TIT of 1600 degrees (lean of peak). In the sim, I could never obtain 1600 degrees. It peaked at 1510. However, leaning to the cyan line on the fuel flow meter was close enough to book performance in terms of TAS and fuel flow. In flight, the plane handles very realistically. The one thing I noticed is that It was a little too slippery in the descent. Generally the real plane won’t hold a 3 degree glide slope with power at idle as it was doing in the sim. In fact, in real life the wide 3-bladed prop adds a ton of drag when you pull power to idle and it flattens out to its finest pitch resulting in a pretty substantial descent rate. They nailed the landing flare, though! Coming over the threshold at 76 kts and pulling power to idle while smoothly increasing back pressure on the yoke the brings you to a touchdown right as you reach full aft travel on the stick at the perfect attitude. Not too high nor too low! WT did a really nice job with the Perspective+ suite. There are a few discrepancies in bottonology and workflow, but those are minor nits. I’d say they most notable feature missing from the G1000 in general which is carried over to the Cirrus is the lack of along track offset….the ability to create a waypoint x number of miles before/after another point in your route. Again, in the sim it’s not a huge deal, but IRL I regularly get ATC issuing an instruction such as “cross 10 miles northwest of [insert fix here] at and maintain 5000” Again, the team did a really great job with the plane. It’s just incredible the quality that they are bringing to the default fleet and they really took it up a notch with the Cirrus.
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