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  1. Nice write up I own the Proline 737 yoke zero issues, arrived about a week before I was told, packed perfectly works flawlessly, quality is excellent. I have had no issues they are slow on responding to emails They really need 1 person so can monitor the FB page, forums, and emails to get back to customers w/in a few hours except evening hours. The look and feel are spot on, no cheap plastic the quality exceptional. Other than that I have zero regrets from ordering from them
  2. 01pewterz28

    Captain Sim 757-200

    Anyone having issues when loading the aircraft up your landing gear is missing?
  3. 01pewterz28

    take a look at our new B737 Yoke!

    I was going to say that looks exactly like my ACE Proline 737 Yoke. I love mine a great piece, works great well worth the $1200. Only issue is the lead times and the lack of communication from ACE. I was lucky mine arrived two weeks early per ACE's time line.
  4. Stinks you have to go through this IMHO since you are worried about support after purchase (remember most products are 90 days to 1 year warranty so any issue you have will most likely happen once the warranty is up) you might as well cancel you order and request a full refund. I stuck it out with them got a great product and yes I am aware the CS is really lacking after payment. I will say I love my 737 yoke but the CS after the sale really turns folks off. Best of luck with what ever your decision is if I was in your shoes I would give them until Friday of this week to give you a ship date if not then cancel.
  5. I feel for ya it’s tough for them as a 2 man operation and the lack of customer support is what is going to hurt them as time goes on. They need to have 1 dedicated person to answer emails and messages on FB. I will say before the sale they respond spot on, as soon as the funds change hands they go quiet. I waited for my trip reminder for several months past when it was supposed to ship. I was finally informed after I sent a not so happy email what was the delay I was finally told they had to re-design them and a rough estimate when I would get mine, they blew past that by 3 months. Mine finally arrived to me a few weeks ago. Would I do it again I am 50/50 the product is great but the customer service is where they fail and really need to step up the game, hell hire someone and pay them with equipment or something if you cannot pay them $$$. I would have gone with the Agronn Simulations they were about 2 months longer out plus I saw very limited info on them when I was shopping. Good luck I would contact Darryl again keep on him until you get a response if needed tell him you want a refund see that that gets his attention.
  6. 01pewterz28

    ACE 737 Pro line Captains Yoke Arrived

    Thank you yea really liking the yoke, yes I am looking forward to getting off the desk, I would have had it this year if I did not splurge and purchase a new 2017 Camaro SS convertible :)
  7. 01pewterz28

    ACE 737 Pro line Captains Yoke Arrived

    The final piece has arrived for my 737 Captains Pro line yoke. My Trip reminder arrived from ACE last week, fit and quality is nice. Next is to work on getting my Jetmax 737 setup :) IMG_4699 by pewter2001z28 Camaro, on Flickr IMG_4698 by pewter2001z28 Camaro, on Flickr IMG_4700 by pewter2001z28 Camaro, on Flickr
  8. They are a good choice I had my PFC Jetliner yoke I sold and picked up the ACE. My Trip reminder arrived as I was told from ACE, fit and quality is nice. This completed my 737 Captains Pro Yoke. IMG_4700 by pewter2001z28 Camaro, on Flickr IMG_4698 by pewter2001z28 Camaro, on Flickr IMG_4699 by pewter2001z28 Camaro, on Flickr
  9. I love my 737 ProLine Yoke I placed my order on 1/9/17 and it shipped 3/15/17 and arrived in Florida the following day 3/16/17 via Fed Ex next day International shipping. Not bad just over 2 months from the date of order and exactly when I was told it would arrive (Actually 3 weeks earlier than expected). I would say the are a two man operation Darryl and Ali. Communication via FB is slow I will be honest, I believe they can do better in that department. My yoke arrived 99% complete I ordered the trip counter but was told it was in a re-design so it would be later in the year for that to arrive. I got an email last week my trip counter shipped so with the holiday I expect to see it this week. My thread
  10. 01pewterz28

    Ultimate Traffic Live (beta) released!

    Looking forward to the release and finally get AI in P3dv4
  11. 01pewterz28

    Ace yokes?

    Chris good morning I just saw your post I own an ACE 737 Captains Pro Yoke See me thread below https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/506984-ace-737-pro-line-captains-yoke-arrived/ I will say the yoke is fantastic I love it zero complaints about it, the customer service end needs some tweaking my guess is they are a 2-3 man operation. They really lack the communication IMHO to keep up with customers. I was going to order from Agronn Simulations out of Turkey but they were approx. 2 months longer than ACE, thus the reason why I ordered ACE. If I was to do it again I would 1st See how far out Agronn is with a yoke and if it’s 2-3 months go with them, if not try Ace again and email them as well. My yoke arrived when I was told it was so I am happy with that. Good luck Sean
  12. 01pewterz28

    Pacsim V4 Updates Ready

    As said above very quick I shot over my email this morning, maybe 10-15 minutes later a link with the download links.
  13. 01pewterz28

    Black Marble screenshot requests

    Looking for KLAS and KMCO as well
  14. 01pewterz28

    FlyTampa Working on ATL

    Would love to buy FT KATL finally a good one.
  15. 01pewterz28

    P3Dv4 Update

    Thank you looking forward to it just cannot fly my NGX w/out it.