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  1. Nice feature to add to the sim I look forward to seeing trains as I depart RW 22L out of ORD and banking left over the Bensenville rail yard.
  2. Found a temporary fix for changing to the next frequency only to find that it does not exist. If I let BATC Auto tune the frequency it works, and the frequency exists. Now I change over to the ATIS and the arrival airport to pick up the ATIS and then manually tune back I get the frequency does not exist that part is the only downfall. So for now I will let BATC auto tune for me.
  3. Another two flights in the books with BATC. I have figured out if I have the radios auto tune the frequency I will always have ATC so (now once I switch over to pick up the ATIS) I lose the center or approach frequency I was on if that frequency does not exist. So far only one airport is giving me issues on landing and that is Las Vegas. Does not matter what Simbrief FP and or the ATIS is. Three flights into Vegas I file my FP I am on the CHOWW2 for RW 26L, COKTL3 for 26L, RNDRZ2 26L, ATIS at the airport is landing RW 26L yet I continue to get the 19R all 3 flights ATIS is pulling up data from MSFS. So I am not sure what is going on this is why it would be great to have an option to request a different runway. Other than that so far so good.
  4. So far very impressed with Denver and it’s performance. I flew from Las Vegas to Denver and then flew Denver to Los Angeles zero impact on frame rates so far. Looking forward to seeing what winter ops look like at Denver. Will you have the deicing pads populated with trucks during the winter months?
  5. FT Las Vegas Islandsim Reno Flightbeam Denver Flight Beam San Fran Taxi 2 Gate MCO Flight Beam Dulles Inibuilds LAX
  6. Yea a restart did not work it keeps wanting me to contact Oakland Center on 119.475. Hopefully this will get worked out. I reported it on the Discord channel but no replay.
  7. Well that did not work I did a flight from SFO-LAS and that was the worst flight I have had with BATC. All went well with the flight until I was handed off from Norcal to Oakland Center. The freq 119.475 did not exist so I tried saying center no go I switched back to Nocal I was finally handed off to a different OAK Ctr freq that worked I checked in then was handed off to LA Ctr that freq did not exist either. I shut BATC down fired it back up and connected into the descent into Vegas. Overall just not a fun flight with ATC wanting to hand me off to a frew that does not exist with Oakland and or LA Center. I did a flight after that from LAS-DEN that went perfect no issues.
  8. I did read several folks saying that so far, I have been fortunate since I fly only the 737 and using SIDS/STARS. The program is early and the number of updates they have ben pushing out is very positive for the customer base and hobby in general.
  9. That I am fully aware I am rather versed in this department. My issue is the ATIS (current) and what I had filed and is currently active it still gave me a different RW. Took a few minutes had to reprogram the FMC for the new departure. The issue seems to have been fixed with all of the updates it only happened on that flight and that was the day after the program was released. So a feature would be nice to request a different RW as they did with the gate request.
  10. So far Beyond ATC has been very good after a few minor issues with my 1st flight I have 7 total flights under my belt. MSY-DEN (could not get clearance for my flight Freq did not exist, handoff to Ft Worth Center a few times frequency did not exist, very late handoff to tower) DEN-LAS (ATC was not reading Sim brief FP for departure RW or arrival RW that we filed, late handoff to tower, issues reading gate request) LAS-IAH (no issues) IAH-MCO (no issues) MCO-IAD (no issues) IAD-LAX (no issues) LAX-SFO (no issues) I used to fly on Vatsim all the time but the time of the night I was flying no ATC was available or the very tail end so I would get clearance from the controller, a taxi out, and takeoff, then they signed off. I like that I can start off on Vatsim and once I am switched over to unicom I can launch BeyondATC and still have ATC. I am really looking forward to the AI injection and ATC chatter with the AI traffic it will really bring the skies alive.
  11. Definitely the top of the list ATL but since I am a United guy cannot pass up on a better ORD with a FlightBeam touch
  12. The scenery is excellent a few minor things that can be added and or fixed but overall I am sure Mir will work on it once he is back from FSExpo. I would love to see Atlanta and Chicago O'Hare done in a Captains Edition the detail and performance are top notch. Glad to add this to my library and glad to be back flying into the Bay Area again.
  13. The wall is not new it's been around for years nothing new.
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