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  1. I do it as more of a a combination, adding more lights, seems to work well together and blend just fine.
  2. Its a great addon, I use that and Orbx lights, they work together and really look nice.
  3. Shaun, are you only going to do v5/v6 from here on out? Please keep v4/v5/v6
  4. I dont have v5 so it probably wont work in 4.5
  5. Just wondering what the best way to handle the refresh rate / fps lock in p3dv4.5. i currently have a 1440p 2K monitor with a refresh rate up to 144mhz. Right now I have it at 120 mhz with fps locked in nvidia inspector at 60 (adaptive half refresh) is this best to do to get the best fluid experience? System: i9-10850k 4.8 ghz rtx 4070 32 GB DDR4 ram All storage on SSDs Using AIG ai traffic as well. thoughts? Trying to see if I can get the best experience without micro stuttering
  6. I’m using v4.5 and have issues with ai landing way short of 30R with this scenery, I’m talking miles and then they taxi for miles and then make it to the airport, finally. any ideas?
  7. Awesome!! Glad its fixed! I had the same issue as well and that post helped me lol i just copied and pasted it from the AIG forums. I think its the issue with AIG / OCI when a FP is both one week and multi week, it jacks everything up.
  8. See if you have this traffic bgl Traffic_ESAI_NorthropGrumman(GA-C)_Summer_2021 installed. This one caused me the same issue when trying to load up at FSDT KLAX. If so, remove it and sim should load.
  9. Any performance upgrade? I am currently on V4.5
  10. So I have reinstalled the scenery and it appears to be working........for now, I want to say this happened last time. I rarely fly to CYUL, so I will usually spot there randomly and then thats when I notice it. I will report back. Thanks!
  11. Bob, I confirm that fly Tampa libraries is in my addon scenery list and is active. this might be an issue, for some reason Fly Tampa cyul is not active in addons but yet I go to the airport and it works but when I activate it, it doesn’t work.
  12. Hey guys, Having issues with seasons with Fly Tampa CYUL in p3dv4.5. Winter is fine but in summer months or non winter months, I get black snow mounds around the airport where the snow would be, I dont see any options in the Fly Tampa Configurator regarding seasons, etc. I dont know how to fix this. Any ideas?
  13. Weird, I installed this scenery in December and then I just tried to reinstall it and everything is working ok now................... Odd
  14. This is probably a long shot but does anyone else own MKJS by Final Approach Sim and have issues with the grass showing on the tarmac and trees around the airport? I dont have any grass at mine and its all cement...... I posted something in their forums and they said ORBX could be the issue, however, I am not going to deactivate my ORBX LC libraries for this scenery. Just wondering if anyone found a fix or is having same issue?
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