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  1. Hi, I'm not type rated in the 737 but in the A320/321 so hopefully some of my info will help you. I haven't flown the 737 (in simulator) for a very long time so I might be wrong here and there. Cheers.
  2. Yes, they are NEO engines, they run through a gear which "enabling the fan to turn at a different speed than the core", it won't rotate like the usual turbofan engines. We can not turn the fan easily with our bare hand like the older ones, which is the same for the wind. Cheers, Hoang Le
  3. It's April here at my home town but it's ok, I take the bait for now and wait for it. Cheers!
  4. Yeah it's normal I can guarantee you that.
  5. Actually if you restart the sim the airport(s) will work fine again, no need to run the update or anything. Not only the airports but also GSX will not work. None of the FSDT products will work if we get into that situation.
  6. It happened to me several times during P3D V3 time. Already had a big dicussion at FSDT but after all, none helped. It happened every once a while. Then I moved to V4 and it happened couple times again. That is before the new FSDT Live Update system take place. I don't know now since haven't done any flights for months, but it seems you are talking about the same issue. It happened to me once after 16 hours flight. Unbelievable.
  7. For the price and to my eyes and taste, the airports are fine. Imaginesim KLGA could be a better choice but the price is very high and I don't fly there often. And btw, I always get their name wrong haha
  8. To me, yes, it does. I like it. Lots of routes to fly.
  9. It seems that Pete has just released newly 5.124 Does it work well with P3D V4.2? Thanks!
  10. Remember to install 5.123c before installing 5.123e That's what I've heard.
  11. Hi, Where did you download it from? It is recommended that you download using the download addon (such as IDM). I did have problem when downloading from Pcaviator months ago, at certain time I could not download any of the file. But several hours later they were downloadable. It took me almost a day to download all of them. One of the most frustrated purchase. Maybe you can wait several hours and try again. Cheers, Hoang Le
  12. Thank you, the old version already good for me, not that good, but usable, so I will consider getting both of the newly KSAN and KMIA. Cheers! Hoang Le
  13. Almost half a year. I bump this topic up asking how is the product now? I have been away from P3D for several months. Thank you, Hoang Le
  14. Thank you for your feedback. And also to everyone, LatinVFR released a KMIA v3 installer for P3DV4 months ago (pretty fast after the release of V4). This is the updated version of that airport and they ask for a little fee, so if you don't like it you still can use the old version under P3DV4, not like "other" developer charge P3DV4 installer of their current product. It's different.
  15. Hello everyone, People keep complaining about LatinVFR's Miami quality, however from my point of view it is good enough to be a good product, especially it's the only one good out there. Wondering if anyone has tried their P3DV4 product and can give a comparison with V3. I'm planning to get their KSAN V2 since I already have the older one. Thank you, Hoang Le
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