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  1. Just reinstalled my P3D V5 after a long period and found out I have FTX Global NG in my simmarket account. Of course having a discount from the developer for the Ultimate 2024 version but still considering the upgrade. Hopefully someone can point me into the right direction here. Cheers
  2. Thank you I'll do that Thanks. My montior has Gsync but I turned it off. I will set to unlimited. Cheers
  3. Hi everybody, Is there a guide or can someone explain to me about these options in P3D? For the weather I'm using ASP3D + ASCA + TOGA + Envshade, which option should I tick? How does vsync + triple buffering + variable refresh rate affect the simulator? I'm using 25inch 280hz monitor so which one should I tick? I've done some searching (and looking into P3D Learning Center) but still not so clear, sorry if this has been covered before. Cheers, Hoang
  4. You are my life saver! Indeed under Option - Controls I already deleted all the axis assignments except for the "mouse yoke". Done that and everything is back to normal. Thanks a lot, Cheers!
  5. Hello, In the window hardware's properties and in FSLabs/Button Assignment axis test, the signal is very stable with no jiggling. However, the aircraft in the sim behaves very strange. I have a fresh new P3D V5.2 and FSlabs newest versions.
  6. First time have this problem when installing for P3D V5.2 I uninstalled 5.1, uninstalled Envtex. Installed V5.2 and installed Envtex with the newest update.
  7. Ah, thank you, found one system in addition to the non-sharklets.
  8. ZSPD pretty much their last product. They will only update their products from now on, no more new ones.
  9. With the latest update, my FSlabs pretty much broken. Keep going into Alpha Floor, TOGA LK while speed is in normal range during cruise, and then this happen very soon after. No icing, nothing, just mess up the whole flight. Applied full power the aircraft still descend with speed going below VLS and so on.
  10. If there is more I'm more than happy to know Thank you
  11. I believed people so hype for the sharklets mainly because of the visual (better screenshots I guess). Nothing new regards to system, just burn less fuel and more aerodynamic which makes the control little little bit different from the normal non-sharklets ones ( I'm not sure if FSlabs will implement it into their Sharklets update because I only can see the small difference about the handling during approach and landing IRL) In addition to that, people also demanding the NEO ones. If FSlabs release an update only add the visual and use the CEO performance, most of guys will be satisfied.
  12. They have some promises of continue updating this and previous product, and probably update compatible with MSFS. They just not going to make any new sceneries. And, probably, currently this is the only option for Pudong.
  13. It's released btw https://secure.simmarket.com/wf-scenery-studio-shanghai-pudong-international-airport-zspd-p3d4.5_p3d5.phtml I heard the news, I believed something internal is more likely than about the piracy.
  14. The price is "quite" high as usual... By looking at the pictures, it's outstanding! https://www.islandsim.com/index.html
  15. Probably have to find that G spot again, it's not big, but when you touch it, it will be wild 😛
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