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  1. Curious if anybody has had experience with Viet Sim Sceneries for P3D v4.5 - i.e. - Cam Ranh Bay, Da Nang and Phucat? Flew into many of these locations in the 1966-67 era. Thank you.
  2. , Bert...when you attempt to move the scenery to an Orbx library there's a note/statement: "if the scenery is working correctly, we suggest you do not migrate to a library". Is there a consequence or performance issue they're warning us about? Paul K KGYR
  3. Attached is a link to a recently posted update on Ben Gurion... https://www.simflight.com/2019/11/26/david-rosenfeld-llbg-ben-gurion-t3-preview/
  4. Dan, Thanks for the tip on fixing the gate jetways. The recent update didn't add the North DHL apron area north of taxiway N at the DHL complex. While the airport isn't perfect, I'm a big cargo flyer and adding KCVG was needed. I haven't had any problems at the DHL complex with 747F, 747-8F, 737-800F aircraft and GSX support and cargo AI aircraft. Paul K KGYR
  5. Downloaded the latest Skyline KCVG P3D version from simMarket and it appears they've made some updates to the configuration of the airport. The 2 terminals that were demolished in real life have been removed. However the gate ramps are still there. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks, Paul K KGYR
  6. HiFi Simulations has posted a download update dated 9/26/19 for AS P3D HF2 v7208...https://www.mediafire.com/file/j210iqylwcf4a0n/AS_P3Dv4_Update.exe/file
  7. pads103, Thanks for the Inibuild information. Prior to installing Inibuild dynamic lighting I had no tarmac lighting. Only lighting was inside terminals and the control tower. Everything appears to be normal now. Can't defend the problems with Skyline KCVG, but the location was a major missing airport, especially for cargo haulers - i.e. DHL, Amazon, etc.
  8. Purchased KCVG via simMarket. Installed. Doesn't appear they've updated the airport's configuration to current status. Problem: no night lights. Installed the 2 dynamic lighting files in the P3D/effects folder as directed. Any thoughts, suggestions?? Thanks.
  9. Skyline Simulation has released KCVG for P3D at simMarket. I wonder if it's an updated version with corrections and changes regarding the AFCAD, etc. that were noted by many earlier users?
  10. According to messages on FSElite regarding KOAK the developer texted the following information: BrianThePilot: Again, we apologize for the inconvenience, we are working with ORBX directly currently to fix the problems with Norcal. ORBX changes the files for the default Oakland airport to update it in ORBX Norcal, and we just need to get guidance and approval from them if we can find/deactivate those certain files and have a section in the configurator
  11. pads103 Have you tried it with FTX NCA disabled. I know if compromises the level of scenery detail. I'm curious as to whether it solved your problems taxi lines?
  12. pads103 Do you have FTX Vectors? Have you tried using the AEC function in vectors?
  13. An unfamiliar developer Cloudberry Sim has released KOAK Int'l Airport for P3D. I'd be interested knowing how the looks and performs. https://secure.simmarket.com/cloudberry-sim-oakland-international-airport.phtml
  14. The Skyline Simulation website is down. They posted the following message on Facebook: As of recent events and due to the "bumpy" release of KCVG for P3D/FSX, we are moving to a new host and server. Moving our things shall take some time and that is why you noticed that our website is under maintenance. We had some negative reviews, believe us we read them all one by one and our target is to never let this happen again. It was indeed something unexpected, we never imagined something like this would happen, especially when we released our very second scenery for P3D and FSX. Please, be a little more patient and everything is going to be working just fine. To the ones that wished us well, we thank you once more! To the ones that had negative impact over this, we are sorry and rest assured, we believe we now took more safety measures, so you experience in our website and products will be smooth from now on! The Skyline Team. Hopefully they've learned from this experience. Paul K KGYR
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