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  1. @ark @Flysimware any chance we can see the beloved Learjet in MSFS? Im so ready to get it again
  2. Hi @tiberiu11 Im one of those who is on the fence but to finally jump in i need a smooth AP integration (No jittering) and ideally a VC integration or a networked/ipad client. Do you know if there is any progress on those fronts? Or are we just waiting to see what the future brings?
  3. What do you mean by "properly"? their PA44 did it too
  4. Well Chock, this is bigger than Asobo. the entire azure cloud is down.
  5. This is why it happened. You tried to set up a new throttle, pushed the wrong button and now azure is down... Burn him guys.
  6. as the saying goes... "There's no 'cloud'. Only other people's computer"
  7. You should try saving a flight there and then using the load feature of the sim. As for the piper, it will remember your cockpit state between flights and you can easily click the "cold and dark" button on the efb
  8. Although i have thousands (Literally) invested in P3D, i cant bring myself to use it anymore. The immersion factor in MSFS is so great that i cant use anything else anymore. People also need to have congruence: How can you complain about draw distance in msfs and then go to P3D to fly above tiles of repeated and generic textures? How can someone complain about the live weather not working right some times and then go to P3D and fly under that limited weather engine with the same limitations that we had 10 years ago or even more? Sure, the old sims do have strong points too, but when you see everything as a whole, i cant comprehend how going back to P3D could be considered an option anymore. BUT, im just expressing my opinion. I also think that everyone should use the sim they like and if that's FSX, then go to FSX (And enjoy the md11 by the way)
  9. Yeah, but my point is exactly that. Sure, a software bug can peg your cpu to a 100% load, but managing that heat is a hardware responsibility. Your cooling system should be able to cope with that. If your computer restarts due to a game induced heating issue, there's an underlying issue with your system.
  10. This is getting out of hand... If a system isnt able to handle the load put on it and restarts/overheats as a result, the underlying cause is with the physical hardware, not with the software.
  11. The upper left knob, rotate it in any direction
  12. I know this is not what you may want to hear but... Radio navigation is magical on this bird. I refuse to touch the garmins until asobo fixes them (If they ever do) so im flying it just by radio navigation. I'm flying from Ecuador to NY. I'm already over south carolina. The degree of planning that you need to do to successfully do these flights with real weather and just using radios is really rewarding. try it. Do a few flights without those garmins if you can.
  13. Yes you can hide it. Bear in mind that the tablet is not out of place. Most of the people in real life do have an ipad in the cockpit.
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