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  1. Hi guys! Im wondering if im missing something here. Just browsing the Flight1 catalog to see if there' s something new about the mustang / B200, it looks like the B200 has just been released for P3Dv4? There' s no news about this, not even on their facebook page or fselite/airdailyx http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=f1b200fsx This is what they say: So, what im missing here? Im downloading it right now just to see...
  2. No @Meekg what i mean is this: 1) I start a flight, lets say from TNCM to KMIA. On the load manager i set 0 for the fuel on each tank 2) I do my preflight, fueling the aircraft with the included refuel panel inside the aircraft 3) I take off and reach cruise altitude. 4) For some real life reason i cant finish the flight so i save it in cruise. The aircraft at this stage has fuel to complete the flight. Lets say it has 8,000 kg remaining (just an example) 5) Later when i return, i fire the sim again and reload the flight to continue to my destination. Guess what? The plane doesn't load back with its 8,000 kg of fuel. It reloads in cruise where i left it but the fuel isn't restored. The flight loads with the fuel that is currently set in the load manager, on my case that's 0, so i end with the flight restored but without any fuel, ending with an unusable flight. In order to make it work, i have to note the amount of fuel currently on the aircraft so later when i try to reload the flight i have to add that amount of fuel in the load manager.
  3. Thanks dave Do you think i need to create a ticket with this one or this post will suffice?
  4. @DaveCT2003 Hey! I just found the issue and its fairly easy to reproduce it. Check this out: First a little background: I love to refuel the plane with the included refueling system (Not with the load manager) so what i do is this: I set the 3 tanks to 0 in the load manager and use the maddog refueling panel. Problem: When i reload a saved flight, it loads with the fuel that is set in the load manager (0, in my case), not with the fuel the plane had when i saved the flight. So, since my load manager is always set to 0 in the fuel fields, the plane loads with both engines off, the generators are off (obviously) so everything is dead. I just did a little test: I loaded a saved flight: Everything is dead. So i closed the sim, opened the load manager and set 500 in every tank. Then i fired the sim, loaded the flight and guess what? the plane is alive and well.
  5. I just downloaded the product again but i still get the 1.0.3 release
  6. Freighter

    Im dreaming about this one. I dont need much. Just a model without windows and a cargo door. I prefer to fly boxes. people complain too much. The guys at majestic did that: Just a model without windows.
  7. On the flightdeck they indeed are THAT quiet. The exterior sounds need some work, that's true.
  8. Hi guys! Just to let everyone know that the paintkit its now available http://www.flythemaddogx.com/en/media.html
  9. Well, what i do is this: In the load manager i set all 3 tanks to 0 and then just use the refuelling panel to get all the fuel i need. Try that.
  10. Sounds great! Thanks a lot @Meekg this is what i call money well spent. I even feel bad for getting the discount
  11. Hi guys! Something that excites me a lot about this airplane is the possibility of having failures It adds meaning to the checks and redundant systems. It adds A LOT to the immersion. The other day i had an engine failure juuuuust after rotation in st marteen. That was awesome. Last week i was flying the FSL A320 from TNCM to KPHX when i noticed something. During my routine fuel checks something was strange. The sum of my fuel burn + the remaining fuel should be the same as my block fuel, but it wasnt. I noticed a fuel leak developing on the left wing. I diverted to KJAX. It was indeed a fuel leak. That was amazing. I was wondering if the maddog also features fuel leaks. That adds meaning to the en route checks. If it doesn't, can you consider adding it in the future? I was reading somewhere that you want to focus o creating new failures in the future.
  12. Ahh i will check that and will let you know as soon as i return, next sunday
  13. Sure, here you have it. The plane is installed in its default location. https://imgur.com/a/sPB6G here are the two saved flights https://drive.google.com/open?id=1E7Czj6AJOOzBTrAqlAk_zQ9Y9nZvjji_ Is there any other file that i can send you? @DaveCT2003
  14. @DaveCT2003 i just tested again with two flights, and it doesnt work. When i load a saved flight the plane loads in this state: https://imgur.com/a/pl5k6