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  1. Guys, Hotfix 1 has been released. https://captainsim.net/products/y757/sops/updates/1-001/
  2. I do. With an ancient Radeon R9 290 I also use FSL Spotlights to create better cockpit lights (Dome lights, ambient lights etc) and also to create landing/taxi lights that truly illuminate the ground.
  3. Makes a lot of sense. As soon as i get to my house i will roll back to an older release. Thanks!
  4. Thanks guys. I will try your suggestions and report back
  5. Hi guys i have a really strange issue with the particles effect and the strobe/nav lights. Please look at the screenshots bellow. The issue is intermittent. Sometimes it happens and fixes itself if i change views. It happens anywhere where particles are shown. Also happens to ai aicrafts/ I have restored my p3d effects folder from scratch and the issue persists so im clueless now. This is with P3D 4.1. I also have a radeon r9 290 and windows 7
  6. Im flying with this one right now and it is top notch! Thanks a lot @whamil77 for this mod. btw, anyone has a pfpx profile for the king air? i cant find it
  7. @whamil77 Technically i think you could. Audio files are just binary files like any other so technically you could make a patch for them in the same way you can make a patch for a .exe/.dll file etc with something like patch maker. That way you dont need do distribute the modified files, only a patch.
  8. Resource starvation maybe? You should monitor your cpu, ram and gpu usage during the entire flight to see what 's happening.
  9. I see. Thanks guys. Its really clear now.
  10. Interesting. I was just reading the FAA rules regarding supplemental oxygen and i found this: 91.211 Supplemental oxygen. No person may operate a civil aircraft of U.S. registry t cabin pressure altitudes above 12,500 feet (MSL) up to and including 14,000 feet (MSL) unless the required minimum flight crew is provided with and uses supplemental oxygen for that part of the flight at those altitudes that is of more than 30 minutes duration Does that means it is ok to cruise in the Duke at FL280 without oxygen masks as long as the cabin altitude doesnt reach 12,500? I will stick to FL250 anyway but im curious to know if you can do this legally in a real duke. @dbw1 how did you feel physically in that king air at that cabin altitude?
  11. Morning guys! I saw that the turbine duke as a service ceiling altitude of 28,000 but if you climb to that altitude the pressurization system cant keep the cabin altitude below 10,000. It only manages to keep the cabin at 11,000 or so and the aircraft displays a red warning. So what's the point? Why do you have a service ceiling of 28,000 if your pressurization system cant coupe? I guess its worst on the piston duke. Its service ceiling is 30,000 so i guess its cabin altitude must be 12,000 or so. Do duke pilots climb to 28,000 anyway and ignore the red warning? Or they try to stay below 10,000 cabin altitude?
  12. Read the 2.0 release announcement post. the answer you're looking for is a few posts after the announcement.
  13. Then that must be my problem. I use idle power. I even have to push the gear button to silence the gear horn. That must be it. thanks!
  14. @downscc What's the problem with the props turning the engines? Isn't that the same as a car going downhill in low gear?
  15. Thanks Dan. I usually fly at FL200 because that's what pfpx tells me to do when i do my flight plans. Maybe that's killing them prematurely Thanks