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  1. That’s a memory device. You use it to set your flight number, that way you wont forget or get confused
  2. I do agree with you. Do you remember the days of the PSS A320/A340? Also Airsimmer and the failed Airliner-xp
  3. Ohh lets hope! Im their customer since fs2004 or so and while i do enjoy their products, as a company they're really boring. Can you imagine a PMDG 727? Or maybe a C-130 or something like that.
  4. They (PMDG) wont do that. They will do the 737/777/747 and by the time they're over, a new simulator will be upon us, at which time they will AGAIN do the 737/777/747 and that cycle will repeat itself until the sun explodes.
  5. Get both if you can. They serve different roles and both are amazing.
  6. A friend of mine says that this version can take off from a backyard even with full fuel and full payload. Not very realistic. If this is a preview of things to come then the king air will be a helicopter
  7. Something that i hate with a passion in the default camera system are the infamous "White dot" in the middle of the screen and also the white border that appears on some airplane's display if you're using an xbox controller to control your views My god, how i hate that thing. And also this If anyone knows how i can get rid of those tell me for the love of god!
  8. Yes you're right. That's why the AN-2 is delayed
  9. The forum replaces certain words with "word not allowed"
  10. It happens to me too. It looks like word not allowed
  11. Thanks a lot for posting this. It made a difference on my system too
  12. Well, lucky for us i saw somewhere that JF will add support for the GTN's too (Please correct me if im wrong @Martyn JF)
  13. Makes me wonder why they left the dominican republic, haiti, cuba, jamaica etc out of the package
  14. I know there are some out there who are very rich but has anyone ever worked out the total cost of buying all the models of cars available? I bought a Jetta but that is nothing compared to everything available. Are we dumb or what?
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