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  1. Spot on. Those who don't have any issues don't come here to say so. In fact, Im one of those. I fly regularly and I just dont remember the last time I got a ctd. More than a year ago, that's for sure.
  2. All this talk about CTD's makes me wonder if i'm running the same sim as everyone else. It runs flawless here (By flawless i mean without a single CTD in more than 6 months and im even running the beta)
  3. Hi guys! Question: Is any of you able to land and then begin another leg WITHOUT ending the current flight, going back to the main menu and then starting a new flight? Right now, if i land and then try to prepare the plane for another leg, the FMC starts to do weird things (specially with the weights)
  4. Well, i dont think i could alter the voltage, but maybe corrupt the bios 😄. That's possible
  5. Well, im sure that i can create an application that could delete your msfs installation or corrupt your OS if it detects that you have crashed 😁
  6. Well my friend, that's a very vague statement. We need more data. Where are you flying from? What airplane? what are your settings? how much fps are you getting now? How much fps were you getting before? etc etc.
  7. its a shame that they didnt add the tds gtn
  8. I'll put a vote for KALB! Its the capital of new york after all! with lots of great airports close by
  9. Calculating your TOD is fairly easy. Lets say that you're at 32000 and you need to be at 2000. You need to lose 30,000 so when do you need to start your descent? (30,000 x 3) / 1000. That gives you 90. this means that you need to start your descent at 90nm from the target. Now, what should be your vertical speed? Easy: Ground speed x 5. Lets say that you will maintain 400 knots. 400 x 5 = 2,000. So you need to descent at 2,000 fpm and 400 knots. Obviously you will have to do tweaks here and there but those formulas got you covered.
  10. Yes, some aircraft were retrofitted with FMC's back in the day. Some even have a GTN750! Regarding your questions about vor to vor flight planning, you can use little navmap to do it. Just create a flight plan linking the vor stations along your route. The application also shows you the range of each vor station (Very useful!) You can also use skyvector
  11. Are you managing your mixtures as you climb?
  12. That’s a memory device. You use it to set your flight number, that way you wont forget or get confused
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