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  1. The PMDG Operations center, that controls all the liveries for the PMDG 737, looks for the PMDG in the Community folder. It creates a new folder, pmdg-aircraft-737-liveries. Since the Operations Center looks for this file in the Community folder, the 737 must be active in the Community folder in order to add or subtract liveries. I use addon linker and the Operations Center uses the virtual link to access the file. It properly adds and subtracts liveries from the file that I store away from my actual community folder. No problem, just remember that the file must be active in addon linker in order to work properly. Joe Alferio
  2. Just took off in the X-Cub from YAYE. Clear skies, no popcorn clouds. Joe Alferio
  3. My first flight was in a Ford Tri-Motor to the Lake Erie Islands. I'm 66. Joe Alferio
  4. Lots of turbulence over the Balkans today. Budapest to Bucharest in the TBM.
  5. Windows 11 for about a week now. I honestly don't see any difference in MSFS. Joe Alferio
  6. Allow me to restate, Please, please don't tell me what I can and can't see. I'm out.
  7. Regardless of which side you're on, I would truly appreciate it if EVERYONE would please stop saying that EVERYONE knows something.
  8. That's where it get's complicated, doesn't it? I use Neofly for half my flights. I've got a TBM 930, Cessna 182T, Mooney M20, Cessna CJ4, Bonanza G36, Cessna 208B, X-Cub, King Air, Cessna Citation Longitude, Baron, Diamond DA62, and finally a Cessna 172 (Steam gages). They're scattered all over the western hemisphere. For my Neofly flights I pick the highest paying flight within the range of the aircraft that's next in the lineup. For the other half of my flights, I fly to the most populous cities in order for: USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Canada and Oceana. I go on Travelocity and try to find commercial flights that match the route. Of course, this means that I fly into hubs multiple times, like Charlotte, Dubai, Tokyo, Abu Dabbi, etc. I use Simbrief for flightplanning and try to match the real world flights as closely as possible. When I can't find real world flights I fly the Longitude, which is a nice aircraft for long distance. Joe Alferio
  9. Beta testers are very important. You know what's even MORE important? Software engineers and programmers that are motivated and skilled!
  10. I was in the UAW and the Utility Workers for over 35 years. Maybe we should try harder to keep politics out of this. Joe Alferio
  11. I would say about half the time I don't get the end of flight screen, but when I go to the logbook itself the flight is there. Who knows what's going on? Asobo? Joe Alferio
  12. I watched the FPS monitor closely at KATL. Locked at 60, half ultra and half high, I was getting between 45 and 50 with lots of Main Thread limiting and bad stutters. Locked at 30, half ultra and half high, it was smooth and NO Main Thread limit problems. I took one item at a time up to ultra until I had everything at ultra and it's been running and looking good ever since. I did do a night approach to Doha, OTBD, and had 2 momentary pauses on short final. I attribute that to scenery loading issues. Joe Alferio
  13. I hadn't been having any kind of problem with MSFS, and following the hotfix I thought everything was OK. Then, I tried a flight from KATL to KSLC. First, with the CRJ, a stutterfest. Then, the A320NX, same thing, maybe worse. The CJ4, stutters but not as bad. I flinally flew the flight in the Longitude. I spent half the day yesterday doing something I never do, looking at FPS. I decided for myself that 30 FPS was my personal minimum. So, I took my sim from 60 FPS, half ultra and half high, to 30 FPS, all ultra. I've been flying everywhere today, including LA in the CRJ, and smooth as butter. I've decided full ultra at 30 looks better than half ultra at 60. Joe Alferio
  14. I've been PLAYING flight sims since at least '95, maybe earlier. I really can't recall. I quit totally in 2013. At that time I was spending a lot of time with FSX and DCS. It was taking up too much of my time and I just couldn't afford the super computer needed to run either game smoothly. I didn't completely give up, I saved about $500 a year and when I saw on YouTube the announcement from MS/Asobo about MSFS I spent 4 Grand on a near state of the art gaming computer. I put as much as possible into the CPU/GPU as I could and I spent less on monitor and peripherals. I'm EXTREMELY satisfied with MSFS and my decisions regarding a gaming rig. Bottom line, IMHO, Asobo has exactly the same problem that the AVSIM community has, and they are diametrically opposed. I was NOT part of the pre-release Beta, but from what I read here and other places, it was rather contentious. The problems that existed back then still exist, only they are WAY worse now. Asobo doesn't trust the Beta testers. They never did. Asobo thinks the beta testers are a bunch of whiny, entitiled old men. Asobo is RIGHT. The beta testers, (i.e. Avsim users), don't trust Asobo. They never did. They haven't trusted anyone associated with MS since Bruce Artwick. The beta testers think that Asobo is a bunch of uppity, Frenchified gamers, and being a gamer is one step above pond scum. The beta testers (Avsim) are RIGHT. I think that Asobo has a vision and a plan for where THEY want MSFS to go. I think that it's a coherent strategy. I support it. I think that Avsim users, for the most part, have 1 or 2 issues that they can't stop picking the scab about. Some of these issues are serious ones, and when they rise to the level of personnel aggravation, perhaps it's time to remember it's just a GAME and step away for a while. Joe Alferio
  15. I purchased the CRJ through the Marketplace. It took less than 5 minutes to DL, and only 2 minutes to set up. There IS a warning about the load delay. I flew a flight from KTOL to KCLT. FL 260. Used SimBrief for the flight planning. It took about 5 minutes to program the FMS. Flight was clean and smooth. I don’t really chase FPS, but it was smooth all the way. Hand flew the 23 ILS to KCLT. Landed long but the reversers will stop you QUICK! All in all, it’s worth the price. You’ll definitely want to set up custom views, the standard views are worthless. Joe Alferio
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