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  1. Perhaps a bug to be reported through the 'flighting' forums.
  2. Do you have Mods in the community folder? If so, disable the community folder. You may have a conflict. Just a thought.
  3. As the title suggests. A few updates ago I have had a situation. I am unable to use the sim in monitor mode after switching from VR. The frame rate falls to 5FPS. I have to close Windows Mixed reality before the sim is usable again. If I decide to go back in VR, the moment I re activate WMR, the frames are back to 5 FPS. If I activate VR mode, sometimes I get a CTD, but most times it switches to VR mode and runs quite fine, though perhaps not as smooth as my original activation. I am using a RTX 280 Super. with a 9th gen Intel I9 and 64G memory. I am on Windows 11 pro but had the problem before updating to Windows 11. Infact, I went to Windows 11 hoping this would have fixed the problem. I have seen this problem mentioned before but never did see a solution. Any advice appreciated.
  4. Would love the ability to do like I used to in FSX and p3d. With the aid of FSUIPC, I could start a flight from exactly where I last left the aircraft. I could start the flight in current weather and time. I dear say that the perfect sim for me would be MSFS 2020 with all the features of FSX/P3d; afforded by all the addons that kept them going all these years. Add A2A airplanes with persistent state capability and VR. I hope I am around to experience a sim like this.
  5. 1. ATC 2. Reliable live and historic weather. 3. Stop the regression with every update. (Current stutters come to mind.)
  6. Not one quality of life setting is saved in MSFS. Been that way from release day till now. It is my understanding, (Don't know it to be true); that upon the very first launch of MSFS, whatever settings you make for QOL. items before the first shutdown; becomes the Sims default settings at every startup thereafter. I was tempted to try uninstalling MSFS and delete all folders and files associated with MSFS, then reinstall to see if this is true. I thought better of that when I remembered that it was going to take all day, and half a night just to download, and considering a lot of settings (Controller settings for example), are stored via Cloud Storage, I decided to leave well enough alone, and hope that one day within the next 8 years MS/ASOBO, will get around to addressing this. PS. if anyone is able to change and save QOL. settings, please share what they are and how you did it. I take that back. One QOL setting is saved. Airplane registrations are now saved.
  7. I am not at the computer now. If I remember correctly, at bottom of the controller's page there is a 'profile manager'. There is an option to copy the profile, once you select 'copy', a window pops up requesting a name for the copy. Name it, and you are good to go. Edit the copy profile as you wish.
  8. I am assuming you are using the default profile for the drone camera. If so, make a copy of the profile. By doing so you will have to have a different name for the new profile, use this 'new' profile and the drifting stops. I don't know if MSFS has fixed the problem, but the fix I shared here fixed it for me way back when the problem was introduced. I never tried going back to the default profile. I have done the same for all my controllers.
  9. I found all 9 Yes, with a little practice, landings are pretty rewarding.
  10. I think that's the number I heard on the stream yesterday. I found eight.
  11. Hi I deployed landing gear using the emergency system and now I am unable to retract the landing gear. Anyone knows how to get the normal gear system working again?
  12. What are external gauges? and how do I remove them? Store ver. and custom location on C drive. Thanks.
  13. At least they made it public that its BETA. MS and ASOBO didn't tell us MSFS was beta. I thought I was getting a finished product with fancy weather and flight dynamics when I pre purchased it. A year plus it is greatly improved but doesn't change the fact that I feel wronged. Still, I must admit that MSFS is for me the future.
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