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  1. P3d Disappearing After Start Screen

    Do you use SpadNext? I had a similar problem. It was associated with this app . Link to fix Hope this helps.
  2. Help with Where Are My Aircraft

    I bought and installed WAMA into PP3d V4.2 today. I think I have followed all the set up instructions, but I cant get the app to work. When I select "I want to fly this aircraft", the sim loads the situation, and places me behind the aircraft. The "enter" and "leave" buttons are dead I Fly A2A aircrafts exclusively. I also use Ezdoc with TrackIr 5, Activesky for PP3d v4. and FSUIPC The OS is Windows 10 pro. I would like to show a screen grab, but I cant figure how to work with attachments here. Thanks in advance.
  3. Log book

    I am curious to know. When does PP3d start logging? Is it the moment PP3d loads? or is it when the engine starts? Also, when does the logging end? At engine stop? or at simulator shut down.
  4. ImagineSim KATL update P3D4 released

    Thank you. I got it.
  5. ImagineSim KATL update P3D4 released

    Where does one get the upgrade? I have not received any notification. I went to my account at the flightsim store where I bought the original, I still see the same number of remaining available downloads, nor do I see any notification about KATL being updated. Can anyone share a link?
  6. What the Heck! Nvidia 3D Vision Support in P3D 4.1?

    If you figure it out please share. Since seeing your post I tried mine but it does not work and I have an LG NVidia 3d vision ready monitor. Works great with FSX but a no go with PP3d. Curious: Does Lockheed have any plans to make PP3d, 3d compatible
  7. Major Slow-down

    Check that Windows "Game mode" is disabled if you are running Windows 10.

    Thank you.

    Since updating to PP3d 4.1, I noticed that the FPS displays "HEALTHPOINTS=1" along with the frames per second. What does this mean? and from screenshots and videos I have seen, I get the impression that not everyone has this. I am just curious as to what this means and why it's not shown on everyone's systems.
  10. REX Sky Force Very First look

    Guess we get what we pay for.
  11. REX Sky Force Very First look

    Sounds like the critics were right. seems you get the atmosphere as advertised, but only with the Rex weather engine which gives abrupt weather changes; that takes us back a step. Seems there isn't much point in getting the product with the mindset to use Active sky since we don't get all the eye candy without the Rex weather engine. I wish the product well but I will pass until, or if there is an update to address these matters. Guess these shortcomings are why we never did get to see a recent video before release. Not sure how I feel about that going forward. Doesn't feel right.
  12. REX Sky Force Very First look

    How well does the product work with active sky as the weather engine? Just curious to know what is lost by using active sky, now we know the REX engine has some drawbacks. Does the atmosphere look and react the same with ac sky as it does with the REX engine.
  13. REX Sky Force Very First look

    Is there any perceivable performance improvement? I think this was a claim made during all the hype. Also, are there any videos posted since the release?
  14. I had this problem. Fixed it by making sure Windows game mode and everything related is disabled. I don't recall the steps but I am sure a Google search will turn up an answer. (I am assuming Windows 10 is your OS.)
  15. P3d4 crashes when saving or loading a flight

    Are you using Spadd Next? Had a similar problem some time ago. Cant remember the exact fix but had something to do with a registry entry made by Spadd Next. Think I found the fix on the forums there.