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  1. Thank you. For the life of me I will never understand why some fellow folks are so negative. Its almost as if there is a wish or prayer for this new Sim to fail.
  2. Microsoft clearly stated that 3pd has access to the SDK., They have even gone so far as to acknowledge that they know they need to provide more and clearer documentation for 3pd to take full advantage, but many developers already have projects in the works.
  3. Wouldn't it be nice if Microsoft decided to give pre-purchasers access to the closed beta? , especially those who signed up early to be Alpha testers but never got invited. Just a thought...... 😉
  4. Find my house and family home, (where I grew up). I then intend to then visit every custom built airport I will then start hunting points of interest, then embark on a world tour.
  5. Why so negative? Everything we have seen so far has exceeded everything the community could have hoped for just a few years back. I am just amazed at what has come from what was essentially just an experiment. I say thank you Microsoft and Asobo, keep amazing us, but as a previous poster said, don't forget to release the sim while doing so.
  6. HI, this sounds like a really cool app. Does it work for the A2A Ga. fleet? If it works, will it require any special manipulation considering A2A has its own external model and weight setting?
  7. I too am interested in adjusting shadows. Could you share some details on how to accomplish same? Is this an in sim adjustment or something done by editing a config. file?
  8. For me all seemed fine. Then I went to full screen. PP3d freezes. re started 2 times now but same situation.
  9. Does AS2Crew have an ATC module like Multi Crew experience? I own Multi Crew, and while I only fly GA I got it because I heard that it allows voice interaction with the default ATC. Fact is I have never been able to get it to work properly more than 50% of my flights, so I am curious to know if FS2Crew would be a better app for my purposes. I like to fly VFR and not have to file a flight plan for every flight.
  10. Do you use SpadNext? I had a similar problem. It was associated with this app . Link to fix http://www.spadnext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4198. Hope this helps.
  11. I bought and installed WAMA into PP3d V4.2 today. I think I have followed all the set up instructions, but I cant get the app to work. When I select "I want to fly this aircraft", the sim loads the situation, and places me behind the aircraft. The "enter" and "leave" buttons are dead I Fly A2A aircrafts exclusively. I also use Ezdoc with TrackIr 5, Activesky for PP3d v4. and FSUIPC The OS is Windows 10 pro. I would like to show a screen grab, but I cant figure how to work with attachments here. Thanks in advance.
  12. I am curious to know. When does PP3d start logging? Is it the moment PP3d loads? or is it when the engine starts? Also, when does the logging end? At engine stop? or at simulator shut down.
  13. Where does one get the upgrade? I have not received any notification. I went to my account at the flightsim store where I bought the original, I still see the same number of remaining available downloads, nor do I see any notification about KATL being updated. Can anyone share a link?
  14. If you figure it out please share. Since seeing your post I tried mine but it does not work and I have an LG NVidia 3d vision ready monitor. Works great with FSX but a no go with PP3d. Curious: Does Lockheed have any plans to make PP3d, 3d compatible
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