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  1. I was being 'tongue in cheek', I am in the BETA. I was thinking of all the times of final releases followed by the myriad of complaints of regression and broken features, like the time an update wiped out my logbook. I saw this as a way of holding off updating till I feel confident, should I so desire. Shows how little I know about the inner workings of MSFS. Just a thought.
  2. A way to hold off on those pesky mandatory updates that breaks stuff?
  3. Hi, how does this work with LatinVFR KMIA? I want to get this but I am afraid of it conflicting. Thanks.
  4. Have the exact same problem. Unfortunately, opting into the public test channel does not fix it for me, I was already on the public test channel when the problem started. I beg anyone with any ideas on a resolution to share. I have already updated every possible driver on my computer.
  5. Wish I had this info. may have saved me hours.
  6. I had the happen when I left the Beta13 a few days ago. Unfortunately, the fix for me was to uninstall and reinstall MSFS. Took me hours over a 2day period. I have decided to stay away from Beta 13 until I hear the performance issue is resolved. Good luck. I hope you don't have to take the re install route.
  7. The ability to start flight cold and dark at the exact position and cockpit saved as I left the simulator last.
  8. ASUS - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti TUF Overclock 12GB GDDR6X PCI Express 4.0 Graphics Card - Black Do you think this is a good choice? I fly exclusively in VR
  9. I am looking at one online right now. Did you have to upgrade your power supply?
  10. Hi all. Not sure if it is okay ask here but which would give MSFS better performance, a 3080 Ti or RTX 4070 Overclock 12GB?
  11. I see. I am not interested in the awards so much. They would be nice, but not essential. I would just like to experience the adventures. Perhaps if I could find the flight plans, I could duplicate them using my favorite airplanes. Thanks for responding.
  12. Hi, Is it possible to make my own choice of airplanes to fly intro flights? I am partial to certain airplanes and basically fly them exclusively, but MSFS seems to decide what airplanes to use for intro flights. Thanks.
  13. Hi, I fly exclusively in Vr. I noticed that when I end a flight while running 'developers' mode, my seating position does not reset like it does when in "normal" mode. I am thinking of leaving 'developers' mode on to avoid this annoyance. Is anyone else doing this? are there any negatives to doing this? Thanks in advance.
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