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  1. Seeing this topic makes me ask. Is it possible to use MSFS without internet connection? Is it possible to use MSFS without connection to a MSFS server?
  2. I don't know how much work was involved, but find it hard to pay so much for something I expect the developers to fix eventually. Same reason I wont buy an add on weather application.
  3. Thanks for that, I didn't realize I had MCE files under 'My Documents'. I managed to install and all seems well. Robin.
  4. I dont know if this is the right place to ask this. I downloaded the latest patch, but I use MSFS and cant figure where to place the contents of the scripts folder. Thanks.
  5. Thank you Dave. I will check out the You tube videos.
  6. Does Pilot2ATC accommodate VFR flying with or without filing some form of flight plans? Does it accommodate VFR flying in any form? I am hoping for something that allows vfr atc from the free flight setup page, like I can with the default ATC. I sometimes like to just jump in a GA airplane and go sightseeing without a flight plan, but like the idea of asking for flight following and having to request landing etc. I would like to do this by voice communication rather than mouse clicks or typing. Thanks.
  7. K. Thanks. Perhaps one day ONE feature of MSFS will work as intended. I am not flaming MSFS. But I a friend visited yesterday, and he was on the sim, and after an hour or so he asked me to tell him or demonstrate ONE feature of the sim that worked as intended. He went so far as to point out that while there was great scenery, photogrammetry , looked crappy in some places. It was then it occurred to me that not even the 'start screen' worked as intended and the things that did work, were due to third party addons. I love MSFS but.....
  8. I saw a new 'start screen', on the day of the last Sim update. Have not seen it since. Am I the only one for whom it has disappeared?
  9. Curious. What is the purpose of the tab called 'Insider Home', at the Microsoft Flight Simulator website? the latest information there is dated August 6th 2020, with Updated Feedback Snapshot Version #8.01.
  10. I don't know why this is happening, but if you have not emptied your community folder, I suggest doing this as the first step to solving the problem. If it works with the community folder empty, then you have a conflict with an addon. Good luck.
  11. That is what I mean by 'ghost' changes. Like every thing MSFS, every one is affected differently after updates. Some have better clouds, some have worst. some get better performance. some start getting CTDs.
  12. I have noticed this for quite a while now. (Perhaps the last SIM update), I thought it was one of those 'ghost' changes they like to make. I fly Ga exclusively, so it doesn't bother me much, but I cant remember the last time I saw a marshaller, but see lots of folks in the way when I am departing most airports.
  13. There is another G2 Firmware update out. Think its dated April, 13 or 14th Its revision A
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