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  1. stephendoc

    748 and Navigraph

    We have made some modifications to how the authentication and permissions consent is saved. Jason and others, could you please try again now? You shouldn't need to confirm permissions more than once. Regards, Stephen O'Connell Navigraph Development Team
  2. Anders, This is a confirmed problem, and it is fixed by downloading the PMDG data again. See for more details. Regards, Stephen
  3. stephendoc

    Missing stuff like certain LOCs

    Of course! The beta has spilled a few days into September now, but nevertheless, the beta continues until the final release which is due soon, so you can use the Jeppesen charts continuously from now on. Regards, Stephen
  4. stephendoc

    Missing stuff like certain LOCs

    Jeroen, Yes, the coverage has increased dramatically with the new system. If you'd like you can check yourself, it is an open beta. Here are download links and info for the new apps. The screenshot is from the Desktop app. Norway has 51 airports in the new system compared to 23 before. Cheers, Stephen
  5. stephendoc

    Missing stuff like certain LOCs

    Actually, the new Navigraph beta has ENSG: Cheers, Stephen
  6. stephendoc

    Anyone using Navigraph Charts/Cloud?

    Charts are updated on a 28 day cycle, so they are up-to-date. A few years ago they were updated quarterly.
  7. stephendoc


    We are in contact with IXEG and will provide FMS Data support.
  8. Just to clarify: You need to subscribe to Navigraph FMS Data to post in the Navigraph FMS Data support forum (see bullet 2). Use the other forum called "Pre-purchase questions" if you aren't a subscriber yet, it is open to all users.
  9. stephendoc

    Flight 1 aircraft are crashing FSX

    Bob - Revision 2 of Flight1 data for cycle 1509 has just been released. Update it and you should not have this problem anymore. Cheers, Stephen
  10. stephendoc

    Flight 1 aircraft are crashing FSX

    We're having a problem with F1 aircraft after the last AIRAC cycle release. See for the reason and a workaround. Revision 2 will be out soon.
  11. stephendoc

    Help on reading a STAR text

    I can't find it explicitly in the legend, but I as wrote in the Navigraph forum I see no other reasonable explanation than that it is a reference to the next page.
  12. stephendoc

    Navigraph Charts

    Peter, If you install a PDF printer (e.g. CutePDF Writer Free) you can "print" to save the PDF files on your computer. Steve
  13. stephendoc

    Chart Reading Guides

    Hi, Legends are available for both Navigraph airport charts and enroute charts. See links: Cheers, Stephen