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  1. There is now a resolution for the north-pole issue when using Navigraph data and loading a flight plan with custom waypoints. Update to 2209 rev 2 using Navdata Center. See release notes here: https://forum.navigraph.com/t/release-notes-airac-cycle/1755 Stephen
  2. Hi, For some technical background to the two Navigraph entries in content.xml, check out this blog post: https://navigraph.com/blog/nnc2112 Regards, Stephen
  3. Just to clarify - the charts in the Garmin trainer are not Jeppesen charts but the free standard FAA charts.
  4. Yes. Simlink is for moving maps, NNC is for data updates. Regards, Stephen
  5. Jean-Luc (and other prospective partners), just send an email to survey@navigraph.com and express your interest and we'll invite you next year! There will always be some bias as long as we don't know the entire population or can reach a completely random sample in this population. Sampling bias is discussed in the final report page 119. However, it should be valid to draw conclusions about trends when comparing years. You can't add the percentages together since the same respondent can have answered yes to all these options. For this specific purpose we provide a separate analysis on the different sim platforms where we collect the responses together for each platform irrespective of version. See page 121 in the final report - and I've pasted the graph below for simplicity. I'd really recommend reading the full report! Cheers, Stephen Navigraph
  6. The whole page 1 is relating to the partners that help distribute the survey to the community. Garmin and many others (like Microsoft or Lockheed Martin) decided not to partner. The headline of the page is Partners, mentions that it has over 40 partners, and asks the respondent to select which one(s) he/she has interacted with. It also reiterates: ”Please note that this is a list of survey partners - not an exhaustive list of all actors in the community.” Which Garmin app would you like to see listed under Charts addons?
  7. You need to run Navigraph Simlink on your sim machine for moving maps to work. Stephen
  8. For a general introduction to the beta and the download, go to det https://forum.navigraph.com/t/navigraph-navdata-beta/133 Then to check that the data is installed, see https://forum.navigraph.com/t/faq-is-the-beta-update-installed/85 Regards, Stephen
  9. A detailed analysis where the data for XP11 version and P3D version are merged is available in the report. See section 4.3.1 on page 117-118. Here is the graph:
  10. EHSE is a VFR airport, Navigraph currently has IFR airports charts. Navigraph will soon offer VFR charts.
  11. Navigraph Simlink, the latest version, works with MSFS 2020, so there is full moving maps support with Navigraph Charts in the new sim.
  12. Simlink needs to be installed on your sim machine. Then you can use the Charts apps on any computer/tablet as long as both Simlink and Charts are registered to the same account. It should work out of the box.
  13. Ok cool. Please get the version from https://navigraph.com/account/downloads/simlink before you try again. Stephen
  14. Andreas, Did you actually try running Navigraph Simlink, today’s build? It utilizes Simconnect but we don’t see any performance loss and nobody in our forum has reported any performance hits with MSFS 2020. Regards, Stephen / Navigraph
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