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  1. Thanks for that, I know you have ALOT of knowledge and share it and help many people, your a good guy. All environments have a danger element. People perceive the wildlife as the biggest problem but in reality most injuries come from falls of any description. About Australian topographic maps, they are very defined (1:25,000), not your average novice could read them, definitely not watered down. I've heard Military maps are often used as (1:50,000), less definition. Not all areas are covered with such good maps. Planning a walk takes abit of thought because they are all different. Apart from your standard equipment, always take a compass and map with you and know how to use them,never rely solely on gps, big mistake. Most important let someone know your trip details abit like aviation. I'm no expert but I have some experience. As a simmer and happily in the sim world it is continually evolving, doing the extra leg work to squeeze out information is fine but sometimes you need a little bit of help and guidance to do so. It's been a hard slog to get to this point and I have no real world training, No complaints there. I checked the FAA chart guide, good resource, thanks. Kevin
  2. Hello Wolke85, Great post and what a passion you hold for flight simming and aviation. This is what I enjoy too. Learning about this is a pleasure not a hindrance. The sim world where I belong is getting bigger and better, the future is bright. Whatever you are looking for I hope you find it. Kevin
  3. Alex hi, I've already completed some tutorial flights Leal ils rwy 10, Vtbd NDB rwy 21r, Eham ILS rwy 06, YSSY ils rwy 16r, Zbaa ils rwy 36l missed approach. This is what has sparked my interest in chart reading.
  4. Wow Kyle and hello mate. What a reply! Got your slant...lol Even experienced people get lost, it's not uncommon and I'm pretty sure they weren't thinking of city sods when they were producing maps, not in Australia anyway. I have high opinion of people who bushwalk, it takes a lot of effort. You should give it a go, could come in handy one day if you have a misadventure. Regarding aviation maps, I didn't know that the knowledge was acquired through ground school, thanks. But I live in the sim world so that's why I asked. Sorry about that. Thanks for explaining the mapping system and the tips. Kevin Thanks Alex Adrian and Stephendoc. I will follow this up.
  5. That is something that interests me, I have been on FS for years and would have been better off joining a quality program. I'm pretty sure it would have accelerated my learning curve. I've only started getting into charts, joined Navigraph not that long ago, spent my time before learning about the ngx(still lots to learn-great plane). Thanks pete_auau. Wes, I used the topos for bush walking, just trying to point out they have a guide to read the map.
  6. Wes, if I get stuck I will take up your offer and send you a pm. I have topographic maps (many) and they publish a guide to help read the map, pretty important to know what your looking at. In the meantime I will check out the links. Good people out there Christoph.
  7. Thanks Michael, I checked out sky vector, it is a brilliant site. I am going that way too. Kevin
  8. Yeah great info, I saw some vat sim guy doing YouTube tutorials, pretty good too. Haven't really seen real world charts, I'm not a pilot. I'll dig around though. Noticed some of the Navigraph don't seem to marry up between stars and enroute, I'll look for the free stuff, not knowing about some things on the charts is a bit restrictive.
  9. Hello Wes, Anything that helps understanding Navigraph charts, all types. I understand some info but want to expand my knowledge. I did a search on google but I don't want to buy something that is crap if there is something better out there. Don't worry about posting here, it's a forum. Thanks ubersu, I'll take a look. Kevin
  10. Read the post carefully. Lol that really ANNOYED me!
  11. That's not good enough, you can do better.
  12. Hello, Interested in learning more about chart reading, in particular Navigraph Charts. Would like to know of any quality guides out there. Kevin
  13. Yeh, I did see that on the chart's descent angle profile but wasn't sure how to continue the approach. Thats the info I was looking for, thanks. Lasse, great video I watched last night. Thanks.
  14. The chart I have (16 APR 14) doesn't indicate dotted or broken lines after TG011, however it does state "Special ACFT and Aircrew Authorization Required" so maybe(?) the visual part is included with their training. I'm not worried about hand flying, I do that on other approaches, just getting the RNAV procedure correct for this approach. I am curious why you "RE-ENGAGE LNAV BY WP TG011", defies visual procedure.
  15. Thanks Lasse, That seems right though the chart mentions to "RE-ENGAGE LNAV BY WP TG011" which is very close to the runway threshold. Kevin
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