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  1. Thanks for the reply. Which product do you have, the bundle or the one of the two separate packages?
  2. If you go on the P3D website, what I said has come directly from their webpage on licensing, not from me...
  3. You can't use it for entertainment, but you can use it for simulation and learning. Lockheed don't want P3D to become a commercial computer game like FSX. There's nothing else to it, it's not rocket science.
  4. Frooglesim has done a really good video on licensing if you haven't read the P3D website.
  5. The P3D website is quite clear on licenses. You can only purchase the academic license if you are an undergraduate student, a K-12 student or are involved in any K-12 after school programs, otherwise you have to purchase either the Professional License or the Professional Plus License.
  6. Thanks for the information. I heard something like the fuel loader and configuration don't work properly and there are some issues with the right FMC. Is that all now fixed?
  7. I really want to get the Aerosoft Airbus, but I have heard a lot of people have had issues with it in FSX Steam. Has anyone had any experiences with it in FSX Steam or know when a Steam version will be out?
  8. Thank you guys for the information, really useful. Thanks Skelsey for the detailed explanation, I found it very informative
  9. Thanks Jim and thank you Chris, that's really useful. I will mainly use the PMDG 777. I will take a look at the video, do a bit of YouTube searching and PFPX doing most of the work makes it much easier (which I didn't realise).
  10. Please could somebody link me to a tutorial on how to properly fly from Europe to the US and vice versa on FSX? I'm not really familiar with this and I'm aware these routes work differently to European ones.
  11. Can I ask someone with EFB, being an in-game application, does it alter FPS much?
  12. Does EFB offer any other facilities or is it just charts like Navigraph? I don't know because I haven't used either.
  13. Thank you, they are the perfect length!
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