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  1. I am done. I have tried 3 seprate uiautomationcore.dlls, removing fsx se one. Verifing cashe, uninstalling completely and then reinstalling, uninstalling steam, run as administrator but still! Fatal error while clicking menus. So I think the only option is to completely take out the uiautomation core from system32 and the other place. It seems to be my only option at the moment. Has anyone else done this and had any negative results?
  2. In my earlier post on Swissair, I'd made a reference to the MD-80. The MD-80 was introduced into commercial service on October 10, 1980 by Swissair. It was the second generation of the DC-9, originally called the DC-9-80 (also to be later known as "Super 80" or, affectionately called "Mad Dog"). When first introduced, the MD-80 was one of the most fuel efficient commercial airplanes in the sky. The DC-9/MD-80 Series has served as the "workhorse" of numerous world-wide operators' airline fleet for more than 40 years, before being (lately) replaced by more efficient versions of other twinjets. This post illustrates the Super 80 in a "hybrid" (TWA-AA) American Airlines livery. In 2001, Trans World Airlines (TWA) was acquired by American Airlines, and TWA Airlines had flown its last flight on December 1, 2001, also with an MD-80 aircraft. During the transition, some aircraft carried a hybrid American/TWA paint, with American's tricolor stripe on the fuselage and TWA titles on the tail and forward fuselage (same as the livery of this post). American Airlines, on September 4, this year (2019), retired the last of its MD-80 aircraft. American’s final MD-80 revenue flight, American Flight 80 (note the Flight Number!), flew for the last time from Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Chicago O'Hare (ORD) (before the farewell (desert) ferry flight to Roswell, New Mexico (ROW)). The retirement of the MD-80, in a way, symbolizes the end of a nostalgic era of "modern" aviation....reminding us of the older crop of "mechanical" planes that didn’t rely on advanced computers – a plane pilots had to really fly...! Now, a bit about this SIM here: Even though I do not recall flying this Flight1/Coolsky Super-80 in many years, the legacy SIM still flew very well today (and the flight was enjoyable!)...this SIM was a trend-setter of a type for the study-sims in our hobby - with a novel and intuitive learning interface (see a screenshot of the user interface)...(I'm flying, here, the "Classic" not the "Professional" version of the SIM). The classic verion has an interesting ("old-fashioned" - OMEGA NAVIGATION SYSTEM (ONS)) Control Display Unit (CDU) complemented by a (separate) Control Unit (CU) - both operable from the Virtual Cockpit (please see shots - the GPS, btw, is just a custom popup for my situational own awareness). The CDU allows automatic transfer of a previously generated (and saved) Flightplan into its database once the DEPT/DEST data is entered into the (separate) Control Unit, and also allows (neat) Flightplan activation directly via the ONS/CDU's softkeys. And, in the Forum, here, I do recall seeing many (enjoyable) MD-80 posts, of course, flown with newer SIM renditions...still, I hope, you will enjoy one more set of pictures of this classic aircraft (SIM) especially in this unique "hybrid" livery. Regarding scenery, I've taken the opportunity of combining/testing, here, my last (acquired) MSE add-on (Spain South), which I've not used much at all. So, this sample flight runs from Alicante (LEAL) to Malaga (LEMG) along the beautiful Mediterranean Sea coastline of Southern Spain....mostly skirting (and sometimes overflying) the Sierra Nevada mountain range (see some of the screenshots). BTW, the Sierra Nevada mountain range contains the highest point of the entire continental Spain and the third highest in Europe: Mt. Mulhacén, at 11,414 ft above sea level. Thanks for reading and viewing. Any comments are welcome. [F1(Super-80)/MSE(Spain-South)/REX]
  3. Hey Leute, Ich wollte wissen wie die Durchsagen in der Q400 von Majestic Software funktionieren. Ich habe gehört ich muss den [PA] Knopf drücken. Und dann? Ich benutze die Steam Edition vom FSX Danke für jede Hilfe. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Timothée
  4. I have FS2Crew installed on FSX-SE with the NGX and it works with the following exceptions. 1) Startup message that it has not initialized properly is played. 2) Everything else seems work well except on some checklist items the FO says "Are you sure about that" or "Better check that" even though the item is set correctly. He also says we are not configured properly for engine start. Anyone else having these issues? have you been able to fix? Now I know the reboot is in the works but I am trying to get it working now. thanks,
  5. Users who have purchased or are thinking of purchasing the new Steam Edition of FSX (FSX-SE) will want to know that LINDA can be used with this latest version of Microsoft FSX. FSX-SE is installed using the Steam downloading service (priced £20 in UK). It is a big download at 10GB and took over 12 hours to download using my slow broadband internet connection. The main Steam directory is normally be installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\ but can be installed in the root directory as I did. When FSX-SE is installed it is buried deep in the Steam directory at \steam\steamapps\common\fsx. You will note that the folder has the same name as the boxed version of FSX. LINDA needs to be installed as normal in this FSX folder by copying both the \modules and \sound folders from the download and saying Yes to all overwrites. The main LINDA codes resides in the \Modules folder within FSX alongside the latest full (paid) version of FSUIPC (4.939). A shortcut should be created to LINDA.exe and placed in a convenient place on your Desktop. Remember this LINDA shortcut will be different from that used with your old FSX or Prepar3D. If you use all 3 flight simulators you will have 3 installation of LINDA. You will save yourself time by copying any configuration and aircraft files from your old FSX to FSX-SE. This will include files from \linda-cfg\aircrafts and \linda\aircrafts (just those aircraft you use and FSX Default)). If you FSX-SE on start reports that a copy of the program is already running, you probably find that LINDA is open and needs be closed before FSX-SE can be started.
  6. I have done nothing to the game, so I don't know why it would suddenly give me the OOM then crash on the menu screen. I've almost decided just to give up on FSX all together unless someone can help me figure out why FSX-SE won't run on a barely year old machine with a GTX 980 and a 5820K (intel). I could run the same setup on my old PC, I even had many more add on aircraft on my old PC than I do now, so I don't know what the problem is. I can play Elite Dangerous all day long with no stutter or hangups.
  7. 1) Since using FSX-SE, I cannot add new scenery using FSX Scenery Library from Settings. When I want to select the new folder, nothing happens. 2) In the past (pre-SE) I have solved this problem by using Scenery Configuration Editor. Now when using SCE, all my entries in the Scenery List indicate "path does not exist". I can go an edit each path for each individual scenery, but there are over 200 of them. Any way out of these situations ?
  8. Hi to all, I can't download anymore PDFKneeboard for FSX here: https://github.com/nmeier/fscode/wiki/PDFKneeboard Again, when I downloaded some time ago I remember it works only in windowed mode on Steam Edition. Is there any chanche to have it working in full screen mode on FSX:SE? Thanks in advance
  9. Having problems with FSX SE communicating with the keyboard and Saitek X-55 thottle. The problem first became apparent when selecting reheat/afterburner. Selecting via the keyboard and the throttle is intermittent and even if it does light up it flames out. Operation seems better when I use the mouse to operate the throttle levers. Any ideas?
  10. I am trying to decide to go to UTX Canada, do the ORBX gig, or stay native. First a little history to understand my quest. I used FSX for years but gave up on it due to constant CTD's. Then I went to P3D until it crashed more than I had patience for. Then I found MS Flight and was impressed with it's stability and awesome graphics, but after years of that I have run the adventure of HI and AK it's course. I have returned to FSX recently with the verson form Dovetail sold through Steam. I find I am impressed by it's stability. I live in New Brunswick on the east coast of Canada. In the past I used UTX Canada. It could use FSX without Acceleration pack. If I installed Acceleration the land class would be all screwed up. I lost my copy of UTX Canada in my last move. I now want to improve the scenery of my area of the woods from the FSX default. I am apprehensive of spending the $ for an add on that might behave the same way again on the FSX SE version. Has anyone tried? If it is all buggered I guess I could try the ORBX Global, Vector, and OPEN LC NA when it comes out. I tried the Iceland demo and was disappointed in the disappearing runway bug. I know the newest vector patch is suppose to do something to fix that but I am confused just what it does. I read that the UTX info is more accurate so if it would work I would go that route. Thanks for your thoughts. Moe I7 93 3.0 ghz, 6g ram, 2g DDR5 NV 680, Win7 64, FSX SE, Lots of Saitek controls and panels, Track IR5, 60" LED TV 30" form my face.
  11. Hi guys, I'm a bit confused about which C182 to buy :-) I'm considering A2A C182 Skylane (analog) and Flight1 T182T (glass cockpit G1000, upgradable via Navigraph). I now these aircrafts have many differences but in your opinion which one you would buy? Consider then I only use Steam Edition, so T182T it's not compatible, for now. Thanks for your opinions
  12. I've got a strange problem I was hoping someone else has seen. I'm using WoIA and other freeware traffic and schedules along with Flightbeam KSFO and Imaginesim KSJC. All of a sudden I have absolutely no AI traffic at either KSFO or KSJC. I've verified the AFCADS and even reinstalled the airports but still no AI traffic. The only thing I can think of is that I uninstalled ORBX Northern Cal, but that shouldn't affect the AFCADS right? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike T.
  13. Hello! I am thinking about overclocking my CPU from 2.70 GHZ. How much should i improve my GHZ? And do you know about how much fps will increase? Last but not least will it damage my PC if i overclock? Specs: GeForce GTX 970 Intel® Core I5-6400 CPU @ 2.70 GHZ 16 GB RAM 1920x1080, 60 Hz
  14. Hi folks, I seem to be experiencing an odd failure/crash issue related to a specific add-on aircraft, and I think I've narrowed the problem down to the panel. The aircraft is the Beech 1900D by Premier Air Design. Whenever I attempt to load a flight with this plane FSX crashes ("This program has encountered an error and needs to close" or something to that effect). This usually occurs at the very beginning of the flight loading process, just before or just as the loading bar appears. Occasionally it appears at the very end when the loading bar is complete, or rarely I have been able to load a flight successfully (twice) but as soon as I clicked on the first switch or gauge it crashed the same way. I've tried multiple uninstalls and reinstalls including reloading FSX between reinstalls and loading both a default and add-on flight before reattempting to re-use the PAD B1900D but the problem keeps reappearing, and only with this one add-on aircraft. Finally on a whim I replaced the panel folder with the panel from the default Beech King Air and presto, it works. I can load the flight and fly it with this replacement panel, leading me to the conclusion that there is a problem with something in the panel.cfg or one of the gauges. Interestingly this aircraft came with 2 panel options but the problem occurs with both. I can't find any other reports of this issue so I really don't know where to go next. I'd really like to get this plane working with the intended B1900 panel as others have, seemingly without issue. I know this is the part where I'm supposed to paste the report from AppCrashView, but that brings me to my second problem... When I run AppCrashView it fails to display a single crash since February of 2014, which happens to coincide with approximately when I used NickN's guide to optimize windows. Wondering if I did something then that somebody can help me out with to reinitiate crash reporting so I can have an idea of what's going on. I fail to believe that this computer hasn't experienced a single crash for 2 years. Any help anyone can offer with either of these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Corey Edit: Forgot to mention that I'm running FSX-SE on Windows 7
  15. Hi guys, I've been struggling with this strange issue for some time now and couldn't really find any solution online. Here's what happens to me: on numerous occasions when I start a flight my hat switch wouldn't respond, it appears to be completely blocked. Then if I switch to outside view everything starts to go crazy - camera performs a weird backspin and rotates endlessly, engines of any airplane (doesn't matter default or addon) spool all the way up and that's it for me - all I can do is to shut down fsx. The only way I can somehow manage to have it under control is to restart the system and run ezca configuration tool. This happens every time I select a new aircraft, but also every now and then with no particular reason. Apart from it, the whole problem appears to have nothing to do with my system specs, as currently I'm using windows 10 and FSX:SE, with clean vanilla installation of many addons, including EZCA 1.18, but I was familiar with the issue when I used Acceleration and Win7 before... Has anybody of you encountered this weird bug? I'd appreciate any help. Best regards.
  16. Hi guys, So whenever I'm over a significantly big mass of water, and I look straight or below, my FPS drops down by more than half (while if I look up to the sky my fps increases to 29-30fps Locked.) I had REXTextureDirect installed before this so I thought it may have caused this, but after reverting to default waters, the problem still persists. I also have DX10 fixer installed, should I mess with those settings also. Thanks!
  17. Recently I purchased a new computer to replace my old-faithful (I7 950) because of motherboard failure. The new one came with Windows 10 installed. I installed FSX-SE (had to run it in Windows 8 compatibility mode), configured Nvidia Inspector. It runs great, but then I began to install some freeware airport addons, mainly Ray Smith's. I noticed that some of the default scenery is bleeding through. I tried to change my texture resolutions to 30 cm, 60 cm, etc. None of the changes makes a difference. I have about a dozen payware airports installed and have not noticed any bleed-through on them. Any help? The new rig: 17-4790k, GTX 970, 8 gigs of ram.
  18. Anybody know if there is one working with FSX-SE? Cheers
  19. Hi everyone Is there a global scenery update for fsx steam version,I do not mean photo quality but an upgrade from the original ones.In time as i slowly upgrade this pc i will be buying all the addons i can but for now some freeware just to keep me happy would be nice
  20. Hello! I've installed today FSX SE. I have a problem with the ground textures. They look really blurred, have big pixels and doesnt refresh. My FSX runs on high settings, my computer specs are: Lenovo Y50-70 Intel Core i7-4710HQ GeForce GTX 960m 16GB RAM I don't get it, because the airplane is razor-sharp... Please help me out
  21. Maybe someone already came across an identical situation and can provide some help... I have already opened a thread at the REX site forum too... Yesterday I tried to re-install REX Soft Clouds in my rig. The installer gave no error, but when I start the application I get a black screen in my User Interface window and can't do nothing. Clicking on it I get the typical "your application has stopped working.... " error. I have uninstalled Rex Soft and the associated MS DB stuff it also installs, and repeated the install process with no success :-( Any ideas ?
  22. Hi, I recently started to use ASN, and I was wondering the following about weather injection programs that somebody may know. For both, talking about using the "live weather mode". Since I see the program needs to be open and talking with the sim, I assume it's a dynamic thing and not just something that is set and forget, but just in case: - Is weather being injected *constantly*? Meaning, I start in location "X", ASN detects where I am looks up the weather for that location and sends it to FSX who in turn displays it (I guess that's the micro pause I see in the sim where some visual aspects change suddenly at the beginning?), but also as I fly along is it constantly talking to the sim and updating the conditions (and displaying them) for where I happen to fly over, every "xxx" time? - Is this injection when using the real time option regardless of what time I selected in the sim? (Meaning if I start out say at Miami, and it is now in the real world 1 pm, but I choose to start at 8 pm, ASN will look up the *current* 1pm weather and display it in the sim, and so I will be flying with current 1pm weather but in an 8pm visual display?) Thanks!!
  23. I have an add onn called Sim Touch that allows me to use a touch screen for a lot of the clickable switches in FSX aircraft. I have 2 ear piercing sounds so loud they get the dogs barking in my street. One is an autopilot disconnect the other an altitude warning. Unfortunately the devs wont point me to the files in question and Im very annoyed at that so here I am. There is no sound folder in the Sim touch folder and I cant find them in the FSX sound folder. Where else could they be?
  24. I used VisualPSX to allow me to have FSX-SE as a scenery viewer for Aerowinx PSX ( the only airline simulation I use these days... actually the only civil flight simulation I use... ). This is a great application, but it has it's limitations, one of them being that you can't really interact with PSX from the FSX cockpits. Since real mokup cockpits can be built to interact with PSX, I believe that if some developer decided to create a PSX-dedicated 744 fleet, for FSX, P3D or X-Plane 10, with a 3d cockpit of the higher grade, like those available for FSX and P3D by PMDG, for instance, it could be used to interact with every system in PSX. I guess it would be a easier task in X-Plane 10, given the burden that clickspots represent for FSX / P3D and would make easier, for instance, the implementation of the clickable circuit breaker panels, unless that particular area was left for PSX, with screens dedicated to it... Anyway, it looks to me that for simmers with a lot of investment on either platform, including the use of TIR 5, etc..., it would be great to have such an interactive 3d virtual cockpit for PSX. P.S.: The abbreviation of the message in the forums subjects listing looks like ... sorry for that
  25. Folks, Been running FSX for years no issue, i72600 k @4.7 GTX 7704gb 16 Corsair Ram.. All of a sudden developed micro stutters when panning eg as you pass the cockpit frame and generally it feels very laggy when climbing or descending the horizon looks choppy...not tearing using NI at 1/2 VS Uninstalled FSX cleaned Reg uninstalled GC drivers clean checked Reg then thought well good time to use the FSX SE I bought back in Dec so installed and have the same issue with this? Not sure if this will require a full Windows re install..may be a corrupt file...or do you think the GC is playing up....temps normal and holding 30 fps default aircraft micro light. The only thing I have seen is using HDMI the screen went black a couple of times ...random then came back on? so back on to DVI at this time. Has anyone else seen this? or I am I looking at a new GC..if so is the 970 a good step up...the 980 is just to expensive.. Thanks Mark
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