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  1. Hey Leute, Ich wollte wissen wie die Durchsagen in der Q400 von Majestic Software funktionieren. Ich habe gehört ich muss den [PA] Knopf drücken. Und dann? Ich benutze die Steam Edition vom FSX Danke für jede Hilfe. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Timothée
  2. I'm currently using RXP 530 v2 and piston duke v2 with FSX-SE. Popup windows works great but there's two problem I can't resolve. In VC, the gns530 half screen is blocked with black screen. In VC, I can click all button but the button and knob is not rendered properly. Is there possibly any way to fix this?
  3. Hi guys, I installed latest nVidia driver and latest nVidia Inspector 2.13. Before install them I exported my inspector profile. But when I try to import it, Inspector tell me that I can't do it because a profile is still in use. Anyway....I want to redo all setiings in Inspector from scratch, so is there someone that can share its settings? I'm using FSX-SE with SteveFX fixer, Cloud Shadows and Shade. Thanks so much in advance, Ric
  4. I thought some of you might be interested in this new LUA file that is available for the TFDi 717. The hard work was done by a user called @Skipy, who used the FSUIPC event logging to gain all of the MCP's FSUIPC Event IDs. I just tidied up his work in progress and tested it in FSUIPC. :smile: As long as you own FSUIPC Registered version, with this LUA script you can assign keyboard commands to the 717's MCP - all functions work (mode buttons, -/+ knobs like the heading knob, etc), with the exception of the PROF button. This should also help users who use hardware such as the GoFlight modules, that can work with keyboard commands. http://forums.tfdidesign.com/index.php?/topic/731-here-you-go-lua-script-for-the-717s-mcp-attached/ Cheers.
  5. Hello all All these years later, I'm still finding issues of 'disappearing' FS9 AI when ground shadows are enabled within FSX (SE), even with relatively up-to-date third-party scenery such as the latest releases of both Aerosoft's Heathrow Xtended and FSDT's Zurich. I say 'disappearing' AI, but of course, the AI's still present and being controlled by ATC, but the graphics fail to display - although all lights appear ? However, it's still only certain scenery where this issue occurs. Just wondering really, if I've missed something and there's now some contemporary ideas of how to get both the AI and the ground shadows to appear. Btw, could someone please explain why this was ever an issue ? Regards Gary
  6. I have an HP computer with 2.41 GHz, 4gb of ram, and a Nvidia GeForce GT 730 graphics card. I have looked though the forums and I've looked all over the internet and I can't find any good tweaks. I need help for PMDG aircraft mainly, because I get about 4 fps on the ground and about 10-15 in the air. But I need help for other aircraft as well. Any help is appreciated! -Sujay Rao
  7. When I'm in the payware Twin Otter with floats while in the water it doesn't move with full throttle. Everything else is working and I can even hear the engines revving up but it just sits there. My default planes with floats do take off.
  8. I have checked around and even though there are many articles on the subject none have been clear cut to me. I have many Orbx Products and payware from Fly Tampa etc. Below is the abbreviated order in which I have those installments in ScenreyConfig. Editor; If you see something that is out of order please let me know, thank you. FS Dream Team Fly Tampa Orbx Vector Orbxlibs Orbx Airports Orbx Regions Orbx Holgermesh Orbx Global Orbx Open LC Base Orbx Open LC Europe Orbx Open LC N America Addon Scenery Edwards_AFB * * * Asia Africa Orbx VectorOBJ Orbx Vector APT Orbx Vector CVX Orbx Vector EXX 1107 Base 1106 Base * * * Orbx Vector_AEC Default Scenery Default Terrain
  9. Hello, After tweaking/changing settings, now my FSX:SE performs very good, very smooth. The only problem I have is VAS. I have tried several things to reduce but I do not know if I have done all or I am missing something. Almost all my flights I restart sim before TOD but after landing I still use around 3.8 - 3.9GB VAS (using major airports from FSDT/Flytampa/Taxi2Gate/Flightbeam/LatinVFR). Addons: PMDGs/FSLabs A320X ORBX Global AS16 + ASCA Chaseplane For now, TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=2048. Use Simstarter NG to active only the airports that I use for the route. FSX settings as below. FSUIPC max AI to 10 aircrafts only, no vehicle/boat/ship. Any help would be very appreciated! I do not mind lower the settings because I only fly IFR and look from VC. I just do not know which setting that affect VAS. Cheers Hoang Le
  10. Hey so I decided to do some youtube videos with the amazing PMDG aircraft, the classic 737 ngx and the newer 747 v3, just wanted to ask your opinion and how I can improve on future videos and potential content? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8T0d_ZKQ7K0wyuSaa_WMEA Thanks, Will.
  11. So, after roughly eight years of FSX, I got my first paid addon aircraft (PMDG's NGX) a bit over a year ago. Since then, I've acquired two more, PMDG's 777 and newly released QotSII. For a while, though, I've been wanting to expand, mostly for diversity. I'm more of a Boeing person (so, 757 and 767), but I'd like to get a few Airbus if possible, preferably the A320 series and A330. A regional jet or two would be nice, too. So, what are some of your favorite and most recommended aircraft, and why that over its competition? Also, will they work in SE? (I unfortunately had to change over when I moved last summer)
  12. Hi all, Very basic question here. I'm using DX10 with Steve's fixer but had this same effect with DX9, so don't think it's relevant. I've always been a big of an AI airliner traffic but, willing to tolerate poor performance for absurd amounts of planes. (I'm using a custom mix of FSX native and FS9 models where FSX ones aren't available). Usually I run airliner traffic at 100% but limit it to 100 planes with the traffic optimizer. In the past, that usually meant a visible performance hit just from those AI aircraft existing in the sim, whether or not they were actually in sight. So since I lock frames at 1/2 Vsync it would drop e.g. to 20 or so in busy airspace with a complex add on aircraft. Having recently upgraded to a 6700k and 1070, I'm getting locked 30 dpa almost everywhere even with 100 aircraft present in the sim. With one exception: Even with the default Trike, if there are large numbers (more than 30, say) of AI planes in sight at an airport the frame rate tumbles to the teens. If i move the view away so they're not visible it shoots back to 30. My question: is this normal and expected behavior, or is it a symptom of some problem (e.g. missing effect files, messed up textures etc)? Could it be related to my running DSR? I've run the alpha channel fixer to rule that issue out, and I've resized 4K textures to 1024 (more to save VAS than anything). I checked for missing textures with FSX's debugger and found a handful but fixed them, and it made zero performance difference. I'm willing to take the hit, which is only a issue at certain airports with tightly packed gates (e.g. Sydney, Shanghai), but I'm genuinely curious and figure some of the experts here would immediately know the answer. Thanks! James
  13. Although I am aware that the majority of 727s did not have an autothrottle, I would very much like to fit one as an option on my Captain Sim 727-100 and 200. The aircraft.cfg is already showing the authrottle as enabled, but the default commands Shift/R (arm) and Ctrl/R (engage) do not work. Any ideas, please?
  14. I had an issue with ImagineSim KCVG. Installed the installer from my SimMarket download and it works okay. But download the patch from their website and overwrite all the files and now my south cargo ramp is empty all the buildings disappear. Their support could not help me and now that I have FSX Steam installed, I have the same problem after downloading it and installing the patch from their website. Are there any owners of KCVG out there who can tell me if I am doing something wrong and they do not have the problem I have with disappearing cargo buildings like the big DHL cargo hanger?
  15. Since today some strange icons are appearing on my FSX-SE screen at the bottom right corner, I cant determine why, what are they and how to get rid of them. The first icon looks like a Microphone and the second is a circle, I have a screenshot but I don't know how to attach it to this post. Can someone please give me some help? Regards, Simbol
  16. I posted this in another area but I think it should be here. That said I don't know where the issue lies. Ive had a full clean reinstall and also moved up to the steam edition. The problem it With the PMDG 737NGX Whether configuring the ailerons, Elevator and rudders Through FAX or FUSIPC the ailerons only move 2 degrees either direction the Elevators only move an inch and the Rudders hardly move at all. Can someone point me in the right direction or have they had a similar issue. As advised on Fruggle the &£& like the throttles to be through FSX which Ive done Thanks for any help Richard Preece
  17. Help any one Ive had a complete fresh reinstall of my system and finally moved over to FSX Steam Im having dificulty configuring the Saitek Joystick and Rudder, Its been recommended that for the PDGM 737 the throttles are configured through FSX which I have done and Ive tried to configure the elevators, Ailerons and Rudders through FUSIPC. however when I have done this the Ailerons only move 2 degrees in either direction the elevatoes only move about an inch forward and back and the Rudders hardly move at all. Ive tried running them back through settings within FSX-SE and taking out any conflicting commands in FSUIPC but I get the same. the Joy stick is calibrated and works for my Otter. So Have I missed something or has anyone had a similar issue and resolve it. a push in the right direction would be greatfull Regards Richard Preece
  18. Guys I'm currently speaking to Nick on orbx support but thought there might be someone out there that already knows the answer to this? I have a brand new copy of FSX-SE no previous versions of FSX etc. As soon as it finished downloaded I went and downloaded orbx global orbx vector orbx library's orbx Europe orbx england I did this through FTX centralv3. Once those downloads where done and installed I loaded the sim. Here's the problem. The sim loads its default scenery. I have not messed with cfg file or anything and the priority order seems correct. I have, to try and fix this uninstalled and reinstalled everything but still no joy. Please help?? Scenery.CFG
  19. I bought and installed EZCA onto FSX:Steam a few weeks ago and it all worked perfectly. No problem. I was happy with the default settings, and from what I understand of people's experience with setting up EZDOK that was just as well. Then it all went wrong. I decided I would like to "walk around" the aircraft and after watching a YouTube video in which someone was able to walk around a nice 747 freighter, I copied it exactly. All I did *exactly* was go to spot view and then right-click on the screen "aircraft/world view" (or something phrased like that). Immediately everything went wrong. I realised at once I could no longer switch between VC/Spot/Tower/Aircraft using the S key - a function I use a lot. Then I realized I could no longer use the touchpad (mouse) to navigate around the cockpit either. Then I decided to give up and use the Restore FSX on the EZCA Config - this returned the ability to cycle through the VC/Spot/Tower/Aircraft (great) but now my arrow keys won't work to fly the plane, and the touchpad won't allow me to move the camera in any view other than VC. NIghtmare (even though ML is selected in every view) A lot of misery for one right-click, so I hope someone can help me (besides uninstall/reinstall EZCA and FSX: Steam. Thanks guys UPDATE I worked out that when I hit the EZCA Restore FSX button it wiped the aileron and pitch controls in the control settings of my FSX so I fixed that and now I can control the aircraft and cycle through the correct FSX views that I like. However - the problem I am left with is that EZCA will only allow me to navigate around via the touchpad on the VC view, and not the Spot View, Tower View or Aircraft View, all of which I could do before my infamous right click. Thanks again
  20. I've recently had this problem twice in a row now. In the middle of a flight, unexpectly, I get a sort of "No disk in the drive" error message, and I have no choice but to shut down the sim. Did anyone else get this problem, and if so, how did you resolve it? Thanks.
  21. For starters, here is my system specs: Windows 10 Pro FSX Steam Edition 16 GB DDR3 RAM (2133) Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (6GB) AMD FX-8350 8 core (4.0 Ghz) My add ons: Megascenery earth Pittsburgh Night Environment Pennsylvania FlyTampa Boston PMDG 737 (with 1611 AIRAC) World of AI vPilot Now, my issue has been terrible FPS in the game. I'm not wanting 60 FPS, but I'd like to get it steady around 25-30 FPS. My game can reach 18-20 FPS, but it can also tank down to 5. I've had it cause issues on a landing once from dropping to 5 FPS. My current situation has it a bit better.. around a steady 15 FPS, but during flight there were moments it tanked down to 5 (mostly due to cloud layer) Things I've tried: FS Super Tweaker (with the .cfg tweaks for which core to use, widescreen, and the mem/bufer pools tweak) nVidia Inspector Turning off traffic full screen mode vs windowed I know that the game is old, and can't make use of multiple cores, but I do feel like I should have better frames then I currently do. I've tried lots of searching and the only thing I can see is that people with older graphics cards then mine are getting better frames. Any help would be great!!
  22. I just installed FSX-SE and wonder if any of the addons FSX I've accumulated through the years are permitted with the Steam edition. I particularly like to replace the minipanel with one that's more functional and can be found on avsim. Can we edit any of the .cfg files? add Active Sky, Flight Sim Commander, etc.? not to mention addon scenery and aircraft ... What can I look forward to without spending many times the purchase price of the basic edition?
  23. Anyone else experiencing this problem or have a solution to it ? My framerates are locked at 33FPS. With concorde X that is what I get until the INS is aligned. Then the framerates rollercoast between 18 and 33. Switch the INS off, and the frames stay up at 33. I have contacted FSLabs and they are looking in to it. Is anyone on this forum able to assist me in solving this ? Trevor
  24. Hi, I'm trying to set up FSX-SE with a Saitek ProFlight Yoke to fly instrument approaches in a 182. In the real plane, it is easy to pitch/trim to airspeed and control descent with power to fly a stabilized approach. Trying to apply the same mechanics to the sim, however, as in reducing power, pitching slightly nose-down and trimming to track a glideslope, leads to pitch oscillations and instantaneous changes in vertical speed/altitude that are very unrealistic. I've read a few threads that rave about FSUIPC fixing this kind of thing, but it's not clear to me how filtering/modifying the joystick input would fix what looks like a flight modeling problem or limitation of the sim? Before I purchase it, I'd love to hear from anyone who has figured this all out- Thanks for any input!
  25. I'm trying to figure out why my night flying is so horrible. I used to love night flights in FS9 but FSX is a no-go. Now before you say FS9 was too bright and FSX is realistic, that's not the problem. I have watched dozens of night vids and my "environment" is nothing like that. For example, for landing, the runway isn't visible until maybe a couple miles out. I flew last week into SNA and had no idea where I was going. I wasn't able to land centerline at all because I simply cannot see the runway lights. Same with a trip I tried into PHX. Way off the center. I had no idea where the runway was and could not have even landed without ILS guidance. Something is clearly wrong with my setup if it's so dark that airports are essentially dark. The city is not very lit either but has improved marginally with ORBX global and LC. My airports are all default. Only tweak I implemented was that lights.zip and cfg tweak to get rid of the huge fake balls you see in default FSX. I also have REX textures on the runways and taxiways. The problem seems to be with the light system though. What can I do? Any ideas??
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