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  1. So, after roughly eight years of FSX, I got my first paid addon aircraft (PMDG's NGX) a bit over a year ago. Since then, I've acquired two more, PMDG's 777 and newly released QotSII. For a while, though, I've been wanting to expand, mostly for diversity. I'm more of a Boeing person (so, 757 and 767), but I'd like to get a few Airbus if possible, preferably the A320 series and A330. A regional jet or two would be nice, too. So, what are some of your favorite and most recommended aircraft, and why that over its competition? Also, will they work in SE? (I unfortunately had to change over when I moved last summer)
  2. Hello, After tweaking/changing settings, now my FSX:SE performs very good, very smooth. The only problem I have is VAS. I have tried several things to reduce but I do not know if I have done all or I am missing something. Almost all my flights I restart sim before TOD but after landing I still use around 3.8 - 3.9GB VAS (using major airports from FSDT/Flytampa/Taxi2Gate/Flightbeam/LatinVFR). Addons: PMDGs/FSLabs A320X ORBX Global AS16 + ASCA Chaseplane For now, TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=2048. Use Simstarter NG to active only the airports that I use for the route. FSX settings as below. FSUIPC max AI to 10 aircrafts only, no vehicle/boat/ship. Any help would be very appreciated! I do not mind lower the settings because I only fly IFR and look from VC. I just do not know which setting that affect VAS. Cheers Hoang Le
  3. I bought and installed EZCA onto FSX:Steam a few weeks ago and it all worked perfectly. No problem. I was happy with the default settings, and from what I understand of people's experience with setting up EZDOK that was just as well. Then it all went wrong. I decided I would like to "walk around" the aircraft and after watching a YouTube video in which someone was able to walk around a nice 747 freighter, I copied it exactly. All I did *exactly* was go to spot view and then right-click on the screen "aircraft/world view" (or something phrased like that). Immediately everything went wrong. I realised at once I could no longer switch between VC/Spot/Tower/Aircraft using the S key - a function I use a lot. Then I realized I could no longer use the touchpad (mouse) to navigate around the cockpit either. Then I decided to give up and use the Restore FSX on the EZCA Config - this returned the ability to cycle through the VC/Spot/Tower/Aircraft (great) but now my arrow keys won't work to fly the plane, and the touchpad won't allow me to move the camera in any view other than VC. NIghtmare (even though ML is selected in every view) A lot of misery for one right-click, so I hope someone can help me (besides uninstall/reinstall EZCA and FSX: Steam. Thanks guys UPDATE I worked out that when I hit the EZCA Restore FSX button it wiped the aileron and pitch controls in the control settings of my FSX so I fixed that and now I can control the aircraft and cycle through the correct FSX views that I like. However - the problem I am left with is that EZCA will only allow me to navigate around via the touchpad on the VC view, and not the Spot View, Tower View or Aircraft View, all of which I could do before my infamous right click. Thanks again
  4. Hey so I decided to do some youtube videos with the amazing PMDG aircraft, the classic 737 ngx and the newer 747 v3, just wanted to ask your opinion and how I can improve on future videos and potential content? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8T0d_ZKQ7K0wyuSaa_WMEA Thanks, Will.
  5. Guys I'm currently speaking to Nick on orbx support but thought there might be someone out there that already knows the answer to this? I have a brand new copy of FSX-SE no previous versions of FSX etc. As soon as it finished downloaded I went and downloaded orbx global orbx vector orbx library's orbx Europe orbx england I did this through FTX centralv3. Once those downloads where done and installed I loaded the sim. Here's the problem. The sim loads its default scenery. I have not messed with cfg file or anything and the priority order seems correct. I have, to try and fix this uninstalled and reinstalled everything but still no joy. Please help?? Scenery.CFG
  6. Hi guys, I installed latest nVidia driver and latest nVidia Inspector 2.13. Before install them I exported my inspector profile. But when I try to import it, Inspector tell me that I can't do it because a profile is still in use. Anyway....I want to redo all setiings in Inspector from scratch, so is there someone that can share its settings? I'm using FSX-SE with SteveFX fixer, Cloud Shadows and Shade. Thanks so much in advance, Ric
  7. Does anyone know of a decent/realistic payware Piper Arrow out there? I came across this one Carenado - Piper Arrow 28RT 201 IV FSX . However, I've heard mixed reviews. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  8. Hello all. First of all sorry for my english. it is not my mother language but I have hope that we will understand each other. I heard that you can hire AI pilots and give the job, tasks etc to do in Air hauler 2. My question is, is there posibility to hire non-AI pilot to airline, I mean players, friends, so they can do jobs for you and eran $ for the same our company? I use FS passengers and FS airlines now, both programs are good but not perfect. FSP can simulate passengers behavior very nicely but you can not run company with friend or hire the friends as pilots. This can do FS Airlines but the way how FSA generates paxes on the airports is average (all the time thousends ppl waiting in the gate even in the smallest airports, so the best to take all would be to put 737 on the grassy airfield, lol ^^) So in one world, I am looking something what would connect FSP + FSA and give posibility to work and run same company with 2 or 3 friends. What posibilities does Air Hauler 2 give?
  9. Hi, I'm trying to set up FSX-SE with a Saitek ProFlight Yoke to fly instrument approaches in a 182. In the real plane, it is easy to pitch/trim to airspeed and control descent with power to fly a stabilized approach. Trying to apply the same mechanics to the sim, however, as in reducing power, pitching slightly nose-down and trimming to track a glideslope, leads to pitch oscillations and instantaneous changes in vertical speed/altitude that are very unrealistic. I've read a few threads that rave about FSUIPC fixing this kind of thing, but it's not clear to me how filtering/modifying the joystick input would fix what looks like a flight modeling problem or limitation of the sim? Before I purchase it, I'd love to hear from anyone who has figured this all out- Thanks for any input!
  10. Anyone else experiencing this problem or have a solution to it ? My framerates are locked at 33FPS. With concorde X that is what I get until the INS is aligned. Then the framerates rollercoast between 18 and 33. Switch the INS off, and the frames stay up at 33. I have contacted FSLabs and they are looking in to it. Is anyone on this forum able to assist me in solving this ? Trevor
  11. Hi Everyone, Im sure this has already been brought up in the past but after 6 years i finally have a desktop computer again... yay! so long story short, ive been to the pmdg website, signed in and downloaded my existing orders . When i open the unwrapper and the install starts it comes up with a warning msg saying the download cannot complete because it failed to find the file location ( I had to change the location to the new SE version since i dont play the disk version anymore ) So ive read online about this "flight 1 " registry repair tool kit, ive downloaded it but now i have no idea what im supose to do next. help anyone?
  12. So I recently installed FlyTampa's KBOS scenery, and looking around, it is great. There's one problem though: My aircraft is sunken into the ground. There's no better way of explaining it. I don't know if it's the AFCAD's, the FTX Vector elevation fixer, or a corrupt install... What could it be? Here are a few screenshots. http://prnt.sc/byu2jl http://prnt.sc/byu3ge
  13. I just got back on FSX after being away for about 6 months. i did a full reinstall, however my steam overlay wont come up while im playing FSX. the overlay comes up fine for every other game except FSX. Hopefully someone has a solution or some ideas because I really like the steam overlay for taking screenshots and browsing the internet on long flights.
  14. https://www.helisimmer.com/news/dovetail-games-announces-boeing-partnership/ Officially licensed content coming soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition Chatham, Kent – 22nd July 2016 Dovetail Games is delighted to announce that it has entered into a licensing agreement with leading aviation and aerospace company Boeing to bring officially licensed add-ons to Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition. “We recognise that an important part of creating highly authentic flight simulation experiences is the addition of officially licensed content,” said Paul Jackson, CEO of Dovetail Games. “We are therefore delighted to be working in partnership with Boeing, a highly respected pioneer in the aviation world, to deliver a wide range of content for FSX: Steam Edition over the coming months.” As a result of this agreement, the FSX: Steam Edition community can expect to see licensed Boeing add-ons as well as content representing aircraft from their subsidiaries: McDonnell-Douglas, North American Aviation, and Rockwell International be made available in the FSX:SE Steam store in the coming months. Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition is available on Windows PC via Steam. For further information, please visit www.dovetailgames.com or https://fsxinsider.com/. About Dovetail Games Dovetail Games was launched in 2013. Previously trading as RailSimulator.com Ltd, the business launched in 2009 initially producing and marketing PC game Train Simulator. Today, Dovetail Games is responsible for train, flight and fishing simulators and is developing for both PC and leading consoles.
  15. Hello all All these years later, I'm still finding issues of 'disappearing' FS9 AI when ground shadows are enabled within FSX (SE), even with relatively up-to-date third-party scenery such as the latest releases of both Aerosoft's Heathrow Xtended and FSDT's Zurich. I say 'disappearing' AI, but of course, the AI's still present and being controlled by ATC, but the graphics fail to display - although all lights appear ? However, it's still only certain scenery where this issue occurs. Just wondering really, if I've missed something and there's now some contemporary ideas of how to get both the AI and the ground shadows to appear. Btw, could someone please explain why this was ever an issue ? Regards Gary
  16. First, some background on where this question is coming from. After my having anticipated this thing for YEARS, it comes out, and...well, silence, basically. There's one relatively short thread here on Avsim that quite honestly doesn't have a whole lot of information of interest to potential buyers. Months later, I haven't seen a single review that wasn't a "first day impressions" thing on a YouTube channel. And what have I seen? Significant complaints about framerates, VAS, and graphics anomalies on the FSL forum. And, last but not least, the thing costs $100. That is some very confident pricing. (I'm wondering how many people are willing to take that particular leap of faith without any reviews to go on, but I digress.) Let me go ahead and complicate this question a little. I already have the Aerosoft Airbus, a mature product. Sure, it's not PMDG-level fidelity, but for day-to-day operations, it's 90% of the way there. The systems work mostly as expected, even if a lot of it is smoke and mirrors under the hood. I have my FS2Crew, which I've grown to expect with my simming. I can fly all the models, not just the A320. I can find almost any livery I care to look for, so I'm not limited on routes I can fly with an appropriate aircraft. While not exactly VAS-light, I can fly it pretty much anywhere and expect to get where I'm going without an OOM, even with FS2Crew, FTX Vector, etc. In other words, it's a known quantity and a sunk cost. So: why should I buy the FSL A320? What makes it worth $100 to someone who already has the Aerosoft one? (Note that I've deliberately left out the factors pushing me toward a purchase. I'm curious to hear from people who own it and love it without biasing them in any particular direction. :smile: )
  17. Hi there, So this may seem a bit stupid, but I'm kinda new to flight simulator and all these programs, but I've been looking at pro-atc for a while now and I am maybe going to buy this program. But I've looked everywhere if the program supports the default aircraft, since the GPS system(To my knowledge) is different to what a FMC does. So the question is if I buy it will I won't regret it, because it won't work? Thanks!
  18. Hi, I am considering installing the "Quality Wings B757 Ultimate Collection" in Windows10 with FSX-SE? Has anyone experience with this installation? The website says it's not tested and it "should" work. Are there any issues with the installation and the actual sim running? Thanks for help
  19. After applying the following Navaid and Airport updates (changes the runway headings due to magnetic variation). http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html When I installed MyTraffic 6 it changed the runway headings back to the default (PADQ RNY 26 changed back to 25) , as far as the navaids and ATC. Is there any reason not to re-install the above updates? Update: I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Navaid updates and now it doesn't change the runway, etc. Any ideas? Thanks!
  20. I'm trying to figure out why my night flying is so horrible. I used to love night flights in FS9 but FSX is a no-go. Now before you say FS9 was too bright and FSX is realistic, that's not the problem. I have watched dozens of night vids and my "environment" is nothing like that. For example, for landing, the runway isn't visible until maybe a couple miles out. I flew last week into SNA and had no idea where I was going. I wasn't able to land centerline at all because I simply cannot see the runway lights. Same with a trip I tried into PHX. Way off the center. I had no idea where the runway was and could not have even landed without ILS guidance. Something is clearly wrong with my setup if it's so dark that airports are essentially dark. The city is not very lit either but has improved marginally with ORBX global and LC. My airports are all default. Only tweak I implemented was that lights.zip and cfg tweak to get rid of the huge fake balls you see in default FSX. I also have REX textures on the runways and taxiways. The problem seems to be with the light system though. What can I do? Any ideas??
  21. Hello, I have been having a problem with my FSX lately, i loaded in flight sim and all the terrain textures were really blurry, even looking straight down from outside view it is still very blurry, I did a clean install of windows 2 times, tried FSX without any of my addons but no luck what so ever, I had tweaked my FSX before and it was working great and i tweaked it again and i set every setting same as last time, I even tried setting FSX scenery settings all the way to max even through FSX.cfg but that made it worse. My FSX was never like this before, here is a link to my Steam screen shots and check out some of my older SS if you are interested, and here are few pictures of how my FSX looks like right now: https://1drv.ms/i/s!AvUsmCe9lHzYlzV5WxRavgUwi7Py this is the SS after reinstalling and light tweaking, as you can see the terrain doesn't look sharp at all but isn't bad. https://1drv.ms/i/s!AvUsmCe9lHzYlzaCyyO3UDzMh0J4 this is the screen shot after following this tweak guide: http://c-aviation.net/fsx-tweak/fsx-cfg-tweak-guide/ not saying this guide is bad, i used it back then and worked great but this time it did this, i did it the same way i did last time and exactly how it says on the guide. Note: My PC specs. isn't good but its the same pc that i used to play FSX on before so it can't be my pc i believe. (Windows 10 - Anniversary update) Any help would be appreciated as i am unable to fly with those graphics and i wanna get in flying as soon as possible thx
  22. I've run into VAS consumption issues lately and was curious as to what could be the cause, so I ran some tests and scribbled down some numbers. This post is not a comprehensive test to determine the impact of addon x or y on your VAS consumption, but rather a helper as to what type of content and settings to look at when you run into issues. It kind of supplements the 324534218734287342 other analyses already done by others (or at least Word Not Allowed's, back in the day). All numbers and observations are for my FSX configuration. Your mileage may very well vary. Computing environment: i5 4670K at 4,0 GHz (in turbo mode) 8 GB 2400 MHz RAM GTX570 Sandisk 128GB SSD (Windows) & Crucial 256GB SSD (FSX) Windows 10 x64 FSX Steam All updated and featuring the latest drivers. FSX environment: Ultimate Terrain X USA v1.6 410 AI airlines plus a global, autogenerated GA AI file (136MB) with mostly FSX native models, i.e. tons of AI Water, cloud, etc...textures with stock resolution and filesize FreeMeshX FSX settings: 1680x1050 and fairly high, but pretty much irrelevant in the context of these tests as configuration changes and the impact on the result attained with my baseline configuration will be mentioned for each step anyway The readout for the remaining VAS was obtained via FSUIPC. Take note that lower numbers are worse than higher numbers. Settings used in my FSX are not The first test was observing the impact of aircraft, AI, mip mapped textures for AI aircraft, terrain mesh and various fsx.cfg settings. For this test, I've put the default C208, at 6:30am on this very Friday (Aug. 26th) on the active runway at KMSP. MSP uses a custom airport layout file, retrograding it into its mid to late 1980s state. Weather was the default "cold fronts" theme, viewpoint was exclusively from the VC and FSX was restarted after every configuration change, even if it was not really necessary (e.g. after changing aircraft). The C208 was used to establish a baseline result in the simulator to detemine the relative VAS impact. Configuration changes were done individually from the baseline config. I didn't care to write down the exact radout in bytes, so the numbers you see below are rounded. VAS remaining in the FSX main menu: 3.55 GBVAS remaining in the baseline in-simulator scenario: 2.68 GBVAS remaining with the (modded) RAZBAM Metro 3 as the aircraft (one of the two OOM offenders): 2.13 GB (-0.54 MB from baseline)VAS remaining with the (modded) RAZBAM Metro 3 and deactivated airport layout files as the aircraft (ADEX/AFX/AFCAD): 2.14 GB (-0.54 MB from baseline; +10 MB gain compared to the previous setup)VAS remaining with the (modded) Sky Simulations DC-9 as the aircraft (the second OOM offender): 2.50 GB (-0.18 GB from baseline)VAS remaining with Tom Ruth's (modded) 727-200ADV as the aircraft (no OOM offender): 2.50 GB (-0.18 GB from baseline)VAS remaining with the LOD radius increased from 4.5 to 5.5 in the FSX.cfg: 2.54 GB (-0.14 GB from baseline)VAS remaining with FreeMeshX disabled: 2.70 GB (+0.02 GB from baseline)VAS remaining with AI disabled (flight plan folder deactivated in the scenery.cfg and path to aircraft folder deactivated in the fsx.cfg; affects the visible portion of 227 aircraft in the AI bubble*): 2.80 GB (+0.12 GB from baseline)VAS remaining with AI textures without mip maps (reducing a 1024 px DXT5 DDS texture from 1.33 to 1 MB; affects the visible portion of 227 aircraft in the AI bubble): 2.72 GB (+0.04 GB from baseline, VAS hit for AI in the scenario: -33%)VAS remaining with AI textures without mip maps and ground vehicles (road and all ship traffic) at 0% (Note: I run custom road traffic): 2.74 GB (+0.06 GB from baseline, +0.02 GB gain from the previous setup) Observations: Airplanes are a huge VAS offender, especially ones with a lot of high resolution textures like the RAZBAM Metro. The LOD radius setting in the fsx.cfg will also incur a hit on remaining VAS Disabling AI helps if there is a lot of it Removing mip maps from AI textures is a way to save a bit of VAS space. For the second test, I've put the default C208 onto the active runway at JFK. The date was set to this Friday (Aug. 26th) at the default "Day" time of day (around noon). The weather was again set to "cold fronts". The viewpoint was the VC and FSX was restarted after every configuration change. AI and custom airport layout were disabled for the test. FreeMeshX and Ultimate Terrain X remained enabled. The scenerio was lanuched and allowed to settle for a bit before noting the remaining VAS. The objective for this test was observing VAS usage in relation to the scenery settings picked from the FSX "display" menu. Configuration changes were made sequentially instead of individually. The interesting part of the results is the relative decrease in remaining VAS as one visual feature after another is enabled and set from its minimum to its maximum. VAS remaining in the FSX main menu: 3.55 GBVAS remaining in the baseline in-simulator scenario (with all scenery sliders left and off): 3.27 GBVAS remaining after putting the "Scenery Complexity" slider from "Very Sparse" to "Extremely Dense": 3.12 GB (-0.15 GB from baseline)VAS remaining after putting the "Autogen Density" slider from "None" to "Extremely Dense": 3.00 GB (-0.12 GB from previous configuration; note that I use AutogenDescriptions_Min.spb)VAS remaining after putting the "Level of Detail Radius" slider from "Small" to "Large": 2.74 GB (-0.26 GB from the previous configuration)VAS remaining after putting the "Mesh Complexity" slider from "0" to "100": 2.73 GB (-0.01 GB to the previous configuration)VAS remaining after putting the "Mesh Resolution" slider from "305 m" to "1 m": 2.65 GB (-0.08 GB to the previous configuration)VAS remaining after putting the "Texture Resolution" slider from "10 m" to "7 cm": 2.55 GB (-0.10 GB to the previous configuration)VAS remaining after enabling "Land Detail Textures": 2.53 GB (-0.02 GB to the previous configuration)VAS remaining after putting the "Water Effects" slider from "None" to "Max 2.x": 2.45 GB (-0.08 GB to the previous configuration)VAS remaining after putting the "Special Effects Detail" slider from "Low" to "High": 2.45 GB (no change to the previous configuration) Quick follow-on testing using the previous configuration above as a starting point: VAS remaining after putting the "Level of Detail Radius" slider from "Large" to "Small": 2.88 GB (-0.39 GB from baseline; +0.43 GB from the previous configuration)VAS remaining with AI and custom airport layouts enabled (with LOD radius at "Large"): 2.29 GB (-0.98 GB from baseline and -0.16 GB from the second to last configuration with 479 aircraft in the AI bubble*) Observations: The worst offender in terms of VAS usage is, again, the LOD detail radius, followed by scenery complexity and autogen Other scenery detail options may be adjusted to conserve VAS. Putting the maximal mesh and texture resolution at 19 m and 60 cm respectively and dropping water to 2.x low conserves about 0.11 GB of VAS. A quick third test dealt with the "DisablePreload" line for the fsx.cfg. The objective was investigating whether the presence of the line in the fsx.cfg made any difference in VAS consumption by preloading the location of your default flight (BGR in my case) when you wish to start from another airport. This builds upon the scenerio for the first test (i.e. C208 at MSP at dawn) with the difference of using non-mip mapped textures for the AI aircraft. After launching FSX, I let it sit in the main menu for five minutes and watched FSUIPC's reported remaining VAS before loading the testing scenario. VAS remaining in the FSX main menu without "DisablePreload=1" in the fsx.cfg : 3.56 GBVAS remaining after starting the testing scenario without "DisablePreload=1" in the fsx.cfg : 2.72 GBVAS remaining in the FSX main menu with "DisablePreload=1" in the fsx.cfg : 3.56 GB (no change compared to previous config)VAS remaining after starting the testing scenario with "DisablePreload=1" in the fsx.cfg : 2.72 GB (no change compared to previous config) Observation: The "DisablePreload" line in the fsx.cfg has no practical effect in FSXSE. Whether this is due to Dovetail's improved scenery unloading or a broken basic functionality due to recompiling the simulator, I can't say. Maybe the unloading only affects full fledged add-on sceneries like airports. Bonus tests: Impact of texture-related settings on FSX' VAS. The setup is as in test #2, with the difference being that AI and airport layouts are enabled from the start. The starting point was "Global Texture Resolution" at "Very Low" and all eyecandy settings on the aircraft page disabled. Settings were again enabled sequentially. VAS remaining in the baseline in-simulator scenario: 2.40 GBVAS remaining with all aircraft eyecandy settings enabled : 2.40 GB (no change to baseline configuration)VAS remaining with "Global Texture Resolution" at "Maximum" (4096 px in FSXSE) : 2.30 GB (-0.10 GB to baseline or previous configuration)VAS remaining in DX10 mode: 2.35 GB (+0.05 GB to previous configuration; note: No anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering are set since I normally don't use DX10)VAS remaining in DX9 mode without anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering (forced via NVidia Inspector): 2.30 GB (no change to previous DX9 configuration)VAS remaining in DX9 mode with anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering enabled in FSX: 2.25 GB (-0.05 GB to previous DX9 configuration) Observations: The global texture resolution seems to have an impact on VAS The AA/AF impact from the FSX-internal options as well as the VAS improvement in DX10 mode is a bit odd and could have another cause (AI aircraft becoming visible or else) Conclusions: It's hard to pinpoint a single cause for OOM problems, but testing on my configuration shows that the user aircraft, AI and level of detail radius are the worst offenders in terms of VAS use. I'm a bit disappointed that there's no other, less important setting that can be adjusted since I'm very much fond of a living 3D world with a reasonable area of detailed ground textures. Furthermore, these tests were static. The benefits or drawbacks of each setting on an entire (long) flight were therefor not determined. One could, however, say that any VAS usage improvement in a static scenario (or at the beginning of a flight) may prove useful during the flight itself. Also note that the impact of AI models themselves is fairly low, accounting for just 0.16 GB even in the NYC area with its three busy, major airports. Testing also shows that the general rule of thumb for FSX remains: Anything that needs to get loaded from disk negatively affects the amount of FSX' remaining VAS. Hope this is useful to someone. Just wanted to avoid throwing the paper with my notes away. * "AI bubble" describes the radius in which FSX creates and tracks AI aircraft. AI only incurs a VAS hit from the moment its lowest detail model becomes visible on screen, making it hard to determine how many AI aircraft are actually visible around the user aircraft.
  23. I had an issue with ImagineSim KCVG. Installed the installer from my SimMarket download and it works okay. But download the patch from their website and overwrite all the files and now my south cargo ramp is empty all the buildings disappear. Their support could not help me and now that I have FSX Steam installed, I have the same problem after downloading it and installing the patch from their website. Are there any owners of KCVG out there who can tell me if I am doing something wrong and they do not have the problem I have with disappearing cargo buildings like the big DHL cargo hanger?
  24. Since today some strange icons are appearing on my FSX-SE screen at the bottom right corner, I cant determine why, what are they and how to get rid of them. The first icon looks like a Microphone and the second is a circle, I have a screenshot but I don't know how to attach it to this post. Can someone please give me some help? Regards, Simbol
  25. FSX. Hello gents and ladies! How should ORBX products be placed in scenery library with regards to UTX products (in this case FTX Global+ESSA+Freeware and UTX europe). Ty in advance <3 /Drago
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