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  1. I updated the Garmin trainer to the latest version.. Now the F1 GTN 750 is telling me that the database version is not compatible. What do I need to do? THANKS
  2. This is great, but I find the MAJOR issue is the discrepancies between the FSX Nav Database and Garmins. if Garmin had a reasonably priced subscription to update the GTN750 Nav database, The add-on would be great!
  3. I am really irritated with F1 still selling their GTN 750 that you CANNOT update the navigation database. Well you can, but only through Garmin via the trainer updates or purchasing through Garmin which for flight sim community is very expensive. I have issues with waypoints,etc being missing or not correct in the F1 GTN 750. Does the RXP GTN 750 import / use the FSX navigation database? Or is it like the F1 GTN 750, being dependent on the Garmin trainer database?? Thanks!
  4. AP was tracking GPS via my flight plan route, and twice ATC vectored me.. Typically in the real world you would be vectored for traffic, weather, etc I don’t recall if this was a known bug?? Thanks!!
  5. Lately I have been getting CTD or FSXSE just hangs mouse icon system busy and it locks up my computer. Forum threads I have read says to not use FSXSE in full screen mode. I also read where FSXSE crashes when on final approach, or being cleared for the ILS approach. That scenario did happen to me once. Does not running in full screen mode solve this problem?
  6. Anybody have ANY IDEAS??? Thanks!
  7. I am using MSFS Steam edition. It seems like every time Microsoft updates Windows 10, my peer to peer network that I use WideFS and Active Sky on a remote station stops working. I have complained about it to Microsoft every time it hoses my LAN connectivity. I read that Microsoft has phased or is phasing out the HomeGroup which is basically peer to peer networking. I can ping the FS computer from the Remote computer. Just can’t access the shared folders. I haven’t retested WideFS , as Pete Dowson’s network protocol doesn’t seem to be dependent on Microsoft Network layer. Active Sky uses SimConnect and is dependent on shared FSX folders. Which I can’t get to work. i really would like to use One Drive as it is easily configured. Anybody have any ideas on how to do remote networking without the Microsoft Network layer? I was thinking about reverting back to Windows 7!!!! The simpler and more robust days! At least with the final service patches. Thanks!
  8. is MSFS going to run in a VM environment that will scale and provide the necessary horsepower to run the sim? I can imagine what kind of processing and graphics power will be necessary to drive the a High Resolution graphics we are seeing in the previews. I am also wondering if Microsoft will follow the Flight model, subscriptionizing every component, regions, aircraft, ATC. As a hard core simmer, I didn’t even bother with Flight. Also, what ATC enhancements are planned? I stopped using X-Plane because of the lack of ATC interaction. Austin kept promising but never delivered. Even third party ATC programs didn’t control AI A/C as well as ( I believe Radar Contact did the best job) but MSFS ATC had pretty significant flaws, which have been well documented over the years. ATC is a core component of the flying experience. I love graphics, but realistic ATC is essential! Look forward to see what Microsoft is going to end up delivering.
  9. Thank you for the information!
  10. I left a thread on their forum last weekend.. haven’t heard anything... http://aerosors.freeforums.net/thread/278/fsx-updates-issue Do anyone have an email address for Herve? Thanks!
  11. I applied the updates and now at PADQ In FSX when you select the airport, I am not seeing any runways, parking gates, in the runway drop down. Any ideas?? Thanks!
  12. I recall that there are NAV database updates to the FSX environment that corrects the runway headings due to Impact of the earth changing, etc Ie PANC was 6R and 6L and it’s now 7R and 7L. Also radio frequency data as well. Is this the correct site? https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html Thanks!
  13. Hi Mark, Thank you for the excellent response. I think it is just going to take some dexterity training. I agree, I bought the throttle for realism. I fly mostly the Flysimware MU2. It is my favorite airplane. I would use FSUIPC, but it is more complicated and a little too time consuming to configure. I am just using the native CH drivers. Other than the plane moving off center a bit because of the props being off a hair, it’s just going to take some practice. Thanks again!
  14. Hi Jim, I did not load the CH Products Control Manager software or use FSUIPC. Just the native CH drivers and mapping the axes, etc. I think it is a dexterity issue keeping the throttles perfectly even with my two fingers. I wish there was a T-bar to cover both engine throttles locking them together. I may try wire tying them together to see if that helps... Thanks!
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