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  1. Well, I may try MS FS2020 again on my machine. I wish some of my Flight 1 and Flyaware Sim AC were available. I was just paying the monthly Game Pass until I decided what I was going to do. I was hoping the XBOX X series would be away to keep using both FSX-SE and MSFS 2020. But if the XBOX X is very light on the simulation compared to the PC version that is an issue. I am in it for the flight simulation not a game! Thanks
  2. I have a MSI MB I5-6800, with 32GB RAM. I have the NVIDIA 1070 8GB video card. I have ran MSFS 2020 on this machine and it worked just OK. That’s why I was hopeful that the XBOX might be a good alternative for the price point. To configure and buy a new system to run MSFS 2020 would be 3-5 times that price. A really good video card can cost 💲 800 - 1000. So you can see why the decision is tough! Thanks!
  3. I currently use CH Devices on my PC (USB). I looked at the specs for the XBOX X and I didn’t see USB ports. I currently use a USB Hub to connect my devices… I don’t know what OS XBOX X uses, and if it supports Windows 10 usb drivers. Or does it support CH Yoke,Pedals, and Throttle drivers?? I really want to keep FSX-SE on my PC as I have invested $$$$ on third party add-ons.. Then use the XBOX X for MSFS 2020. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the info. I have the CH Products Yoke and Pedals, and the CH Throttle Quadrant. Are they compatible? Thanks!
  5. I am wondering if there is anybody using the XBOX version of MS FS 2020? I assume it requires the XBOX X series game unit. Pros and Cons? What are your overall thoughts? Does it support any of the USB yokes, pedals etc? Instead of laying out big $ for a new gaming system, would this be an alternative? I wonder if this version is optimized for the XBOX hardware… Or do you have to use the XBOX controller?? Moderator: I hope this is the correct forum. Thanks!
  6. I am doing a flight from KCLE -KMDT. At KCLE, and enroute my FPS is 30+, but when I start my vectored approach to KMDT by ATC, all of sudden I start getting stutters. I don’t recall this happening at any other airport. I am flying the Flight 1 B200. If I switch to an outside view, the stutters go away. Back to th VC, stutters. I tried reducing graphic settings, but didn’t really help. I am going to try a different AC. Also on this route, ATC switches me way too frequently between centers. Any ideas? THANKS!
  7. I did check the rudder pedals via Windows 10 and everything looks good so I think we’ll have to make some adjustments to the MU2 config file. Thank you so much for your help take care!
  8. Thank you for the feedback! My CH Products rudders are over 10 years old. Do you think something is intermittently failing on the controls? Is there any way to test them? I am thinking about replacing them. Any suggestions? I also have the CH Throttle. I know you have to keep the throttle levers together, because that will cause the AC to veer a little. I wonder if there is any adjustments there that can be done? Although in some of the other planes it seems to be OK. Thanks again!
  9. I have tried adjusting the CH products pedals but rudder control seems to be erratic. Is there any settings in the aircraft config file itself that would help this particular issue or can someone give me advice on exactly where to set the null zones In the rudder configuration? it just seems to be erratic, overcorrecting etc. Thanks!
  10. Question for real life pilots… Little off the flight sim topic. I have a real life pilot logbook and I am wondering if there is a good way to digitize it to the cloud, where it would be valid log via the FAA? I can always take pictures with my phone, but I’m just wondering if that would be a legal copy of my logbook? Thanks
  11. How do you switch tanks L to R? The documentation didn’t contain a panel map to functions!
  12. Many years ago I installed a Funter Bay scenery. I saw this freeware scenery Snow Dog Tours Version 2, which has a lot of Sea bases airport updates to scenery. Funter Bay is one of these seabases… I have followed the installation instructions, but when I go to the Scenery settings, I don’t see the two scenery areas listed in HTML instructions It seems like a partial install. I read that there were Parts 1-5? Can someone send me a link to the complete installation(s)? I was primarily interested in Funter Bay, which is included, but this seams like a pretty complete package of Seabase fun! And any tips on installation… Thanks!!
  13. Does anybody know if the Altitude button Four zones for increasing / decreasing altitude is mapped to keystrokes that can be mapped to joystick buttons, etc. the altitude and the other complex button controls as well.. I have a large 4K screen, and when I reduce the cockpit zoom size, the four zones for the altitude start to overlap. Sometimes it is too close to the top of the button, sets the bug to the current heading. Really awkward! Thanks!
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