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  1. I assume EZDOC is compatible with FSXSE?? I will try the DX-10 preview mode and see how that works. As I recall, there were issues under Windows 10?? Thanks!
  2. I was trying to download the GF Module software and I am getting a service not available error. Is it available anywhere else? I believe I was able to install it on FSXSE with no problems. Thanks!
  3. I am using FSXSE and I am wondering if there are settings for a 55 inch curved monitor and dealing with Virtual Cockpit to make it more proportional. I know I can press and hold the <shift> <-> to reduce the size, but just wondering if you can set it in the aircraft for FSXSE config file. Also, it seems like the horizon is "sky" heavy or top heavy regarding the point of view of the sky.. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I am considering switching back to FSX or P3D from X-Plane. The primary reason I switched to X-Plane is because of multi-monitor support. FSX on three monitors looks too stretchy adding distortion to the overall sim experience. I am thinking of switching back to s single monitor (Projector 4K 1080P 1920x1080)? Typical gamer response to both 4K TV and projectors are the fact that they do not have a fast enough refresh rate. Since FSX graphic engine hasn't been updated in 10 years, I figured the performance would be acceptable. Is anybody using a projector for FSX or P3D? If so how do you like it? I am considering VR but heard that the poor resolution and not being to focus or look at external controls such as external hardware (Yoke, etc, IPADs, etc) is a little bit of a showstopper.. Although with add on utilities (In Flight) for the VR glasses can help some of the above.. Thanks!
  5. This is just my opinion, I have been away for a few months. I am really frustrated with the lack of ATC support with World Traffic in X-Plane 11. X-Plane 11 has had a long development cycle and the basic core 101 flight sim requirement is not met. I am now considering switching back to P3D or even FSX. Although the ATC in FSX is not perfect, it does a reasonable job with controlling traffic and setting you up on approaches, etc. People are buying World Traffic and the A/C are not under ATC control. What is the point? I do like the realism and the fact X-Plane 11 supports multi-monitor configurations a lot better (FSX is too stretchy and it doesn't do a good job). Also there are quite a few airports in X-Plane 11 that are incomplete. You can find add-ons, that correct some of the issues, FSX is much more complete. See PADQ as an example, out of the box it is terrible. Even with the corrections I have applied from the libraries, to me it still doesn't come close. Just some thoughts.. Thanks!
  6. Skyseek

    Saying Good Bye To Xplane

    I have the room for a projection system. Any body have a good recommendation for A good projector, there are many choices on the market?? Thanks!
  7. With the lack of semi good ATC in XPlane, I have decided revert back to either FSX. Or P3D. One of the reasons I switched to XPlane is because of its multi monitor support. FSX was too stretchy producing poor multi monitor resolution skewing the images like a funhouse mirror. Is P3D any better? i am considering switching from the multi monitor configuration for a single projection system. Any my ideas on the best way to do this? Thanks!
  8. I am having some issues with the FMS and Auto Pilot... I figured out how to set the NAV Source Selector as FMS. That should be correct. However when I press NAV to start tracking the FMS (AP is enguaged) Also as I was attempting to engage ALT tracking for example, I did her a tone when I pressed ALT, not sure what that means. When you press NAV for the FMS, HDG to track Heading, etc, I am not seeing anything illuminated to confirm that I have that I have engaged these AP functions correctly. I have flown different planes in FSX like Flight One's ATR, and don't remember having issues, once I found out what to do to engage the FMS. The AP is the only indicator with the < and > arrows where I see a illuminated light indicating it is engaged... Please advise...At this point, I need cookbook instructions including all steps to set the initial departure to track heading and altitude, then engage the FMS tracking for the Flight Plan. Also I can't switch on the AP via a mouse click. It is like even though the mouse cursor changes to a finger, It will not turn on the AP. Same for YD. I Am assuming the same is the case for the Nav switch as it is not engaging the FMS. I am able tot urn on the AP via my Go Flight GF P8 panel. Although other AP functions don't work via the GF-P8. Maybe this isn't the latest version. How do I determine which version I have? Thanks again for the help!
  9. I just have a general question... I select a STAR Or approach and activate it. When on the final approach, is there away to transition on final so it tracks the Localizer (LOC) and Glide Slope (GS) (via APR)? I know you can click the CDI to set the GPS to VLOC. Typically, when you get vectors from ATC, you get setup on a 30' intercept, and then can select APR on the auto pilot tracks LOC and GS.. I was just wondering what the Garmin procedure is for approaches and if there is away to transition as described above. I don't believe the STAR / approach takes altitude into consideration, I could be incorrect. Ideas and thoughts? THANKS!
  10. When you enable to call all service trucks,etc, when I did this, the fuel truck showed up, and sat there for about 5 minutes or so. I am not sure exactly what it does. If I am low on gas, I assume it refuels to the level I have set in the configuration options. When the service / fuel truck shows up, what should I look for in the A/C? Fuel level obviously. What else is supposed to be "serviced"? Thanks!
  11. Skyseek

    P2ATC Departure Questions

    Thanks Dave! I don't believe there is a SID in the Flight Plan... Next flight once, I get to xxxx feet I will then turn to intercept course and see what happens. Take care!
  12. Coming from the FSX world, when using the Default ATC, on Departure, ATC would vector you to intercept your first leg of flight plan, and then "Resume Own Navigation". In P2ATC, the few departures I have done, it seemed like P2ATC is expecting you to start following your flight plan once you hit 1000 ft AGL flying runway heading... I was waiting for instruction and got scolded that I was off course, but no vectors were initially given. P2ATC did give me vectors once I was off course. Can someone please enlighten me? Thanks!
  13. Well it looks like Michelh was correct. I ran out of fuel. In FSX it didn't really maintain the "state" of the aircraft, so even starting a new flight or resetting the flight, at least for me, fuel wasn't an issue.... though I checked the fuel it was always ready to go. So now I have to keep that in mind at this closer. Time to get back into the check lists! Awesome! Thanks again to all who responded!
  14. X-Plane 11, I am flying a payware plane and I have checked with the developer. He says he pretty much uses stock plane XP functionality. Twice, for no reason, the engine quit and I couldn't get it restarted. I am not sure if this is a bug or not. Thanks!
  15. With the GTX-1070 8GB, I am still having problems with the broken and overcast clouds.. The FPS drops to the single digits. Should I delete my configuration file and let X-Plane rebuild it. It is in the X-Plane root folder, correct? I am using 1920x1080. I have been corresponding with the folks at xEnviro to see if their environment would help. When I was flying through some overcast clouds, it appeared to be blending the clouds, this was causing the drop in FPS. Then when it went into whiteout mode, the FPS jumped by about 400% into the mid 30's. I would just be happy with the whiteout and not all the blending of the overcast clouds which is killing FPS. LR needs to look at this one! Any ideas? Thanks!