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  1. Spoke too soon…. Checking the MSFS… Now stuck on 1% 1/54, installs and the resets back to 0%. Endless Loop
  2. Spoke too soon…. Have to contact support.. 😠
  3. It looks like it required a Windows 10 update. It would be nice if the install checked the Windows Version and told you it needed the update. Instead of hanging! I’ll have to do that check prior to future updates..🤔. I am holding my breath to see if it passes 20% this time👍👍
  4. Is it me? Is MSFS 2020 the WORST implementation of the simulator in HISTORY??? Right now I am installing the latest MANDATORY UPDATE and it never finished after about 12 hours. When I restarted it I am now STUCK ON update 12/65 at 21%, It then drops back to 20 and maybe as HIGH as 22???? I have also had to reach out to Microsoft SEVERAL TIMES.. To get hacks to get things working!!! Any ideas???? Thanks!!!
  5. ATIS is indicating runway 8 at PADQ and after filing my flight plan, ground IFR clearance is assigning me runway 26? is this a bug, or do I need to assign a runway with in PILOT2ATC?? thanks!
  6. Thanks All! Great comments and feed back. I am going to purchase it, was really trying to justify the ultimate package. I will try it for a couple of months and see how it goes. I have used it before and it was good as far as providing FMS data. Are the charts available in the sim? Or just via an external viewer. This forum is the best! Thanks again!
  7. It’s been awhile since I subscribed to Navigraph. Looks like it has changed.. they have a $75 Euro year $8 Euro per month ultimate package, or just the FMS data package.. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. At PADQ, runway 26 has a mountain at the end of the runway. When I depart it (in flight simulation you can do this scenario), I have to do basically a short field take off and a 30 degree left turn through a pass. Is this runway typically closed for departures?? I looked at AirNav and nothing stood out for this runway. Anyone deported this runway in real life? Thanks!
  9. I followed those directions. When I loaded the flight plan into FS 2020 it did not put me at the gate. It placed me on the active runway. Can you add the gate into the exported PILOT2ATC flight plan? And then import into FS 2020. Or is the best we can do at this point? This might be a how to load the flight plan from the in flight user interface. I want to remain at that gate. Quick update: I tried to load the PILOT2ATC exported flight plan. Under where you select the gates, it displays a Depatuures Direct. In the drop down list it displays KODI7 08, 11,19,01. Thanks!
  10. What is the best way to do flight planning? I created the route in FS2020. Low altitude IFR. I select the Flight Plan from SimBrief and get it loaded into P2ATC. I add a SID and STAR to the flight plan. But now the problem is how to get the GPS updated in FS2020 with the P2ATC flight plan? In the sample video, using Sim Brief, the person removed the SID and STAR and loaded the route, then added the SID and STAR via P2ATC. With this scenario, how do you track your route as the FS2020 flight plan and P2ATC flight plan are not the same. I am also thinking about purchasing the latest NavGraph data. You would download for FS2020 and P2ATC? Thanks!
  11. Can you use P2ATC networked via Wide FS etc...?? I didn’t see any mention on Pete Dawson’s web site. Thanks!
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