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  1. Neither the reset or rebooting helped here, but a windows update showed up so I applied it. All has been fine since then. Go figure!?
  2. I hate to be a dick, but your system (as listed in your signature) is incapable of current HMD running at their optimal visual quality.
  3. I'm in this camp. The Leonardo has several idiosyncrasies that I find make it a bit of a bear to fly right. But compared to a complex DCS aircraft with the offensive and defensive combat systems, these are all easier IMHO.
  4. So how do the CPU and GPU utilization compare in similar 2D and VR scenarios? Do you have fan profiles set up for your case or GPU fans? Could a profile be throttling maximum fan speed?
  5. Yikes Andrew! My condolences. You say you cleared your scenery caches... are they currently off? Did you apply one of those NIC settings that were popular while back to go half duplex or limit network bandwidth? Could your network be getting throttled by you service provider?
  6. I set my resolution in OpenXR and use DLSS. I tried lower resolution with TAA versus higher with DLSS and settled on the latter for comparable image quality with a bit better performance. YMMV
  7. I'm oversampling at a higher resolution than that (I don't recall the exact figure) for my Pico 4 and I get mid 40s typically. So it might not be too bad.
  8. Requires base stations doesn't it? Non-starter for me if that's the case.
  9. Must-have for me. The colour and image adjustments transformed the image quality of my Pico.
  10. MilViz released the USAF Pilot Flight manual iirc along with the 30 page user guide. The user guide was primarily to capture FSX specific items. I'd call it study level.
  11. Pleased to see Nassau and Andros Island in the Bahamas are back to their spectacular glory! The Florida keys are poor, but they always were.
  12. One of my P3D favorites! Pity it's slated for MSFS 2024. Who knows when that will deliver?!
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