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  1. If you don't get the 13900k you'll always wonder what you missed out on. And do you really care about the power? Really? 😁
  2. I was doing more testing this afternoon and I'm coming to the same conclusion. DX12 is less efficient and without frame generation as an option, I'm not seeing any upside over DX11.
  3. Yes. And frame generation considers head tracker movement so panning is perfect! It's not all wine and roses though... it creates some in-sim motion related artifacts, and things really go south if you can't consistently hold half the refresh rate. I'm currently using a 72 fps refresh, so I'm locked at 36 in the sim. Solid and smooth 72 in the HMD. I could use 90, but I found with the settings I'm using (4412x4412 rendering resolution, real time traffic, real time weather and TLOD 200) I couldn't always hold the necessary 45 fps for SSW to work reliably. Anyway... what about DX11 vs DX12? Thoughts? 🤔.
  4. What are you all using and have you found any advantages/disadvantages of using one or the other in VR? I can't say I notice anything obvious, but I've only tried a couple of DX12 flights to compare and I've got frames locked using the Virtual desktop SSW/Snapdragon chip frame doubling capability, so I might not see some of the differences that might be apparent to others.
  5. If it doesn't matter to Noel, it doesn't matter. Haven't you learned that yet? 😝
  6. After what I consider a mediocre experience with Xenviro in X-Plane, I wouldn't consider putting out for it in MSFS.
  7. People have never seen the value proposition with software. It's always been that way.
  8. This one could be nice but for the price (currently slated ar $1699). Releasing in July. Maybe they'll rethink the pricing. At $1000 say, this could be a winner. https://vr-compare.com/headset/shiftallmeganex
  9. There is another way to connect your Pico 4 to your PC, which is what I'm using with great results. I found I got better image quality and stability using Virtual Desktop over Pico Streaming Assistant. I use a USB to Ethernet adapter from the Pico 4 and plug the Ethernet adapter into a cheap gigabit switch which is also connected to my PC and the network. I get a solid 1200Mbps connection to the PC and by using an Ethernet adapter with a USB power port, i can keep my Pico charged while simming. It's not as clean as the straight USB direct with Streaming Assistant, but it allows me to use Virtual Desktop and get better image quality.
  10. I'd say this would provide an adequate MSFS experience (probably not 'good' by today's standards) except for maybe the amount of RAM (16GB is probably right on the edge). The GPU is a lacking for solid 4k/DX12 performance or for VR, but I expect up to 1440, you'd be satisfied. Storage is not generous, but if the machine is for MSFS only, you'd be okay. I thing this machine would out perform an Xbox.
  11. Do the upgrades ever go on sale? Maybe that's the ticket.
  12. Hey Ryan, I did respond to this a couple of days ago, but my post got tu4fed when Avsim had to do a restore from backup. Anyway, yes I have occasionally seen this laggy mousevthing, but mostly in setup screens, not the VC. Any ideas of the cause? I was wondering if it's actually a SteamVR thing because a few times when it was happening, when I stepped out of VR back to SteamVR, the steam page was all flickery.
  13. Me too! I know what you mean about the Pico 4. It's whet my appetite for VR and it's impressive, but I want more! More sharpness, clarity and vibrance. More FOV would be nice too.
  14. I see that also. It's subtle (and not particularly distracting), but definitely present.
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