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  1. Welcome to my world too. Not a recent thing. I've had these multi-second freezes since last fall. Eastern approach into LAX is the worst, but it occurs in several other large urban areas too in a lesser amount (Tampa and Perth to name two). Reducing strain mitigates to a degree, but nothing fixes it. CPU and GPU load are not causal factors, not caches, nor photogammetry AFAIK. It's really killed my enjoyment of MSFS because it occurs in some of the areas I like to fly. I've completely stopped buying add-ons until I see a fix.
  2. These updates seem trivial. Why do they warrant special attention? Whatever... carry on.
  3. This thread went quiet. Does that mean today's update corrects the issue? I haven't fired up my sim since the problem was reported... I'm hoping to sidestep the experience and keep my log and settings intact!
  4. 339 gets my vote. Easy and forgiving to fly. Low stall speed so you can fly slow if you want. Looks great. Excellent visibility so it would be great for VR I think.
  5. Sadly, you need to enter a 12 steps program to get off MSFS.
  6. LOLOL! If that's what it takes to get a smooth flight out of MSFS, time to find a new sim. Pathetic!
  7. Me too. Serious long pauses on initial into KLAX and KTPA to name two. Some performance aspects are improved with the patch, but these long pauses around some large urban centers are still a problem and a real downer.
  8. LOL! Busted! Na, I did all the restarts and such. In fairness, the complaints I have predate the last release. I was hoping.
  9. Not blown away here. Still getting several second long pauses into KLAX.. unplayable, 10FPS over downtown Atlanta @2500 ft but the worst of it introduced in the last update seems cured (based on limited flying time). So, that's something.
  10. Vegas bookies offering 14:3 odds of this fixing nothing. 😉
  11. I put my simpit under a copper pyramid. Amazing! 🙀
  12. Agree ALT +1 etc is cumbersome, but there's a next and previous view option for these commands which just rotates through each forward or backwards. I've set this up in on a pair of buttons on my stick.
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