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  1. Me too. I don't have the DC-6, but the Fenix is performing decently on my machine... not quite as good as the 737 but better than the FBW (dev) A320.
  2. Only done one flight, so consider this a preliminary performance data point... I'm seeing about 34 FPS (with some variability) for the Fenix, with displays set to 'quality', 8K liveries and display rendering as CPU (recommended).. vs: (A test I did the other day when the 737 was released) 39 FPS PMDG 737-700 38 FPS Leonardo MD-82 36 FPS Aerosoft CRJ700 30 FPS FBW A320 (Dev) 37 FPS - Default Cessna 172 Skyhawk In all cases, VC view, Ready For Takeoff at KCLE RW 24L. 4K, 90% Render, TLOD 200, Clouds, Textures, Vectors - Ultra, real-time traffic and live weather
  3. Registered. I'm going to hold off for a bit before I put down my cold hard cash though!
  4. Well it didn't put me personally off enough to not buy their add-ons, but when a license needed to be reset, they were ten hours ahead of me so often they'd be sound asleep in the fart sack, and the wait was a drag! But the larger concern was, if their business closed or their key man took a powder, the customer would be left high and dry.
  5. Ugh. This sounds like the old SSW way of controlling piracy. It was cumbersome and thankfully, after years of grumbling and lost business, they finally canned it.
  6. Hmmmm... that could have been more useful. Turn down your settings to the point where the FPS are acceptable then report to the world.. "See, not bad!". But we'll know soon enough. Fingers crossed. 🤞
  7. The sim itself is a WIP and therefore, every add-on is also a WIP. Using your bar, we should buy nothing for the next eight years?
  8. Both are third party aircraft add-ons for MSFS. That's apples to apples. How they execute is irrelevant to the customer and drawing direct comparisons is a given. Further, no one told, say PMDG, that they had to do what they did the way they did. It was their choice.
  9. Cheers! I hope they have a robust point of sale and fulfillment system.
  10. When a vendor needs to publish a roadmap in order to complete a simple online purchase, it's time for some select firing.
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