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  1. odourboy


    Of course you're complaining! 😄 I have to agree with Dave... don't like it, don't buy it. But I have my own rant, perhaps more justified because they already have my money... the glacial pace of upgrading their fleet to 64 bit. But you dont see me blubbering about it on the forum... oh wait, doh... 😁
  2. I've been getting this a lot lately instead of a list of recent threads when I use the 'unread content' button. Is there a known cause and/or a cure for this behavior?
  3. Is it as rough on frame rates in V4 as it was in FSX?
  4. No. It's good, but not the best. If the next update includes RealLight, it will be better.
  5. odourboy

    X-Enviro 1.10 progress....

    I'd kind of given up on this X-Enviro but that video is IMPRESSIVE! I hate to suggest this overused and abused term, but dare I say: gamechanger?
  6. I think a PC gamer who hasn't at least heard of delidding would be a rare duck indeed. 😁
  7. odourboy

    AVSIM review of Coolsky DC-9

    That's great! Do you know if there will be an upgrade path (free or discount) for existing customers of will this be a new purchase for everyone?
  8. odourboy

    AVSIM review of Coolsky DC-9

    Do you have any info on a Coolsky DC9 update for V4.3? Id long given up on seeing 64 bit operation for this old bird.
  9. Ah... undrrstood! Excellent. No more delidding required and everybody will enjoy excellent and more consistent cooling performance.
  10. I don't understand it either, but I get my best performance limiting my rates using vsync only and setting my monitor refresh at 30 (or 60) via Nvidia control panel and leaving frames unlimited.
  11. odourboy

    You Don't See in 4K

    The fatal flaw in this video is actually brought to light in it but glossed over... a TV/Monitor doesn't (typically) track where you are looking, or your emotional state, therefore if must support the cone resolution of the center 1% of one's eye across it's entire screen and offer the frame rate perceptible when one is in the excited/agitated state, in order to provide a no-compromise vieeing experience. I would argue that not only is 1080p inadequate, but probably even 8K (depending on viewing distsnce).
  12. odourboy

    You Don't See in 4K

    Unproven to you... completely justified to many, including me. Image quality alone makes the 4K choice a no-brainer. Why do I need the unproven advantages of two eyes when I can see perfectly fine with one... said the Cyclops.
  13. odourboy

    You Don't See in 4K

    Entertaining, and next time I'm shopping for a TV I'll keep this in mind. But when shopping for a gaming monitor, give me 4K or give me death.😎
  14. odourboy

    top quality jet airplane for p3d

    As much as I like the XP Lear 25 (and I think it's a beautifully modelled plane), it falls short of a 'study level' aircraft IMHO.