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  1. VRS Superbug for v4 is out!

    I don't think VRS does sales.
  2. WINDOWS 10 + 5

    According to some comments, These are OEM license SKUs simply for pricing, NOT Consumer SKUs that people can buy in the Store(which are only Pro and Home). All of these OEM license skus are the same feature-wise, but just pricing point differences based on the type of hardware to bring cost-benefits and bulk order pricing. Consumers won't see a difference. So I think we can relax.
  3. Study Level Aircraft Addons for P3Dv4

    I'm guessing you've had a less than stellar experience here, but let's not confuse a bug, which will most likely be addressed (if it hasn't been already) with the intent to deeply code systems etc. On that basis, I'd also argue that such and such aircraft is "a few bug fixes away from study level", is in fact a study level aircraft already (assuming of course that the dev is actively fixing bugs).
  4. Amazing water effects

    I've seen better.
  5. Xtreme prototypes GLJ25

    I suspect you'll be waiting a long time. I don't know for a fact, but I don't expect the dev is in any hurry to change the speed hold. One of these days I might see if I can recode that bit myself.
  6. Snowy Learjet Arrival

    Nice pics Ryan! Enjoying this add-on myself. What have you got in the weather radar panel? I put the MV/Rex WX radar in that slot recently. No knobs (using the invisible click spots) but works nicely.
  7. And he's throwing up?
  8. Stutters revisited...and another solution!?

    This is the key message. Monitor the primary P3D thread you can see core utilization measurably drop if you set FPS to unlimited. If it's pinned at 100% (as it often is for me when FPS limiter is on) then I'm likely seeing some form of stuttering.
  9. TFDi Design Boeing 717 PDF Tutorial?

    You should take these questions over to the TFDi support forum. They are extremely responsive and if you identify a bug, it's often addressed very quickly.
  10. Major simulation flaws in P3Dv4

    Good luck with that. Far go many have a vested interest in maintaining status quo to get traction on lobbying for this change.
  11. Ah - So it's Ethereum. With the wild valuation of Bitcoin (even at half it's peak, it's still extreme) I took at look at the expected returns on mining it and with the current difficulty and block reward values, it doesn't seem to make any economic sense to mine Bitcoin with a GPU as far as I can tell, so I was wondering where the demand was coming from.
  12. P3Dv4 Settings for flying fast fighter jets

    I have not found anything that improves photo scenery blurries, but this helped me with delays in loading autogen: In the Prepar3d.cfg [DISPLAY] section, added TextureMaxLoad=30 TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=180 Might help. There's been lots of discussion on these tweaks here if you haven't already read about or tried them.
  13. How Do You Assign Cores?

    I would describe it as a way to improve smoothness by keeping processes that interfere with each other from running on the same thread.
  14. airplane shadow on ground

    When youre using an external view, the exterior model is used to create the cast shadow. When you're in the cockpit, the shadow cast is based on the interior aircraft model. Modelers usually include a 'shadow mask' with the interior model so that a nice shadows can be seen on the ground from the cockpit. I presume that with the view you're using, neither model is active and no shadow is cast. So I would say you're doing nothing wrong per say and it's a limitation (albeit, intended operation) of the sim.
  15. Been waiting on this one... Thanks for the heads up!