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  1. Hi, In some situations, I find the sim way to bright as well. A simple brightness slider like we had it in P3D would be amazing. The washed out and overbright feeling strongly depends on the quality of the orthos. In places where yo have good quality images in Bing, the colours and lighting looks amazing. East of LOWI for example, the bing images do have a strange milky, light green touch which makes it look quite strange during daytime. I fly in this region in real life and I can asure you, its by far not as bright there. A sunglass function, as it was present in the Alpha would be a nice addition as well. Martin
  2. Hi, I still think its quite a solid release. It's running stable. I didn't have a single CTD since I joined the alpha. I am not used to stable running flightsims developed by Microsoft on release. I agree that setting up a controller is quite awful and that some things are lacking, but compared to how unusable FSX was at release, FS2020 is a dream. The flightdynamics and systems of default aircraft never where amazing in any sim. I remember how shocked I was about the standard C172 in XPlane 11. But be honest, how many hours did you spend in default aircraft in the last years? I fly general aviation aircraft in real world and did some hours in the default C172 in the sim yesterday. I reduced the sensitivity of my Alpha Flight Controls a bit and have to say, I found it pretty ok. Not A2A level, but for sure not worse than the default C172s in FSX or XPlane. Regarding weather: I flew around Portugal and for the first time in a sim without any addons, I had the felling I am flying in some sort of "alive" air. I could feel some thermals and realistic bumps. After that flight I changed to the new Zell am See (LOWZ) scenery that was released by GAYA Simulations yesterday and flew around Austria (where I fly in real life). I have to admit that the bumps and thermals are way to exaggerated, when you come close to the mountains. I was using "Live weather" and yesterday evening was a pretty calm one. So, overall I am very optimistic that this will become the gamechanger we all ware hoping for. Was it released to early? Yes. Doese it have huge potential? Definately yes 🙂 Kind regards Martin
  3. They look amazing. Can you please upload them on AVSIM? Kind regards Martin
  4. Hi, When I try to move the speed bugs with the mousewheel at one of the 4 corners of the instrument, all bugs are moving simultaniously. How can I move just one single bug? Kind regards Martin
  5. Hi, The climbrate is really poor unfortunately and for me that is the only real downturn on the Aquila. Cruise speed is fine, considering that ther is only a 100bHP engine working in the front. At 75% you cruise at around 110kts true airspeed. The comfort for longer journeys is unbeatable. You sit on proper seats (compared to the french garden chairs you find in a Robin DR400 for example) which are adjustable and have a nice headrest, the cabin is noticable wider than on other aircraft of this category. In addition you have a real nice boot for your bags when you do longer trips. The range with nearly 6 hours is amazing. She is in general easy to handle. The only thing I find is that, compared to the DA20 for example, you have a bit worse visibility to the front. Thats why I find it a bit harder in the A210 to do a super "grease" landing. In the stall she is also a bit more "aggresive" then the DA20 (eventhough far from really aggresive). Due to the quite short wing when you really stall it, the wing tilts noticable more then the DA20 does. But even when you release the controls in the stall, she dives a bit and recovers more or less without any further input. So the handling is pretty forgiving, I would say. Oh, and in the flare she flooooaaaaaats :-) So don't come in hot and high. So over all the Aquila has far more pros then cons and is a reliable little aeroplane with amazing comfort :-) At the moment Rotax is testing their new 135BHP engine on an Aquila. With that engine, it would be the perfect two seater. Me and the Aquila over Venice :-)
  6. Hi, I fly the real Aquila regulary (no G500 equipment though). So, if you have any questions, feel free to ask ;-) Regards Martin
  7. I bought it some time ago and still love it :-) Don't forget, you have to buy the Carenado 210 PLUS the Simcoders expansion pack.
  8. And if you want something faster with an HSI included try the Cessna 210 from Carenado with the Simcoders Reality Expansion pack. https://www.simcoders.com/reality-expansion-pack/overview Both the expansion pack by Simcoders, was well as the Airfoillabs C172 are currently on sale at the Xplane.org store :-)
  9. Hi, The Airfoillabs 172 has almost all of it, but no HSI unfortunately. But it has a lot of other nice goodies for training (take a look at the video above). Cruise speed is around 110kias which matches our flying clubs DR400 pretty good. I don't know how fast the DR500 is in cruise though :-) Kind regards Martin
  10. Ok, also looking forward to that citation now :smile: :smile: :smile:
  11. Goran, I must admit that your forum posts are always written in a normal, polite and customer friendly way. And for sure the behaviour of some of the developers at X-Aviation is not your fault. But as a publisher who sells his stuff over there....can you just tell the guys to sometimes calm down before posting (count slowly from 1 to 10, have a cold shower, whatever...) Something like this is really bad marketing (and no, I am not the quoted user "donnergurke").
  12. The comments of Ben Russell on several forums also made me stop buying from X-Aviation. It's a highly rude and unprofessional attitude. Some guys at X-Aviation seem to be really pi##ed by the release of XEnviro and act like grumpy kids who get send to bed early (see the above link to the discussion on facebook). I still don't get the reason for it, as both products have their pros and cons. Just let the customer choose. It's a real pitty because I would love to have the Saab in my hangar (as well as the upcomming Citation) but with this attitude to customers support requests it's a NO GO for me. A release of the software on other shops like Simmarket would be highly appreciated but I fear GIZMO would still be involved... Kind regards Martin
  13. Hi again,@Dutton: I'm getting 22FPS (locked at 22) when I'm in the air too. The problem is, that that is only the case when I'm at a high altitude and autogen isn't displayed anymore or, if I'm somewhere over a desert, with no autogen at all. As soon as airport buildings get involved, the frames kick back to about 12-13. 12-13 FPS on a DEFAULT airport is quite lousy in my opinion. And please don't get me wrong, I'm mot a Micorsoft hater or something. I really think Windows XP is a #### of an OS (in a positive way). But the poor performance that FSX shows without addons makes me feel uncomfortable. As mentioned, I think that the real frame killers are the default airport buildings. Maybe there is something wrong with them. I keep my fingers crossed, that that's the case and Microsoft will release somekind of patch in the near future (I'm not to optimistic about that, honestly)Kind regardsMartin
  14. Hi,I have installed FSX two days ago and I have to admit that I'm quite dissapointed.I consider my machine "up to date" (AMD x64 4000+ Single Core, Geforce 7800GT 256MB, 1GB RAM).But FSX runs with 12FPS, sitting on a default airport (EDDM for example) in the default Cessna 172. That's really a poor performance. Think about using a PMDG 747, which takes another 10 FPS for it's advanced system simulation.....there will be 2FPS left. That doesn't look like having fun with an unpatched FSX in the future.I have to mention that all other games I own, like NFS Most Wanted, GTR2, Fifa Worldcup 06, and GTA San Andreas are running with all sliders to the max and 1280x1024 without the shadow of stutters.When FS9 came out, I also had a comparable "Up to date" system. On a default airport with the default Cessna, I easily gained 30FPS without any stutters and with no tweaks installed.I tried all the tweaks that have been mentioned here before. Some of them really helped, but using "tweaks" is not what I'm expected to do when I by a "game" for 75
  15. Hello,I can confirm that the problem is related to a manual time acceleration within the FS2CREW menu. If you let the time run down without "skipping" some minutes, everything runs okay. So what I do is paying attention that I keep my fingers away from the acceleration button between minutes 34 and 32 (cargo door opening time) and minutes 2 to 0 (cargo door closing time).Kind regardsMartin
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