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  1. Ran some testing this afternoon, figure I'd share my results. The Concorde is a pig. Testing: Only thing that changed were the planes. Simple looking out the cockpit window sitting at Gate G14 at a loaded Miami City X KMIA with high FSX settings.
  2. VeryBumpy


    This is an older thread but I wanted to post the solution that fixed my KERNELBASE.DLL errors. The symptom was K..B..dll errors when closing FSX. Didn't matter what plane, scenery, airport or any of my other addons that were run or used. I am 100% certain the cause was something related to the ConcordeX product from Flight Sim Labs. The fix was to uninstall my ConcordeX, reboot, re-install ConcordeX, reboot, done. No more errors. Hope this helps someone in the future.
  3. VeryBumpy

    Getting most from system

    Pretty much anywhere from 7 to 80 fps, it all depends on where your FSX settings are adjusted to.
  4. Wait..what?! How are politics stopping CPU GHz advancement? I assumed the 5GHz limit was a business decision of engineering vs cost issue; physics just getting too small and expensive to work with. A near limit sort of like you can only get something so cold or cause so little vacuum. > we as a small group seem to have lost a lot of our excitement for the near future of flight simming. Seems to be sort of a downer. Many of us have been waiting for this 'near future' for the last 10 years and tire of it. Usable hardware performance towards our sim just isn't increasing fast enough compared to the software load improvements we're seeing.
  5. VeryBumpy

    Ortho4XP for FSX/P3D

    This looks pretty neat but I balk at the complex install. Is there a dummy 'click on .exe to install' version?
  6. VeryBumpy

    Images no longer showing??

    Thank you for looking into it Jim.
  7. Insert other media>Insert existing attachment Where do we upload or place existing attachments? Thank you.
  8. VeryBumpy

    Images no longer showing??

    Review I was trying to look at were these 2...I don't consider these old.
  9. Between the 2, Xplane or P3D, I'd gladly jump ship to either of them if they get a massive performance bump by going fully multicore support. From a bit of searching, sounds like Xplane is ahead of the game by working on porting to use Vulcan. This will allow for proper multiple core usage to render the graphics. Is there news from P3D doing the same? Is V5 the Vulkan port?
  10. VeryBumpy

    Images no longer showing??

    Yup, most pictures in the Review section do not show up. Dead links or something.
  11. I would not invest any $ into this laptop. Run it as is and save up for something much more powerful.
  12. Since cpu's seem to have hit a max Hz limit, I'm guessing the only way we will see powerful performance applied to our sim's is a grand change to the sim code itself. Code that takes full advantage of multiple cores instead of relying heavily on cpu frequency. I'm doubting this will ever happen in our old age lifetimes, thoughts if hardware limited frame rate will ever be solved?
  13. VeryBumpy

    Congratulations to Rob Ainscough!

    I assume he wanted this added work load to his life? If so, enjoy and thank you for your efforts and work in advance.
  14. VeryBumpy

    Best flight planning service?

    Not sure how hard set the OP is but I find that Ideal Flight 10 does a very good job at flight creation and planning. There is a demo to try..
  15. VeryBumpy

    New guy, please help

    I'm not an Xplane guy.... yet (still using FSX)... but in reading, it seems this is helpful....