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  1. I own and use the Reverb. With reading gauges, charts and text, anything less in resolution would be rather bothersome to use IMO.
  2. Looking forward to see how this offering turns out.
  3. Do helicopters have a Black Box like airliners? Very curious to know why it happened. Sad for the lost lives.
  4. Since using it more and more I'm beginning to wonder of VR's side affects. Short term is easy; nausea, headaches, dizziness and eye fatigue. But what about down the road several years using VR for an hour or 2 every day? Are we damaging our eyes with the brightness and constant focus? Is repeated nausea and dizziness bad for our inner ears or brain? Is the band of electronics wrapped round our head and face bombarding us with harmful radio waves? Time to wear a tin foil beanie under our HMD? Legitimately curious.
  5. I literally have had ZERO problems with WMR. It is the most stable part of my VR setup. It's simple and it works. Albeit, that is once I got my replacement Reverb. With my original bad Reverb I had nothing but screen and startup problems. Check your setup and hardware thoroughly, I found it very important. What popup are you getting exactly?
  6. This would be a great 3rd party addon for FS2020.
  7. I was just trying to search for any sneak peak footage or screenshots of what huge airports and their scenery look like but came up with nothing. I'm still searching but if anyone has links or knows of any large airports, do share. Thanks.
  8. After several hours trying out FSX with their 15 minute demo addon, I gave up on it but REALLY liked what they've done and were trying to do. I can see why they abandoned it. Which lead me to buying, trying and deciding to keep their other product, FFS (bad acronym). MANY features are missing compared to FSX, but besides the excellent VR, 2 things hooked me; the streaming full world scenery and great performance (it uses all cpu cores!!). Night time flying has great visuals too. Being able to fly anywhere and have lots of solid autogen with the true to life satellite scenery is definitely the future, *ahem* FS2020. You spawn in the world first, then in about <45 seconds on my internet, you see the autogen and scenery fully load in; so pretty quick loading of streamed data. Due to the dozens of things missing and lacking, I would only recommend FFS to those that plan to fly VFR; huge, busy airports are all ridiculously flat and empty. It's Early Access but for $37, I'll easily get 37 hours of enjoyment out of it until FS2020 hits (which I don't plan on buying until it has VR). Give it a go, VR heads. Being designed from the ground up for VR shows with smart, easy to use menus and UI. Per Steam, you can try the game for 2 hours and refund it if you don't think you'll get your moneys worth. BE WARNED, you'll use up 30-45 minutes of this time configuring and setting up the controls and options.
  9. After more testing, I'm not buying this for $30. If it was $10 sure but it is way too unstable and buggy with too many planes. The default planes work nonstop but 3rd party planes obviously are different somehow and cause random crashes when FlyInside is used. With regular 2D FSX, there are no crashes so it's definitely something related to FlyInside.
  10. Not sure this is the best place for this topic? Anyway, I'm trying the demo out and for the most part, this is impressive software but I've seen several glitches. Does anyone know ..... How to increase head tracking sensitivity? Switching views ends up making the screen go black. Have to restart the whole sim to fix. Ideas? How to capture an actual size screenshot of what is being drawn in the HMD? Steam F12 doesn't work, FSX's V and Mixed Reality Portal snapshot doesn't capture the true resolution. Use Accu-Feel? Even if it works, something tells me the jostling wouldn't be enjoyable? How to prevent the Undocked Windows from going transparent? Is this program still supported? Looking in the forums, it appears dead since they are trying to make a sim. FYI: using HP Reverb and I'm not use the WMR controllers (using gamepad atm)
  11. Has there been mention whether this new FS2020 will keep the vast majority of keyboard commands the exact same as FSX? It's taken me years to learn and remember them all, it would be nice if they simply 'transferred over' to this new sim. That is all, thank you.
  12. The problem is there is no best. If your mainly using it for flight sim'ing, I wouldn't want to go anything less than HP Reverb for reading and environment clarity.
  13. Nice, enjoy, it's great value for what you get! No sure why you bought 2 of them though?
  14. Lots of good ideas so far that are definitely needed. One I didn't see mentioned is 'some way' to control or emulate as many keyboard keys as possible with VR UI and VR controllers. It takes a ridiculous amount of key and key combinations to fly a complex plane, 'some how' we need to 'see' them and activate them on the fly. <no pun intended>
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