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  1. Do GSX support vehicles still clip through planes, airport ground objects, vehicles and the like?
  2. This on mobile will probably sell well, on PC it will die.
  3. Yeah, Q3 is just not quite good enough. Seems the Pimax Crystal is the only one that is sharp in center and near very sharp at the outer edges.
  4. The lack of VR integration seems like a fairly large downside. Being able to scale fonts or windows so they are legible in VR is important.
  5. The upgrade from a Q2 is a no brainer large jump in quality. What we really need is a lay-mans Q3 vs G2 comparison of our sims various.
  6. Curious if the OP got something different? HP is going out of Reverb business. Lots of new, good HMD to sim with nowadays; especially if you don't care much about controllers and hand tracking.
  7. For those that tire of videos, he says... first thing is the most comfortable VR headset ever made number two has to be the OLED number three the black levels of the screen number four no screen door number five Beyond microphone number 6 the lack of inertia when dog fighting or Sim racing or even just moving around here
  8. Yes, thank you, looking for list of items per my main questions.
  9. Compared to an enthusiast sim user install of FSX (with addons), is there a list of what FS2020 still lacks or is addon unavailable? From searching I can gather a few things: seasons, multiple window viewports and replay. Just comprehensively trying to figure out, with 3 years of maturity, what's FS2020's status vs the old standbys (FSX/P3D). Thanks.
  10. Where there are little to no money constraints, amazing things can be done.
  11. I'm a big fan of the Aerosoft PBY-6 Catalina. Beautiful plane with many land and water options.
  12. Are you running multiple monitors? Try running only one if so. Are you able to open and see new camera viewports? i.e. [ key
  13. Not sure AM setting will matter too much to be noticeable. I'm real curious to hear of your performance gains from your older i5 to the new i7.
  14. I assume what ever clocks the highest may be the best answer but I know little about those AMD 3D processors. So yeah, title answer is....?
  15. I see this loosely as The Great 'Tech' Depression era we are in. Waiting in line, scalpers taking advantage of people, low supply, crappy service, lack of workers. When will this supply issue (not just video cards) end.
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