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  1. Yeah, this is the only reason I may be interested in a new video card also.
  2. VeryBumpy

    Is VR blurry?

    So it sounds like when using VR you are primarily using far or distant vision. That stinks for me since I'm nearsighted. Oh well, the latest '8k/5k' VR models seem to accommodate glasses much better than the current or early models.
  3. VeryBumpy

    Is VR blurry?

    One thing is not clear to me. <--see what I did there> When using VR, do you need to use glasses if you are nearsighted but not farsighted? Or the other way around?
  4. Wow, looks like waiting for the 8kX model will be worth it.
  5. This is a very well done review. Only thing I wish he would of included the Samsung Odyssey in this comparison. So this looks to be a good step upward from even the Vive Pro but ouch on the required hardware needed.
  6. VeryBumpy


    If you haven't already, I suggest you download and try the demo. It is fully functional at only a few select airports to test out; you can read the manual that way too. The basic gist is you enter an editing mode within the GSX menus and use the Slew keys to configure various locations on the aircraft, including start and stop locations of built-in aircraft stair cases.
  7. VeryBumpy

    What is going on with flight simulators?

    Yup, I totally see where the OP is coming from. Thing is....if a perfect, complete, fully featured, hassle-free flight sim was available but cost $5000, would it succeed.
  8. Wow, recommended to use a single 1080 per eye! Expensive on all fronts in order to own and run this enterprise targeted device.
  9. VeryBumpy

    Finally, people boarding my FSX planes!!

    I have been using it in FSX and posted most of my concerns in here. Overall, I like what its doing but feel it should be more customizable or feature rich in several areas.
  10. VeryBumpy

    GSX Level 2 - Reviews?

    True, pax can be set to a specific number, the others not. Globally was my key beef is all; I'm finding it really tedious to have to change and edit individual things each time.
  11. VeryBumpy


    I must say, GSX is not very intuitive or well thought out for the average end user. It takes alot of reading of the manual to decipher how GSX can be made to and does work. For the OP, with a 'internally' GSX supported plane like your CS737, you may need to put a check mark in the 'Ignore aircraft preferred exit" selection box within the "Customize airport positions" or "Customize this parking position". Then you need to setup and configure the exits how you want.
  12. VeryBumpy

    GSX Level 2 - Reviews?

    I bought it. In its current state, I feel it is over priced for what you get. I feel there are several features that should be added or implemented for it to be a good value. needs less backpack people and more with suitcases with wheels inability allow popup msg to stay longer customize exact # of pilots, attendants, pax, baggages loading where is the lower height gasoline truck the promised 3 years ago? AI not using the new global jetways inability to globally set all of the sim's jetways to a certain model you want inability to select vehicle models i.e. the nondescript buses are boring inability to globally remove 'parking too small for grnd services' check allow plane to determine if bus is needed, not each and every jetway allow multiple services at once design GUI to work with 4k monitors with >100% display scaling no global way to force bus loading(to enjoy the pax animation) at all parking spots no pax loading from terminal to plane (this is a biggie IMO!!) no winter clothing during winter pax loading several problems with smaller planes and the pax
  13. VeryBumpy

    Finally, people boarding my FSX planes!!

    It is now available for purchase. $29 at your favorite seller.
  14. VeryBumpy

    FSX vs Acceleration

    Try the Real Engine mod.
  15. Old topic but I wanted to help with my solution. My solution is to temporarily disable my 2nd monitor (Win+P within Win10), load up FSX as needed, then Win+P again to re-enable my 2nd monitor again.