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  1. I see this loosely as The Great 'Tech' Depression era we are in. Waiting in line, scalpers taking advantage of people, low supply, crappy service, lack of workers. When will this supply issue (not just video cards) end.
  2. Kind of neat. Wonder how accurate it is? Seems reasonable for the games I tried. Thought I'd share. https://pc-builds.com/games/bottleneck-calculator Edit: Sort of another one here. https://www.gpucheck.com/gpu-benchmark-comparison
  3. Loading my 4090 with heavy settings, max watts I see is 430w or so, and that is briefly. Its usually in the 380w range on average. What in the world are these guys running with their cards to crank super high wattages?
  4. Its too bad you changed both at once. It would of been interesting to know the gains with cpu vs gpu.
  5. Talk about a wet cat hoola hoop party at a mongoose ranch. I thought configurations, editing and tweaking was going to be a thing of the past with this 'new' sim. Glad you got it sorted and hope you have some hair left on your head.
  6. I'm waiting for FS2020 to be 'complete', as in no more updates. FSX will be in my future for several or many years yet. Still enjoying FSX plenty with the several dozen quality addons purchased. Food for thought: So what happens when FS2030(35?) gets announced and comes out?
  7. I'm curious if anyone is running FSX with this supposed super fast single thread performance CPU. Depending on your cpu jump, did it change your 15fps at a heavy airports to 30fps? Feedback please. Note: If mods want to move this, whatever, but it is specific to FSX only.
  8. Sure seems like hardware is being throttled. As other stated, run some other games/benchmarks to ensure your system performance is solid and that this is a FS2020 specific problem.
  9. Build or use what you want, there is no wrong way to enjoy ones games. Bang for the buck, I would choose VR. Way too much hardware and materials in a home multi-panel cockpit.
  10. Yup, way too expensive for consumer consumption. PICO 4 is looking to be the way to go if you don't like cables.
  11. Loving my PNY card. Exceptional performance. Replaced my 1080ti. Few personal benches.
  12. Thank you, I loath posted videos unless the poster includes a summary or pertinent comment of some sort. Chart shows more reasonable real world gains, not this DLSS 3.14 garbage.
  13. You might be waiting a while. 89 4090s already sold on Ebay and 99 currently available. And this is in the first ~6 hours.
  14. Weren't you building your own quality computer for the 4090? I assume this pre-built purchase was in slight 4090 desperation? Sad to say I was right, scalpers were(are) out in full force. <sigh> I tire of lack of availability of products.
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