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  1. Ditto. Seems beauty is only skin deep.
  2. I'm too young but I imaging these silicon shortages being similar to various rationings and shortages from industry shifts during WW1 and WW2?
  3. The electronics drought shows how frail companies and supply lines are in today's business world. 'Just in time' production my word not allowed; so many corporate failures of flexibility and adaption.
  4. From my dealings, lets just say I'm not very interested in PMDG's products any more. They have some nice products but they also are not faultless.
  5. If you are mirroring the first screen, no or virtually none. If you are extending the screen space, yes. How much will depend on how you use it and your system.
  6. Thank you for the chart info; I agree going back to the very first sim would make the chart more interesting. I pity the experience anyone gets using those specs with those sims as it will be very sub-optimal.
  7. FSX is a strange beast. CPU speed is absolute king. I'm not sure what you are expecting performance wise but this is FSX with my recent CPU upgrade. Might give you an idea what to expect? Best of luck.
  8. I made what I would consider a huge jump. Overall, while faster, I'm disappointed in the actual results. There is no way I'd be happy with upgrading the cpu on your system.
  9. Just a fyi, I recently reinstalled FSX DVD version and the online activation did work. I was actually shocked because the last several times I installed FSX a few years ago a phone call was required for activation.
  10. As I listed years ago, the PMDG DC-6 is far from perfect. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/516911-pmdg-dc-6-current-state-seems-a-bit-underwhelming/ I'm back into FSX and see PMDG still didn't address much. (the see-through engine area isn't even fixed?!! pathetic) So I'm trying to find work-arounds for their prerogatives: throttle increase/decrease using game controller buttons Propeller Low/Propeller High using keyboard keys Mixture control using keyboard keys Shift+E then # door activation using keyboard keys map appropriate lights to default keyboard keys Will the payed version of FSUIPC be able solve everything on my list? From what I've read LINDA 'only' does controller buttons, not keyboard keys, correct? I'm not familiar with FSUIPC limitations so any help or redirects are appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Where can I download old versions of LINDA? Like these... Thank you.
  12. I know its not realistic but sound is a huge part of the atmosphere. For examples, FSPassengers only has its canned ATC chatter and passenger loading ambient sounds heard when inside the VC. Or the landing gear whine and thud I'd like to hear when in Spot View. I know the Concorde X has a check box in its special Options pull down menu that allows for this called "Play Sounds in Ext Views". I find this a very nice feature. Is there a cfg setting or tweak that allows cockpit sounds to be heard in outside views for other planes?
  13. I will 2nd this. It has become my favorite FSX utility. You can try the trail version out btw.
  14. TLDR: The red numbers in the jpg are the bottom line percentage performance gains. I wanted FS2020 but had a good inkling it would most likely be a bit of a mess on release so I waited for feedback before purchasing. IMO sure enough, seeing how 1/2 done FS2020 currently is, and how it will be for a while, I have not yet purchased it and won't until the study sim tubeliners are sorted. So instead, seeing as though I have hundreds of $$$ invested in FSX, I decided it was finally time for me to upgrade and see if I can stretch FSX's legs a bit more. The end result is the below accurate as possible personal benchmarks I have done before and after an upgrade of cpu, motherboard and memory. Hopefully this is helpful for other FSX owners. I've tried to keep it apples to apples as possible. The graphs I now see are upside down, oh well, deal with it. 🙂 Both cpu setups were run on reasonable fresh win10 installs. Used 4 distinctly varied scenery/location save points. Recorded 35 seconds of stabilized info with MSI Afterburner. This is bare bones stock FSX retail with Acceleration. (nice to see the MS activation servers are back online, used to have to phone in the code) Important fsx.cfg Settings: AffinityMask=14 BLOOM_EFFECTS=0 TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=40 UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=0 WideViewAspect=True TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=1024 NUM_LIGHTS=8 AIRCRAFT_SHADOWS=1 AIRCRAFT_REFLECTIONS=1 COCKPIT_HIGH_LOD=1 LANDING_LIGHTS=1 AC_SELF_SHADOW=0 EFFECTS_QUALITY=2 GROUND_SHADOWS=1 TEXTURE_QUALITY=3 IMAGE_QUALITY=0 See_Self=1 D3D10=0 CLOUD_DRAW_DISTANCE=8 DETAILED_CLOUDS=1 CLOUD_COVERAGE_DENSITY=8 LENSFLARE=1 DAWN_DUSK_SMOOTHING=1 IMAGE_COMPLEXITY=5 SmallPartRejectRadius=1.0 AirlineDensity=100 GADensity=100 FreewayDensity=100 ShipsAndFerriesDensity=100 LeisureBoatsDensity=100 IFROnly=0 AIRPORT_SCENERY_DENSITY=5 LOD_RADIUS=5.500000 MESH_COMPLEXITY=100 MESH_RESOLUTION=25 TEXTURE_RESOLUTION=29 AUTOGEN_DENSITY=5 DETAIL_TEXTURE=1 WATER_EFFECTS=7
  15. I know its OT but just wanted to say AGREE FULLY! Watching a video to hear only words is useless 99% of the time.
  16. Wow, a 1080ti and such low, blurry settings. Going to need a 4080 for a non-Coke bottle view it seems.
  17. Mind linking the article or how to find it? I looked for a while but couldn't find it.
  18. They do have a fair cpu selection with FS2020 but tested at 2560x1440?! For cpu testing why did they not use 1080p? They used 1080p for all the other game tests EXCEPT FS2020. Makes no sense.
  19. Are there any sites out there that has solidly tested old and new cpus with flight sims?
  20. I have not seen or heard a single word or news blurb that any manufacturer is stepping up, increasing production or seeking other manufacturing sources. These companies are easily meeting their board member's goals and fiscal needs thus they don't give a word not allowed about the current high consumer demand nor plan to do anything about it. With the blatant lack of company agility, I predict this electronics shortage to last another 12 months before things become 'normal' again.
  21. Congrats and enjoy! I enjoy my Reverb G1 but, like many others, am waiting for the 3080 to become reasonably available to truly unleash the G1s beauty. There is no substitution for high resolution.
  22. Yup, this is the key. Truly enjoyable VR is at high res with high frame rates. Only obtainable by spending a bunch of $$$$$$ on uber fast hardware. Or you drop the graphics to pants levels.
  23. I haven't totally kept up with FS2020 VR stuff, are they now going to release VR for all headsets right away? FS2020 was to be WMR exclusive on release then support other headsets later down the road from what I remember. (Granted, I'm sure there will be internet hacks or work arounds the next day after release for all other headsets.)
  24. Even though WMR has been all along getting many improvements, according to this thread, WMR is most likely doing large improvements to its motion reprojection and bringing 30fps reprojection. I was wondering how MS was going to pull off VR for the heavy flight sim. Odds are other headsets will need to modify their options before they can run the sim? This might explain the WMR VR exclusivity. https://old.reddit.com/r/WindowsMR/comments/jrafia/beta_feature_reprojection_from_30_fps_according/
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