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  1. Official b1 = Austin b3 He clarifies that here all the improvements are already available Yes they're incredible. I'm holding off the purchase only because of the likelyhood of Vulkan breaking it for good. Don't know how long I can resist though
  2. I also started using both XP11 and P3Dv4 and can never make up my mind which one to fire up 🙂 Give XP11 a chance by taking advantage of the many free addons available. For planes, Zibo if you like big iron or Vflyteair Navion if you're more into low and slow. The default C172 is also very nice. Scenery via ortho4xp, misterx and orbx free airports. Also try Orbx TE GB South free demo if you like to fly in that area.
  3. Except Tyler himself explains that VR data is from when 11.20 became available. And the VR chart is titled, Users Who Have Flown in VR in 2019
  4. Hi Alex, Is there a way to switch the weather source from ASXP for X-Plane to ASP4 for P3D and back? They both generate a current_wx_snapshot.txt file but obviously in different folders. Maybe add an option to provide the path to both and the select the correct one based on the scenery library selection? Or based on timestamps? Thanks
  5. Hello people I might be interested in the GTN750 and would like to understand a bit more about it. Is there an FAQ somewhere, I asked RXP directly and was told to post this in the forums? My main question is, will the GTN750 have full support for regions outside North America? I understand it relies on the GTN/GDU 620 PC Trainer software but that comes with a statement saying Garmin Navigation Database (North America). Does it require a subscription to keep data up to date and also to cover other regions? Thanks
  6. 3jFPS-wizard11.lua is your problem. The author of that tool has warned its users multiple times to update to the latest 3jFPS version before upgrading to 11.30
  7. Thanks Stephen, I only got it three days ago but the initial impression is very good.Controlling the elevator trim on the Realair B60 with the trim wheel is easier than with the little switches on the yoke.I completed a short leg without using the autopilot at all.I never flew a real plane so I cannot say if it works like the real one.
  8. Here is a pic of my setup. Recently added a trim wheel and the autopilot radio on the iphone.All built with cost saving as a top priority.
  9. A 7600gs with 256mb or 512mb of memory will give you plenty performances with FSX for about $120For reference see the videocard reviews at, the seem to be the only ones testing the cards with FSX
  10. peroni

    Chile..Chile...and more Chile.....

    >:+ >I also think that this post is hillarious!!!>I assume Stan's reaction comes from his frustration (that I>share) to see so few downloads for FSX everyday in the library>but Chile.>Nothing to do with being or not American, to love or not his>country, to be devoted or not to the sim community.>I see no offence here but just a humorous reaction.>No lack of respect, the words used aren't insulting at all.>Should we always be serious and politically correct??>Come on guys! Leave that to politicians! :-)>Please, David Ventura Chamudes, keep on uploading your files>for your beautiful country and please Stan, keep on telling>your thoughts with humor and respect!!>Just my 2c :-)I also think that the original post was a bit rude, anyway let's hope the author of the Chile scenery does not see this thread, it would be embarrassing for this community.Has anybody managed to download the full package yet? Any screenshot?btw, isn't hilarious spelled with one L only?I see several posts where it is spelled differently.
  11. How many monitors are you going to connect?More than two I assume or the 2nd videocard would make no sense.How about hard drives?
  12. 1KW is insane unless you have money to waste.The 700w from OCZ is plenty enough even if you were to go with another 8800 (useless for fsx anyway) FYI, Your system at full load will probably use between 250 and 300w.Of course if overclocking the power consumption will rise.
  13. The 6ms difference on the random access time makes a huge difference.Burst speed is only measuring the speed of the interface, useless unless you have 8GB of cache built into the hard disk ;-)The real improvement in speed will only happen with solid state drives (flash drives)
  14. Since the code is not optimized for dual core CPU's what matter most is the raw CPU frequency.Unless somebody can come up with the reverse hyperthreading technology being talked some months ago...My ideal PC for the currently available FSX (aka no DX10)Core duo running at 3.5GHz or more (overclocking needed)2GB of fast memoryMotherboard based on Intel 965 chipset2x 150Gb Raptors HD in Matrix raid 0 (configured to use only 30% of the disk size)Dedicated soundcard, onboard ones use more CPU timeNvidia 7900gs with 512MB onboardWinxp sp2For the videocard, even a 7600gs with 256mb can cut it at 1280x1024 on a single monitor.edit: a 400W quality PSU is plenty enough to cover this configuration and more.