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  1. It would work beautifully at 1080p and 1440p
  2. Don't know if this was posted but this review is much better than Tom's https://www.techspot.com/article/2085-microsoft-flight-simulator-2020/
  3. The first dev to come out with a PA28 will make some easy cash, no matter the plane quality 😀
  4. About to come out with Vulkan/Metal, currently still in beta, a long and painful (for Laminar) beta
  5. seems like this whole release is fubar (again) according to one developer, we might be seeing b16 very very soon
  6. Austin not keen on aerial imagery due to being static. Cars, planes, shadows, etc burned into the pics with no easy way to remove them. This gives a feeling of a static world while he is looking for a dynamic experience
  7. All good points here but keep in mind most really want something that tweaks the image only for X-plane without impacting other programs. Easiest would be if nVidia/AMD introduced color profiles to be automatically associated to a given program similarly to what they do with 3d settings
  8. I think it executes the on_press action but does not stay pressed and executes on_release action once moved to a different position. Can't check now. The center position behave differently as it only executes the on_press action (or was it on_release?) If you want me to run some specific tests send me a private message, I'll be glad to help
  9. The mode switch works as three indipendent buttons. Position left and right return both the pressed and unpressed statuses, the central position only sends the pressed status. FYI I'm using it with LINDA to act as a modifier to triplicate the number of switches/buttons on my saitek yoke. I also use it the same way with x-plane by mean of a custom .lua script. I had to delete the SaiD0BAC.pr0 file and do not use the Saitek/Logitech drivers. Hope this helps.
  10. it is public https://www.flightsimulator.com/november-21st-2019-development-update/
  11. Gee, both the youtuber and FSElite picked up this info from an interview dated 28th December which was also posted on this forum by @Krakin Asobo or Microsoft said multiple times even before that, while all details were not figured out, an option to buy the game without a subscription would definetely be available. Of course there could be limitations, like no live traffic or who knows what
  12. This might have been your experience but I can tell with certainty that you do not need to login to your Windows 10 computer using a Microsoft account. Using a local account for the PC and a Microsoft account for the xbox piece is all you need.
  13. The Vulkan promise of a slight increase in performances and elimination of stutters would be two great achievements in 11.50 even if no other features are added. There's also a chance the experimental flight model might become the default one. Visual improvements after 11.50 are surely exciting but these might take years to make it to a public release. We'll see.
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