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  1. LOL we were at least two XP users on those early days I posted this on Jan 1st https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/640947-new-atc-plugin-in-development-sayintentionsai/
  2. I've only tried the old version before XP support was dropped temporarily, for my use case this is the best thing that happened to simulation in the last year or two. I can't wait to have some time in my hands and sign up for a month... or ten
  3. The last official info was to try and get a public beta in March, should not be too far now. However the official non-beta release of 12.1.0 will be much later in the year.
  4. The price is great news for the owners of the previous XP11 version. Q8Pilot reviews are always full of exceptionals, phenomenals, extraordinary, sensationals, etc, can't really rely on him. I know youtube compresses most of the detail bit I skipped through the video and was not really impressed, seen a lot of blurry stuff. With that said, if they release GB South with the same discount for previous owners I will jump on it like a kangaroo
  5. Here's an attempt to steer this thread back on topic, will Marco Auer be mostly in charge of the soon to be released XP store?
  6. Good to see another sharp developer joining the XP crowd, hopefully this tool will keep improving like its counterpart for MSFS. Benefits are the possibility of using different maps providers and on-the-fly map switching
  7. Excellent news. Hopefully it will not be a long wait I'm also hoping autoOrtho gets updated with the latest ortho4xp improvements. That new camera system is similar to what XP realistic does?
  8. I would not use x-aviation as a benchmark of how to run a store. I'm sure Laminar can do its store thing better than most if they really believe in it.
  9. Oh I've just seen that, thanks for pointing that out! Looks like a super welcomed change of pace then. I was envisaging many iterations of 12.1.x and 12.2.x before seeing 12.3.x
  10. At what screen resolution do you sim with? For 1080p and 1440p the 4060 8gb will be great with both MSFS and XP At higher resolutions you would be better served by more VRAM 1080p is also pretty ok with the GTX1070 you already have if you want to save some cash. Here it runs both XP and MSFS at over 40 FPS with moderate to high settings, especially in MSFS.
  11. Wow, 12.3.0 could be one or two years away. Anyway, until then the RXP XP12 Enhancer does workaround this problem just fine. I hope the author keeps it up to date with every new version like he did so far. And thanks goes to @RXP
  12. Seriously, did you even read the first post?
  13. Agree it is frustrating when ATC cannot even handle some of the basic stuff. Jim Keir joined Laminar nearly 3 years ago and while ATC has improved a lot from XP11 it still does a lot of funny things like you described above. I wonder why it is taking that long to get something worthwhile. If you tried sayintentions.ai when XP was supported, you could see how incredibly engaging it is when ATC interacts with you (and without relying on a live person on the other side, aka Pilotedge)
  14. From the X-Plane discord channel, an official source, reposting it here
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