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  1. yes, that is what will make the iphone support finally possible, already proof of concepted. that, moving everything to fmod and a proper point and click ui to come with V2 of the plugin, done a lot on all that already, but settled on the priorities for this year of bulking out the ground school in the phone app and making sure the AI supports everything it should everywhere flawlessly, very happy with where its got to, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Then when the XP in sim store is ready, finally have a decent place to actually sell it. 744 ready as a great test bed for all the AI acars stuff OrbX nearly has a full set of UK scenery laminar nearly done demolishing the last of the Xplane bugbears my home cockpit ready The stars are aligning, happy days.
  2. AutoATC is win/lin/mac. lot of dev scheduled for this year (little delayed because we expanded office space and employee numbers in early April and Ive had to put a lot of time on bringing them up to speed). V1 is about ready and will stay freeware for the plugin, V2 is in the concept phase, will be payware and also finally bring in iPhone support.
  3. FPS counter gives it away, must remember to turn that off when doing videos
  4. processing power available on modern GPUs is nothing short of miraculous I think the particle effects are in, because I saw new ones while hovering during yesterday. The challenge with most things now is the time it takes to turn into something that can be used rather than just demo'd. had a mini tantrum when the wind nearly blew me into the lake because the 4+ year old (reported) windsock not working at all like a real one bug hadn't actually been fixed. Ive been embarrassed for xplaners to talk about that one, because really, not having a working windsock is surely an issue that shouldnt take 4 years+ to fix in a flight sim /rage. Anyway, as with most things xplane that make me scream, I fixed it up myself, sent the code I made for it over to LR on a MIT licence, so hopefully it does actually get fixed soon, and in the meantime, and in the meantime I finally have a working windsock so I can use the simply glorious real weather we now have.
  5. For those who, like me, didn't RTFM. Ortho water should be fixed (and probably has been for a while) - but you need to select the XP12 water option from the settings in Ortho4XP1.4... Rebuilding tiles now
  6. me giving every post on the first page of an avsim thread a heart or upvote is true progress 🤣
  7. You will. But I can say, in the past, a borken beta would already have been released to the public by now, we have all been through that pain, however that dynamic changed significantly over the last few months. https://developer.x-plane.com/2024/03/finishing-12-1-0-features/ March 15th 2024 Very very gone are the days when most developers wouldnt even start updating their aircraft until a release was out of beta. 12.0.9 is a great sim 12.1.0 beta is going to be significantly better. In the inbetween time enjoy hopefully never again downloading an update only to find the wings of your plane have gone missing.
  8. Nice, I hadn't seen Delta had also put the new autogen stuff up, since discord links only work on discord, for the others that missed it:
  9. Everything is in the video or otherwise available elsewhere. all of it was discussed in montreal in feb which explicitly was not NDA'd.
  10. yep, I'd say that's definitely worthy. It will have gone unnoticed because most people in VR will be using hand controllers or physical controls. If you dont have hand controllers (I dont) then kit like https://www.elgato.com/us/en/p/stream-deck-plus-black and/or AutoATC voice commands avoid the need to use the mousewheel at all.
  11. Because the majority of bugs LR deal with cannot be made public, anything they are doing for the commercial space will be locked up in NDAs, many of those they cannot even acknowledge they are working on (especially any .mil stuff), that database is access to the ones that are publicly tracked. It took a lot of pecking their ear to get this much. fill in the bug request for with "feature request" or "quality of life improvement" as the subject. Depending on how big a deal it is, dont hold your breath tho, Faster "reaction time" would be to discuss it on one of the developer forums to implement it as a plugin e.g. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/21068-x-scrollwheel-control-the-behaviour-of-your-mouse-wheel/ or https://github.com/skiselkov/StopZoomingDammit Generally it seems they will prioritise issues that only they can fix.
  12. To add to this. We have public bug tracking now, no one needs the changelog to see what bugs have been fixed or not you go to https://developer.x-plane.com/ and select X-Plane bug database https://developer.x-plane.com/x-plane-bug-database/ from there enter the XPD that was assigned to the issue, e.g. a new 744 release is holding out on https://github.com/mSparks43/747-400/issues/859 not all of them are public, having an XPD does not mean it will be fixed, but if it does not have an XPD it is guaranteed no developer time is assigned to it. If the only feedback that has been provided is "its broken", then no action will be taken. The only exceptions to that are broader topics like "dark cockpits" or "anti aliasing sux". there is no real fix to these, but also they have stated they are putting developer time into trying to improve the situation. I cannot stress enough, if there is something specific, that you can point to and fill in https://www.x-plane.com/x-plane-bug-report-form/ such that even our resident trolls can say "yep, that is broken for me to" That needs doing, and you need an XPD. If you dont get an XPD, the only way forward is to work with others in the community to adequately describe what the problem is/are, like that 744 issue above, that has been known to exist for over a year, but it is only the last few weeks someone managed to create clear enough instructions to give LR something they can work with. That's no ones fault, this stuff is hard.
  13. its hinted at the end of the video. But the basic story behind this is the kind of thing you only get from a group like LR. Austin did his usual custom builds he throws around just because he loves this stuff that included the new g forced camera he presented in Montreal in Feb. That worked great - except it was then obvious how broken the turbulence was. several backs and forths with anyone with cockpit experience got it tuned beautifully. Last I heard it wasnt coming in 12.1 because Austin of course broke lots of other things in his build. Pitchforks were raised and torches were lit. It wasnt until watching that video I actually understood what all the fuss was about tbh, I think this could actually be a gamechanger for flight sim, pretty sure asobo will be copying it as soon as they get their hands on it.
  14. we finally have a root cause (with a lot of help from zero dollar payware/StableSystem) https://twitter.com/zdpofficial?lang=en XP is dropping the NAVData for 3rd party sceneries whose name doesn't match the gateway.
  15. you are probably looking for the field of view setting under graphics. you can also zoom in and out with the middle mouse button, save the view with ctrl+numpad key then return to it with that numpad key. both save view and go to view are configurable under the keyboard bindings.
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