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  1. .-------------------. | FILESYSTEM | TIME | .-------------------. |REISER4 lzo | 1938| |REISER4 gzip| 2295| |REISER4 | 3462| |EXT4 | 4408| |EXT2 | 4092| |JFS | 4225| |EXT3 | 4421| |XFS | 4625| |REISER3 | 6178| |FAT32 | 12342| |NTFS-3g |>10414| .-------------------. in terms of xplane, getting file metadata like folder contents and filesize is blisteringly fast compared to ntfs. This may also be the reason Im seeing reduced performance on this machine, because I used BTRFS for this install, and while some benchmarks show it outperforms, been seeing a lot showing it doesnt.
  2. yep. The biggest differences are that Im on linux and mac, and my XP11 had the screws tuned out of it. Not felt the need to do that on XP12, because I spend so much longer in sim these days than I used to. L16 ortho loads a lot quicker than the higher resolutions. longer initial load times is by far the biggest cost of going to l18 ortho. I'm of the opinion that a chunk of the slight load time increase that comes with 12 is down to the new water - there must be a load of extra set up to bind all the physics to the water bodies now in XP12 - There is some improvements stacked here, I hope some initialisation optimisation is also planned. the seasons - there is a ton of extra data to load in around the current state and behaviour of the scenery like puddle build up, snow and chosing the vegitation state I still find XP12 load times impressive though - and also really important for getting the most out of it, there is a massive difference between starting a sim 20 times in a row (e.g. when experimenting with settings or doing some development) when those starts take 30 seconds instead of 5 minutes. Ive taken to "cheating" a little for XP12 load videos - pausing the recording for a short while during load just so you dont have to sit through it in the video e.g. in there is probably 30 seconds to a minute of load time cut out of that video - still impressive but pointless to leave in for a 20 second clip. Its also my biggest complaint about windows in general - I bleeping bleep bleep bleeping da bleep hate waiting for computers, I know that is somewhat beyond a "1st world problem" but Im so used to The horroshow that is windows is just not something I remotely have the patience for, and I struggle to understand how people put up with any less. (you can see from the timestamps in those videos this also isnt the first time recently this conversation has popped up)
  3. thats also believed to be a vram (paging aiui) issue. first fixes due to drop in 12.06, but afaik you dont get that one with orthophoto
  4. autopilot problem on msparks 744 everytime I engage the autopilot suddenly the jet spins to the right and enters a death spiral.... what's going on? each and every time (controls???) I use Honeycomb but used to happen with a joystick a year ago too I just keep forgetting to ask.... hope I am not the only one with this issue..... 

    1. mSparks


      "sounds like" something that is known to happen if there is a discontinuity in the flightplan

    2. JETPETER2


      no flight plans only trying to engage autopilot on a downwind leg to landing... someting is flawed badly I fear, so you have seen this before? the default 747 doesn't do this


    3. mSparks


      all that will light up on its own starting on a ten mile final, so if that isnt happening some kind of install problem?

  5. XP12 isnt loading anywhere near as fast as XP11 did in the same circumstance, there is still room for some optimisation there inho - which I'm sure will come.
  6. this will possibly be the vram/screen space related issues - first batch of fixes due to drop in 12.06 not so much the model as certain material settings set it off. the default MD wings are an example.
  7. yeah, kinda, perf issues on 3rd party plane systems are not at all opengl, zink or sasl/xlua/C/C++ related. But rather the "programming paradigm" the 3rd party developers used to write them. This feeds deeply into the myth that "xplane cant do multithreading/multicore". Not that xplane really helped 3rd parties not make rookie mistakes when it comes to building complex displays and systems, the guidance for 3PDs there was simply terrible, very little if not no modern programming developer guidance (not limited to XP, if anything the current MS guidance is even worse, from what I have seen of P3D it is no better there). And when I came to adopt them for some custom drawing for the first time even developers that had some experience of using technologies like PBOs were "obstructive" to put it politely. This is how xtlua was born I use in the 744, needed an environment that took the pain out of building asynchronous systems, kicked it off April 2020 after several months of planning as soon as I got word that wasn't going to be something that was incorporated into the default developer tools.
  8. can you give an example? Im using terrain radar and avitab in the 744 in VR and its absolutely glorious already, even if I am still super excited and a little bit impatient to get my hands on a working openXR build.
  9. that was before zink, by 3rd parties. Zink enables 3rd parties to switch to vulkan without rewriting any of their code - the whole point of everything you bolded. see here: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2023/02/zink-driver-for-opengl-over-vulkan-gets-a-10x-performance-boost-for-doom-2016/
  10. yes. reason I say rename is if it does seem to work/do something you can rename the new folder, and set the old one back and see if the issues return.
  11. AMD had a ton of performance issues and flickering displays, most of which have been resolved over the last 3 or 4 months afaik 10 series Nvidia had several hard lockup issues 9 series Nvidia would often turn the sun black. To name a few All fixed/worked around. windows has networking, CPU utilisation and file system bugs dating back decades, which will likely never be fixed. X-Plane of course has it's own issues, a significant portion of which have been traced back to the system that shuffles stuff around between disk, ram and vram aiui, particularly bad when combined with the CPU utilisation and file system bugs in windows (e.g. when windows just starts sending garbage when XP tries to read the disk instead of the actual file contents. ) "most games" will just keep you waiting in the elevator longer while they try and retry to load the next level X-Plane doesn't have that luxury, the best they can do is to try and avoid triggering them.
  12. yep, when you see XP releases with complaints about porpoising, thats why, they dialed it in low and it drives everything to much when high. Actually, we saw that in MS, so they did model that at one point- as long as they didnt "fix" it by removing the physics. default XP AP doesn't have any options to correct for this, so the best you can do with the default AP is being very lazy when low and slow. took a good chunk of the last 12 months getting it to behave well throughout the ranges - all stuff you only notice when it doesnt work right. I was impressed with the all the effects they demo'd in that scene, all round enjoyed that movie. proper plasma interference, decent data out displays, nicely captured what I know of the skunkworks way of doing things. I kinda wish someone would bring the XP space shuttle back to life, wrap it in some decent particles and failures.
  13. disclaimer: Ive never piloted an aircraft above 10,000 feet. I cant talk for msfs. that out of the way, I have spent an insane amount of time studying the 744 systems, getting feedback from people who have, and learnt a lot from the XP flight model doing so. There are some really interesting/none obvious things happening when you start flying fast and/or high. For fast, the faster you go the more impact the flight surfaces have, so much so that above certain speeds the 744 disables the outer ailerons (aileron lockout) and reduces the rudder movement via a module called the Rudder Ratio Changer, there are whole chunks of proceedures for dealing with these failing and misbehaving. For high, the higher you go the more sensitive climb/descend is to pitch. These both combine to mean when you are high and fast control inputs need to be absolutely minimal to hold her stable, even in sketchy weather. whereas coming into approach particularly with sketchy weather it can be a real fight to keep a stable approach. All of this is done well by the xplane flight model as far as I can tell, and needed a lot of customisation in the 744 over what came as default in XP11 to get the correct behaviour. So it will depend a lot on the aircraft even within xplane, and I doubt anyone really knows for msfs. There are also a lot of people in all the sims pretending they are real pilots for clicks - getting even the most basic things wrong, which has been incredibly frustrating.
  14. Yes they did - continually for the last 14 years. The "additional" downloads you are talking about are additional 3D objects that add variety. OSM is 2D location and meta data.
  15. X-plane has had global scenery supported by OSM since like XP8 or 9 (not sure, I started using it middle of XP10) None of the stuff you can download is free for commercial use, X-Plane is mostly developed for pilot training which is commercial use. There is a significant community coalesced around that who enjoy using it for personal use and entertainment, and share with each other, mostly for free, the results of their passion. Probably the most significant of that is simheaven: https://simheaven.com/downloads/ in specific circumstances, when a commercial client wants additional scenery for commercial use, it will/may be included in the base sim, e.g. KBTV for the work they have been doing with Beta and the Alia 250. But generally, most of the commercial use stuff is made specifically on a client by client basis, and for their exclusive use. XP12 has seasons by default now, old downloads might not support it yet, but they will do eventually, just set the day of the year in settings. TBH, not requiring internet access is a fairly important Actually, it's not their financial and server resources which are the problem. The market cost of of the bandwidth used for continually streaming bytes isn't cheap, I pay 1c per gigbyte, so if I served you with 1TB of streamed ortho in a month (basically $0 in terms of disk cost) I'd need to collect from you $10 in that month just to break even. Even I could provide it, but would you pay it + my profit? Anything else is either illegal or otherwise unsustainable.
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