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  1. Sure, but have you seen the price of simulator flight controls?
  2. yeah - and VR has saved me a ton of it that Id otherwise have spent on avio benzine. As of today Ive almost done as much full VFR simulated cross country in VR as I have in the real one.
  3. That VR is a luxury not a necessity If you have controls half decent VR for flight sim starts at about $200 and goes all they way up to some $8000 for "affordability" hasn't been an issue for a long time (I got my PSVR headet for €200 some 3 years ago) The key issue was never really price, the issue was previously it didn't matter how much you spent the flight experience was sub standard, because you "feel" every stutter in your stomach. In fact, if you have an Android phone, Experiencing Xplane VR is $10 for a phone based headset and https://riftcat.com/vridge For folks with full cockpit setups like me, Xplane VR is an absolute dream, because there is no separation between the cockpit, the physical buttons you press, spin and move and the outside scenery.
  4. pre 11.50 I would have agreed. Now that VR with no stutters is the standard (stutters really ruin the VR experience), I would say VR is more of a if not equal necessity to get enjoyment/the feeling of flight than a joystick and rudder pedals. also VR - even with all graphics settings to minimum - is orders of magnitude better than the best 2D MSFS graphics, you just can't compare the feeling of sitting in the cockpit with sitting in front of your PC. I got bored trying to find where @Janov actually took his pic This is my "EDDS" vicinity with current weather To his actual then I guess the redtop buildings are one of the scenery packs I have since his didn't Seems something of a redundant statement? Meat isn't for everyone, Icecream isn't for everyone, BDSM definitely isn't for everyone. X-Plane is a flight simulator, and a pretty serious one at that, but also so much more than that.
  5. Thank you Ray, sorry to bother you, I don't want to see either take a break from posting, but this ^^^^
  6. There's a youtube channel called grimreapers, well worth watching. I'd probably use DCS in place of csgo if/when i could get it running on linux. The only thing that annoys me from an msfs perspective is the general ignorance that accompanies many of the comments about it. First they lay into me because they insist VR doesnt matter Then I get abuse because I dont believe it will have a useable flight system anytime soon. After that I get abuse because I point out achieving what they showed in the promo videos would need a really high end machine. These days I get abuse because I dont rate the difference between msfs ortho or XP ortho as either impressive or important. Meanwhile Warthunder, DCS and XP between them cover every aspect of flight sim you can think of to an amazing standard but I'm a heretic for thinking there is more to flight sim than pressing ctrl e to start your engines and flying over your house in different 3d models. Oh yeah, and all that makes me anti XP, so I get to enjoy regular bans and moderator approval on the org for talking about such things.
  7. What's the location? I can take you one with my new cloudless ortho 😄
  8. This is pretty much all I do in XP (other than enjoy building a/cs I will never fly irl). what's your point? So much so that: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/163612-tx-laminar-quite-a-lot-for-this-edited/&tab=comments#comment-1533298
  9. Only because he's not got round to getting himself a VR setup yet. Once he does I'm sure he will be laughing at everyone who doesn't VR like the rest of us VR junkies do.
  10. Conversely, there are some 2M+ "pilots" who have been led to believe the latest sim to drop is the pinnacle of all things flight sim and all other flight sims are inferior in every way. With a mentality like my niece who needed forcing to try salmon and cream cheese because she was convinced she wouldn't like it but now eats all the salmon out of the fridge every time we get it in. nice back story here: https://www.jrollon.com/SiaiMarchetti.html Warthunder, DCS and X-Plane?
  11. Wasted a lot of time on that plan:- got nowhere This one is "pure" image processing, taking a tile like and spitting out Took a while to rebuild my orthos, but so far looking good - except a new issue - baked in cloud shadows..... Solution is breathtakingly simple, "OMFG that is so obvious" moment, so much so I could add it to my Ortho4XP fork. But not sure what to do with it ... pretty raged at the .org tbh, so much so I don't really want to see it there ... Also, OrbX are making good money on similar for the UK, and 1. I like OrbX and don't want to undermine them, 2. I wasted a lot of time on this one and would quite like to get a few hours avio benzine out of it and 3: ^^which I would preferred to have posted in But well, locked threads and Sh/t
  12. Can we just agree you are both mostly right. XPlane scenery out of the box is better than FSX and P3D XPlane 11 scenery out of the box is pretty bad - especially in comparison to what XP11 is actually capable of in talented hands: https://www.thresholdx.net/news/adkmgm https://propstrikestudio.com/products/fisheries
  13. Before After Not sure what to do with this one, but I can now fly with cloudless ortho for pretty much the entire world..... Part of the same dev I was doing for snow textures:
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