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  1. Apparently he has a habit of dragging people into nonsensical arguments. 🤪 Some people even believe he can get angry Personally I, and I think also they, are just jealous of his toys
  2. Imma just gonna leave this here: 4 years ago ffs
  3. You might need to revise your budget, that won't even get you a middle of the road graphics card, let alone the stuff to drive it 😞
  4. That isn't one I'd claim to be right (or wrong) on, whichever way it goes. Its tough to put why into a short comment and impossible to explain fully without going waaay of topic. A lot of my day job revolves around predicting the future, but no one understands the science behind predicting the future (if you want to know more in an entertaining way read Asimovs Foundation and Robot series, watch all three seasons of the new WestWorld - particularly the third season, which is the first time I have ever seen it dramatised in a meaningful way, also (spoiler) the Arrival movies language are based on that science: and Most people think of the future as a single point, that's not how it works "only problem with living so far in the future is when you get back to reality its all repeats" ) Big difference between the Console/Mobile platforms and windows PC is they spit back meaningful telemetry to developers which enable fixing it, I'd expect the CTD issues to be resolved pretty quickly over the next few releases - usability issues that don't generate telemetry are a very different matter though.
  5. yeah its a facebook picture, so you probably need to be logged into your facebook account to view it.
  6. /critical cap engaged I hope they sort the grass/forest floor /disengage critical cap V nice.
  7. Best you can really get imho is something like But I wouldn't spend time on it tbh, XP12 is coming and this sort of issue is right at the top of the list of things to address. and yeah, blue or white sky seem to be the only options in XP11.
  8. Its 30fps minimums. Not 30fps average or max. xbox is an 8 core cpu with amds version of an RTX2080 (series S limited to 1080p) i.e. a very high end PC last year. so worst case 30fps never below. 30fps because it cant reach 60fps minimums and fps is locked to 30fps so you dont get screen tearing.
  9. OTOH, if they couldnt get it on the xbox, I really doubt they were getting it on the PC either. Even 30fps is well below industry standards, I'm sure youve read me whining like an 11 year old girl (fresh in my mind at the nieces bday party) about XPs frame rate issues in the past, VR needs 90fps for a flawless none puke inducing blast around London village.
  10. Personally Im waiting for a v1 of the sdk, sometimes its good to sit back and let others do all the hard work and take all the risk, then step in a reap their rewards. It was never a secret though, I never really understood the grief I got for pointing out 90% of the marketing material was targeted at XBOX and subscriptions, it was always the only way them pouring so much money into it made any kind of financial sense. Windows is a walking dead OS and has been for years. The only pity is they don't allow weapons on the in game store, of all the really stupid decisions Ive seen simulator developers make over the years that takes the biscuit. LRs plans have pretty much always been well thought out, main reason we are still waiting for a more detailed plan, not so much they are holding out and more just because they dont know or havent decided.
  11. 100%, also I miss a lot of interaction with that living world, right now it doesnt feel like your plane is really part of the world it is flying in. Im pretty much planning on adding PhysX support to xtlua for xp12 stuff like debris/fod, plus a host of other things on my wish list.
  12. But you gotta love how the LR talk kicked off by pimping AVSIM After everything the org did for them, scamming users, banning large numbers of 3PDs, doing everything they could to stop legitimate bug reports reaching LR support, so simple issues went years unreported, claiming people stole work off unnamed, unidentified individuals with precisely the opposite of evidence and banning and threatening to ban anyone who disagreed with them. Austin wasn't convinced about having an ingame store, but the flood of departures that behaviour has created is exactly why its needed, at which point I would expect avsim to become the #1 XP site again.
  13. large is one thing - global scale is something else entirely. while it might have been, it clearly wont be for very long. There would already be at least one Trusky mod for XP if their SDK wasn't broken and they had something resembling support.
  14. The best news all day is the forest video was recorded on a 1070. But min system specs dont seem to be something that has been considered yet. 1070 is still an ok card, but starting to be on the low end of cards that led this revolution. In one of the youtube videos Austin commented "year end" then got told to take it back and edited it away. In the webex they just did: He said he wants a beta for FSEXPO.... One way or another we should at least get something of a plan for fsexpo, I wouldnt bet on completing a flight in any new major version without something serious to get mad about until at least the middle of next year. Yo'all just had first hand experience of what the first year or two of all new looks like with MSFS (cant say I didnt warn you), the early years of XP11 were basically the same - still is 5 years later if borken shadows/lighting for no good reason is something serious you get mad about.
  15. I dont know much about the amd lineup, around 2013 or so people doing gpu compute in any kind of serious fashion were buying Nvidia titans by the truckload at $10,000 a card, RTX20 series cards matched that performance, RTX30 series cards exceeded it. GPGPU specific benchmarks here https://compubench.com/result.jsp GPGPU stuff hasnt made it into consumer software yet as far as I know (unless you count crypto mining)
  16. thats what changed for new gen hardware. new gpus have thousands of cores - each with about as much compute horsepower as the 4 or so in your cpu - and they are sat there doing nothing. previous gen gpus didnt, great at matrix multiplication and not much else.
  17. but these are for a few miles visibility at most, even xp11 has decent trees -> up close and even with seasons that isnt the problem being solved here, the problem being solved here is keeping that looking realistic inside a forest that is 25 miles away, and that takes more compute grunt than you could buy until very recently - and even now only at a very high price premium.
  18. you miss my point completely. its not about xplane asobo laminar or msfs. Its about the users and the hardware they have. users with gpus remotely capable of this stuff are still a very tiny minority: https://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/Steam-Hardware-Software-Survey-Welcome-to-Steam Sid has pushed the boundaries of what is possible on "next gen" hardware - and may very likely talk about it a gdc. MS promising any kind of similar result on GA hardware wasnt quite as bad as it first seemed (x box x is a beast), but if you are one of the 95% of PC owners with a gpu less than a 2080 this preview is likely not going to look remotely similar on the hardware you currently own.
  19. Im saying they couldnt and havent achieved it at least nothing like was promised in the feature discovery series. They promised high resolution 3d trees with seasons, blowing in the storms, they delivered 2d trees with no seasons - and do they even animate? perhaps someone with msfs could make a video similar to the op to sbs compare? There is a "surprising" lack of youtube videos with close ups on the veg for msfs.
  20. Its the very recent hardware that is revolutionary. This was always my biggest beef with MSFS and defence of XP. Its one thing to get a forest like this in a few square miles of hand crafted map, spending $100million on a render farm to bake in the lighting (and time of day) in a game where no one cares that the simplistic physics are running at 10fps. A whole other ballgame to get anything close on a global scale based on raw data rather than a pure random procedure, with variable time of day on hardware available in the average home with 60fps minimums for the entire simulation. Id also say from the tests Ive done on my RTX3070 we are still barely there. JustSid is on a 3080, xbox x is roughly a 2080... On the other hand, none of it is revolutionary, better eye candy has been available at your local airfield for a reasonable price for a hundred years or so.
  21. Definately looks like they are aiming for the high end, which on the one hand is good, on the other is very problematic given the current purchasing environment for high end machines and AMD vulkan driver bugs. I still really think it would make sense to fix the lighting and do general perf optimisations in XP11 first. New NDs, trees/scenery and clouds are reason enough for those who can to switch to XP12, finishing XP11 would make it very attractive to those who havent quite got the hardware yet and shorten the gap considerably between now and a flightsim that doesnt have showstopper issues for everyone. I suspect/hope these complications are why they are so coy over the format of the next release.
  22. of which im pretty sure divulging a date for the first beta was not included, but he just couldnt help himself 😁 Watching him impatiently bouncing around like a small child in the background was really entertaining tho. Im really glad they finally "let" the marketing guy start and talk a bit. Austin tends to repeat himself too much and give things away he wasnt supposed to. I also found the "dont have a user in mind" kinda off - especially after the emphasis on commercial use and mobile - they clearly do have particular users at the top of the list, not admitting it isnt productive.
  23. sparky 744 supports the global supertanker livery by fscabral - when you select that livery fmc loading turns to fire retardant and drop key bind works. Theres at least one va fire fighter team using it but not heard from them for a while.
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