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  1. Wow 100$ all in one FSX C130 for 10$ a big thankyou to Captainsim
  2. Thanks for the help, i read a a certain reply about microsoft redistributable 86 , i installed it and its working now
  3. I cant seem to get it to work , when i hit SHIFT 1 for the ACM its grayed out , i tried it on my other computer with FSX installed and the same thing , the cockpit gauges dont work either , the aircraft are the F4 and the Corsair, i have pictures but i dont see any attach image here option
  4. I will be buying v6 if its using UE , i dont have MSFS2020 but looking at all of the videos and pictures but i think i wouldnt like it , too much green color
  5. Thanks for the help, i dont think you can register onto the forum to find this link , i tried but see a register option
  6. I downloaded the Twin Comanche , it says its for FSX, P3D V2 and up but the installer only shows P3D V4 and V5 and it doesnt show up in my P3D V2 , what am i doing wrong?
  7. XMAN


    Thanks for that , i mean its over for FSX so there should be lots more that that , i purchased several carenado and Pmdg planes over the years and so now they should just toss there old stuff out to us
  8. Any expayware that is now free aircraft of late , i have the Virtualcol and Flight1 cessna and the Aeroplane heaven .
  9. i wouldnt know if its the greatest since i just have my phone and insufficient internet so this sim is useless to me but my P3D with megascenery looks almost as good so i aint worried
  10. Forget xmas how about a price drop for the old stuff for those of us who still use FSX and well im using P3D v2
  11. Looks good , the sim aint right if it doesnt have bare trees in winter
  12. Does XP12 have bare trees in the winter? like FSX and P3D
  13. Im waiting for the dvd`s then , and i would like to see them shipped with addon scenery preinstalled , save me the trouble
  14. Hi i dont have a good quality internet , now when i buy XPLANE 12 will internet be required to run it?
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