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  1. Thankyou for all the pictures , it looks pretty good and Presquile island too
  2. Hi can i get a few shots of KERI in MSFS2020 , Erie ,PA , which sit along lake erie , thanks for any replies
  3. Thankyou i will keep an eye on this option
  4. I need a new computer 1500$ then i need to get internet of which i dont want 100$ month then i would have to get the delux 120$ if i do get it someday i hope its worth it. btw ,, i thought they were going to have the ability to use it without internet??
  5. Ok i have dialup internet , and i can activate other stuff using it and wonder if i will activate ms2020
  6. So i will be able to install it on a computer with no internet connection? i dont have home internet
  7. Will i someday be able to buy the DVD then install it and activate it over the phone like i do with FSX?
  8. I guess im referring to the size of them in FSX ,, for instance if you lose an engine on takeoff you will certainly not clear the 40 ft wall of trees that you see at a lot of the small strips
  9. I have the plane , its nice , btw those clouds look like anti aircraft rounds
  10. In the airport pic arent the trees too close to the runway , your wingtips would be clipping the trees like all the FSX airports
  11. 3rd part developers only? would i myself be able to add objects to airports like with Instant scenery or something ?
  12. Will all of the airports [small strips too] have their proper buildings , hangers and stuff? also what will the airport texture resolution be ?
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