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  1. Thanks , wasnt too sure on that , im going to need a better computer , i use windows 7 with FSX
  2. I dont have it im still using FSX , are you able to run MSFS2020 from wifi from an iphone?
  3. That scenery looks great and its modeled, im using Megascenery 3 and landscape for the autogen , i like it but it dont look that good
  4. I dont have it because of the internet requirement , they could have an offline option , where i could just buy half a continent
  5. Hi is there a way to lighten the water color it seems too dark at times? im using P3D V2.5
  6. I will try that , i must be undocking it, thanks for the help
  7. Hi is it possible to have this 2d pop up window a little transparent ?
  8. Looks real except for the trees , for New York at this time of year they all should be bare trees , maybe it will be added some day
  9. I dont have MSFS2020 but is it just a one time summer snapshot of the ground textures ? Wont the bing map send fall images ?
  10. Endless summer? Eh , i think i would be tired of green , haha
  11. I didnt know that , i saw shots with snow though
  12. Screenshot request , can i get one somewhere over Northeast America , i want to see the different colors , thanks for any replies
  13. The scarf of the pilot in an opencanopy would be a good effect
  14. When i buy it , is there an option that i could download the whole world and cache or save it then that way i dont need internet no more , is that right? dont care about weather if i can just adjust it myself
  15. Once its installed and working , will you still be able to use it if you lose your internet?
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