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  1. XMAN

    NDB radio

    OK mine dont work , ive installed version 1.3 and its still no go
  2. Can anyone else adjust the middle frequency digit?
  3. XMAN


    Thanks Bert i will try that tonite , one other thing i noticed was the aircraft seems to float too much right at about 100 ft , not ground effect also this plane is so pretty i hope there will be repaints
  4. XMAN


    Can anyone adjust the 10`s digit while tuning the ADF radio , mine dont work
  5. I cant get the autopilot to work , i click alt hold and heading hold but doesnt work , anyone have this helicopter?
  6. XMAN

    P3D v4.1 Rain Effects showcase

    Wow , back to the future, i had this 15 years ago with FS9
  7. XMAN


    IT never works for me in FSX , nothing ever appears on the display
  8. Ive had this kinda scenery for 10 years with FSX , plus the autogen looks bad on top of it
  9. XMAN

    Positive and Negative points on V4

    Where is that the desert
  10. XMAN

    v4 Early Impressons

    I dont think im gonna buy it if i did then it will be 3 times that i bought FSX, that looks the same as FSX
  11. XMAN

    Orthophoto in FSW... works :)

    Looks kinda greeny and yellowish
  12. XMAN

    P3Dv4...Why You May Want to Wait

    What about sweetfx ? it works in my p3d v2.5
  13. XMAN


    Are the land textures the same ? mainly winter [not hard winter] where its too beige looking everywhere
  14. Will it be the same , or any new planes, also i wonder how big the total p3d v4 file is , i think i only have about 40 gb left , i might be free up 20 gb more
  15. XMAN

    FSW from a 3rd party perspective.

    Why the Steam route? P3D isnt sold through there.