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  1. I have enjoyed it the last few years in P3D, so I will buy it for MSFS too.
  2. I just received this email. I don't think I will buy anything as I already bought their 737, 757 and 767 for P3D in a previous 9.99$ sale. If you are going to buy from Captain Sim though, today is the day to do it. If you want a 767 or 757 for P3D it is worth it at that price. Email content copied and pasted below. "Greetings, Festivus for the rest of us starts 0000Z, ends 2359Z 22DEC2023. Just for 24 hours everything is 9.99. Join us at: https://www.captainsim.com/store/ Stay tuned, Captain Sim News"
  3. The photogrammetry in London is quite brutal.
  4. I am having to replace the HDD that windows is installed on, and will have to reinstall P3D v5. I moved the Lorby Add On Organiser folder to another hard disk and it still seems to be working ok. I am hoping after installing the new HDD and reinstalling P3D it will still work, or work with something simple done like adding Lorby to P3D add ons. That would save me time in recreating scenery groups, and redoing my scenery order etc. Does it sound like that might work, or will I just need to start from scratch with Lorby once the nerw HDD is in, and P3D has been installed again? Thanks
  5. Every so often, possibly during updates, my settings are changed to DX12, and a lot of graphics settings to ultra etc. As soon as I notice I change back to DX11, and mostly standard graphics settings to leave plenty in the tank for performance. All my settings had been changed by MSFS just before I got all the CTDs after installing the Kodiak. It could be the PMDG CTD was a one off after reducing / changing my settings again. However, sprnding 30 minutes setting up flights, and flying for a further 20-30 minutes before a CTD is absolutely not the hobby for me so I may only use it for helicopters for a while, then if it CTD again when I fly a plane I will uninstall and reinstall. In the past I used PMDG and Fenix a lot had no, or very few CTDs. I just prefer P3D for airliners as I am used to it, so usually MSFS is for helicopters for me.
  6. I usually use MSFS for helicopters and virtually never have CTDs. I bought the Kodiak on Saturday and can hardly complete a flight without it CTD. I updated my graphics driver, did disk cleanup, and repaired MSFS. I flew helicopters around for a few hours earlier today with no problems. I loaded up the PMDG 737 tonight for the first time in months, and 30 minutes in to the flight had a CTD again. If the problem is quite possibly not at my end, I'd rather not faff about with uninstalls and reinstalls etc. Rather wait a few days hoping it was a MSFS or Asobo issue. Is it normal that sometimes frequent CTDs happen due to their servers etc? With helicopters, I am moving slowly and at low altitude, and there seems to be no issue there.
  7. Found them thanks. C:\Users\\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\FSLabs\Documentation\Concorde
  8. Does anyone know where the manuals are located on the PC after downloading and installing the Concorde? Thanks
  9. it is, I just checked my receipt in my emails. I'm not on my flight sim PC just now. Intel Core i9 13900KS, S 1700, Raptor Lake, 24 Cores, 32 Threads, 3.2GHz, 6.0GHz Turbo, 36MB Cache, 150W, Retail
  10. I have a 13900 CPU, I think with 16 cores. I used the calculator that's on here somewhere the last time to set it up. It seemed better with hyper therading off and with the affinity mask from the calculator on a thread here, rather than LM's one. Like I said, I won't do anything until FS Labs is updated, and people are reporting back no issues with the likes of QW 787 or PMDG.
  11. I will wait a couple of weeks for add ons to be updated, but when we change to the new client, I wonder whether to use an affinity mask other than the default one LM put there or not? I suppose try theirs, and try a bespoke one and see what performs better.
  12. A file needs renamed on the 767 otherwise there are constant CTDs. It's something to do with windscreen rain effects. In the 757 you need to change a value in a file or you get black rectangles on the wing tips where the lights are.
  13. I'm too late for editing. I meant not worth it at full price.
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