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  1. Now that sound like a deal. I can dig out my old Beatles 8-tracks. But the best part will be the price of Jet fuel and I will be young again. Yea. Regards, Ray
  2. Hello Kevin, Thank you for clarifying these points. I did not consider this a negative review at all. At every turn I gave the T1/A Hawk the benefit of the doubt and usually made it crystal clear that either I did not understand it and/or was not able to find the information necessary to understand it. I was using emails direct to JF support when asking my questions. As a real world pilot with 5,000 + logged hours it was obviously frustrating for me not to be able to start a 50 year old single engine aircraft and once started not be able to taxi. duh. As I stated in my review, there must be folks that enjoy these puzzling concepts, but, I am not one of them. You stated that the hyds reset was described in the manual just not part of the engine start process. My first thought was to go reread the engine start section, but then I remembered there was no 'engine start section'. But, I do seem to remember that it was the last item in the engine start procedure that I did eventually acquire. btw, I still have not seen any screenshots of either the T1 or T1/A with weapons attached to the hard points, so my statement that it doesn't make a lot of sense to me to have two models remains valid. But, I still enjoy the many T-45C tearing through the skies in my backyard by the Navy and Marine pilots in training at Meridian NAS. I consider it the sounds of freedom. From a distance they are Hawks and obviously serves the purpose as an ideal trainer. Thanks again for your post. Regards, Ray
  3. Hello Kevin, Yes, Sperry did indeed invent the autopilot in 1912. I should have said Bill Lear invented the first working autopilot for Jet aircraft which would have been a correct statement. His use of J.E.T. as the marketing name was a play on the word jet but he was recognized by the President of the United States for that feat. Yes, I do have the Flysimware 35A and contributed a few repaints for it. Regards, Ray
  4. I just read this review and a fleeting thought flashed into my mind. Maybe JF intentionally left out the Startup details and intentionally coded the one odd switch that completes the engine start and made it where you could not taxi without extra knowledge about the Nose Wheel Configuration Tool as part of their "Software Protection". I am all for developers protecting their work and anything that they can do to throw a wrench into the pirate's nest is OK with me, but those who pay money for the product should not be unduly hindered. Does that make any sense? Just a thought. hmmm. Regards, Ray Marshall, Avsim Contributing Reviewer, and author of this review
  5. Just as a preview take a look out your right window as you are climbing out from San Jose, KSJC towards San Francisco bay. Lick Observatory is at the top of Hamilton Mountain about 15 miles away. With an afternoon sun setting, the domes really stand out. Worth a look for sure. Regards, Ray
  6. More trees/data in the SW USA. Ray
  7. OK everyone calm down, this update just replaces the world wide aerial images with slightly newer versions. There is no new content besides a greater coverage for tree data in the western part of the USA. Ray
  8. Looks like a nice size update if the download time is any indication. 1 hr 43 min for my connection. (10.9 GB) Regards, Ray
  9. I think every single user probably has a somewhat different view of what they would like to see next. I would venture a guess that Dr. Hans can manage the priorities just fine - He is the one that asked for the information. Yes, there are a couple of thousand of those wind turbines in view on the drive from Palm Springs to Mojave. Best Regards, Ray Yes, I would be delighted to be able to add simple scenery using Instant Scenery. I'm sure the average user will not have any of the expensive modeling programs but it sounds to me like the trend is to make it easy and expensive to make additions and mods. Best Regards, Ray
  10. Here is just one of 17 wind farms included in Orbx Northern CA scenery. Ray
  11. I have been requested to submit detailed images of wind turbines and mountaintop observatories for consideration to add to Aerofly FS 2 DLC areas. Does anyone have a favorite observatory dome location they would like included? How about a specific location for a mountainside or valley of large wind turbines in California, Arizona or Nevada? Are there any wind turbines in the New York City area? hmmm. Post your link here or PM me with your suggestions. Regards. Ray
  12. Maybe by Christmas it was have a couple on updates and upgrades. Thanks. Ray