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  1. Here is a link to the Avsim review of the Realair Turbine Duke WBW. REVIEW - Turbine Duke 2 by RealAir - Aircraft - The AVSIM Community In the body of the above linked review you will find several more links to other reviews of Duke models for flight sims. They are all highly recommended reading. Regards, Ray
  2. Straight from the Dev stream. Do you really think MS gives a chit what Goggle thinks?
  3. I agree the thread title is way off base if he is thinking this WU13 is for Hawaii. It is not, maybe a little bit here and there (one airport upgrade on the big island), but, the bigger picture is the 13 countries with island chains: Jorg Neumann has revealed on Microsoft Flight Simulator’s latest Developer Stream that World Update 13 will cover the remainder of the continent of Oceania, which includes 13 pacific islands spread out over 8 million square kilometres. The 13 countries being covered by Asobo and Orbx, who are working on the update together in a partnership, are Micronesia, Fiji, Indonesia, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. Additionally, the Cook Islands, Guam, Easter Island, the Galapagos Islands, Hawaii, and more will benefit from the update, along with the entire continent of Antarctica. These areas will take advantage of orthographic data gathered from the latest satellite imagery. Jorg said on stream he was also seeking to get a hold of photogrammetry data all of these areas, especially Hawaii although at this stage it is proving difficult simply because the data either doesn’t exist or Microsoft are having a hard time getting hold of it.
  4. Thanks Dave, but, I downloaded the BS Baron manual from JF and it specifically says we can install the free PMS-750 so I am off to make the purchase. Neat. Regards, Ray
  5. Thanks Dave, I am continuing to use the free PMS-750 so maybe someone (er Scott at Just Flight or someone from BS) can chime in and verify it is the FREE PMS-750 that you are referring to. PMS has a paid version and a free version. I think TDS only has the paid version. Regards, Ray
  6. I'm curious to know if the free PMS-750 can be installed in the BS Bonanza and Baron panels. Regards, Ray
  7. Here is the link for the Bundle. Just Flight - Steam Gauge Overhaul - Analog Baron & Bonanza Bundle Regards, Ray
  8. I recommend you read the articles on the real deal a few pages earlier, I seem to remember something along the lines of "one potato, two potato" when adjusting the trim. Nothing about an indicator in the cockpit. Sorry. Regards, Ray
  9. The Un-Falco: Antonov An-2 (seqair.com) Good read from years ago about the An-2. Very humorous and very well written. Eye-opening on several levels. Regards, Ray
  10. Me neither. I have lots of hardware and SpadNext so I would be looking for lots of bindings. Ray
  11. This might be the perfect test bed for a Carenado/Black Square marriage. I would jump on a near perfect M20 Ovation Mooney in a heartbeat. Regards, Ray
  12. I agree, cockpit is almost identical, X+ has a small advantage with the higher cruise speed, but, in the sim I doubt we would notice much else when compared to the Longitude. Even so, I would love to see one flying is MSFS. Regards, Ray
  13. Bert, Which FUEL system should be used in the final merged model file? BS or Rob's Mod v4.1. Regards, Ray
  14. OK will someone tell me to get started with a Discovery Flight? I knew at one time, but, old age has reared its head again. Regards, Ray
  15. You can follow the comments there for a page or two. Ray
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