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  1. https://pms50.com/fs2020/gtn750/documentation.pdf Regards, Ray
  2. No, but, I do pi$$ on trees and fire hydrants from time to time.
  3. The good news is that most everything works great, looks great, and this CRJ is a pure joy to fly. The amount of documentation is overwhelming and greatly appreciated by me and a few others. Those that don't read manuals or instructions just have a flatter learning curve. For those that refuse to read instructions and ask necessary questions can turn to YouTube for their instruction. I am amazed at the quality and quantity of detailed high-quality tutorials that are already available. I can personally recommend a series of 30 min videos that animate the Vol 3 Tutorial Flight from EDLP to EDDM and tracks page by page while explaining things that are difficult to put into print. Look for the BobbyFuzzy CRJ Tutorials on YouTube. Those inevitable glitches, niches, burrs, errors, sneaky gremlins, and needed corrections are probably already being worked on and may be solved already. Patches and updates are normal. Some of the corrections are being posted as small downloads in the Aerosoft Support Forum. I am perfectly happy with this new CRJ and look forward to many hours of pleasant enjoyment in our flight sim. Regards, Ray
  4. Since you failed to state whether you are looking for Printed Charts or electronic charts, and what region of the world, or states if in the USA, it tough to answer your question. I know answers for both, so I will check back in a couple of days and see if you have updated you question. Regards, Ray
  5. I have the Aerosoft CRJ and would like to use whatever nav data is provided with the aircraft and also would like to use whatever is provided by MSFS to use with the A320nx and CJ4. I do not own any stand alone nav accounts like Navigraph. Anyone willing to show the way? This is so that I can use SimBrief to provide flight plans. Regards, Ray
  6. Yes, the Pacific North West is full of small airports, some as airparks. Maybe Orbx will put together a package for us.
  7. This little freeware out of the way airport does not meet the criteria as a housing/airpark but it is by far one of the best little airports in all of MSFS. Check it out. Milford Sound Airport NZMF (New Zealand) v1.8 • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  8. I saw this post a couple of days ago and I wanted to add a few stops for you to check out, but, unfortunately the MSFS versions of these Airparks leave much to be desired. The only one on my list from the other sims might be 2NC0 (2 NC zero) Mountain Air in the North Carolina mountains. This version of the airport sucks but the mountain scenery is nice. Maybe this post will create some interest and one of the freeware scenery developers will step in and upgrade this one and maybe a few others. Regards, Ray
  9. I guess that means you were already a member of MEGA.
  10. I quit just shy of giving my CC info. A few minutes later I got a welcome to MEGA email. I was able to DL the float plane. Nice addition. thanks guys. Ray
  11. Has anyone found this float plane as freeware anyplace? The link drags on and on - open an account - give full credit card info - hope you don't forget the first 30 days are free then whamo - committed for life (or slightly less maybe). I hate that kind of stuff, but, I am a sucker for something on floats.
  12. Is everyone on the WT team moving to Asobo/MS? No one left to turn the lights on and off if needed? 😟 EDIT I looked back and see where CWB stated not to much change for the community projects. Great news all around. Ray
  13. @IcemanFBW, Where can we get an update on the DC-10 at Aero? Tell us more . . .
  14. My last try worked for me. Totally empty Community Folder, most recent download of dev (master) (last 15 minutes) added to the Community Folder. Now I have to add back the other mods - one by one - to find the conflict (s). Like She said "it is worth it" Regards, Ray
  15. Yea Team. Wow, double wow. Just in time to hold on to those fence riders that had plans to jump on the CRJ bandwagon next week. hmmm. Regards, Ray
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