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  1. I stumbled on this Aviation Classic magazine, Issue 22, that is jam packed with interesting stories and great photos of the DC-3, C-47 Skytrain and useful info. Try to find a downloadable copy and read. I found mine at scribd.com. This is a special issue featuring the DC-3/C-47 Skytrain. Regards, RayM
  2. I spent a bit of time trying to create an account for the free download. System failed. I was unable to add my address due to a required zip code in the UK. I live in MS. duh. I used my UK temporary suite at Buckingham Palace. Worked like a charm. Lots of steps required to setup account, get free download and walk through the install process. Make sure you remember you account password - you will need it for the inststall. Hopefully the airport will be worth the effort. First look is encouraging. Lots of buildout here. Lot of static aircraft. Military Refueling Wing has a couple of double stacks. Could be from anyplace. Maybe iniBuilds will figure it out. Very nice big airport. Regards. Ray
  3. Whatta you know. I found a neat little tidbit in the history books. I was personally invited to become an Avsim Reviewer by none other than Tom Allensworth himself. Interesting reading. . .July 14, 2010 Quality standards near rock bottom on this review - AVSIM Reviews Feedback - The AVSIM Community Top of Page 2. Regards, Ray
  4. Hello Ed, Can you recommend some of these new sites that you are speaking of? Links would be great. Regards, Ray
  5. Well, I've been writing reviews with the Avsim tag as a Contributing Reviewer, which was attached to my Avsim membership until someone seemed fit to remove it. I was also listed as a Contributing Reviewer along with the Avsim Staff for many years. (12 years or so) A simple search using your engine of choice (DuckDuckgo, Bing, Google) seeking "Ray Marshall, Avsim Reviews" should give you a few pages with a short description for each including recommendations and comments should give one a feel for what the cyber community has as records. Regards, Ray Marshall
  6. That sounds easy enough, but, it is impossible to post there without rights to post. I tried last week and was not able to add content to the REVIEWS section. Closest second choice would be wasted in Hangar Chat. Bob, I personally do not know a single Reviewer that buys a copy of a product and then decides to spend upwards of 100 hours writing a review. I would venture a guess that practically all Reviewers are provided evaluation copies and that source can usually be found in the Credits section of the review along with others that may have contributed input and/or screenshots. Times may be changing along with management, but, some facts remain. The last 5 Avsim hardware reviews that I contributed that are still listed on the first page have a total of something North of 100,000 views. Someone once said "You may have thrown out the Baby along with the bathwater" of something similar. Best Regards, Ray Marshall
  7. Maybe one of our outstanding Moderators would step in and carry the ball to get a few 2024 reviews published. I personally have two hardware reviews almost completed, but, no one to send them to for review and publishing.
  8. Avsim does not have a Review Editor or anyone providing that function AFAIK. No new aircraft reviews have been published since April 2019. No new hardware reviews have been published since April 2018. No new scenery reviews have been published since August 2021.
  9. Thanks for the post, keithb77, I nabbed the BQ Bonanza and Baron bundle for $43. Regards, Ray
  10. I jumped over to Simmarket and grabbed the C414 and KBOS with really nice discounts. Very happy with both buys. Thanks for the post gang. Regards, Ray
  11. I suppose my biggest concern is whether the 3rd party planes that I am buying today will fly in FS2024 or whether we will be purchasing a bunch of upgrades. Ray
  12. Six months from now or 6 months after release of FS2024? Regards, Ray
  13. Do you expect a mass shift from MSFS2020 to MSFS2024, like from FSX to MSFS2020? I wonder if we will be able to jump back and forth between the two for some period of time. Surely Microsoft/Asobo will not abandon MSFS2020 anytime soon. Thoughts? How about the major 3rd party guys, do you think they will shift priorities to the newer sim? Just wondering. . . Regards, Ray
  14. Bert, this one works just fine for me. Thanks a million and more thanks to Robert for this masterpiece. Regards, Ray
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