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  1. I wrote that review for the C337 that earned the Avsim Gold Star for Carenado and have written a lot of reviews since and a few planes have come close, but no flight manual, weak documentation or almost cmpleted systems kept the award locked up in the safe. If there was a way to officially sanction the Carenado CJ2 with the free aftermarket GTN750 mod by the Mod squad, it would be a slam dunk for the highest award that we have. Of course, that will never happen. But, it is available for us simulator pilots to enjoy. Regards, Ray
  2. Well, I did say any fast airplane will do. Just watch those tight curves, there are rocks in them there hills. Regards, Ray
  3. Yes, it seems to be coming together rather nicely. Just about to really break open with 2 or 3 new and unique items. Regards, Ray
  4. This is a totally independent and non-associated IPACS website established for the users of the Aerofly FS2 flight sim. It is updated almost continuously and is loaded with timely news and information. You can spend hours or even days exploring the content. Lots and lots of detail and a gazillion screenshots. A new one-hour Learjet 45 sightseeing flight was just added today. You can find the site here. www.aeroflycentral.com Regards, Ray
  5. OK gang, Here are some fuel and climb related performance charts + High Speed and Long Range Cruise/fuel burn charts. Enjoy. Regards, Ray
  6. Ken, i have the performance charts for the P1. I will get the numbers uploaded tomorrow. Regards, Ray
  7. Thanks for the post. Most interesting view. Regards, Ray
  8. Wow, kinda hard to miss something like that. Looks like a new type of camo. Regards, Ray
  9. I'm using the GTN750 as a simple popup (via Flight1 installer) and it works just like it does on the Hawker and CJ2 - just not mounted in the panel. I'm sure the panel mounted mod will eventually happen and most likely we can use about 98% of the coding done for the previous two. Mostly just make sure the folder names are correct. I doubt the engine readouts and Flight plan area can share the screen area with the GTN. We were not able to do that with the CJ2 but used the FMS screen for checklists and ready info pages. It might be possible to share the Annunciator screen with the engine info readouts like the CJ2 and cycle back and forth. The Premier's FGP is much improved over the CJ2 shotgun approach to gauge placement. I'm looking forward to seeing that option available also. I always hated having my head down to find the AP and HDG knob in the Citations. Regards, Ray
  10. raymar

    take off trim calculator

    You don't calculate trim as such, you adjust the indicator to be in the green zone, close to neutral. Regards, Ray
  11. Yep, changing set to toggle did the trick. Works great now, but only in FSX:SE, does not work in P3D. Maybe I have to do something a little different for the LM version. Regards, Ray
  12. Nope. Sorry, can't do that. btw. that approach chart diagram is not from the AFM. Ray
  13. I still don't have it totally figured out, even with the hand holding. I have to hold the button down to keep the Lift Dump spoilers extended. Isn't it suppose to be one push to extend Lift Dump and 2nd push of the button to retract? Regards, Ray