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  1. Is this the upcoming aerobask jet ? When will it release ? Thanks
  2. I didn't have p3dv4 installed anymore. I just installed fresh the ngxu into p3dv5 by pointing the installer to v5. I did edit the registry before installing. Now the efb is not working right. If I look up an airport the efb returns nothing and then crashes p3dv5
  3. I tried installing the ngxu in p3dv5 but every time I try to use the efb it ctds.EFB is not working either in p3dv5 here. Any of you managed to successfully install the ngxu in p3dv5? Thanks
  4. I guess this below answers my question: Achilles above wrote: ------- 1.) Unlimited frames inside p3d and fftf value inside .cfg does not have any effect 2.) Unlimited frames inside p3d and fftf value from FSPS FFTF does not have any big effect at high frames but has an effect at blurries and very low frames. To conclude, locked frames inside p3d and managed fftf value give you a more smooth without blurries flight experience while in most cases you can increase your p3d settings. Regards, ----
  5. I'm not sure I'm following. Do you lock in sim or with some other limiter ? I thought the software detects if the sim limiter is set ?
  6. I already own the ifly even if to be honest I have a hard time thinking that ifly737 will beat the ngxu.
  7. Does the ifly737 work in p3dv5 ? If yes did you just point the installer to the v5 dir ?
  8. I may be wrong but it appears it works also for unlimited.... On page 6 of this thread ses(mitch) posted part of the manual of the tool.It reads: -------------- " There are two options for dynamic FFTF calculation - frames range and AGL height range.Frames range optionSuggested for unlimited frames + VSync disabled + TB disabled. " ------------------
  9. I'm pretty sure they are very good. I hear only good things about them. My problem is the VC tho. I spend all my sim time in the cockpit and that cartoon-like cockpit kills the immersion for me. Thanks anyway. Good to hear you enjoy them.
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