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  1. Sure but since " realistic" is subjective I just wanted to know what in your opinion "realistic settings" is.
  2. what are realistic settings?
  3. MindYerBeak

    Sometimes you're just awestruck

    Beautiful !
  4. MindYerBeak

    Flight1 Mustang is available

    Did they update the VC and/or added Vnav ? Thanks
  5. MindYerBeak

    is this a bug ?

    I *only* use sayit. here's the link to the log-> https://hastebin.com/osudutuhaq.sql
  6. MindYerBeak

    is this a bug ?

    I was supposed to land in LIPZ.I asked for vectors and ATC was vectoring me to LIPV. I landed on my own.. Here's the picture Wrong vectors
  7. MindYerBeak

    Pilot2ATC Workshop by Captain K-Man

  8. MindYerBeak

    autogen popup

    LM ? this is the FSX forum 🙂
  9. MindYerBeak

    autogen popup

    Is there any way to get rid of autogen popups ? Thanks
  10. MindYerBeak

    A Few A319's...Here & There...

    Nice.Love the mountains what scenery is that ?
  11. Love the first one. What textures are you using ? Or pta pre-set ?
  12. MindYerBeak

    P3Dv3 -> P3Dv4 graphic settings

    I was looking for the same answer but found nothing. I think Rob Ainscough mentioned V3 max=v4 medium but I'm not sure. Maybe Rob sees this and can shed some light.
  13. MindYerBeak


    Check the post by v1vrv2. He somehow managed ...
  14. MindYerBeak


    Thanks Ed. Edit: I was not flying a 182. It i was the baron and I was looking to install the version that supports altitude with with waypoints in the carenado sr22t but I'm having a hard time doing so.
  15. MindYerBeak


    I must be missing something here.No altitude field ?