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  1. There really is a thin line between extreme dislike(or hate or bashing) and love.Imo this software beats the living s* out of asca all day and you just gotta love it.
  2. J van E, you will end up buying it. (sf3d)
  3. For some reason, REX weather engine+ SF3d everything else to me looks much better than active sky 2016+sf3d. The only drawback being those annoying cloud redraws and weather abruptly changing. hard to put up with those redraws .
  4. I am. I can see no map yet but I'm reinstalling because i was told that my not seeing maps was probably due to a corrupt install.
  5. Could any of you who own the 757 post some screenshots of the vc please? Thanks!
  6. Not with AS.
  7. No.Not here at least.With the REX engine it all looks better IMO.But. If REX told us right away of the cloud re-draws I would not have purchased for sure.
  8. When SF injects the weather I get stutters. I mean p3d stops for one or 2 secs and it restarts.
  9. I always get 1 or 2 or 5 fps with carenado planes with carenado g1000 . With win7 they were fine. i tried all the tricksI found on the carenado site but nothing works. I'm stuck. Can any of you help ? thanks
  10. Ever since I upgraded/downgraded to win10 the premier with proline is for me unuseable.1-2fps no kidding.Berts mod is of course great but.But. i was wondering if any of you win10ers can get the p1 to run smooth without disabling carenadonavigraph.dll (sp?) if yes ,what's the secret ? Thanks
  11. nice !
  12. Ok.I'm getting a grey box too.
  13. You need to "stretch" the ?+ window to the right.Then you will see it.Took me awhile to figure that one out.
  14. Sure is .