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  1. MindYerBeak

    Tomato shade? been outta the loop

    is this also for p3d 3.4 ?
  2. What are the effects you reccommend converting ?
  3. MindYerBeak

    Zinertek HD textures problem

    how ?
  4. MindYerBeak

    Weird TOD in

    Mihalich, for what is worth I tried your KLGB, KLAS flightplan and got the same result as dave.It all works ok here.
  5. How do i fix The strobes of my qw146 ? They look like intermittent cheap white paint ? Thanks
  6. MindYerBeak

    gimbal and motion effects help ?

    will have a look thanks
  7. MindYerBeak

    gimbal and motion effects help ?

    Hi, I had a look at the pre-sets I was looking for a cessna mustang preset but it doesn't seem to be there on the list. Is there anyway to tune/find realistic motion settings besides downloading pre made ones ?
  8. Hi all, I'd have 2 questions: What is the actual purpose of gimbal ? I'm looking to find the best and most realistic motion settings for my planes. (turbulence,landings and so on).Are the default settings the best and most realistic ? I had to go back to opus camea because I could not tune the effects right but i would like to lean. Any info/tip/pointer appreciated. thanks a lot in advance.
  9. I run p3d 3.4. My sim keeps crashing (always )around the avvon area. I was doing a flight cyow-avvon-vikno-lafit-cyul and my sim hung,froze and ctd.I tried everything .no joy. I disabled(renamed the bgl file) traffic and also checked out the avsim ctd guide but I'm not any wiser. Not sure it is the airac ? idid the same flight many times and I ctd always around the same spot.Any of you care to test the route ? Thanks
  10. Would the Vac speeds mentioned In the normal procedures pdf on page 12 be approach speeds ? Also do you add 5 kts (or 1/2 the wind speed ) to the Vrefs ? Thanks
  11. MindYerBeak

    best atc for p3d v4

    I have all of them atc progs but IMO pilot2atc is your best bet. You get regular updates, The dev is here most days.If you contact him he will get back to you right quick and without that if-the-prog-does-not-work-it-is-the-customer's-fault attitutde.If you find a bug and you contact the dev if it is a bug it will get fixed and you'll find it fixed in the next update.If the bug is serious enough chances are the dev will release a fix right away. You really can't go wrong with p2atc.
  12. how do I get realistic shakes /bumps and vibration effects with CP ? I have everything on default now and those effects do not feel realistic at all ? Thanks
  13. MindYerBeak

    P3D 3.4 and latest version of Pro ATC X

    p3d 3.4. They always claim it is the user's fault.nothing new
  14. MindYerBeak

    P3D 3.4 and latest version of Pro ATC X

    Same here...