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  1. Is there such a thing as a makerunways for xp11 ? I ran a search but I came up empty: I would need to use it for pf3. Thanks
  2. MindYerBeak

    Carenado FA50 EX FSX/P3D

    I am with you here 100%
  3. MindYerBeak

    VERTX DA62 Update

    No changelog available ? Thanks
  4. I was trying to figure out if the esp has been modeled yet.(It should be in aux-system setup 2) but I can't find it.Am I missing something ? Thanks
  5. MindYerBeak

    Flysimware's Falcon 50 Demo on YouTube

    Nice, can't wait till somebody re-texturizes the Vc.That's the only thing that keeps me away from this ac.
  6. MindYerBeak

    Active Sky for XPX Released!

    Does asxp fix cloud shifts/redraws ? Thanks
  7. MindYerBeak


    You do not need to "talk" to the software if you don't want to. The software has a "sayit" function which allows you to interact with the software using just the mouse/keyboard...
  8. I see that FFTF DYNAMIC P3Dv4 is on sale. I was wondering if in your opinion it is still worth getting ? Thanks
  9. MindYerBeak

    new Vc textures ?

    I'd love to have a falcon and was wondering if anyone re-texturized the Vc yet ?
  10. I'm running the updated experimental version with p3d v3.4 and I cannot bring up the insim menu. The preference,camera, MB view selector is active (green). I tried disabling experimental version but no luck. Help ? Thanks
  11. MindYerBeak

    Vox atc. Any updates?

    Anyone got the change log for vs 7. 42? Thanks
  12. MindYerBeak

    Carenado Diamond DA62 preview vid

    Alan, Alan, what is the difference between realtrim pro(csd) and the old realtrimx ? Thanks