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  1. I'm running the updated experimental version with p3d v3.4 and I cannot bring up the insim menu. The preference,camera, MB view selector is active (green). I tried disabling experimental version but no luck. Help ? Thanks
  2. MindYerBeak

    Vox atc. Any updates?

    Anyone got the change log for vs 7. 42? Thanks
  3. MindYerBeak

    Carenado Diamond DA62 preview vid

    Alan, Alan, what is the difference between realtrim pro(csd) and the old realtrimx ? Thanks
  4. I have speed at 0.7 and smooth at 50. Which one do you suggest I start playing with ? The motion gets also jerky here if i turn my head like the op.
  5. This is interesting.What settings are you referring to ? I might have to test myself.... Thanks.
  6. Sure but since " realistic" is subjective I just wanted to know what in your opinion "realistic settings" is.
  7. what are realistic settings?
  8. MindYerBeak

    Sometimes you're just awestruck

    Beautiful !
  9. MindYerBeak

    Flight1 Mustang is available

    Did they update the VC and/or added Vnav ? Thanks
  10. MindYerBeak

    is this a bug ?

    I *only* use sayit. here's the link to the log-> https://hastebin.com/osudutuhaq.sql
  11. MindYerBeak

    is this a bug ?

    I was supposed to land in LIPZ.I asked for vectors and ATC was vectoring me to LIPV. I landed on my own.. Here's the picture Wrong vectors
  12. MindYerBeak

    Pilot2ATC Workshop by Captain K-Man

  13. MindYerBeak

    autogen popup

    LM ? this is the FSX forum 🙂
  14. MindYerBeak

    autogen popup

    Is there any way to get rid of autogen popups ? Thanks