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  1. Also running Rex environment and 3D and active sky too also gsx and fs2crew
  2. P3d. Using orbx global trees buildings and various England scenery. Got a load of airports Belgium would be closest to the crashing location. Ai I’m using vatsim traffic program can’t remember what it’s called
  3. Hello please bear with me I flew from Vienna to Heathrow today as soon as I hit near Belgium CTD look at error and It’s coming up with fault module name terrain.dll I’ve done this route numerous times and never had a problem. So I retried again tonight and same thing happened again please help Matt
  4. Hello quick question sometimes the PM will set the flaps trim etc before I takeoff or pre taxi but it’s not done it last couple of times do I have to trigger the spoiler to get it to do it of it makes sense thanks
  5. The problem has been found it was caused by not setting the plane on cold and dark upon entering the cockpit easy fix working perfect now 🙂
  6. It’s nothing to do with the apu
  7. Hello I’ve brought this today slightly regretting it now I started the preflight event. Well the PM turned on the gpu after it was in the avail state goes through his checks then says to ground about the chocks but then he disconnects the gpu so it’s goes off? Then after just trialling and having a look I said check the box he couldn’t even get the fmc on and look at anything? I paid 30 quid for something that has potential but maybe it doing something wrong but man that was frustrating!
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