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  1. Well new update is out and gsx still don’t work no afcad path well what I can see anyway
  2. Found out no date for the new update to be released despite developer summiting to Aerosoft on Friday so my question is are Aerosoft inspecting the update is this something that is done? I noticed the hotfix was released in about an hour
  3. Anyone been able to get the gsx working with the ini supplied
  4. Hi Easy fix here I can help you tomorrow if you like I’ll need you to be at your pc give me a shout if you want me to help.
  5. Not to criticise settings seem quite low I’ve got mine up fairly high with no tweaks.
  6. Sorry Aerosoft isn’t compatible officially with v5 and the davor one is the product.
  7. The new split airport for v5 is shocking slopes over done and tugs etc in the air don’t waste 30 euros on it till it’s least updated bad purchase I made. Regards
  8. Hi is it possible to have an option to have either a male or female copilot? As in real life we have either?
  9. Hello I was think it would be nice if you pick any there’s a delay in the pa I had to give one tonight we had finished boarding but was still was refuelling be nice If it could say that instead of weather.
  10. I did this and my sim crashed If i went to external view?
  11. I’m only using orbx true England and London Heathrow but will try or your suggestions
  12. Would that cause him to stop working
  13. On the approach path into London Heathrow
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