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  1. Ah ha! Thank you very much!! It was indeed the model entry that needed to be added, that solved my issue, thank you! I regards to the Germanwings links, thank you but all I can see is A319 versions, and on the last post above, all the A320's appear to be Eurowings. It doesn't matter I'll stick with the A319 Germanwings version but thank you all for your help James.
  2. Hello all, I'm struggling to find a Germanwings reskin for the Aerosoft Pro P3D v4 version (CFM Engines), not a special one just the normal livery. Also trying to find a Laudamotion A321 ex Berlin livery, there is one on the Avsim downloads but doesn't work as it appears invisible, I think its a year or two old so probably not for the latest Aerosoft version. If there is a site I am missing that has these liveries available, please let me know that would be appreciated! James.
  3. Hello all, I am half tempted to try the Wilco/FeelThere E190 v3 jet for P3D v4.5, day time flying if I can. I have looked at a couple of video's, and it does sound a bit basic, would the TSS Sounds E190 set (This one https://secure.simmarket.com/turbine-sound-studios-embraer-190-cf34-hd-soundpack-fsx.phtml) work at all on the E190 even though it is for FSX and for the older version? Any help appreciated! James.
  4. Hello all, A virtual spotting session at Bristol Airport (EGGD). Based on real schedules from October 2019 using the Flightradar playback feature for the correct aircraft types and callsigns. I did make my own slight alteration in having a 737-800 vice 757-200 on the Kos flight, as I don't have a CS 757 yet, but I believe a 737-800 has done this before. I also left out the KLM 737 turn as I don't yet have a 737-700. Filmed using OBS Studio, and Track IR head tracking, which gives a bit of a 'hand held camcorder' effect, but also made it easier for me as this wasn't on a playback feature, I was flying them in, mostly on Autoland to help, but still had to keep an eye on it and cut the throttles and apply reversers. The ATR's were more challenging! If this takes peoples interest I might try some other locations! Enjoy!
  5. Matty2123, Sorted now but thank you very much for your offer! Simfan1983 - I actually downloaded that Cartayna file package for FlyTampa EHAM, I have no jetways now on that, I'm sure there's something I haven't done, but anyway I didn't even know it had EGKK UK2000 files as well, thanks for pointing that out! Just tried it, installed it and it works wonders! Thank you very much!! BIGSKY - Thank you very much for that link, saved that, though I have EGKK now sorted I see there's an Edinburgh one as well, which will certainly come in handy as I have that, thank you! James.
  6. Hello all, I tried following some tutorials on YouTube on how to replace the default jetways with the GSX Level 2 ones. I tried to do this for all jetways at UK2000 EGKK. I checked the exclude jetways in a 1m radius box, quit the sim, clicked the Compile Check Excludes in the GSX Level 2 control panel, and re-loaded the sim at EGKK. Sure enough the new jetways were in, but the old ones remain. After customising the new gates, and the parking position, I tried the jetway but only the old one works, as seen in the picture What am I missing? As you can see in the control panel, 65 jetways have been excluded, yet they still remain in the sim and work? Any help appreciated!
  7. Hello all, A different video, I started recording a small set of video's in Prepar3D v4.5 during July, but it was rubbish and it had some mistakes and dodgy landings. I kept the worst bit's thinking that I could make a Fails video. Since then I recorded all my flights, mostly as I could see how my take off's and landings were, but if anything went wrong, I could throw it into my Fails collection. Up until now in September I've got enough for this 30 minute collection, and I shall keep recording for a version 2. These are not staged or planned, it's just how they are. Most scenes are from the Dash 8, known as the Crash 8 for a good reason, as you don't need to stage or plan a dodgy landing, in the wind they are hard to keep control of. I find it hard when having hours on an Airbus and going back to a Dash 8! It's not all about landings, it can go wrong on the ground when you are not familiar with an airport and end up getting lost! Enjoy!
  8. Looked like it was quite something to handle!! More tricky than doing it in FSX I bet! You did better than I could do, but I'm sure you'll get used to it if you keep doing it, thanks for the video!
  9. Hello all, I've been getting into doing films for Prepar3D, I've not done many, this is my second British Airways film with BA Virtual There's no chatter, just background music and effects, showing the loading, take off (no music for that or on landing), cinematics and loading/unloading. I try to improve effects as I make more, this one is one of my favourites so far out of the very few that I've done. Maybe someone can tell me what type of film this is, as I can't quite think of what it's called, a short-length feature film? A short movie? Or just a video?? Anyway I hope you like it, I hope the music fits as I really like it (from the YouTube library) and tried to fit scenes around it. Edited with Sony Vegas movie studio. It's just under 15 minutes in total
  10. Thank you, so used to the old physics it's hard to tell, especially as I've barely used a C172 or any GA since MS2004! I'm not a pilot either, I drive coaches so I've no idea on real physics, but saying about the prop that does make sense now! However, would it still be right that the 747 is rather wobbly? I did manage to see a video of someone else doing the same challenge having the same thing, saying it feels like flying the 747 on the moon, which made me chuckle!
  11. I have the Sidewinder Precision 2 and the same pedals as you have, I get this drift on landing and takeoff, I thought it was just me. In the C172 for example, as soon as I put the power on, it immediately pulls to the left, keeping it straight with the rudder is a challenge. Same with landing, as you say I'm finding I need to use rudder straight away even when on the centre line, are you also finding the pedals are very sensitive as well? This evening I tried the New York 747 landing challenge, very messy landings with that, it's like trying to land an oil tanker ship in choppy waters...or is it just me! On touching down I cant keep the word not allowed thing straight!
  12. Hello all, Downloaded and installed yesterday using the excellent £1 subscription Xbox Game Pass to see if it will run, and so far so good! I am fiddling about with controls and at the moment I think I'm getting there with the Sidewinder Precision 2 stick, I managed to find the Throttle Axis so it's not like an on/off switch anymore, but the ailerons and pitch is still rather ropy. Using the Cessna 172 or even the Robin R22, when going down the runway, I need to fight with the rudder to keep it straight (which I understand is right) but once it comes to rotate I go off like a kangaroo! I've just worked out I think it seems to be ultra sensitive for some reason. To get a reasonable lift off, I need to pull back on the stick by no more than a millimeter, and it will glide up. It bobs up and down a bit, probably as it would do, but if I want to pitch up or down, again it's really, really small millimeter movements, otherwise it'll dive, or pull up and stall, very quickly. Ailerons are pretty much the same as well. Is there anything I'm missing, or is it the true handling and not the stick? Being a new sim with new dynamics, and not being a pilot myself, I wouldn't know if it's meant to be like this or not, so any help is appreciated!
  13. Seems to have worked not done that before thank you! Forgot what my graphics settings were 😄 also forgot to turn crash detection off and all that!
  14. Hello all, So the other day I was doing a Jetva flight on VATSIM from EGKK - EGJJ with the Aerosoft A320 Pro, Active Sky on, OBS recorder on, Blue Sky tracking on, Chaseplane and TrackIR on, all normal and running perfect as it does. The next day I decide to fly back from EGJJ - EGKK. Now I have touched nothing in the sim at all, no settings alterations nothing, just quit as normal, PC off overnight and most the next day, loaded up normally with the previously mentioned addons, and when I move my head around or change view (I have shortcut keys set on chaseplane) it stutters like mad, and then eventually my ORBX scenery is flat, no 3d buildings or trees apart from UK2000 airport scenery. I updated the nVidia graphics card which I noted needed doing, restarted PC, loaded up Goodwood in a default Mooney aircraft to see what a 'lighter' plane would do, this would run like a dream, but no, views still stuttering, scenery in tact though having done a circuit but nothing long. I uninstalled chaseplane, moving the camera around with the hat switch, and it seems fine, I can't however test it with TrackIR as that no longer seems to register with the sim, It worked with Chaseplane on but now I've uninstalled that TrackIR won't register P3D, I think I must have broke it. I tried installing Simconnect.msi from Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK but that doesn't make a difference, not that the installer does much, only runs for 2 seconds, I have already installed it before anyway, both TrackIR and P3D are ran as admin, but I think uninstalling chaseplane doesn't help. Has anyone else had this stuttering appear recently? Is it to do with Windows version 2004 or the recent updates? Is Chaseplane suddenly causing the issue even though it was smooth as a whistle a couple of days ago? Specs are: Windows 10 Pro Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600KF CPU @ 3.70GHz, 3696 Mhz, 6 Core(s) 16GB RAM nVidia 1660GTX 6GB
  15. Hello all, Here is another P3D movie video I have done, this time from Dublin to Gatwick and return. I've tried to improve on it a bit, keeping some of the ATC bits out, and cutting down on some of the taxiing unless there's something nearby to look at. I didn't feature the unloading or parking up at Gatwick, that's because although the gate I was given was on the GSX list, GSX decided to be at the other gate on the left, and I couldn't unload and GSX wouldn't let me. Anyway I hope you like it, I personally like the music (chosen from the YouTube library) as I find music selection is the hardest part!! James.
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