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  1. This is interesting. This is a first for me to read about this. I am not having any CTDs with PMDG 747 and Maddog in P3Dv5 including no VrOOMS.
  2. yay....I have been expecting this and 95% of all my addons are installed outside. It will drag some files here and there; reinstall clean sim and drag addons back. Viola back in business. Power of external install. Yay!!!
  3. Oh you have 11gb video card - you should put the textures back to 2048 or 4096. You have headroom I thought A2A birds have hi texture VC option - like nomips installer. I have it for the Bonanza. You could also try turning off MIPS in the Gui section of Graphics
  4. I solved my VRAM usage (on the edge though) but I can sim flawlessly for the time being (8GB VRam min req). See part 3 and Part 2 (titled threads) that I have created in the recent days. Part 2 has all the settings shown with pics, and part 3 has modified the textures to 1024 (see them both) - Literally I have done very minor tweaks and viola vram is under management but you do need Windows 10 Pro 2004 build (it is the Summer release) it will be out to public within few days. I am using windows insider to get the build. That is mandatory as it does better vram management than build 1909. You could get away with build 1909 but may have to bring some settings down.
  5. I would recommend not edit that - that way you always get hi res VC and outside you can do 1024.
  6. Actually in P3D there is another setting in the prepar3d.cfg which states VC texture is set to 4096 by default.
  7. Skip the part 1 - Part 2 and Part 3 are the refined steps. Part 3 is very refined as it allows me to have MaddogX in high addon area.
  8. The enhanced atmospherics is TrueSky Clouds. I had to disable that in order to get everything working - I mean everything on my sim due to 8gb VRAM. With other planes I can get away with TrueSky but this addon and super addon heavy area - VRAM gets consumed heavily. I also like Texture_Exp tweak as that gives me autogen lights into the distance.
  9. It is truly a strange sensation to finally not be able to tweak anymore. Anymore brings gains to nil. Finally v5 is the sim, with the least amount of tweaking. All planes, all sceneries finally.
  10. I am glad everything is working for you. Enjoy your sim!!
  11. No See my thread with the pics part 3 (I am already very near the limit of VrOOMing my card with all those settings). You can see the VRAM usage; sure I am using the heavy addons all loaded up in 1 area. You would have to fly only over Global+openLCs+mesh areas and few addon airports etc (with low lod like 2.5 and low autogen; no truesky either). 6gb cards is being pushed to the limit on P3Dv5 anyway even by default birds. P3Dv5 is a professional software it is being designed to leverage professional VR headsets like Varjo and down the road more powerful dx12 video cards will coming. Nvidia 2xxx series is basically upper end DX11 cards (yeah they say it is DX12). 3xxx series cards will be here shorty probably later in this year or early next year (I am sure covid is affecting their decisions). 8gb is barely enough for now by the time P3D 5.2 comes out 8gb will be on the way out; the minute PMDG does PBR interior that would be it for 8GB video cards lol. MaddogX requires 8gb for P3Dv5 (it is officially requirement even by Leonardo for P3Dv5). MaddongX for P3Dv4.5 is a different story as 4.5 is DX11
  12. I am glad everything is working well for you. LOD_Radius is part of the setting in GUI - it is the medium (3.5), low (2.5), high (4.5 - default setting anyway), goes up to 5.5 and 6.5. Enjoy P3Dv5 😊
  13. see my other post - i solved it
  14. Tons of Snaps - all in 4K and above settings (for reference see Part 2 also) - only different is 1024 textures after everything in installed (truesky is disabled vs part 2) with 4096 on first, clean shaders and run sim in 1024 textures. Look at MaddogX VC!!!! FPS is solid 30fps (due to monitor 30hz etc) and VRAM is listed in all shots. It is close but allows me to enjoy the full sim. I have the Need for my tons of autogen lights. I love it when I see tons of lights everywhere. Thank You Texture Size Exp tweak Have fun
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