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  1. Wow....this is amazing. Where was this current team in v4/v5 days. The speed at which they are sending updates is wow.
  2. 1) You gotta fly over your house in VR and that to in Comanche + VR 2) One of my favorite routes is flying into DCA via the Potomac river and going over DC monuments etc. (the other way around doesn't have that good views). Though dusk/evening views are spectacular with the streetlights and what not. 3) Pilotedge ZLA area + VR (I know it is not a plan but man, it is awesome realism experience)
  3. I own the P3Dv6 license. Completely uninstalled. Orbx is taking a very long time to create the official installer. People forget, for v4 and v5. That option was pretty much enabled on day 1 release of Prepar3d. To me this is not on their top priority list. We all have to accept reality. Prepar3d is alive and well for the commercial market (but for me sadly 5.4 is it for now). The commercial users are using Chase Plane and ActiveSky nicely, and this is the sim of choice for me if I was a commercial user. I have zero interest to tweak P3D by fooling third party installers to load into v6. I just can't spare the time for it now. Work and Family takes priority. There was a time when I could spare time to tweak things to my heart's content but not anymore. And I want official proper support for all my addons. Blame LM for this. I am assuming that they were going through some management changes in the middle - they took forever to release 5.4 and all the developers were out of loop for v6. I can't use any of my high fidelity addons for 5.4 in v6. I got the blues Honestly v6 should have been v5 in the first place or v5.5
  4. Lol the real hp only had like like 4MB of ram max lol and ran on MS-DOS 5.0 HP 200LX - Wikipedia and virtual one is consuming gigs lol . Are they simulating dos too? lol - just run dos emulator from dosbox (isn't it open source). I did see the real Concorde today at the museum today. Really tempted to get this bird but my 8GB video card just won't cut it with 4K / VR....sigh
  5. I appreciate all you buyers for giving us feedback reports. I am in the fslabs forums as I have access to A320 side of things, but for Concorde only the general section as I don't own the license. These reports already convince me that I need to wait and just enjoy my other sim for now. I will revisit p3d 5.4 installation at a later date when the Concorde is patched up and these memory issues are improved.
  6. Is this a programming issue which consuming insane amounts of memory? I don't have any other apps which do this. So far this addon is a hard pass for me till the memory situation gets tamed.
  7. Wow... Seriously, I haven't seen any addon software which consumes 32gb ram like this. I wonder if some FSX code is still in this P3D bird and consuming memory like a drunken sailor. Going to keep reviewing post by you all to see on what is going on.
  8. Lol, if I remember correctly - the 32bit version would OOM out if your monitor resolution was higher (I could be wrong, I am recalling from memory). And now 32gb of RAM is being consumed lol. I will have to wait for MSFS version, I really wanted to experience the Concorde in p3d but oh well.
  9. From what I can tell. 12GB card or higher is required with 4K monitors (and probably the same with VR). Since, I do not have the recommended hardware (I am not wasting time tweaking settings; been there done that in the past for all addons; now I just want to sim with things running smoothly) - I will have to take a pass on this addon (Iooking forward to MSFS release). For those using on P3D, keep posting those videos on youtube. It is a fascinating addon as far as I can tell.
  10. Well, if I can't use my 8gb video card with my 4K monitors --- then I will have to wait for MSFS version / get a new pc build (not happening anytime soon). All my other addons are working quite well even with VR.
  11. I use 4K monitors and have a 8gb video card...will it work on my end? I have no plans to change videocard will 5000 series Nvidia card come to the market
  12. Ah... New Planning system? is that for the coordinates on its unique early type fmc?
  13. I guess time to install P3D 5.4 back again for this (not wasting time with v6). Congrats FSLabs for making this. Was the Captain speech part of the simulation or a person is talking and co-pilot is simulated. Ray, I know you have been waiting for this release (I hope FSLabs let your beta test this bird)
  14. There is no way I am ever installing TikTok to get flightsim news. Don't really care if Gen-Z is using it. I am a millennial, and even Twitter(X)/Facebook all s'uck now. Can someone share what the news is. Is there SR-71 Complete yet?
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