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  1. Hey, I can try to help, can you post your questions on here...and I believe we all would be able to help you first easily. I can help with Rift setup (it is super easy). Can you post your system specs first.
  2. I want to see what Augmented Reality apps Prepar3d is going to make? I hope they have supercharged their Native VR implementation.
  3. No release today. I am sure all the LM team has gone home for the weekend at 5pm EST. Probablitily is high next week for release. Lets get some bets rolling on here lol
  4. Shouldn't you update the client to 3.4.22. 3.4.18 had 2 hot fixes.
  5. I doubt it will get released today. It will be cool if LM did that but probability is next week
  6. Hey there. Nope you will not have to pay for anything. All dot releases like 4.1, 4.2...4.X etc all are free. You may just need to do client update without reinstalling your sceneries/aircraft etc. Please see the upgrade P3D 3.x/4.x Poppet's LM update procedure document listed in Prepar3d subforum tips and tools section. It is a very simple process.
  7. Is Pete on vacation again next week? b/c that is how LM does biz.
  8. Looks like the topic has been well answered (To the op, the decision is yours now). I have a feeling that this could be another thread which could lose its focus and derails.
  9. Lol - the thread on forums got removed. That means the release is near (just a minor pr glitch on their end - Most likely on 26th)
  10. Lot of developers have been beta testing LM 4.1 - they dropped lot of clues. Besides for the most part - one just has to do the client update. I know what you mean about what will break and what not. If you have lot of things installed, then wait for few days and let the hoopla settle down and see if relevant developers have updated their products or not.
  11. I am reading lot of hit or miss with Aerosoft CRJ. From what I can tell and based on previous history with their releases. You need to give it some time till the patch cycle has matured just a bit. They have patches like almost every few weeks. The upkeep alone will drive me nuts. I did enjoy the hype on their gigantic crj preview thread (aerosoft forums - it got like gzillion views).
  12. sweet. I am not seeing it in my account. Super excited. Time to waste time again by installing Orbx sceneries...yay!!! (yes, I know about client update, but I want full sim upgrade)
  13. Good lord, such a positive start to a thread and it got hijacked by rants. Please lock this thread Awesome screenshots by the way
  14. Yep, This is What I need in VR. I just want all to make ultimate VC from now on. Super awesome screenshots So I am assuming if FSlabs is getting closer to release p3dv4 (not there yet), then LM new upcoming release will be out soon too. I know lot of developers are trying to get some fixes in to LM prior to release. Good news all round. Again this is an "Assumption"
  15. Thank You, and you are right about entering ZFW in the fmc as it just takes care of it all.