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  1. Skywolf

    PTA, Shaders, Tomatoes and Whatnot

    I just bought EnvShade like 2 hours ago for $6 bucks, and I using it with Rex Texture Direct. Looks great for me. I tired the whole Reshade way (freeware way...including the old PTA when it was free), and it is not for me...install files and tweak. I need it tweaked. click and install. I always spend more time tweaking than simming. I am changing that habit.
  2. Skywolf

    FSPS FFTF Dynamic?

    This blog needs to be in the manual. They explain on what needs to be done first And Excecution scenario's Prepar3D execution as user - FFTF execution as user -> Simconnect communicates Prepar3D execution as user - FFTF execution as admin -> Simconnect communicates Prepar3D execution as admin - FFTF execution as admin -> Simconnect communicatesPrepar3D execution as admin - FFTF execution as user -> Simconnect can not communicate.
  3. Skywolf

    What's the latest news on FlightSimStore?

    I am just getting my files and registration backed up from them. I do most of the buying from simmarket and individual stores from the content creator anyway. I feel bad for them ever since Orbx went their own way. Orbx was the big seller item before. Things change.... I hope they do stay around as I have gave them big chunks of my business (shopping) with them.
  4. Skywolf

    P3d v4.3

    This thread has really run its course. By next week hopefully some of us will be on 4.3 (if released).
  5. Skywolf

    P3d v4.3

    Yes, LM does own the ESP code. Even few of the MS ACES team members now work for LM Prepar3d team. If I recall correctly, all of this was mentioned in the audio podcast). Exciting times in flightsim world. Just grateful we are getting updates and what not.
  6. Skywolf

    P3d v4.3

    I wonder if it is C-130, or C-5 Galaxy (this thing is huge), C-141 Starlifter (though this retired) I just went over this list and looked at all the big planes in service - Looks like 2 birds. Didn't IRIS Simulations do a C-130? Anyway...I am hoping it is SR-71 fully modelled by LM's Team (C-5 Galaxy will be cool too)
  7. Skywolf

    Which version of KSEA/KJFK/KMIA is better?

    Can the DD KSEA package be used on top of Orbx PNW?
  8. Hi, Does FSReborn AI free light package work with MT6 models as that I have currently have along with BVAI. And I may purchase UTL, and will these lights work on that package also? Thanks
  9. Skywolf

    P3d v4.3

    Thank you for the giving me an awesome hint.
  10. Skywolf

    P3d v4.3

    The podcast link listed on the first post of this thread. It quite an interesting conversation with LM regarding Prepar3d
  11. Skywolf

    FSPS FFTF Dynamic?

    I bought the license just few days ago. Yeah, I do like it. I am getting 24 fps with 5% MT6 AI in PMDG 737 VC in UK2000 EGLL. Outside VC, fps jumps up. I followed the testing method listed on the page (apparently it wasn't fully in the manual). I had to dial some settings down as I am running 4K, but yes, I do get few FPS more when using this app. My EGLL is installed on top of FTX ENG which is installed on top of Global+Vector. So yes, I am getting slick frames on most aggressive airport. Anywhere else, my FPS are flying like crazy at the airport...which is awesome. This is not magic tool, it just gives little bit horsepower. I tried with Affinitymask, and my blurries increase on my 4.4 ghz no affinitymask for me. I am using the AGL method - .01 FFPS at airports and after .33 FFT above 5000 ft. Looks good for me. It is not a bad tool, and right now it is on sale at simmarket Just read the documentation
  12. Skywolf

    P3d v4.3

    After you get in, seriously nominate me. Rooting for ya. By the way, I installed your AI lights free yesterday - omg, amazing
  13. Skywolf

    P3d v4.3

    After meeting the LM team in Vegas, surely by now you would have been invited to be in LM beta team.
  14. You are right, my bad. I spent a lot of free time today on the forums. Mixing threads and what not
  15. Unless LM forces Orbx and few other major developers to install outside the sim. Almost majority of them will not follow. I have repeatedly requested Orbx to install outside the sim, and asked LM to enforce it. Once Orbx moves out of the sim directory, just watch almost everyone will move outside too. But for now, you should be able to do client update only when 4.3 and it should leave all your addons as is. Please see the tips and tricks section of the P3D forum. The guide by Poppet is well written and should help you ou.