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  1. Why can't NetJets have one?
  2. I am disappointed in the entire Aerosoft Brand. All their products have more bugs than I can handle. I had the Airbus and Twotter but they kept releasing patches and updates non-stop. I got tired of installing them all the time. Make a solid product like PMDG or A2A quality. I suggest you read the forums on aerosoft about this product. From what I can tell it is hit or miss. Some things have improved and some have not. I am not spending my hard earned dollars on this addon. I waited so long for this CRJ and delivery was a dud.
  3. It would be great if these products were given to the community for free as a free addon or sold to A2A or Orbx for further support and Rob can collect royalities. Anyway, thanks for the heads up about licensing issue. I was about to rebuild my entire windows 10 system and I would have to use the installer. Now I have to rethink my strategy or just reformat my pc and not use my realair product
  4. Yes the performance is good with FI
  5. Thank You for the share. OMG!!!!! my jaw dropped when I saw this video. Graphics are unreal. This is what current sims should be at. I assume Prepar3d v5 or v6. Majority of us simmers have the graphics card to power a sim like Vital 1100. When am I gonna see threads like I want "Vital 1100 Sim" - it already has scenery, no need to buy addons lol. With the money spend on addons, we all could have just bought a license for Vital 1100 Lol Vital 1100 + VR = Magic?
  6. Hey, I was browsing youtube today and I came across this user's videos. He is in FlightSafety's full motion sim and wow the graphics look superb!!!!. First I thought it was photo scenery only with no 3D, but when he lands, I can see the buildings and airport etc. The graphics are amazing!!!! I wish current retail sim software can display this level of detail. What simulation software is FlightSafety using?
  7. Fantastic Posts everyone. Great feedback. So easy to read info about this bird.
  8. This will be amazing in Virtual Reality.

    wow - thank you
  10. Super excellent find. Yeah that is a clue for sure; there is no doubt about it.
  11. Please see this thread And sorry to hear that you are having windows issues. Trust me your sim can be fixed. Earlier this year an update to my surface pro 3 killed its wifi card for good (internal MS support tech threads kinda knew about this - don't ask how I know) See if the link below pasted helps you out. Also don't delete the FSUIPC mapping file. You may have to delete the p3d controller file and when P3d is re-run it will create that file automatically and then install FSUIPC. Worst case scenerio is that you will have to remap controls in fusipc again.
  12. Hey everyone, I would like to create a thread for only QW 787 FSX First Impressions and Feedback. Please try to keep discussion within these parameters. I know lot of simmers are excited about this release. Lot of threads go into FSX vs P3D etc. and I humbly request we all do NOT go there. Bug reporting should be minimum, as they have official forum support on QW site and those conversations should go there. Excited to read your feedback about this addon.
  13. P3D version will be released probably after p3d 4.1. Just wait like 8 days, come on everyone - it is coming
  14. FSX-MS

    Looking for reviews and insights about this product. Very excited. Guys & Gals who buy the FSX version can you tell me how much failures are modeled in it. Is this bird on par with PMDG level of realism. From the videos it seems so but just want to read feedback. Super excited to get this bird (it will be soon)
  15. Nice video Just wondering how much failures are modeled in this bird. Any insiders have any clue?