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  1. Skywolf

    Vertx Diamond- Wow.

    I am having no frame rate issues with GTX 980, wait till next week for in depth review of this bird. I haven't even simmed with my other addons. Infact, I uninstalled them already. This is the dream plane - especially in VR also.... Even in real life (when I get a chance), I will never fly this bird in heavy weather, it really isn't designed for it (even though it is FKII approved). It is a General Aviation aircraft. In VR, I literally can hear the wind hitting the doors etc, it feels so alive in it. Strong winds generated by Active Sky over mountain areas do affect the flight characteristics. Enjoy
  2. Rob your video is for 4.3...not 4.4 Wait this issue is in 4.4? I need to check? very confusing
  3. Skywolf

    Maybe I was the only one to miss this?

    Lol...ya.....I should have put some emojis in the thread. It is hard to interject emotions into the thread....have a great day
  4. No need to change it now. It appears everything is working now - Just run the sim in Admin mode and will you will be fine. Please check the other threads about free vs fsaerodata. I believe you can create a flightplan with airways in littlenavmap (freeware flight planner tool) and that will get imported into G1000 (just save as .pln file) and save it in default prepar3d files location in my documents directory. I use FSAerodata for now, I am not sure you can entire airways right now on G1000...I am still learning it. Maybe others can chime in.
  5. Skywolf

    Maybe I was the only one to miss this?

    I assume you are symlinking...but Orbx puts files every else in the sim - including the Scenery/world directories....pretty much owns the sim. I have always wanted all third - every single file outside the sim. So when updates to the sim come, sim gets updated and doesn't break sceneries. I am quite a pro with symlink and Lorby's tool immensely helps. Finally Orbx is moving to the new method; they do have giant library of addons.
  6. Skywolf

    Vertx DA62 no sound & G1000 issues

    also fsaerodata has to be on top all sceneries in order to work flawlessly.
  7. Skywolf

    Vertx DA62 no sound & G1000 issues

    Seems like your p3d navdata is corrupt. Did you do install free Aero sors? or FSaerodata ? in the past?
  8. Skywolf

    Maybe I was the only one to miss this?

    With high probability this will be the case with P3Dv5.
  9. Skywolf

    Maybe I was the only one to miss this?

    I do not think this is anytime soon. Please enjoy your P3D4.4
  10. Skywolf

    Maybe I was the only one to miss this?

    Darn right!!!! Lol, I am on that thread and missed that post. Finally all other players will move outside the sim. I utterly dislike developers being lazy, and I do call them out in the forums here and - no outside installation - what the heck.....come on. Orbx moves, and now others will move. I am sure LM had a say in it...and I hope my posts on here contributed to the cause (I believe so...I bugged Rob about it)...I am sure he passed the message to LM and We all should be excited now about this....reinstalling the sim and fixing issues will be less tedious. Most important thing is we all save so much time now. OMG, time saved is epic. We can lose addons, and get addons, but can not get time back.
  11. Nothing should go wrong to your Flightsimlabs - Did you try it. It should work fine. I am glad that your DA62 is working now. Check conflict is something else, and I believe the backup/restore tab as an option or the last tab in Lorby's tool has an option to check encoding. That checks all the relevant P3D files to see if their encoding is correct or not. If encoding is incorrect it will tell you which exact file it is (I am not on my simming computer right now to see exactly which tab it is - using memory). @Lorby_SI should get an award to fixing lot of these things that LM didn't do in their UI. Imagine all of these diagnosis's without Lorby's tool...omg what a nightmare. Usually Prepar3d should have asked you to enable the addon during the first run after install. Usually these issues happen if your Prepar3d is installed in Program Files x86 directory and/or sim is not run in Admin mode. For example sim is run in normal mode, and addon is installed in Admin mode. Blame Microsoft Windows for this. I usually have sim installed outside program files x86 directory, and Sim and all addons are run in admin mode (Right click on prepar3d icon - choose admin mode). That alone solves all problems. Even LM recommends running the sim in admin mode (there was a post somewhere....). Either way you got your DA62 working now, I am glad it sorted out. Sean did an amazing job with the installer and manual. Please read the DA62 user guide - it helps a lot Happy Simming!!!
  12. Vertx Pink in color means that your addon is not active. When you installed the DA62, did you a get a message enable addon? I would uninstall the addon, and make sure that there is no da62 in prepar3d addon directory and then reinstall the addon. After reinstalling the addon, P3D should give you a message enable addon. Download the latest 1.053 release from your vertxsim account.
  13. Run Lorby Freeware Tool - and in one of the tabs there is a check encoding option - I have a feeling it is the add-on.cfg file in the DA62 addon directory file - all you have to change is the encoding via notepad++ and that is it. I encountered this issue initially.... Sean support is very good, he does reply to the email shortly. He is just in a very different time zone; I believe in Brisbane, Australia
  14. Skywolf

    Airbus A-220

    It needs to be in PMDG/FSLabs/Majestic level quality - otherwise no.
  15. Install the xmltools from the Da62 config app - try this first. If not run Lorby's tool and do a encoding file check - it is in the options. If not then you need to run notepad++ - open the offending file - change its encoding to UCS-2 LE BOM - all you do is choose that option from the menus and save the file. It actually could be the encoding of the addon xml file. Please have notepad++ and Lorby addon tool (both are 100% freeware). Notepad++ makes it very easy to change the encoding of the xml file. Lorby addon has p3d file encoding checker. This whole issue will be fixed in less than 2 min total.