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  1. Hey Rob, You wanna spill some beans about what is coming soon to V4.X for example some hints and what not LOL Thanks
  2. Lol....isn't there awesome tax depreciation for owning the fractional share. But I guess with the new US tax cut, getting a whole plane is one heck of tax write off
  3. I figured many pilots are in here. And I did not know about Pilots of America. I just googled. Wow, there is a pilots forum out there. I honestly thought all pilots and simmers were on here. Thank you for letting me know.
  4. I guess no one knows in here?
  5. Hey, I have only read materials on fractional ownership with Netjets; and I am wondering on what happens after 5 years of fractional ownership period ends? (Apparently Netjets offers to buy your share? what does this mean, they buy the plane back?) Does the customer again has to buy ownership in a new plane and drop cash. What if the owner wants to keep his/her share for like 10 years or so? I bet it would suck to buy an airplane share again in few years when it might just be cheaper to own and maintain a aircraft say for like 10 years or so. Just wondering on how this process works? None the material on the internet answers these questions of mine. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the share, I was trying to remember this pilot's name so I can bookmark his site. Didn't CNN just repost this story. I swear reading about this cool pilot's awesome photos just a while back.
  7. Oh man....I did a poll and many pointed the time frame in March. Lol. If it happens sooner, great!!!!
  8. Wait...what...omg.. seriously?
  9. Peacock is not a pet. Some of these people are really dumb and stupid. What emotional support? emotional support my #%#. What's next, some fool will bring a cow, or horse into the airport terminal.
  10. Yeah, I have addressed with Orbx teams on this issue for a while. Only FSDT and few others do install outside by default. I don't know why Flightbeam decided to move into the sim. Once Orbx moves out of the sim root directory and then you will see tons of other players doing the same. Big player has to move first. And as Rob said, that 4.1 had a bug which is fixed now and we all will have to wait when the next release is out. Eventually all players will move out. We all just have to keep bugging the Developers to install the addons outside.
  11. This is old stuff...go to the main page for fscaptain. The link to installers is right there. There is a special 64bit version for P3Dv4
  12. Thank you for letting me know. Good ole capitalism. I will wait now, then see reviews of both and then decide
  13. Wait..what!!! Flytampa is making the same airport?
  14. I am going to have to plan for this purchase. Just came from buying addons on Christmas 2017 sale. I do like what I see on the videos and page. How is the support response from Imaginesim?
  15. Looks like March is the expected month.