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  1. What is up with these trailers. The whole plot is in it, looks like it is has some "good times" scene in it
  2. How good is plane compared to PMDG MD-11. I just want to know. It looks like it all bells & whistles, I will probably uninstall FSX for good.
  3. Just saying there is a certain grown-up industry which is mind-blowingly epic in VR .... lol If one goes to ER for that - that will be hilarious
  4. So after a tail strike, I assume plane gets grounded for repairs and what not... Windy day
  5. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing
  6. Lol...then a proper send off to the P3Dv5 addons should be done.
  7. Of all P3D addons King Air should be supported as it is the only addon with ProLine 21 System. That alone makes it super worthy but to put it on the side is a shame. Oh well.
  8. Honestly a better strategy would have been to have support for 1 plus year for p3dv5 products - King Air needs WX Radar fixed. Do something with Activesky etc (why be stuck with Rex products) - Atleast push some of the P3Dv5 updates for King Air and let the product stabilize in style. If leaving the sim, go out in style
  9. I am with you on this. I have quite a bit of P3D addons too, but there will be new products/ports. That is where I will not a spend a dime on it.
  10. Guys for once start voting with your wallet please (for once and for all) Don't be suckered by every MSFS addons
  11. Screw this - what about my King 350 Support? Last update is from 2020. Oh well, No more Milviz products for me again. This is how you alienate your customers. There should have been one more update pushed for 2021 but no.
  12. Really enjoyed this - man look at all those extinguishers
  13. Yeah, I don't think Orbx is going to fix Vector at all. I personally believe the issues dealt with the third party contractor/player (you can google who the creator is) and Orbx discontent with them (I sensed drama over the years).....I would use imagination here that it is all fixed lol Sad state of affairs in P3D world
  14. Why can't all this traffic be offloaded to GPU - then maybe we can have all roads with tons of traffic and the sim world look even more alive....
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