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  1. This thread will go no where.....We have 2 sides. I have been a victim of identity theft b/c google just shows the name. I am in the camp - when paid for software has all the security checks in place, one should not be forced to use real name in a public forums. I just bug the support team via tickets but too bad I can't really enjoy the forums by contributing. The irony is that by not participating in the forums, I do save time lol. Have a great day.
  2. I can't post there -b/c google will scape my name from the forums (I am little bit public person). Same goes for PMDG site too...sigh
  3. I like to be able to play with 2 or even 3 "Sims" at the same time
  4. Lol - They went from 3 months to 1 month and now to 15 days - lol haha
  5. Yeah...I got carried away for sure...lol But I need VR to look laser sharp, and P3D & DCS have Varjo support - looking forward on seeing the next series of Nvidia cards for this year. It is gonna be fun.
  6. Hey guys, I have no idea on how I missed this epic set by Hernan Cattaneo on top of the airport. What an airport views, this is unreal. Coolest thing is that this airport looks awesome and I am surprised that I have never heard of this airport. The views are awesome Hernan Cattaneo @ Sunsetstream, Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (22.08.2020) [5hs Full Set] HD - YouTube Will have to check it out in MSFS2020 But for the music lovers - enjoy the set I wanna Rave on top of airport with airplanes all around me with light shows on top....that is a party!!!!
  7. Guys, We are 100% gonna see some even more VR improvements in Prepar3d as the next dot releases come. Prepar3d is gonna be awesome in Varjo-XR 3 / VR-3 Wow - check out the main page https://varjo.com and there is link to see Varjo XR3 Video - Prepar3d has a clip (that F35 has some cool graphics - is it Prepar3d with Unity engine...hmmm hmmm for Internal LM users) in there but the coolest part is the music. Love the Progressive House Track they play. I feel I am in Sasha / John Digweed Concert lol. Can someone tell me the tune Either way - I shall have this for my company by near the end of this year. Yeah, DCS, P3Dv5.x, and MSFS2020 - Yeah...I am gonna use it for anyway I want to use. Though if I can create/use some type "video experiences" with some cool Stars - oh yeah....this VR would be an awesome investment lol - For example for one of my friends it will reduce his Vegas extravagance budget as he will get the Vegas experience at home 😉 We are truly in Revolutionary environment for Flightsim and VR
  8. Very interesting but man....why is their official webpage so crappy looking. Looks like it is from the 90s using frontpage etc. It would be nice if they spend some time updating website - simple wordpress (free) would do it. Either way the product looks very interesting, I would like someone to try to get that addon and show us a video. And Happy New Year everyone.
  9. OMG...Holy S H * * I am glad everyone is okay wow - Main team of A2A was on that plane.
  10. finally an easy installer. I dunno it took them so long to come with an installer. But Kudos at last.
  11. Hey guys, We all know that this SIM is in huge development. what I want to know what is the best aircraft right now for MSFS2020. I know mods are there for the Airbus but I am looking for GA plane (payware or freeware). I have the complete MSFS Deluxe Premium - the works package. There has to be 1 or 2 planes which do stand out and almost complete. Please list the the top 2 GA birds. Thanks
  12. By the time it is for P3Dv5 - P3Dv6 will be out. I dunno why it is taking this long for them to release. I know it is getting some PBR updates but that can come in a microupdate. Sigh
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