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  1. I use Sky4Sim because it works with both NeoFly and Pilot2ATC so if you use either program it's a no brainer.
  2. Current version doesn't work in VR. Saw the dev say that they're going to make VR compatible windows in 1.4.
  3. So have you been able to get Polly to work consistently in P2A without multiple restarts?
  4. I think your end goal should be to use it with the app window completely minimized. If you have your co-pilot respond and tunr radios then your only speaking for clearance, pushback, on final and taxiing to parking. Your co-pilot will handle every other interaction. Then you get the benefit of dynamically assigned SIDS, STARS and approaches and all the other features of P2A.
  5. That's not true. There's an airport directory app inside the tablet that lets you look up the weather, runway details and freqs.
  6. Once it's in your Community it's installed. Load up a plane and look for the SP icon in your toolbar.
  7. I use Sky4Sim with it. Both the paid and free version can be configured to show the ATC transmission as a notification within the tablet. It works great for that. I just use the main P2A app to create, validate and file my flight plan and after that it stays minimized in VR.
  8. I installed the latest FSUIPC and I'm getting the regular splash screen, and it works fine with P2A.
  9. Lots of developers are moving to Discord and I've noticed that there's more 'noise' and a lot more scrolling to do to get caught up. Many times I'm scrolling through 100+ messages and trying to follow multiple conversations. Maybe I'm just getting old!
  10. Voicemeter should let you split output to your speakers and BT headset. I use it to split my audio to my Buttkicker and Quest 2 VR.
  11. Does this Discord link work for you? https://discord.gg/NHKKMeX4
  12. Did you try asking on their Discord? https://discord.gg/xwMnGzN9
  13. Can you not set the time (to the minute) in the weather screen on the flight planning page? That's how I'm able to set the exact time for all my flights.
  14. I don't think it gives you stuff like ZFW or Block Fuel that would be needed for programming an FMS though.
  15. I think it's only to allow users to update generic information like taxiways and parking spots - not actually alter or add structures to airports. And yes, I also read that the amendments would be voted in, but I'm not clear on the mechanism.
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