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  1. Do you notice your altitude jumping up and down at transitions too? I don't know if it's REX-induced turbulence or the changes in pressure during METAR updates, but it's so annoying. One nice thing about REX is that it can export to Pilot2ATC so that the ATIS and weather is in sync.
  2. Sounds good. I installed the beta last night and was able to successfully download the 400+ new clips for the US region.
  3. Hi Mark, I'll install the beta. I'm assuming that it won't conflict with Pilot2ATC (which is where I usually use these clips)?
  4. Version: PB1f I'm having an odd issue with Polly voices. They play fine in the preview but when I use them in a flight, I need to constantly increase the voice volume to hear them. For example, I can see their speech output in the window but hear no voices. But if I increase the volume in radio panel, I can hear the voices again. However, the next time the controller speaks, I can't hear them until I adjust the volume again. It becomes a cycle of not being able to hear the voice, increasing the volume to hear the voice, then not hearing it again during the next transmission. Has anyone else run into this?
  5. Over in the official forums the dev says that they're looking for someone to help develop an installer.
  6. Luke Air Tool does this and is free. You can find it on flightsim.to.
  7. Is Polly consistent if you set a voice for each controller, rather than randomized?
  8. Thanks for the info @BobbyFuzzy. Does it also replace the taxiway lights at default airports?
  9. Are you using the DA40NG mod? In the readme it talks about the FADEC and that your prop axes (if you have one mapped) should be set at either zero or full.
  10. Just copy the Simbrief route and paste it into P2A using the Import button. Don't forget to add the airports to the beginning and end of the route.
  11. Do you have a Navigraph sub? If so, make sure that MSFS is running on the latest AIRAC cycle. Otherwise try importing into LittleNavMap and exporting out to MSFS. I've noticed that it imports 'better' that way.
  12. Can you remap the F9 pause button in the TrackIR software?
  13. This is how you'll create the traffic files in AIFP: Open AIFP and go to Files. Select Mount 2020 Traffic Files. Give the package a name. I used GA AI Traffic. Select the bgl file(s) you created that contain the GA traffic. Press Continue. AIFP will create the correct folder containing those bgl files inside Community. I did do a little bit more testing last night and was able to get GA traffic when I set AI traffic to AI Offline. MSFS used the bgls that AIFP placed in the Community folder and I confirmed that I had no other bgl files (other than ships) in my Official folder. You should be able to go back to that airport at the correct time and see your GA traffic after that. Hope this helps!
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