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  1. I have read in a couple of reviews that there is a markable decrease in FPS for the FSR500. I also read where the developer indicated they had found and corrected some of the causes for lower FPS, however that was prior to the review where the lower FPS was encountered. Can anyone speak to their current experience? Possibly a comparison between the FSR500 and the BS TBM for those of you who own both.
  2. I was getting a similar alert a few weeks back but haven't seen it recently. I do, however have the issue where it takes literally days to re-download/reinstall MSFS. It is odd that some have this issue, others do not. I have tried VPN software that connects me through another country, and every other suggestion I could find with no avail. It isn't my connection, or my provider. I download and play many other online games without issue and have done speed tests. Our issues are likely related if you have done the same as I. The only thing I can think of is that it is somehow geographically related. I have never had this issue with an online connection with the many online games I have used. The only common denominator is MSFS.
  3. Wait.. does that make me old?? lol I confess, I bit the bullet with Navigraph last year about this time. It is so worth the money. I do still use pencil and paper though.
  4. I let someone talk me into Navigraph a while back (the full version) since I was having trouble finding South American charts. I was reluctant because of the price. Now I don't know what I ever did without them. With the pop-up in the plane, and the ability to bookmark the charts you want for your trip - it's a no-brainer. Simbrief is a must as well in my opinion. Especially if you want real(ish) flight planning. The two will sync with one another.
  5. There are a couple of good ones out there. Some more in-depth than others. I use both Simbitworld, and OnAir Company. Simbitworld costs around $30 up front with no re-occuring costs. It does a pretty good job of simulating a company that provides flight schedules, rank increases, etc. OnAir has a re-occurring cost, but is relatively inexpensive. I believe there is a free trial that you can check out. It is much more in-depth with built in advancement system to unlock things such as faster fuel/cargo loading, cheaper maintenance costs, etc. It is like FSeconomy on crack in my opinion. I like it very much. To fly the airliners, you have to work for it, but it is worth it in my opinion. My only frustration with it is that there aren't enough "airliner worthy" flights between major hubs. If you don't mind flying to different airports allot, you can't go wrong. Simbitworld: https://secure.simmarket.com/simbitworld-a-pilots-life-chapter-2.phtml Onaircompany: https://www.onair.company/ PMDG makes awesome airliners. The 737s are my favorite by far. I've been flying it for over a decade through the various iterations of simulators, and it is by far my favorite line. And I'm still learning new tricks lol. Youtube is your friend in that regard. Many real-life Boeing pilots willing and eager to share their knowledge.
  6. I believe I've figured it out. My speed appears to have been the issue. I had it set for 200kias with no flaps. Once the speed dropped into the protection area during the turn, the autopilot disconnected.
  7. Are you using FSrealistic by chance? I've noticed stutters on landing and at times on takeoff that I've isolated to FSrealistic. They don't occur when it is disabled/not running.
  8. I've had a few occasions where the autopilot on the FBW A320 disconnects by itself. When it happened, it was always in "selected" heading/speed mode (not being directed by MCDU, but what I have selected manually on the FCU). Today it happened while practicing RNAV approaches (which aren't currently modeled in the FBW A320 completely) hence the "practice". I'm tracking along the approach, I'm not happy and decide to turn around by switching from managed heading mode to "selected": Spin the heading knob roughly 120 degrees to the left and initiate a left turn to try again. At some point during the turn, maybe 1/2 way through, autopilot disengages. If I try to re-engage, it disconnects immediately with the audible alert. Only way I can get it to allow me to re-engage is by leveling the wings, and hitting autopilot again. This doesn't happen every time in auto pilot manual heading mode, with makes it difficult to track down what might be going wrong. Also I should mention this never happens in "managed" autopilot, ie: NAV mode and speed controlled by the MCDU. I don't have issues with spurious controller inputs etc. as I've seen people discuss causing disconnects, and I'm not touching any of the controllers. That and the fact that it only happens when I manually select a heading on the FCU. Anyone else experience this? I'm guessing it is something I am doing wrong, but I can't determine what that might be.
  9. The main thing I would be interested in would be the chart viewer. I currently use PDF charts I send to my I phone, so I would be wanting to do the same with Sky4sim. I am reluctant based on Flyforever's comment though. Anyone else use the method I describe?
  10. Anyone try out the Sky4Sim Pad for MSFS? Any frame rate hit? https://sky4sim.com/sky4sim-pad/
  11. I started using Flightplan go gps for flight tracking, and really am liking it. The only problem I have is when I switch to another app on my phone, (with flightplan go still running in the background), or my phone screen times out, I loose GPS connection from the sim and have to go back into the phone menu and re-establish simulator GPS connection. Anyone find a way to keep from losing gps connection on the phone app when switching apps, or timing out? If it makes any difference, I am using the program "fightplan go GPS" on my PC to bridge the sim with the phone app. There was another similar program I tried as well, but it did the same thing.
  12. So I had a flight that went smoothly until I landed at KSVN. The landing went fine, and I was slowing through the rollout, center of the runway, all of a sudden a window popped up saying I had crashed due to having struck an object. I was in the middle of the runway, no objects nearby anywhere. No buildings, terrain, nothing. This happened to me a while back once as well. Anyone else experience this?
  13. So.. Mine says there is an update available for the sdk as well. I click the download button, but nothing seems to happen. It seems pretty straight forward, but isn't downloading anything that I can tell. Anyone else have this issue?
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