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  1. This drives me crazy... Same thing has been happening since the game launched. For whatever reason this time, I had no problem with the update. Prior, I had the same problem - bigfiles, etc. would loop over and over and over. Only thing that allowed me to download was an external file (netlimiter, VPN, other) that limited my download speed. That is the only thing that has worked. Problem is, those programs all have free trials that have since expired. Net limiter is around $30, another program was around $50. Microsoft themselves suggested I try Netlimiter. I asked if they were willing to pay for it, but no reply.... I am aware that some people are not having any issues downloading. I believe it to be something with the internet provider, or whatever connections are between the user and the world wide web... I am not educated enough to understand why a fast connection would pose problems, and have never experienced this with any other game I have downloaded in the past. Why only this game and no others? Why would it happen to only some people and not others? Why isn't Microsoft being more helpful in finding a fix? (and Yes, I have put in 2 tickets with them - to which I receive poor, repetitive instruction even though I tell them I have tried everything they suggest.) In the end, they simply suggest I try the forums to see if anyone else has found a solution..
  2. I received mine about 3 weeks ago. I absolutely love them. I purchased another model about 3 months ago and was not happy. The MFGs are awesome and built very well. The other will be an Ebay steal :)
  3. I found another program that limits download speed called Net Balancer. It has a limited time free trial, so I'll only be able to use it once. It is working, but I have to decrease my download speed to a crawl, or it will start looping again. I have been downloading for 3 days and am currently at roughly 3/5 of the way through. Unbelievable.
  4. Here we go again.... stuck downloading bigfiles. This happens every time MSFS updates. I've done everything MS suggests. The only things that worked in the past were Netlimiter and a free VPN software. Both limited the download speed. For whatever reason, that allows the larger files to download. Unfortunately, both Netlimiter and the free VPN software were trial versions that have since expired. Another thing that worked on the last download was me pausing and unpausing the download every 30 seconds or so. That was extremely painful. I've tried to slow my network card down (slowest it will allow is 10g full/half duplex), but that doesn't work. The bigfiles gets up to maybe 13 or 14% downloaded and goes back to zero, looping over and over. I've issued 2 tickets with MS (both on the last update and this one). All I receive is a canned response telling me to try what I've already done (which I had explained in the original ticket). They are of no help. I play several games, and have been a gamer for probably 2 decades. I have never had this issue before. I'm really at a loss.
  5. I am still having similar problems as you describe. Flight from KWRI to KLCK this morning. My frames were steady and locked at 35fps. Roughly 30 minutes into the flight, cruising at 6K ft, my frames are struggling to keep above 28. They are averaging somewhere between 25 and 28fps. CPU/GPU and RAM running at about 1/2 capacity. I am not flying over any densely populated areas, or water. I flew the reverse route yesterday and had similar issues. Frames were fine at takeoff, then mid flight dropped aprx. 8-10fps on average while in cruise. No weather - clear skies. I don't get it. Nothing seems to be taxing the system, yet the sim is struggling to maintain frame rates I had pre-MSFS patch. What gives??
  6. I recently purchased the Tflight rudder pedals from Thrustmaster. I noticed the pedals are difficult to move in small amounts on the aileron axis due to what I would call "bumpy" or sticking movements on the rails. I saw a review on this with someone who experienced the same, but they didn't say whether or not they had fixed it. I've thought about using a different lube on the rails or something similar. Anyone experienced this, and found a fix? Thanks!
  7. Someone (After market manuf) needs to pick up this plane. It is a popular one. Especially if you use programs such as Onair, FSE, etc. Cargo and pax capacity is good as well as max dist/cruise speed. Great all around plane.
  8. I reloaded the sim with mostly medium graphics settings. I decreased shadows and reflections, left LOD at 100. The only thing I left off was internet usage. I turned all of it off. No multiplayer, no traffic, no Bing data etc. My CPU/GPU and RAM usage was roughly the same as it had been (slightly less than 1/2 capacity in general) yet my frames were back to the 30fps range. Based on this, I suspect something related to online data usage somehow. I find it strange that the beginning of the flight produced normal (for me) frame rates, and some point within the first hour, it dropped 10-15 frames, flying at 7000 ft on a route I had taken recently. (it should have still been in rolling cache). I read somewhere flying over water had an impact, but I did not see any difference there. Very odd.
  9. As a test, I've turned online funtionality off, set all traffic (boats/planes/cars) to off, static traffic to off, turned off rolling cache - basically as low of settings I could select. There was a notable decrease in CPU and GPU usage (was less than 1/2 % usage prior, now even less), however my frame rate remained somewhere between 10 and 20 - hovering around 17 or 18 on average. I don't get it.
  10. How can this be? I had an average of 30+ fps at the beginning of the flight. Somewhere allong the way, the frames dropped and struggle to keep even 20 frames. CPU/GPU are running well under half, Ram usage is around 1/2 (I have 32G of Ram). Photogrammetry is off. How can the system be coasting along, yet the sim FPS are garbage? And why in the middle of the flight? Scattered clouds, mostly clear skies. Should be no reason for the Sim to be so sluggish. Never had this issue prior to the last update (and hotfix patch) Geforce 2080 super (latest drivers) I7-770k 4.20 ghz intel processor Windows 10, latest drivers.
  11. Many people are having this issue. Create a ticket with Zendesk. The more tickets created, the more they will realize how many folks are affected.
  12. Interesting you say that - I hear my fan picking up speed (as it is set up to do in BIOS when heat increases), however I monitor my CPU and GPU heat as well with no excessive heat - at least no more than it was prior to the update. It makes me think something is getting warm, however this wasn't abnormal prior to the update either. My fan would throttle up and down periodically. I'm not sure that behavior is different now than it was prior.
  13. That link is a different issue than I am having. Mine is degraded performance. Sim loads fine.
  14. So... closed MSFS, deleted all mods, restarted with the same results. Apx. drop of 10fps from pre-update. CPU/GPU running at about 1/2 capacity. Ram is the same. Even in the main start window (selecting plane/dep/arr, etc.) it seems to be laggy even before loading the flight. Cursor seems to move more slowly, and clicking buttons seems laggy as well. Something is happening behind the scenes in the core program. All other games run fine. I should mention I am not running through Steam.
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