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  1. Only one flight with fshud and enjoyed it very much. The atc did stop at climb and chatter ended at well. Then is started again on decent? I was able to fly the instructions in the text window to keep up. Overall excellent experience until the sound stops. Ver promising for sure. Reminds me a RC4 but better...
  2. I got everything setup on windows for the voices but when I try to ping it I get: Could not connect to the endpoint URL: "https://polly.us-east.amazonaws.com/v1/voices" Is there an AWS expert here? Is there a way to download them into the player? There are none there?
  3. Dave, that was it!! Works great now. Thanks, If I missed that in documentation, my fault
  4. Thank You Dave, trying now.
  5. Thank you I hope it works, I was about to give up....
  6. It lets go all the way to tower and when trying to change to ctr it changes back to 126.50 and this time unplugged the Logi radio stack
  7. Dave, I guess there is something else going on when I change the frq manually in the plane, same thing happens...
  8. Thanks Dave, I thought I read where other folks were able to get it to work...Thanks
  9. Azure was turned offfff..........Have no idea
  10. Is ATC down? I am getting no voices what so ever. Thanks
  11. I tried checking the ignore avionics and still the same thing using b737. See video below https://share.icloud.com/photos/046on2eA__tRwM1_ww8p07uFg
  12. I do not have ignore avionics checked. I will reconfirm. Thanks...
  13. Ok I give how do I fix it. I unplugged the Logi Radio and same thing. Would love to know how make it stop. All standard config as far as I can tell. Just plugged it in.
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