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  1. I bought it from x-plane store. So far KSDF is the only one not working.
  2. When I read the description it said all default airports. That why I am confused. Is KSDF not a default airport. Trying to understand what I bought?😁
  3. When I click on the stb freq in com the windows will not pop up. It used to work and then quit. Any ideas
  4. My license is reset and after entering the key and email when I click ACTIVATE the screen goes away??
  5. I PF3 installed it on my Xplane drive: F:\FS_Addons\PF3\PF3.exe I am waiting for them to reset my key now. When I go to the menu plugins and click Enable it does start PF3. I tried the Demo in the mean time and thats where I got the HotKeys not recognized so there my be a conflict?
  6. When starting PFE I get an error saying hotkeys not recognized? xplane 11
  7. The old installer works installed into root of the xplane drive worked. GTN_GDU620PCTrainer_6211.zip The new installer will not install into the correct drive. I wonder if its pointing to an old install. Any ideas on how to make it install into the correct drive.
  8. When I install the trainer software and select the root of x-plane it installed into another drive for some reason. I did recently reinstall xplane to another drive so I dont know if the Trainer softeare is picking up the other install. I am not sure if I can just move it either. It work before the move to the other drive. Help
  9. Almost every airport is screwed up. Whats the deal????
  10. The guy above says RARELY have to use it???I have had to run it on avl,sun,atl,pub,mem......???
  11. So you have to run this for every airport you run across? seriously? How was it released in this condition?
  12. Sent a ticket but no response.
  13. Completely missed that, I thought it was. Sorry for the confusion. I'll pick it up. Thanks
  14. All of the Window Menu are black?? They are in the list but when I display them they are black. P3d4.5
  15. Same here with the button issue not saving..
  16. What about button assignment? Can I save those as well?
  17. Installed win10 and p3d4.4 instead of 4.5. Still no go. Just gave up but when install chase plane it install sim connect and now it works. Tried all the things above and still no FO voice. I dont know what else to try. Does the 777 work with P3d 4.4?
  18. Well now I cannot submit the image. "application failed to start correctly error 0xc0150002"
  19. Yea, did that as well and used a default plane. I finally brokedown And did a complete reload windows 10 As well as Version 4.5 Of the Sim. We loaded everything from scratch and Now I'm receiving a new error starting the MD load mgr. Attached is the error code. Went back to 4.4 and the same thing with another clean install of win10. Same error. Leonardo cant figure it out so now now I have 2 apps I cannot use FS2crew and the MD. Any ideas? Can I at least get a credit to something else? I already have most of your apps. Chris
  20. I uninstalled all drivers and reinstalled. It seems that the sound is different but I have the same issue. I have to reboot and go back to P3D for it to work. Here are 2 video showing what happens. Still set to 'stereo'. The check box to have exclusive control was checked but now unchecked. Failed Worked:
  21. Ok, I will try that as well. I forgot to mention that I did set "stereo" which was already selected. Thanks, I report back.
  22. Reinstalled drivers (Realtek) and got it to work one time. Its hit or miss. I am selecting the same audio source as Win10. I am running a 50" LCD via HDMI to the Nvidia 1080 and using the analog (green) adapter to the sound card on the motherboard. I have tried both the Realtek and Nvidia jack and have had both work 1 or 2 times. Could this be a conflict? How can I hear all other sounds including FA and the FO clicks setting up the MD? I really dont know what to try next. Bryan, I can let you remote into my machine if that would help. Chris
  23. Yea I dont get it either. Now rebooting is not working. I hear FA and the clicks from the FO setting up the cockpit. Tried 2 different audio sources and no go. I will try that.
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