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  1. Just bought it, flying the Duke from LAX to SFO now.
  2. Thanks, will try this. I’m showing Do you still have Dune?
  3. Updating the world after the sim update but I still have the wretched Dune nonsense and the same having to go to full screen. I thought they were goi g to fix these.
  4. Thanks. It’s working now but I’ll take a look anyway. I think it might have been MS’s servers.
  5. Thanks Adam. After several tries it’s finally loading but taking forever to get to the screen where I can select a flight or options. I’m stuck on the dopey Dune screen. I didn’t see an update though.
  6. I just bought and installed the Duke then tried to run MSFS. I’m getting this message. I’ve never seen this before. Any idea what to do? I checked the “store” but didn’t see anything that looked like it would help. Thanks for any help.
  7. Cool! Does it work Roy? It’s very nice, and most appreciated.
  8. Hi Roy, on the one hand I have very high praise for INI, but on the other hand I have mixed feelings on their manager. I got it installed and it's wonderful. My results were different, I wish I knew what happened with your install. Did you click on the gear icon and direct it to the correct path to the community folder? Hope this works, Jack
  9. I had to reboot the app and now it shows in my list of airports. It’s installing. Dang, what a difficult, non-intuitive app this. I appreciate the free airport but man, I wish they’d make it easier.
  10. Thanks. I go there, “buy” it and then it wants to open the INI manager. I let it open but don’t see it in my library and if I try to “buy” it it again gives me the same error. I have never seen such hassles with buying any flight sim product.
  11. Thanks, but I can’t even find their website. All I get on a search is Simmarket, YT’s, Facebook, etc.
  12. How do I download it? In the INI app when I click buy I keep getting a red message telling me “An error occurred, try again.” The app is the latest version. Any help would be appreciated. Jack
  13. Sim running or not it doesn’t work. I updated it on initial install a few minutes ago. I even rebooted the PC. And the weather works great.
  14. Thank you sir, I found the manual as you described but I have the program running as I type this and when I click on Help nothing happens.
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