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  1. For sale: Please make offer, if it's in the USA and the offer is high enough I pay shipping. I do not want to sell for parts, I'm really sorry. Thanks. Jetline Hellfire GT2 PC Win 7 Pro 64 CM Storm Scout II Advanced case ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 Pro, Intel LGA 1150 mobo i7 4790 Quad Core 4.00 GHz 4 GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Corsair Hydro H80i Liquid Cooling 16 GB Trident X DDR3 SDRAM 2133 MHz 500 GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD 500 GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD Creative Sound Blaster Z SBX Integrated High Speed Network 10/100/1000 802.11n WiFi card 750 Watt Corsair RM Power Supply 20x DVD/CD Burner Creative A250 3-Piece Speaker System Saitek PZ44 Yoke & two throttles with USB hub power supply Saitek PZ35 Pro Flight Rudder Pedals Samsung S27A550H Monitor Two RAM sticks - G.SKILL SNIPER DDR3-2133 CL9-11-10-28 1.65v
  2. Hi Mike, already did that. No conflicts. Thanks anyway, cheers!
  3. That's all well and good Keven and I did and will contact them again. But yesterday, on takeoff with CP running the stabs were fluttering like crazy, shut down CP it stops, run it again and same thing. So it has to be something that CP is doing to the code of this plane. They're going to just refer me back here.
  4. I have Keven, but it only does it with ChasePlane running. Without CP the plane is fine.
  5. Hello....hello....echo....echo....?
  6. Tested it with A2A's 182 and it does now do it. Only the Flight1 B200 with the G1000 and only after autopilot is turned off.
  7. Keven, since this last update the Flight1 B200 is having these problems. When ChasePlane is running, after I disengage autopilot the horizontal stabs go up and down like crazy making the plane unflyable. When I shut down CP it's stable and perfect, while still flying I run CP and it does it again, 100% reproducible. The stabs flutter so fast up and down it's like a birds wings. I wish I could make a video but I don't know how. Haven't tested with other planes yet. P3D 4.1 and latest experimental version of CP.
  8. Jack_Sawyer

    Latest update

    I always do exactly that too. But as I indicated in my post I was in the middle of a flight.
  9. Jack_Sawyer

    Latest update

    I don't know how you'd give us a head up Keven, but I can post the screen capture, I had three ChasePlane.exe *32's running. One was 4740 K, one was 4752 K, and the last one was 68,356 K, and a last one called ChasePlane_Bridge.exe at 11,412K. As I said, I was making a flight, then I decided to use a different plane, went to PAVD, and when I went to use the cameras, nothing, Then when I clicked on the icon on the system tray, nothing. It was an empty box in the system tray so then I went to Task Manager. So I shut them all down that way and relaunched CP and lo and behold there was the problem, a pushed update.
  10. Jack_Sawyer

    Latest update

    Keven, I just had a flight going, no ChasePlane, what the heck? So I looked in Task Manager, I had something like four ChasePlanes running. So I had to quit P3D then closed ChasePlane and then it told me there was a fault, don't know what it was. THEN I ran it and you pushed an update! For love or money will you PLEASE give us a heads up or something?!? It totally ruined my flight man.
  11. Jack_Sawyer

    Any new word?

    Ben, I read your original post a while back when it happened and now this post. You're not alone, I went through the same exact thing, 100%, all of it you did. I feel for you man, it's tough like you said. It took me 11 years to recover. I'm very glad you're getting back in shape and it'll be a slog. But you'll do it and we'll hear your excellent voice again on your videos. I appreciate as the OP you getting back to us all, it's a relief to hear that you're going to continue because your videos are of the highest quality and rest assured, I'll be buying them all. I have them all so far. Good luck and thanks for sharing!
  12. Jack_Sawyer

    Any new word?

    Sad, very sad as they were the absolute best video tutorials ever.
  13. Jack_Sawyer

    Any new word?

    Hi Ben, I have all your training videos, I'm wondering when there will be a new set released. I'm really looking forward to two in particular. The PMDG 747 and FSLabs A320. Hope you're well and look forward to new ones soon.
  14. Hi Graeme, that's odd as I have been making flights over several hours every day and this doesn't happen to me. I have 4.1, use experimental version, and of course the latest CP. I wonder if something else may be causing this?
  15. That's very odd, I'm using the latest experimental version and P3D 4.1 and when I pan with my hat switch it's as smooth as silk.