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  1. Thanks I have it sorted. Appreciate it!
  2. Thanks Russell! I had figured as much. It has ben a long and tedious process to do this so I'm only going to do it on a flight-by-flight basis. I have screenshots of the C.P. settings and documents I wrote detailing the settings so it's easy to set things up. I'm very appreciative of you responding and mentioning this. Merry Christmas! Jack
  3. Hello, I have been spending the last week setting up Windows Pro and P3D 4.4 because of a PC crash. So I've been testing my planes and scenery and have discovered something that's bugging me. With the A2A planes I can set up the cameras and when I load any of them all the cameras are there with key and button assignments. Not so with PMDG. Every time I load a jet, say a 737-NGX (or any other model) I have to assign keys to each and every livery's cameras. This is very tedious. I saw this on my last install in 4.3 too. Do I have to do this with every last model & livery of 737's, 747's and 777's? Thanks.
  4. Thanks Ray, any negative ramifications from clicking them both as I usually do?
  5. Jack_Sawyer

    Sales site

    Yes sir, tried that too. Thanks for replying, I appreciate you guys help.
  6. Another question Ray, why is there two Set buttons say for example on the Aileron Joystick Calibration screen. It will show: Min Centre Max Set Set Set Set What is the bottom Set for? Thanks again!
  7. Thanks Ray. I won’t say what I want to say.....
  8. Thanks Dav,e despite looking at dozens I couldn’t find what I needed like the difference between profiles and global and aircraft specific and all that kind of stuff.
  9. Thanks. I already have them connected but they’re working in FSUIPC. I keep the stick and TPM plugged in so it doesn’t change the numbers but I read on page 21 that you can prevent number changes by using letters.
  10. Helps?!? Heck this is perfect!! I can’t thank you enough!! Merry Christmas!
  11. Jack_Sawyer

    Sales site

    I did that, closed and restarted, even restarted my computer. No big deal I eventually got the file and installed it.
  12. Jack_Sawyer

    Sales site

    Very good points Mark. Thank you.
  13. Thanks but it’s 2010 so I wonder if it’s still relevant but I printed it out anyway for a read. Apppreacite it.