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  1. Thanks Jim, I'll have a look.
  2. Thanks for your advice, what you describe is way over my head so I'm not even going to attempt it. I'll go to the screenshot forum and see what I can see. Thanks. Jack PS: Is there a screenshot forum for PTA? If so can you please direct me to it?
  3. Thanks, but gosh, that's a little over my head. I would have no idea how to batch edit having never done it before. I could use trial and error with the limpidity thing I guess. I was kinda hoping someone would look at my desired colors and give me some numbers to work with. I use ASCA and have the Discovery theme set, REX sky sets 5-6-5, and I don't use REX's water, I tried it once and it made things much worse. To me all of REX's water themes are too dark bluish/purple, it was very unlike what I wanted.
  4. Hi, I used to have FSX a while ago and always loved the greenish bluish/gray colour or the water, is there a way to change this? See screenshots below. I'm currently using P3Dv4.1, the latest PTA, and a slightly modified Matt Davies preset, but all I did was just lighten the cloud shadows. It's all trial and error for me so I'm fumbling around like crazy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. First, this is the blue that I personally think is too dark blue. Now, the next three screens is what colour I'd like to achieve. Especially this! Or even this.
  5. Thanks Patrol, but won't this diminish the usefulness of PTA? I mean does this apply to all existing presets? And if not then why just to PTAbsolute Natural? Thanks.
  6. Thanks, then I'll just wait till I get a definite reply about that particular preset.
  7. Thank you kind sir, I appreciate it. But I need to know if PTAbsolute Natural Set will work, it seems on another thread here people say it won't which stinks as it's the only one I really like, it looks the best to my tired old eyes. If it doesn't work I'd like to know why it won't work as some presets do and some do not. Which not knowing enough about PTA is a real puzzler to me.
  8. Hi Gerard, this is the only preset I want to use, so how would I make it compatible? I'm by no means conversant in PTA speak, I just like to install the preset and go. All I did was change two settings for cloud shadows, all I'm capable of learning so far. I've tried them all and I like this one the best. I'm curious as to why some will run and others will not.
  9. Hi Adam, do you know if the PTAbsolute Natural Set preset will work? Thanks. Jack
  10. First thing I do before anything ever goes in my sim is an Acronis full global backup. But my question is the exact sequence. Correct me if I'm wrong but I would surmise that the correct steps are as such. 1. Acronis 2. Run the version of PTA I now have installed and tell it to restore all the original shaders. 3. Run the sim. 4. Uninstall the Client and install it. 5. Reboot 6. Run the sim 7. Run the new PTA and run my modified PTAbsolute Natural Set which what I use now, but will this preset work? 8. Run the sim and see how it looks. So now the question is will that PTAbsolute Natural Set work because this one to me is the best looking, in my opinion. If not then I'll stick with P3Dv4 and not even upgrade PTA. Thanks.
  11. Is this AFTER going to 4.1 and installing the new PTA? It would bee nice to have a step-by-step guide. One for people who have upgraded to 4.1 first without the new PTA and another for people like me who have not upgraded P3D to 4.1 yet or installed the new PTA.
  12. That's a good question, do we have to revert back to the original shaders before running the new PTA?
  13. How do you do that with a command prompt? Never done that before.
  14. I'll have to try this later when I get a chance to fly. But it's odd in that it'll work if you change the time and still work when you set the time back to current. By changing system time it won't affect any other core Windows components? Neat trick this, cool discovery too.