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  1. Hi Rob, I remember "dongles" on my Atari 800 way back when. I don't know how it would work with USB keys, (probably a chip) but my friends and I back then were trained in electronics so we discovered all they did was use a resistor. We bought the same resistor at Radio Shack and instant dongle. We were just curious to see how they did it. I didn't like pirating back then and didn't do it as I appreciated that they'd lose money but I knew some guys who did pirate. You couldn't convince them not to pirate. One guy even had a pirate flag in his dorm. Having said that, I think a USB key which is a lot more difficult to duplicate would work very well for me. I'd pay double the value of Chase Plane for a USB key to not have to always have an active Internet for it to run.
  2. My PC isn't OC'd, nor do I use HT.
  3. Thanks Kyle, but I cleared it out of frustration in not knowing how to get the winds in. Perhaps between you and Chris I'll be able to understand it better. I never try to pull in the winds mid-flight, I try to do it on the stand as I set up the CDU. And like you said earlier, it's like a firehose on full! So much to learn on three complex jets. I used to work these in real life but all we ever did was re-wire the signals to the CDU's or update the AIRAC. We were never taught the operation of the FMC/CDU's.
  4. Thank you! This is exactly what I'm talking about. I'll print this out and try it as soon as I get a chance to fly again. Much appreciated.
  5. Thanks Kyle, I know exactly what you mean about rushing. I rush because I'm used to it, I was always using 3.4 and was afraid of a OOM. Anyway, I think I got the FMC message as you said because of clearing a message, however, the message was about the winds being ready for download. This baffles the heck out of me as I have no idea what LSK or sequence of LSK's to use to bring in the winds. And no matter how many YT's I watch or even the Airline2Sim videos no one every covers this.
  6. Well, on my iPad I just looked at all my documents but don't see anything related to it on page 7. All I really see is tables of contents. Where do I get this supplement? I don't have the 300ER add-on yet.
  7. Thank you. It all seems so very complicated. I'll look at page 7 and do a search.
  8. I loaded a PFPX flight plan when I pressed the LSK for requesting route.
  9. Thanks, I'm not familiar on how to do that yet.
  10. First, I promise you I have tried every search combinations of words I could think of to search all of PMGS's manuals. I'm only on my second flight of the 777, because I don't have a lot of spare time to learn all this yet, so I'm flying along from KMIA to Bogota SKBO and since takeoff I have a white FMX message. I don't know whay this is and didn't see it in the tutorial flight. Could it be something I did incorrectly? As I said, I searched all the manuals on my iPad for FMC status, FMC, status mesage, you name it. I can't find it anywhere. Thanks
  11. Thank you for this, I really appreciate it.
  12. Well, the ONLY way it'll work is if I reboot the PC between EACH flight. That's insane.
  13. Restarted PC and it fixed it. Still on experimental version.
  14. I agree, I might do the same. As much as I like CP I DESPISE having forced updates without my permission. So I have to unplug my internet to they an't intrude into my PC? Keven, you will lose my business mate if this ain't fixed!