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  1. Hi Graeme, that's odd as I have been making flights over several hours every day and this doesn't happen to me. I have 4.1, use experimental version, and of course the latest CP. I wonder if something else may be causing this?
  2. That's very odd, I'm using the latest experimental version and P3D 4.1 and when I pan with my hat switch it's as smooth as silk.
  3. I don’t understand, updating my PMDG planes through the OC WILL negatively affect my performance in 4.1? Should I or should I not update then if I’m staying with 4.1?
  4. What if I’m staying with 4.1 for a while longer, will this negativily affect anything? I have all of your planes and look forward to the -8. Thanks for your excellent work.
  5. Cinematic mode so far away

    Thanks, I tried that but nothing changed
  6. Cinematic mode so far away

    I'm finally having a chance to fly now. Mine zooms out till the plane is a tiny speck. Mostly when in forward or rearward looking views. What is this 1.4 setting and where can I find it? What does it do?
  7. Cinematic mode so far away

    I’m using P3D4.1 Thanks Keven
  8. Cinematic mode so far away

    You know what I mean. I was told a billion times not to exaggerate. Seriously I’ll try to post shots later, it really is very far away.
  9. Cinematic mode so far away

    Mine is the same way, the plane it looks like it’s 500 million miles away, exactly like your shot above. It never used to be like this
  10. Update for C90B HD P3D4

    That's cool Martin if true, but I'll believe it when I see it.
  11. Update for C90B HD P3D4

    I use it all the time despite the warning box. This plane is pretty cool, if you like eye candy, study level it is not. Most of the lightning knobs on the overhead are inop. Pity. I wish Flight1 would male their excellent B200 for P3D, I’d buy it today. But it’s still a nice plane.
  12. Update for C90B HD P3D4

    Workes fine for me Rob, but I had to use Flight1’s app to set it up for NAV 1.
  13. Update for C90B HD P3D4

    Hi Scott! You need to run the GTN program located inside the C90 folder in SimObjects. The name is listed in a post I made above. Cheers!
  14. Update for C90B HD P3D4

    Oh well, thanks anyway