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  1. I have Dynamic Lighting turned off all the time because no matter what plane I use it halves my frames.
  2. Thank you Kevin.
  3. I'm not so disappointed that I won't fly her, this plane is the best thing to ever happen to me. When I use that phrase it's a stock phrase I use to make people laugh. Comedy doesn't port well into threads. I just tested all my planes from the MilViz Beaver to the couple of Carenados I have for playing, to all the A2A's, they all have working beacons lights. I'm sure PMDG will get this worked out, they always do and I have plenty of patience.
  4. I think you're right Kevin. My mistake and I apologize for any confusion.
  5. Follow up, A2A planes' beacon light work.
  6. What a disappointment. P3D 4.1 update. Both red beacon lights ON. Shut down the sim, updated the 747. Ran P3D 4.1 and no beacon lights. All I did was update through PMDG's updater.
  7. Thanks. I only ask because some people do not put it in there as a not or program P3Dv4 to set it up[.
  8. Gerard, I've been following this thread and was wondering what the HDR settings would be
  9. I just tried to fly from KBOS to KEWR, got it all set up, flew to almost TOD and my PC from solid again. Twice now and the one thing in common is AS4. I can make the Colorado San Fran flight fine without real weather. I wonder if the PC is getting too hot. There's no dust, I have 16GB or RAM, but the fans were really going. I have a British friend who lays the new 747 in FSX on a Mac computer emulated in Windows and never has OOM's and can fly it for 18 hours! This PC was built by Jetline specifically for flight sim two and a half years ago. I have waited years for this and the PC freezes solid, I have to do a hard reboot. Such is life. Trying to contact them but sometimes it takes days before I get a call.
  10. You're right, my bust. Sorry for posting about this. I see it in the tutorial, man do I feel sheepish. Not much sleep last night will do that I guess.
  11. I usually do to. And I will. But CTRL+F couldn't find SPEED CONFIG though. So no one can answer if this is something new or not? I did not modify any settings yet in the CDU and now it's simply there?
  12. In PFPX I just clicked on P3D 777 then hit Browse as he directed me to. Then I saved it to Z:\P3Dv4\PMDG\Flightplan. When I run the 747 I can get it to import by typing in KBOSKEWR03 in COROUTE. It worked.
  13. Thanks Kyle, I appreciate it. So far today I have managed to import a flight plan into the 747 by using Mr. Cooke's advice. He gave me two methods, one worked and the other did not. I have to save the PFPX flight plan to the PMDG flight plan folder in my V4 SSD drive. Then I have to type it manually as I did, KBOSKEWR03. Then I think I hit execute and it was all there. Then I had to figure the weights, fuel, SID and STAR, just playing with it and learning. However, maybe it's me getting old but I don't recall seeing this EFIS option on the main menu screen before. Is it new after the update I did today?
  14. Apology accepted Kyle. Please, I beg you, I'm a total newbie just trying to learn all this. PFPX and the 747 are quite complicated. I have watched people do this with ease in many YT's but it's not so easy for me to grasp it all yet. The only thing I can do successfully is the tutorial. And I have limited time too. The people at Aerosoft at the PFPX forum, Mr. Stephen Cooke said it will work so I'm trying this now. When I bought the NGX for FSX I also bought all the Airline 2 Sim videos which were very helpful and I really learned it but it's been a long time since then.
  15. Kyle, sorry to bother you, I would hope you'd have a little more patience. I saw this and it looks new in the main menu, is it? That's ALL I wanted to know, is if this is something NEW. That's all I wanted to know. Sheesh, sorry I bothered you, I'll have to find answers elsewhere. Not EVERYONE is 100% up to see on this plane you know.