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  1. Thanks guys. Appreciate it. It works fine now.
  2. That would probably be helpful, so can you point me in the direction where this manual is? I have the latest version I just downloaded and in the zip file is only an exe file, no manual.
  3. I have Ultimate Traffic installed and I get good traffic in the sky but the GTN 750’s Traffic button is grayed out. Any advice? Thanks
  4. Another question Bert, please, why am I not getting traffic? The Traffic portion is grayed out. I have UTL installed,
  5. Brilliant Bert, you’re a very valuable asset here and I appreciate your help!
  6. Hello, today I installed the A2A 182, Comanche, Cherokee, and Bonanza. I wish the Comanche, 182, and Cherokee had a setting in the Configurator like the Bonanza does where I can select the Reality XP 750. With the 182, Cherokee, and Comanche I select F1 750. Then run the sim, V5, the latest version, fresh install yesterday. I now have no GTN in the cockpits, it's inop, black screen with the planes running. So I go to the Add-On menu and tell it I want to have it Auto Detect and it runs, reloads the plane, and I get the GTN but there's a problem. The GTN will only show when it pops up. It doesn't show in the VC mode like it does in 4.5. I'm sure I have seen this before but for the life of me I can't seem to get it to work. Thanks for any help.
  7. Racism, excuse me? Please show me where I explicitly used ANY form or racism. I will figure this out on my own. Good day sir.
  8. What part of there were ZERO JF updates and what part of the ONLY thing that WAS updated was your GTN do you not understand? Is there a translation error here? Do you speak native English or using a translator? I’m done here.
  9. I’m hiking right now. If you need more detailed information like screenshots or anything at all let me know. I’m human, I make mistakes like everyone else. Please forgive me, I’m literally begging you to forgive me.
  10. This setting is locked. Cannot enable. It’s not an actual HSI, it’s the VOR indicator. To refresh/ 1. XP crashed. 2. Used Acronis to restore. 3. The lock icons were not present in the pre-crash version. 4. The only thing that changed is as a Reality XP GPN update. 5. Since your update I have the locks. i simply want it to drive the indicator like it does in P3D and as it did before the update.
  11. No I is not I simply want the GTN to drive the HSI like it did before
  12. Added overnight? I installed the same plane and no updates. So no, I don’t think so my friend.
  13. I did not have the lock icon on this exact plane before XP crashed and I had to reinstall everything.
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