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  1. Thanks. I'm really getting to the point where I don't care. I'm inches away from not coming here anymore, too many epilepsy inducing ads, constant forum problems like this, i's just not worth my time. My woodworking keeps me busy, this is just for fun but when fun becomes frustration I reckon, why bother?
  2. I use Safari on an iPad, iPhone, and an iMac and still do not see the like box. And this is with and without my ad blocker running. Heck, I can't even see people's avatars either.
  3. Have they been under attack or something? I wonder what's going on.
  4. Same here. Avsim is about to lose me and then they can't put all those ads in front of my eyes. Oh well.
  5. Hi Sherm. But I see my own images and others who also use Imgur. I am however seeing avsim problems. If it becomes too much of a pain for me I’ll just stop posting because I have so many other real world things going on. To me this is fun but I keep it in perspective, it’s just a desktop PC simulation. Take care.
  6. Thanks Bernd. I'd "like" your post but I no longer have one on this forum.
  7. In the last few days I've noticed I no longer have a "like" box. All I see now is a grey square with a ? in it. Is Avsim having forum software issues? I see this on multiple systems, ie: Mac, iPhone, PC, iPad. Thanks.
  8. Yes, it would become unnerving with nowhere to land.
  9. Hi Sherm. I can see them but I wonder if it's Avsim because I can no longer see or click on a like button. It's just a little gray square with a ? in it. I do use Imgur but didn't know they changed policy. If it becomes too much of a hassle I won't even bother wasting my time posting anymore, I don't really want to bang my head against the wall to post.
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