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  1. Thanks! It worked perfectly. I appreciate your help.
  2. Hello, I just upgraded P3D from 4.1 to 4.3. When I run PTA it tells me it's old and I have outdated shaders in backups. So I downloaded 2.62 and am planning on installing it now but is there anything I should do before I install it? Thanks.
  3. Jack_Sawyer

    Why does the Ops center keep doing this?

    Thanks Kyle, updating in a few minutes then!
  4. Jack_Sawyer

    Why does the Ops center keep doing this?

    All worked in the NGX but I've read so much even here about how many problems the new 747 update has caused. Not sure if I want to do this as it's ok as it is.
  5. Jack_Sawyer

    Why does the Ops center keep doing this?

    One more thing, I made a lot of changes in the FMC to equipment, will it change it to default? I don't have a lot of time in my life so I don't fly these too often but I'm slowly getting back into the PMDG products because they're so good.
  6. Jack_Sawyer

    Why does the Ops center keep doing this?

    The reason why I ask is it always nags me to update the 747 but from reading all the problems people have been having with the 4.2 version of the 747 I'm gonna pass on that one. I know it looks like it's a LM problem but if it ain't broke I ain't gonna fix it.
  7. Jack_Sawyer

    Why does the Ops center keep doing this?

    What do I download? The installer for the NGX?
  8. Jack_Sawyer

    Why does the Ops center keep doing this?

    Thanks Kyle but will this mess up my liveries? And very importantly, will it update my 747 to 4.2 and I do not want it and I don't use 4.2.
  9. It tells me every time I run it I have a 737 update. So I let it update I get the DOS window and it tells me it's updated. Shut down the ops center and it does again, every single time.
  10. Mods, please remove as this has been sold. Thank you.
  11. Sorry Kyle, this IS a jumped up FS Economy to me, spent a couple of years there, got boring fast. I was expecting a study level plane but no, we get this. I’ll still buy the 747-8 if you’ll let me if not at least A2A is still creating planes. This reminds me so much of EA’s in-game micro transactions. A revenue stream i ain’t gonna be floating on. Sorry you don’t like it after so many years of hard work and maybe others will love it. You guys should have announced a 787. Rant off, delete my post if you feel the need to.
  12. Just saw this, huge disappointment for me, it's a glorified FS Economy, been there done that. I was really expecting a new aircraft. I'll buy the 747-8 but this? I'll pass.
  13. Hi all, I'm brand new to XP, this is all very confusing to me, when I go to DropBox I see a bunch of file folders. Which folder do I choose first and which file(s)? I'd like to see how the Atlanta are looks. I'd be very pleased and grateful for any help. Thanks. Jack
  14. Hi Mike, already did that. No conflicts. Thanks anyway, cheers!