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  1. Don't know, I really wish I could help, this is a mystery to me. Ben seems to be away or not responding. If it even is Ben.
  2. All I did was just create a new account with a new name.
  3. Just a user, sorry, it came preinstalled on my Jetline PC. I was just trying to help.
  4. Have you considered Acronis backup? I use it before I make even the slightest changes to the sim. This way if something goes south I can restore the entire PC in 30 minutes, registry included.
  5. Ok, so never mind all this stuff, I paid $4.99 just now and bought it for 24 months. Now it works just fine. Thanks everyone.
  6. It says that because I removed my user name for the screenshot
  7. Thanks, do you think he'll read this post?
  8. Just now tried that, when I do that it tells me I'm logged in. Here's the screen with my login info removed:
  9. Ok, I just tried to use it, here's three screens in order of use, I removed my name and other information. Here you'll see I'm logged in and can launch the app which I do. Here it shows I'm logged in. Now when I go to use the System I get this.
  10. Ben Weston gave me a code to login with. Like I said it shows all my login info which I don't want to post here.
  11. Does anyone know if Aurasim is still working? When I try to plan a flight it tells me to login so I do, then it shows all my pertinent login information but when I try to plan a flight for the Q400 it tells me I don't have an account when it just showed me I did. I'm baffled. I have bought both Q400 courses as well as the 777 one. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I just bought it last night for P3D. It says it's for P3D v4 but I have 4.1 and in order to get it into the sim I had to manually move files to P3D's SimObjects folder. Anyway, it flys well but as reported in many places there's no support and their "manuals" are not that good. Has anyone found a real manual anywhere, what I need is something that describes all the warning and caution lights among other things. Thanks.
  13. Version 4.101 is working perfectly for me although I don't use half its features. I just wanted to say thanks for a great program and glad I stuck with it. Sorry for getting so exercised in previous posts but everything works great. I recommended this program to a friend. Jack
  14. Thanks Keven. I just shut down the PC so back on it goes.
  15. Haven't ran P3D4.1 in several days so I run it and CP does this. Always use experimental version. Version 4.95. Cannot run it no matter what I do.