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  1. I'm using default weather and yesterday flying around Florida's key west, saw quite a bit of lighting.
  2. His answer has nothing to do with "clueless" which by the way means: Having no knowledge, understanding or ability. clueless...really?? I rest my case!
  3. Clueless, wow, ok if you say so. I believe it is the other way around.
  4. You are indeed right, I stopped using it a long time ago for the same reason, hopefully invernyx takes it to the next level as stated.
  5. So, it was you after all and not PMDG's lack of knowledge running an e-commerce site. LOL Humanity!!
  6. Love all of Black Square aircraft, my favorites are: analog Baron, TB 850 and Duke Turbine. Nick you are the man!!!
  7. What hardware are you using? I have both Honeycomb Alfa and Bravo and the throttle quadrant works just fine with the new Duke turbine update.
  8. You know, there may be a reason as to why we've been experiencing server issues. MS/Asobo might be doing upgrades and getting them ready for MSFS20204 launch, just a thought.
  9. Installed and tested the latest version of ME yesterday, no issues on my end, no third party AV either.
  10. I'm quite happy with 2020 in its current state, however once 2024 is mature enough and all the complaining and whining settles down, it is then that I will get on board.
  11. I agree that MSFS current weather system has a lot of room for improvements, however, if we compare it with what we used to have with previous versions of MSFS, P3D, XP the difference is abysmal. I'm sticking with default weather system and look forward to future improvements.
  12. I don't use any third party apps and I'm quite happy with the results, smooth everywhere I fly. Configuring MSFS graphic settings according to your hardware capabilities is the best approach. Check out the link that "midnight music " posted.
  13. The fact that I can fly around my city with everything resembling what I see in RL, is quite UNIQUE, no other sim does that.
  14. I'm not in any hurry to jump trains, instead, I'm just going to wait for the new sim to mature with most issues ironed out and all my favorite BS airplanes updated. FS2020 in its current state is a simmers dream come true, so why hurry.
  15. I find the default weather is good enough, however, if I had to vote, it would be for MSFS to work towards making the default even better. With the exception of Navigraph and trackIR, I do not like having to open apps before firing up the sim just to make it look better.
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