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  1. Not really and totally subjective. It all depends on the equipment, settings, number of addons and the balance of all 3. My rig ,which I do not considered to be "high-end" by any means, its quite old, but XP runs quite smooth, why you ask? Well that is because I've learned to keep a balance between settings and addons. I'm quite happy with the performance and eyecandy of my sim and this is why I have no need to spend thousands in new hardware every time a new version comes out.
  2. Never say Never....besides 60fps which is the sweet spot in a simulator like XP or P3D (at least for me) is certainly doable with high end systems today. The problem with fps lies not with the SIM itself but with the user who's trying to make it look like the real world (that I would say, will never happen) by installing gazillion addons which only bogs down any high end system.
  3. CarlosF

    Navigraph Flightsim Survey results published

    I for one could care less on who's the "winner", I only care about progress and development. It's good to see XP moving forward along side P3D.
  4. CarlosF

    Active Sky for X-Plane

    Its HI-FI's v1 for heaven's sake, if you want the whole "enchilada" then wait a couple of years, but stop criticizing something that is not even out yet, instead focus on the positive side of another developer coming on-board. If for one will buy it (great or decent) as I did with SkyMaxx and xEnviro just to support their affords.
  5. CarlosF

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    B5 has lighting issues, here's Ben's comments: "The lighting is missing for chunks of the runway, city, etc. When b6 fixes this, we’ll cut a Steam build."
  6. CarlosF


    That is quite interesting indeed Mr. Von.
  7. CarlosF

    xpuipc problem

    Do you have a static or dynamic IP?
  8. CarlosF


    Try this, it may help before you try it, save a copy of this folder so you can then copy back your joystick settings
  9. How high is the temp there? Here in South TX, temps reached 105 but felt 111 yesterday, new record here.
  10. Good luck Andras, I wish you well, thank you so much for all your hard work, you have indeed made a big difference in this hobby of ours.
  11. I barely have time to keep up with one (XP) maybe when I retire....but by then XP will be miles ahead of the rest, so most likely I'll still be a one sim guy.
  12. Make sure you set your joystick/yoke setting as follows: (suggested by jcomm) - you set your artificial stability sliders full left ( no art stab ) - your sensitivity sliders to about 50%
  13. CarlosF

    upgrade error

    If you are installing from scratch, have you tried the latest installer?
  14. CarlosF

    Switching to xplane?

    set your artificial stability sliders full left and your sensitivity sliders to about 50%
  15. CarlosF

    XP 11.20r1 is out

    I'm not robbing myself from anything, I like spending my hard earn cash wisely, as I said in my post, will get one later when VR technology is more mature. Would you buy a car just for the experience of something really cool even though you "read" customers are complaining about engine misfiring? I doubt it!