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  1. CarlosF

    Switching to xplane?

    set your artificial stability sliders full left and your sensitivity sliders to about 50%
  2. CarlosF

    XP 11.20r1 is out

    I'm not robbing myself from anything, I like spending my hard earn cash wisely, as I said in my post, will get one later when VR technology is more mature. Would you buy a car just for the experience of something really cool even though you "read" customers are complaining about engine misfiring? I doubt it!
  3. CarlosF

    XP 11.20r1 is out

    Really, and how did you arrive to that conclusion? I haven't shown you my wallet or bank Joke aside...Not may case buddy, but from what I have read and quite a lot fo people seem to experience the same, is that VR as it is today causes lots of headaches and dizziness after just a few minutes, so no, I'm not spending $500 on something that is still in its infancy. Will get one in a couple of years, by then computers will be quite faster, VR tech will be much more advanced (with out the headaches and dizziness) and XP hopefully will have good ATC, great Weather generator, ground physics will be awesome and Jcom's wish of "girls on the beach" will be a reality.
  4. CarlosF

    XP 11.20r1 is out

    , love this one!
  5. CarlosF

    XP 11.20r1 is out

    vr, vr, vr...come on LR, lets move on to as Ryan says, more important matters, ATC, ground physics, Vulkan.
  6. As the title says!
  7. True,but Im sure those developers went through growing-pains too, the fact that they have improved only shows the positive outcome when people encourage developers by supporting them.
  8. There are alternatives like xEnviroment (which is the one I have and Im happy with it) and SkyMax Pro, both have good and bad, but I for one think that if we support the developers instead of bashing or complaining, then eventually will end up with a version that would meets most of our expectations.
  9. That remains to be seen in v1.0 which I doubt will happen is such early stage.
  10. Lots of hope has been put on HiFi and Active Asky regarding weather and people just don't realize both will be coming out (if ever) with ver 1.0 which neither will be perfect. LOL!!!
  11. It is. Maybe Im wrong but from what I can see watching AF2 videos, all scenery seems to be static, there is no autogen which is culprit of performance degradation in both XP and P3D. If XP and P3D had the world full of static scenery, there wold not be any performance penalty for sure. Having said that, if all the scenery is in fact generated/placed on the fly then never mind my comments, but I highly doubt it due to the fact that AF2 scenery is quite detailed.
  12. I was referring to Out-of-the-box scenery, not addons.
  13. From what I have seen in videos, AF2 is a flat world, yes is does depict buildings but it's just a fraction of them, no weather and who knows what else it does not offer out of the box, no wonder people praise its performance. Again apples vs oranges. No IA or traffic either AFAIK..
  14. How did you arrive to that conclusion? Do you realize the complexity and the amount of time it takes to develop? Im a software developer (medical) and I sell my software 20 times higher and its not even close to the complexity of xE. Come on, $70, its about the same you would spend on a nice evening in a nice restaurant with the wife and next day that $70 will end up, well you now where. So no, I for one don't think is expensive at all, but that is just me.