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  1. Finally, getting closer and closer to early access, pics look awesome, this is great news, XP12 will be on its own SSD drive for sure.
  2. It is a hit and miss in my case David, I did a few flights during the weekend, don't ask me how or why, but the stutters weren't there anymore, every single flight was quite fluid.
  3. I can get away with setting it to 40fps as I do have a 12th gen cpu, on the other hand, I do have to balance eyecandy due to my old 1070. Im quite happy with the results and hardware combination, very fluid with great visuals, I can take any airplane for a spin without a single hiccup.
  4. True but only if your card is working at 99% all the time, limiting frames reduces the chances. I got a 1070 and limiting my frames to 40 it rarely reaches 95%, it hovers around 78-87%, never gets hot.
  5. True, but as my post states, it's a good starting point which can then be tweaked later. I got mine set to 20 in-game with monitor refresh rate @ 120, this gives me 40fps, smooth as silk.
  6. Set this option to "Prefer Maximum Performance" Switch to "High Performance"
  7. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/how-to-graphics-settings-and-performance-guide-su5-complete-retest-8-2-2021/132407 This is a good starting point and also make sure you use in-game Vsync, lock it to 30. Post here you nvidia control panel settings.
  8. What settings do you have enabled/disabled in the NCP (nvidia control panel)
  9. PC specs and in-game settings will help us provide you with some suggestions.
  10. Interesting, will give it a try just for the heck of it.
  11. Some will say it's the most stable platform they ever had, some might say otherwise. Best approach is for you to give it a try and decide for yourself, your pc specs should handle the sim with good eyecandy without sacrificing fps. Im my case, I can say the sim has now been quite stable for a long while now and has progressed enough for me to enjoy every single flight, more so with the recent release of PMDG's 737-700 which is quite amazing if I may say.
  12. I work in a profession where courtesy towards others opinions and/or views is always expected. Ok, let us move on, I'll leave you with your attitude, I have to get back to my business as I have been clear to take off with my brand new 737-700.
  13. Jan's sarcasm and criticism towards others only shows his embarrassing attitude and lack of tolerance. It appears as he is a RWP, what a shame.
  14. In my XPlane days, 99% of the time I flew the amazing 737 Zibo, loved it and missed it. Now with PMDG's 737-700 I'm finally back in business.
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