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  1. LOL, don't bother I'm sure you got better things to do then be a messenger for my sake, I would hate myself if you end up wasting you precious time.
  2. You are just one of a hand-full of lucky simmers, even XP11 still has outstanding issues with AMD drivers, unfortunately. So the past is still today's reality for some.
  3. I lot of great suggestions and gorgeous pictures that make XP 11 look beautiful and tempting to install again, but (and there's always a but) I rather just wait to see what LR brings to the table with XP12, hopefully they will bring enough improvements to make me come back.
  4. I would blame AMD instead, rather then MS2020, AMD has a long history of driver issues, same reason that led me to switch to Nvidia, glad I did.
  5. Totally agree, AMD has always had issues que driver performance/stability.
  6. Dang, It seems no one can post a valid point (XP does look awful out of the box, like it or not) when suddenly there's the XP dev-police with their sarcasm-criticism weapons.
  7. Very true Jose, but you forgot to mention how long it took for it to be "amazing with the right add-ons", a few years if memory serves me right. MS2020 will be amazing (even without add-ons) but it will take time. The way a look at it now, like it or not, we are still in BETA stage. We have no choice but to be patient and give ASOBO a break.
  8. Cero CTD on my side, pretty stable, no stutters, and my equipment is 5 years old.
  9. MS2020 is still in Beta stage, and we are the beta testers, just like XP, so be patient, still a long way from being/considered a finished product.
  10. I look at both this way... If you are a hardcore pilot that requires almost true-to-life aerodynamics, procedure fidelity with study-leve aircraft, then XP excels in this category, but if you are like me that likes to fly with basic knowledge of flying without all the complications, with a decent aircraft, loves eye-candy and would pick almost true-to-life world over aerodynamics (Im not a pilot), then FS2020 outshines any sim currently in the market.
  11. Saving a flight is convenient to some, but to me it's an immersion killer and more so when you have to save due to possible CTD's. No bueno!!!
  12. Indeed, I concur, the smoothness is there now, very happy with results, thanks for the tips.
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