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  1. It is a fact that you do not need GeForce Experience for the driver to work as intended. Like many, I don't use it either.
  2. Oh man, great news, can't wait for both versions, instant buy for sure.
  3. Your solution worked like a charm. Thanks
  4. I have the same issue, other then that, I have no problems stating the Bonanza using the Honeycomb start switch. It is a joy to fly.
  5. For that size monitor, you definitely need 2K otherwise the image quality will be reduced (pixelated) with 1080p.
  6. 144 is pointless for MSFS with your current hardware, but I can understand getting the best bang for your buck. I have a 1080P/120mHz curved monitor and setting MSFS vsync to 1/3 within the sim gives me 40fps almost everywhere, which is incredibly fluid.
  7. Not necessarily, I have both Alpha & Bravo from Honeycomb and both work perfectly fine with Back Squares Bonanza. Yo do have to create separate profiles within MSFS for them to work properly. As far as FSUIPC, never had the need for it.
  8. In my case, the app runs automatically, I can tell because a TDS splash pic pops up during the sim loading, haven't had the need to run an app before launching the sim for the GTN to work
  9. @mSparks Seriously man, what is the point of turning a valid discussion into a circus with such nonsense from you, every single thread where you dump your thoughts ends up 10 pages long without the benefit of good information.
  10. #1 Make sure you select another location other than default when installing the sim (this only applies for the MS version) #2 Once installed, go to the content manager and install all available world updates, Working Title G1000 and GNS 430/530 mod. and any other free addon you can find. #3 Before you start pouring money into it, enjoy it for a few days, then figure out what other addons you may need. just my 2 cents.
  11. Thread title should be changed to MOD broke my sim instead.
  12. Yeah, it has happened to me too, so far only one time.
  13. True, since you did not post your hardware specs that was the first thing it came to ming. You said you had a 165Hz monitor, I would suggest you change refresh to 120 on your monitor, then set your vsync within the sim to 1/3, this setting will lock to 40fps, which is quite smooth. Try it, you can always revert back if you dont like it.
  14. I believe you are talking about screen tearing, try vsync within the sim and lock your frames to say 30fps and test.
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