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  1. Wow, very nice Alex, thanks for sharing.
  2. Use the installer instead which is located in the XP folder. you can also download the latest installer/updater here:
  3. Fantastic news, kudos to the developer for such improvements from the previous version and more so for not charging extra for it. Cant wait!
  4. If money is no object then 1080ti will do, else 1070 or 1080
  5. Great, thanks for the heads-up.
  6. You don't have too, just include XPlane 11 folder into the AV scan exception list.
  7. your comment is too harsh Gosta and I totally disagree, I think IXEG have done a great job and the 737 will only get better. Software/add-on's are never 100% efficient nor completed, it takes several revisions to reach maturity and that takes time. Do yo think you could have done a better job?
  8. Agree with all comments, no apology necessary Kerry, we all have have our days. By the way, here's an Amen to you sig.
  9. Asuming its a laptop you are talking about, I don't think you will get descent performance in XP11. You can alway try the demo and find out for yourself.
  10. That is great news! I used to be an avid ATI customer until AMD bought the company.
  11. I would too, but the problem with AMD is their drivers, they suck most of the time. I think that if AMD invests more time/resources on driver performance/stability, people like me would think twice and consider them as an alternative to nvidia.
  12. LOL..don't we all!
  13. No, I do not think so. Lets put it this way, if you are happy with your current eye-candy settings, then go for the CPU upgrade, or wait until 11.10 comes out with the performance enhancements and see how it impacts your hardware, then you'll have more data you can rely on to make your decision.
  14. Lock your frames to 1/2 of refresh rate (30fps assuming you have a 60hz monitor), this will make a big difference in smoothness.