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  1. Would definitely go Ryzen at the min over Intel, whether it’s laptop or desktop
  2. Do you use a multi-monitor setup?
  3. Unchecked advanced mouse controls in P3D controls menu? Also check no conflicting key assignments
  4. Yes. Ignore the release date on Orbx, latest DLL's are from 4th January 2021. Prior to updating I had RealLight Version and TrueGlass Version After updating I now have latest DLL's RealLight version 1.3.1 and TrueGlass Version 1.3.1
  5. An update for both TrueGlass and RealLight was pushed out by TFDi a couple of weeks ago. QW have confirmed they will be included in the next update to the 787 but in the mean time I believe you can get the updated DLLs from Orbx Central. I haven’t had chance to test these out yet but hopefully will do soon
  6. For those using Ryzen, I’ve tested this quite a bit on my 3700X and in V5, I found no affinity mask setting in the P3D config file with SMT Off works best, at least for me. And for those using FSLabs, that will set a job scheduler in its config file anyway, assuming you tick tha option, which I do use
  7. Will try it out over the next few weeks. Are you using latest version of P3D V5?
  8. Are you using RealLight and TrueGlass or have you disabled them? I’ve heard they can cause CTD. And some lighting issues as MikeyMike mentioned
  9. What gets logged in event viewer when it CTDs?
  10. How is the 787 In 5.1 HF1? I haven’t flown it much in V5 at all, maybe 1 or 2 flights on 5.0 HF1. Used it quite a lot in V4 and enjoyed it. Ive seen a few issues raised on here and the QW forums about using it on the latest version of P3D as it has some CTD issues? I find it strange that QW don’t seem to be really interested in confirming it’s compatibility with the latest P3D or if they plan to update it to iron out some of the issues.....
  11. DES forecast or LEGS? Both work fine IIRC, haven’t flown it in a while though. For Forecast you have to manually input the Flight Levels that you want wind data for
  12. Ini builds has a fix for it on their site, they’ve done an exclusion for DD Seattle Airports
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