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  1. Check your throttles are bound to the right axis for the Fenix as BrammyH mentions. Better to create a separate controller profile for the Fenix.
  2. Yep that is what use as well. -30 all cores set via an argument on a shortcut.
  3. 90c when running at 30 fps? Something doesn’t sound right. I have a 5800x3d and if I ran at 30 fps, it wouldn’t top 60c, prob average around 55. What cooler are you using? You can use pbo tuner 2 and undervolt to -20 or -30. But if you are regularly hitting 90c, I think there’s another issue going on.
  4. None of those things have changed with the new profile
  5. Yep just seen confirmation on Discord that it was updated already
  6. Think they mentioned earlier that PAX capacity will be increased with this version. They planned to give Simbrief a new profile but not sure if that happened yet
  7. Crazy isn’t it. I upgraded to a 4080 earlier this week and FG is just an absolute game changer for something like MSFS. I’m on a 5800X3D but like you, see 110+fps at times. Now also on a native G-Sync 4K 120hz screen as well. Flew into Gatwick earlier today on vatsim. it was pretty busy and I use AIG model matching and the great EGKK freeware scenery. Still getting 70+ fps!
  8. I always fly on vatsim so will always take a look at the missed approach procedure just in case it’s needed. Fly in/out of Gatwick a lot so it’s good to be familiar with it there! Can sometimes receive landing clearance a second or two before hitting minimums….
  9. Out of interest, what AA mode are you running? I’m using DLAA with DLSS at the minute but will try TAA as well. On a 4K 60hz gsync compatible screen but tomorrow I’m hooking up a 4K 144hz screen with native gsync so looking forward to try that!
  10. Yup I have the same combination as of last week, and it’s incredible. Are you using frame generation? G-sync display or not?
  11. I’ve just upgraded to an MSI 4080 Suprim X and I think @Ianrivaldosmith is right, frame generation could be the best thing to ever happen to the Flight Sim market! Incredible Currently running on a 4K 60hz Gsync compatible screen but will shortly be switching to a 4K 144hz native G-Sync screen. Frame generation on with DLSS DLAA for anti-aliasing. Will try with TAA shortly as well, just haven’t had chance yet.
  12. Thought so, just wanted to do a sanity check before I possibly look at a 4080 😀 thanks Bob
  13. How does FG work with a G-sync compatible display in regards to which frame does the monitor sync to? For example mine is a 4K 60hz display which syncs down to around 30hz as a lower range. So let’s say for arguments sake I am getting 25 “natural” frames, and FG is outputting this at 50 fps, would the display see this as 50fps therefore g-sync is enabled? Or would it see it as 25fps and be outside of the g-sync range?
  14. You have it mapped to the wrong throttle axis. Don’t map it to the 100% labelled axis. The Fenix how to link above has the full guide Make sure to make a separate controller profile for Fenix so it doesn’t affect your other aircraft
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