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  1. I mean on the PFD not the MCP? So on the bar above the attitude display where HDG SEL is shown etc
  2. What was the speed mode shown on the PFD? SPD? Does it do the same when in VNAV PTH or VNAV SPD? And if you try to throttle back with the A/T engaged, I assume it doesn’t throttle back? Just a way to confirm AT is definitely fully engaged
  3. 310kts at 31000? Would be venturing on over speed territory there surely, what was the Mach? What speed/nav modes are shown on the PFD? If you pull back the throttles, does engine power change?
  4. If you click into an airline that’s in your installed list, you can see at what % it’s been randomly compiled at
  5. I don’t understand why people complain about EA. It’s clearly defined as a beta feature, and as such, will have numerous issues. Fair enough if people want to point out the issues as this may help devs etc. But to complain about them is odd. Personally, I started with EA on when first using V5 but after several flights I decided to go with it off until it’s a completed feature
  6. Don’t copy the folder, it will cause all sorts of issues long term. Uninstall and reinstall, from memory I think you need to select “Options” during the Initial install screen and that will let you define install location
  7. It’s an issue with EA, which is a beta feature. Either need to turn EA off and then you can leave reflections on or use EA but turn reflections off
  8. Interesting. I thought Maxime mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that it would be configurable. Might be worth a post on their forums
  9. I haven’t updated yet but is there not an option to turn off shaders for VC and just use them for other thing such as cloud, sun etc
  10. Nice, those sound good temps. I may need to undervolt but will see how it goes as I’ve read good things, it’s a DTR (Desktop Replacement) so the chassis is pretty thick and allows for good cooling rather than a standard thinner laptop. Hopefully will receive it next week
  11. Nice! I’m waiting on a new custom build laptop to arrive which will be a AMD 3700X, RTX2070 8GB, 32GB DDR4, and 144Hz display.
  12. I’m a laptop user as well, what’s spec is your machine out of interest?
  13. Exactly how I’ve got mine. My Add-ons folders in Documents just contain the XMLs. The actual add-ons are stored in another folder on another drive
  14. Just an update on this, anyone had trouble with PCAviator over the weekend? I purchased FSDT Dallas but haven't received any emails from them containing activation serials etc. It isn't on my order history either, although it may have checked out as a guest. Still, should have received emails.... I've sent them a message on Saturday using their web form but had nothing back....
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