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  1. At this point it seems to me what setup we are most comfortsble Take ur pick Intel vs AMD for me personally sometime I'm July will be buying my new computer liked I said from 3770k oc 4.5 ghz. Niividia 780gtx I have been loyal to intel for the last 20 yrs just waiting now to see some actual test results with FSX and of course flight simulator 2020. Right now I plan on going with a 10700k and 2080 super overclocked. The real problem I am dealing with, and no I am not going to wait any longer till end of july, since my computer crashed in feb. Yes for 10700k will be great for FSX , but then when flight simulator 2020 comes out let's say around Thanksgiving day, how will the demographics change , will there be greater emphasis on the computer or more dependent on the graphic card? AMD made it real difficult as of right now Look I have a budget for 2,200 lot less when I purchased this computer with a intel 980 Also I saw the requirements for simulator 2020, but what happen we purchase all these new addons, airports, scenery, weather, etc etc What requirements will we need then? I know with FSX all these little extras can start making the sim look like a slide show. Help me out on this one
  2. One of the reasons why I am still leaning towards Intel not much of a game changer from 9th to 10th generation. For me personally I would be going from a 3770k 4.2ghz overclock, to 10700k 5.0ghz, about 20% increase on performance It's extremely tempting to go with a Ryzen. On a overclock with a Ryzen, 3700x. or 3900x, probably get about the same as I got on my 3770k for an overclock 4.2ghz. Then again the temptation of Ryzen u r getting new technology, and the use of more cores. The key point for me,: Getting this new computer basicallyfor Microsoft flight 2020. Yes I will definitely go with Nividia 2080 or 2070 super overclock. But then key question for me will flight simulator be more computer driven or graphic driven. Fsx which I had from 2006 and a ton of addons. was computer driven, didn't matter what graphic card was running.
  3. TechguyMaxC Thats pretty much what I have been reading lately Amd has basically closed the gap against Intel Yes a 10700k. would be more expensive than a Ryzen 3800k, 100.00 or so. Flip side, Intel higher overclock, give u more frames, but now going back to Ryzen able to use more cores. In addition 10th generation is old technology, unless u want to wait till early next year for 11th generation, new technology. Ryzen is offering new technology now. What a debate u can go back and forth. It's difficult to change flight sim community always. standard was intel, overclocking! My 3770k was great, got about 8-9 yrs out of it Like I said before, have till July make my decision. Bring on all your suggestions positive and negative, why should I leave intel and switch to Ryzen, when this computer will basically be for Microsoft flight simulator 2020.
  4. Well at least I now have couple of months to decide from intel or Ryzen In all my years of flying been using the intel nividia combination Upon reading all these reviews on the internet. 10th generation getting so so reviews. AMD\Ryzen 3900x 3800x 3700x seemed to definitely have closed the gap I know with FSX we all had to overclock are computers. Recently I read in a couple of places that with Flight Simulator 2020 the emphasis will be more on the gpu. Thus, I will be buying 2080 So now I am wondering what would be the price difference between 10700k vs 3800x. But then10700k you could overclock to 5.0ghz, while with 3800x be about 10% slower This will be a tough decision!!!! It seems the flight sim community have mostly gone with Intel
  5. Thus if I overclock go with Intel My past computer was an 3770k and nividia 780gtx. I plan on going thus with a 10700k, or 10900k, with a nividia 2080 U here so much publicity about the Ryzen but looked up and saw they overclock to 4.6ghz Thus, I can assume since this new setup will be targeted for flying u need the faster processor
  6. Well my dell 2709 Flat screen finally blew out after about 9 years. Thus my budget will be 400.00 - 500.00. My new setup nividia 2080 I plan going with 1440 resolution 16x9. 32" Is response rate a need for fsx ? I plan on going with #4 Also, should I stay with a flat screen ? Here all this good stuff about curved monitors Finally, leaning towards Samsung, any suggestions welcomed, or any other competitors
  7. Since my computer crashed few months ago, will be getting new setup in July I have been flying for at least last 15 yrs with Fsx. In the past I have always been an intel buyer I do plan on overclocking, is there any reason why I should use a Ryzen processor over an intel 10700k or even a 10900k ?
  8. I have been using fsx gold edition many years but recently had a problem with my computer thus the person who tried to fix it elimated all my programs iThus my first question is how do I tell what drivers my computer is using for fsx Gold edition Windows 10 home 3770k processor nivida 780gtx I ran dxdiag and it said under drivers under device manager under display it says Nividia 780 GTX and that's it. a few weeks ago Microsoft downloaded their own drivers into my systems Before this happened I was using older drivers for my Nividia 780 gtx never Microsoft So how do I tell what I am using ?
  9. You beat me to the punch went into registry checked on you tube problem was that in PartMgr the p and m were not in caps everything else I left and was able to activate thanks so much charliearon for your suppor Ronny
  10. main question is how do I fix this error message that I get 1-8000-4005 when installing Accleration ? thanks, Ronny .
  11. put icon on desktop, did that, renamed msdownld.temp to Microsoft Flight Simulator X, now I had 2 folders in D drive that were exactly the same,deleted the msdownld.temp folder put in Accleration cd and still could not activate choices came up uninstall or repair chose repair and still could not activate. Maybe have to do something in the registry ?
  12. Running windows 10 home edition with flight simulator gold edition, and I have been flying for years. This is what happened: I installed the first 2 cd's got the main interface of fsx, choose a flight, what type plane etc, and was able to activate, I rebooted the computer installed Acceleration but was unable to activate got following error message: we're sorry unexpected error occurred which preventing product activation being completed error code 1-8000-4005. Also when we were installing after installing the first 2 cds never got icon for fsx on desktop even though product was activated, but was able to fly and setup fsx. We installed fsx of course on separate drive my d drive and icon on desktop. But it was installed in this folder called msdownld.temp and this is the problem. The folder does not say fsx in d drive how do I fix this. Tried putting acceleration back in to do a repair but nothing happened. Its all about this file on D drive which fsx was installed. Thus how do I fix this and then activate accleration thanks, Ronny
  13. I am currently running windows 10 pro 1709 since a couple of weeks ago had problems with my computer. I am having problems uninstalling fsx gold edition from the control panel/ add and remove programs. I press remove and nothing happens. Thus what is going on ? and how do I fix this problem. I have been using fsx gold edition since it came out in 2006 So please help me!!!! thanks, Ronny
  14. sent in my ticket about the issue, hopefully we get a fix on this., thanks Ronny
  15. still having the same problem resetting password to get into PMDG commerce, did everything yu told me before but no luck, order review I can get into but of course cant download the product or update since I am not logged in. Never had this problem before. My PMDG Operation Center is working fine and is showing their is an update available for PMDG 747-400 V3 I am getting the link to reset my password click on it immediately put in the security code and it goes back to the same screen about updating my password. thanks, Ronny
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