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  1. I have been using fsx gold edition many years but recently had a problem with my computer thus the person who tried to fix it elimated all my programs iThus my first question is how do I tell what drivers my computer is using for fsx Gold edition Windows 10 home 3770k processor nivida 780gtx I ran dxdiag and it said under drivers under device manager under display it says Nividia 780 GTX and that's it. a few weeks ago Microsoft downloaded their own drivers into my systems Before this happened I was using older drivers for my Nividia 780 gtx never Microsoft So how do I tell what I am using ?
  2. You beat me to the punch went into registry checked on you tube problem was that in PartMgr the p and m were not in caps everything else I left and was able to activate thanks so much charliearon for your suppor Ronny
  3. main question is how do I fix this error message that I get 1-8000-4005 when installing Accleration ? thanks, Ronny .
  4. put icon on desktop, did that, renamed msdownld.temp to Microsoft Flight Simulator X, now I had 2 folders in D drive that were exactly the same,deleted the msdownld.temp folder put in Accleration cd and still could not activate choices came up uninstall or repair chose repair and still could not activate. Maybe have to do something in the registry ?
  5. Running windows 10 home edition with flight simulator gold edition, and I have been flying for years. This is what happened: I installed the first 2 cd's got the main interface of fsx, choose a flight, what type plane etc, and was able to activate, I rebooted the computer installed Acceleration but was unable to activate got following error message: we're sorry unexpected error occurred which preventing product activation being completed error code 1-8000-4005. Also when we were installing after installing the first 2 cds never got icon for fsx on desktop even though product was activated, but was able to fly and setup fsx. We installed fsx of course on separate drive my d drive and icon on desktop. But it was installed in this folder called msdownld.temp and this is the problem. The folder does not say fsx in d drive how do I fix this. Tried putting acceleration back in to do a repair but nothing happened. Its all about this file on D drive which fsx was installed. Thus how do I fix this and then activate accleration thanks, Ronny
  6. I am currently running windows 10 pro 1709 since a couple of weeks ago had problems with my computer. I am having problems uninstalling fsx gold edition from the control panel/ add and remove programs. I press remove and nothing happens. Thus what is going on ? and how do I fix this problem. I have been using fsx gold edition since it came out in 2006 So please help me!!!! thanks, Ronny
  7. sent in my ticket about the issue, hopefully we get a fix on this., thanks Ronny
  8. still having the same problem resetting password to get into PMDG commerce, did everything yu told me before but no luck, order review I can get into but of course cant download the product or update since I am not logged in. Never had this problem before. My PMDG Operation Center is working fine and is showing their is an update available for PMDG 747-400 V3 I am getting the link to reset my password click on it immediately put in the security code and it goes back to the same screen about updating my password. thanks, Ronny
  9. keep on having same problem for 747-400 keep on saying reset password and click on link which I do but never get any further than that, I do get the link to reset the password but I never get further than that, I do put the new security code but that's it. thanks Ronny
  10. rsperge

    fsx gold edition/ keep on getting error

    still no answer from In Symantec endpoint protection under Quarantine it says the following risk/ 2 names Trojan.Gen2 or WS Malware.2 file name/ flt1chk4.dll original location C:\Windows\SysWOW64\
  11. rsperge

    fsx gold edition/ keep on getting error

    waiting for answer from this is really very frustrating, happens only with fsx
  12. rsperge

    fsx gold edition/ keep on getting error

    can't believe it happened again, doesn't make a difference what plane I fly with, PMDG, Aerosoft, Real Air, etc etc. the error message came through halfway through my flight. Was flying Realair turbine v2 from Des Moines Iowa into Midway Chicago, and half way through the flight error message comes up from Norton end point protection.. Ihave restored this so many times in the last couple of months. The error message only comes up when flying with FSX. On the internet going to various websites, no error message. Really wonder what I should do????? thanks again, Ronny
  13. Currently running fsx Gold addition, with windows 10, keep on getting this error message from Symantec endpoint protection, which is Norton, under Quarantine, listed as a risk Trojan Gen 2/ flie name filt1chk4.dll/location C::\\Windows\SysWOW64\. I go to Quarantine and correct it and changes it to Restore. Everytime it ruins my flight controller even when I try to calibrate it. I have a CH Yoke. The controller runs crazy cant get the plane off the ground even after calibrating it. How would I correct this kind of a problem ? By the way I do see where it is located.. I change it to restore all the time and the same thing happens. thanks, Ronny wow
  14. I have windows 10, but its telling me it won't install a recent update from 1803, because I have Symantec endpoint protection., Norton. Its telling me to uninstall it then would download this update for version 1803. The problem is I do not have the key to reinstall Norton, and then I would loose my anti viral protection, which I do not want to do. Is there any solution to avoiding this specific update 1803 ? I went into advanced options and delayed it for a few days.
  15. rsperge

    FSX-SE no longer compatible with Windows 10

    just came down KB 4054517 solved my problems with 1709, give it a shot ronny spergel