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  1. Good luck with the new card, now just fly the f sim and enjpy. I have 3080 very satisfied with it, but would have bought 3090 because of the vram, just did not have the dollars
  2. I have 3080 as well and very satisfied with it, and 1440 seems to be suite spot for it, along with my new dell monitor s320dgf. Which I also recommend, got it on sale for 350 at Dell, lot of good reviews?. If I could afford it, yes I definitely would have purchased a 3090, and especially with all that vram set up for the next 5 years. Wait till early next year, product should be coming in. By the way if you like AMd their 6800xt pretty much equivalent to 3080, plus 50 bucks cheaper. Good luck if I had the bucks go with 3090, or just wait for the 3080ti which will have 15gb vram, which coming out in a few months. Supposed price point will be between 3090 and 3080.
  3. No surprise to me, I always said in all my posts, let's compare apples to apples, not oranges to apples. Our main concern relative to bench marks was how AMD was going to perform in flight simulator 2020, and of course their driver support, and not in racing cars, or one person shooting games. I have been simming for many years, like many of us here yes AMD gave us some fantastic presentations, to hype us all, and how they were going to crush Nividia, remember this was basically at 1080, and once again this is a simming forum, and that's what concerns me most. Thus, I am satisfied with my 3080, while other scramble in 2020,, and. benchmarks still show no conclusive reason to switch over to AMD, it's close, but I don t see 20% increase in performance in specifically flight simulator, and all this high technology, otherwise. The bottom line is, how AMD performs in simming, and support for their drivers, so we can all have an enjoyable experience!!!
  4. Yep u hit it right on the head. when cms prompt was given.above the search bar clicked administrative. That was key. Will try to install fsx next few days I am sure will need help
  5. Still having trouble When went to cmd toed everything got following error: resetsldll is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I then tried again said something about cleaning up token store Somebody. Please help me I am also using administrator
  6. Recently have new computer 10700kf, 1tb M.2 DVMe SSD, 1TB 7200RPM, 32gb 3400 memory, 3080, 1000 watts power, Windows 10\home and want to get back into FSX. Unfortunately having problems., installing fsx gold edition with acceleration. My other computer until it crashed had no problems installing the sim also on Windows 10 I have the 3 cds and trying to install it with an external optical drive. I put the first cd in, and I know u should not install in program files, or x86 programs, I click on bottom and select c\\fsx, the install shield wizard comes up. I get to 5 blue bar up on the top right, and then after couple minutes nothing happens. I pull the CD out. error message 1722 comes up. This has happened at least 5x, cannot get passed it. I have been simming for many years. and was using windows10. This is a new computer. Please, folks help me!!! Want to get back into flying. Any suggestions or ides will be greatly appreciated Thanks, ronny
  7. Just going one step further, just from my experience in the past, with FSX, we have to remember that flight simulator 2020 is going to be one of those games, where it keeps on building and building with more addons, 3rd party developers, such as PMDG, Aerosoft. Fs DreamTeam, Flightbeam, Fly tampa, etc. They will bring more airports. planes, and so on. I had over $2,000 worth in add-ons for FSX. The point I am getting to. their is no system on earth than can play the sim at MAX settings.even now Eventually with much more highly intense programs going into the Sim the key is obtaining a butter smooth performance. Concluding its great seeing these benchmarks.. 50, 60, frames, but when 3rd parties come to the table frames rates will be immensly cut., which is fine, cause will be able to enjoy the Sim even more!!
  8. A lot of folks here r dissappointed. The way AMD made it sound it was going to be a slam dunk over the 3080. All the hype and publicity sure for some other formats like 1080 AMD does well, but I will stick with my new system and 1440. Kept on telling everybody compare apples to apples, Flight simming always seems to do better with nividia I think AMD still has something up their sleeve with big navi and 6900 vs 3090.
  9. Nice to see some nice benchmarks with flight simulator 2020 I am satisfied now with my 3080. Every body was saying how the 5800xt was going to bury the 3080, NOT SO!! I give credit AMD Has definitely closed the gap on nividia. But like I was telling all my friends flight simming is a different beast than car racing or 1 shooter games. Also what about all that extra vram AMD was talking about, and all that extra performance All I can say concluding the benchmarks illustrate to me. I am a happy camper with my 3080. When big navi comes out with their 6900 up against nividia 3090 that will probably be another story. For now u can if u r lucky to have a 3080. Like myself and lucky enough to pick up a 6800xt we all win, competition is great for the consumer
  10. Thanks so much, will give it a shot, that's great to know keep u informed!!!!
  11. First of all good luck on the new system. Been simming for quite a while, never really thought about the steam edition. I probably have around two thousand dollars worth of addons. You were able to get your add-ons from fsx gold to fsx steam? I also plan to install shortly flight simulator 2020 that's why and like most others bought this computer
  12. Been away about 10 months or so got my new computer couple weeks ago, and wanted to install fsx gold. My new specs 10700kf, 3080 video card, 32ghz. 3400mgb, 1tb DVMe2 SSD, 1tb 7200rpm, storage, 1000 watts power supply, new monitor S3220dgf\dell computer is Alienware Aurora R11. Wanted to install fsx gold and got the following error message: setup does not support UNC or remote drive instellation. Tried to follow Jim s instructions, appreciate any help or advice
  13. Once again yes many benchmarks, illustrating, AMD doing better than nividia, but. where are the comparisons, at 1440 or 4k? AMD is demonstrating at 1080. and yes I agree much better than Nividia. Also, isn't this a flying community ? We are not talking about shooter games or car racing!!! Please give me specific proof to me and many others on this forum, who have been simming for many years!!! That's where are needs should be concerned about, Flight Simulator 2020, and talking about frames I could care less, getting 220 to 180. It's been stated many and many times that flight simulator x or flight simulator 2020 performs best at locked frames, 30 or 60, not unlimited. Two or three extra frames will not make a difference for me. I will stay with my 3080!! Over the last 15 years plus Nividia has been good to me, and especially in the FLYING environment, butter smooth performance, not shooter games or car racing. Once again, compare apples to apples, I want to know about Flight Simulator 2020? And not at 1080, show me 1440 or 4k, where most of us are at. U can give me all this high tech info, which sounds great. AMD better than Niviidia.at 1080, I definitely agree. Concluding, my 3080, is find for now!!!
  14. So u got a 10700k an Intel over an AMD. Bottom line is the Sim butter smooth ? And none of those nagging stutters !!!! Thus, why r people so hung up on frames ? How the Sim performs is the reason why we get satisfaction and enjoyment. Yes, AMD most likely performs better in other applications, but in bench mark related to flight simulator 2020, theirs not much of a significant difference.
  15. Of course AMD makes their big presentation and it was just a bit bias. Public relations, have to get the public hyped up The final outcome should be and if u r a real simmer like myself, performance in flight simulator 2020. I'm am not looking at a video card that gives me 90-120 frames, or a race car going around a track. Or tanks knocking each other out. With simming u want a smooth enjoyable experience. Concluding, absolutely on paper big Navi has raised the bar and gives consumers more choices. Final verdict will be how big Navi vs Nividia perform in flight simulator 2020.
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