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  1. This is awesome. Keep in mind however that Zen 4 is just around the corner, I would hold off to upgrade if you can, just like I wouldn't buy a GPU now when the next Gen is releasing in 5-6 months
  2. Thanks guys, I already have the 5600x & the 5800x is indeed very close now in pricing (cca 350€). So the change also involves deconstructing & rebuilding my PC hence questioning the ROI of making the change 🙂
  3. Hi Is the 5600x good for VR or would there be added value to go for something like the 5800x? I have a pretty powerful GPU (see signature for details). Thanks 🙂
  4. Yes it's an expensive monitor & some would argue an OLED TV would have been a better choice, but I'm loving the 21:9 aspect ratio & since I use the monitor for work also, it's such a great option, I had the 34 inch little brother for a few months & let me say that the extra 3.5 inches make a world of difference! My next panel will be an OLED 38 inch curved ultrawide, hoping the technology comes out in the next couple years. So if anyone is looking at a similar option for MSFS, my stamp comes as highly recommended.
  5. I recently acquired a 38 inch ultrawide at 3840 x 1600 res. It's not 4k but I'm starting to think that in terms of immersion this is a better option vs a traditional 16:9 4k monitor. Plus less heavy on the GPU
  6. Any news on what WU 7 will be? I know I know, we just got WU 6 lol
  7. Does anyone know if Asobo/Microsoft have acknowledged the issue of washed out colors? It's literally blinding, The irony is that it almost seems too dark at dawn/dusk & during the day it's like brightness is on steroids.
  8. Interested in seeing how the latest update has affected simmers vs what Microsoft has advertised. If you have higher FPS, a rough % would be interesting for others to see
  9. I just might get that one! Loved Edimburgh, would move there in a heartbeat.
  10. Some beautiful parts for sure, I remember taking the train from Bratislava to Budapest, the track would go through some hills & a big lake, gorgeous!
  11. Good news on WU6, I wonder if they'll include neighboring countries such as Slovakia & all the historical castles there. Bratislava is a mere 60km from Wien
  12. That looks like a great monitor, well done, I think I'll force myself to reason & stick with this one for now hehe, thanks again for all your help!
  13. What is the reference of your monitor? Coming from 32 inch, my only "complaint" is that this monitor is shorter. I am assuming a 38 inch ultrawide is like a 32 inch 16:9 with the added horizontal space. But yeah, huge difference in flight simming, much more immersive, the one downside of ultrawide is the black bars when viewing youtube or movies.
  14. Double thumbs up for me. I know it's unrelated, but Asobo also announced a sequel to A Plague Tale, which is an absolutely stunning game. So happy
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