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  1. After seeing the recent reviews of the new 7000 chips, I decided to order a 5800X3D to replace my 5900X. Just arrived so waiting on the RTX 3090 arriving tomorrow and I'll be set for the foreseeable future. I don't think there will be much benefit in the next gen GPUs and the 5800X3D / RTX 3090 will be a potent combination at a very affordable price to upgrade.
  2. Isn't that counter intuitive when using DLSS? DLSS works by rendering at a lower resolution which the card can process faster, then upscaling to the desired output resolution. If you are starting from a higher resolution then then that is going to negate some of the benefit of DLSS although I haven't tested to what degree. It may be better just leaving it at 1080p and using TAA instead.
  3. Remember one eye is still on Xbox Series X for MSFS which only has a total of 16GB system memory - that includes both RAM and VRAM. Even with additional background apps related to the sim, I can't see there ever being a need for more than 32GB in the next few years. Worst case, it if turns our you did need more, you can always add to what you have and it will likely be cheaper by then.
  4. Given the 4000 series of cards only support PCIE4, that is total nonsense they are talking.
  5. I believe the Dev Mode is displaying the actual amount in use directly by the sim.
  6. My own personal thinking is to buy AMD or a second hand Nvidia. There is a lot of people pointing out what Nvidia seem to be doing with pricing and marketing. Without getting political on this discussion, this could potentially lead to Nvidia pricing and the lineup changing depending on how the market and AMD reacts.
  7. There are some very good second hand deals going on just now for the 3090 - they are selling for less that 3080 12gb and 3080 ti’s in a lot of cases.
  8. I'm guessing you have a VA panel in your monitor? I had similar issues with VA free sync monitors including XP11, not just MSFS. Although it was enabled in the monitor, I ended up disabling it in the driver due to flickering issues. I'm sure if you are using sync in the game then it isn't truly using freesync since it is trying to limit you a certain refresh rate. Now you are you unable to set the specific refresh rate, I wonder if this is essentially enabling the free sync again. I would disable free sync for MSFS and set your refresh rate to 50%. If you are seeing smooth frames and no flickering then stick with it. Freesync can work well but if the refresh rate varies a lot, the backlight on VA panels especially is constantly adjusting voltage to match the backlight frequency to the screen refresh rate and it is actually this backlight flickering that you are likely noticing.
  9. This still needs to be enabled in the game itself to work though, that's why AMD have a list of currently supported titles and those with upcoming support. Are you sure you are not just seeing the in game upscaling? https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/fidelityfx-super-resolution
  10. Here is a copy of the previous user guide which should be helpful. A couple changes that I can think of - the aircraft and flight plan selection is all done on the server app, not the client. Multiple clients can connect to the same server - handy if you have more than one tablet so want them to show different information instead of swiping through the screens on a single tablet. The first time you run the server, it should prompt you to add the app to your firewall. Select either private or public check boxes depending on how you have set up your home network or select both if unsure. https://www.transfernow.net/dl/20220923GG8PrVf9
  11. The main file includes two msi installers - the simconnect server and the gauge designer. Only the server is required and is installed on your flight sim pc. The gauge designer is only needed if you want to create your own aircraft profiles. You also need one of the APK files which is the android client. V7a is for older tablets. You can try v8a first and if that fails to install, use v7a. The dev hasn’t created a revised user manual for the latest release but I have a copy of the old manual which is still about 90% relevant. I’ll post it up here in the morning when I’m back on my pc.
  12. Give me a shout if you try it out and have any questions. There is a gauge designer app that lets you configure your own aircraft setup if you want to step away from default or the included profiles which is handy if you are looking to get the exact colour bands on your gauges for a different aircraft.
  13. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/how-to-disable-the-dlss-overlay/528962/3
  14. An app I have been using for a while got a recent update that streamlines some aspects of it so thought I would share it here. I'm not affiliated with the developer but offered some feedback which he has incorporated. If you have a spare tablet or two laying around then you can put them to great use. I have two cheap Amazon Fire tablets that I with this app to display a PFD and a secondary screen with map/flight plan and engine parameters. It's free and well worth checking out... https://flightsim.to/file/18371/flight-display-companion-g3000-style-display-for-android
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