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  1. Hey Dominique, I’ve got a few hundred hours on 172s and that doesn’t seem too far off, it would depend on the airframe as each would fly a little different, some would cruise a couple of knots faster than others! Anthony
  2. OK this looks to be a weird windows issue as the mouse seems to be acting up a bit in windows itself, the mouse wheel scroll seems to be selecting different functions, I have tried a couple of mice now and it seems to be windows itself, tried deleting the mouse within windows and restarting, still doesn't seem to have resolved it. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Judging by the response so far I am guessing its a hard no! Anthony
  3. Hi there, Im just trying to work out if this is a local issue on my end or if it’s a bug. As the title suggests I keep getting the mouse look activating when I’m trying to control a switch in cockpit view. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I’ve only noticed it start to happen from this week. I have the CJ4 and A320 mods in my community folder but that’s about it! many thanks! Anthony
  4. Great idea! I agree, I searched for the CJ4 and ended up with an older link, so a locked sticky which is only updated by the devs themselves on here would be a great way of keeping us all informed!
  5. Looks like that was the issue! I somehow managed to download an older version. Downloaded the latest version and it ran very well! Managed a quick hop from Dallas to Austin and she flew great! Thanks for all your help and keep up the great work! Anthony
  6. Thanks Matt! Although I’ve yet to give it a go, I’ve been watching and it does look like you chaps are doing an outstanding job! Do you think it’s possible that the fly by wire sim is somehow interfering? I’ll recheck my download version again! Many thanks again!
  7. I will try that idea! Is there an easy way for me to see the version number? I downloaded it from a link that said latest version.
  8. Hi all, I've recently decided to give this mod a go, however I have run into trouble straight off the bat. Basically all the screens are blank and I can’t seem to power them up. I have downloaded directly off them and I believe it’s called V2 at the moment. I also have the flyby wire mod for the a320 which is helping tide me over until the more complex airliners are available. I am just wondering if I am missing something with the CJ4? Battery is on, avionics on, started the engines and still can’t seem to get any power to the screens, including standby instrument, FMS, Primary displays. is it a bug or is it me? Many thanks, Anthony
  9. Oh yes good point Ron, changing aircraft is painful! I figure those things will get sorted eventually though! Yeah I stay away from the GPS so can’t really comment! I like flying the old fashioned way! Lets be honest though it’s a great base product to be built on, also currently I must say I’ve not had it crash on me yet!
  10. Yes that’s exactly what I was thinking! The landing lights and the beacons look great! But the strobes certainly are lacking in strength. I’m certain it’ll come in time, but it is slightly odd! Good to hear more particle based effects in the works, would be nice to see vapour trails etc in highly moist atmospheres! Still really enjoying flying around in the old steam gage 172, despite what a lot of people say, I don’t think the flight dynamics are bad at all, I’ve got a couple of hundred hours in a few different versions of the 172 and with some sensitively tweaks she certainly seems close! (Obviously looking forward to A2A getting involved shortly though!)
  11. Hi all, Well technically it’s one thing upgraded slightly and one thing added! the upgrade is the strobe light effects, anyone who has done a walk around an aircraft with strobes on knows not to look directly at them! Essentially they are like camera flashes that would leave you pretty blinded. However in the sim they are very docile and barely noticeable even at night. I’ve also not noticed them lighting up clouds when we fly through them (this could be down to how weakly they emit light as I think I’ve seen the landing lights lighting up clouds?). The other thing that appears to missing entirely is any form of contrails, it would be great to see these added in an update. What would be even better is if they behaved like real contrails, ie dependent on weather, which could influence the length of time they persist behind an aircraft etc. Has anyone heard of either of these being added/upgraded? Thanks!
  12. Not heard of Astronomical twilight? Is it in reference to light from the moon? I remember civil twilight from my night rating, 30 mins after sunset if I remember right? Has been a few years sadly!
  13. I’ve always wondered how that worked for all those traffic injectors, I think I’ve had them all! Are they officially licensed? What does officially licensed even mean? The airline gives a green light? But I am pretty sure that not every airline in the world that is covered by these types of addons even know that the program exists! I do also wonder if MS and Asobo plan on injecting correct aircraft models as well as liveries for the ai traffic in the future?
  14. Ah I missed that post Ralph. I guess it may be something to do with how Met Blue injects data into the sim, perhaps the only option is live currently. I’d be surprised if they didn’t have an archive going back to some point in time, perhaps a year or maybe more, again not sure! Also that raises an interesting point, would Hi-Fi not use them as a data source? Either way I’d expect a solution to pop up in the next 6 months or so! Again not even sure that Hi-Fi have announced their intentions?
  15. Have Active Sky mentioned jumping onboard? I mean I've been getting their products since they first rolled out who knows how long ago?! So yup, I am terrible. I already have a whole bunch lined up from Orbx! Someone's got to keep the economy going!
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