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  1. Ah! I must not have ever noticed it before! So its not just me then! Thanks for letting me know, do you know if any of the shader programmes make any difference? Xvision was one I was thinking about? Thanks!
  2. Just having a bit of a play with the K and L keys and it seems to be to be affected by sun position, it looks fine until the sun reaches about midday, then some of the houses seem to go darker than the rest in a rather unnatural way, not all, but large groups seem to go a lot darker than the surrounding area. Again not sure if this is making any sense to anyone! I don't have an additional shader addons installed. Many thanks,
  3. Hi All, Im not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but the houses appear very dark in my Xplane 11 Orbx True Earth. It looks more like the generic houses rather than the additional scenery. I am pretty new to Xplane so I am a little unfamiliar with it. My system is an I7 8700, 1080TI, 32GB Ram, Xplane is on an SSD, runs great, just the houses seem to ruin things a bit, trees look great and the added buildings do to. I did take a few screenshots but I don't think I can post them here? Im using the Beta 11.30 B7 build (I noticed the same on the B6 build) Has anyone got any ideas? Settings are: Visuals: High HDR Texture Quality: Max Antialiasing: 2 x SSAA +FXAA No shadows on Scenery World Objects:High Reflection Detail: Second Medium. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Many thanks!
  4. antic81

    Moving to a new System

    Hi Kyle, Will do! I'll raise a ticket in the meantime about my current issue, last time it stuck on the activation menu (nothing actually made it through to you guys from my end), this time it says its activated but I still end up with it not functioning properly, a restart of prepared brings up the activation screen again, will be interesting to see if you guys have anything on your end from me! I love windows updates! Anthony
  5. antic81

    Moving to a new System

    Hi All, I am moving onto a new rig (mines over 7 years old now so a little long in the tooth!) Just a quick question about anything I need to know license wise before I make the move? Is there any specific procedure I need to follow to allow my PMDG aircraft to be moved across? I know with P3D I will need to deactivate the license before reinstalling it on the new system. As a side note, I currently do have an issue with a windows update which seems to have broken my PMDG aircraft again, I was holding off raising a ticket as I think there's little point if I am going to move everything across. ( A similar thing happened on the last big windows update that I managed to sort with the assistance of the tech guys over here, same process didn't do it this time though!) Anyway thanks for any input! Anthony
  6. antic81

    Activation after update not working

    Hi all, Just a quick update to say that we got it figured out in the end! Many thanks to Chris Makris in tech support without whom I'd never have gotten anywhere! (I've promised him payment in booze!) So the solution for anyone who has this happen to them in the future is to do the following (directly quoting Chris's email to me) : 1. Uninstall your PMDG 747 QOTSII, 777 737 and J41 products from Control Panel\Programs and Features. (the older 747-400X and MD-11 products do not use the FLEXnet activation system and are not applicable to this problem) 2. Go to your C:\Program Data\FLEXnet folder. (this is a hidden folder, if you can't see it, enable the option "Show hidden files, folders and drives," in the Windows folder options) 3. Delete any files in this folder with PMDG in their names. Be extra careful not to delete any non-PMDG files here, other applications such as the Adobe products use FLEXnet activation as well. 4. Reinstall your aircraft from your installers and see if you're able to activate. Hopefully that helps anyone else in a similar predicament! Many thanks also to Rob, Dan and John for your ideas - I was getting ready to throw the PC out the window at one stage which may not have helped solve the issue but certainly would have made me feel a lot better!
  7. antic81

    Activation after update not working

    Hi guys, Many thanks for all your tips to try, I am away from my PC now until late tomorrow night, so will give all the new ideas a go when I am back! Thanks Rob, I did actually try the uninstall/reinstall option before I raised the ticket, however I only uninstalled the QOTS on that occasion, I'll give uninstalling everything a try! Also Chris fromTech Support has also suggested checking FlexNET Licensing Service on Windows - so I will look at that too when I am home tomorrow night! I was tempted to simply disable Windows updates going forward, do you chaps think that is a good idea? I'd read that this one was a nightmare, I wonder what else its broken... Many thanks again for all the help, will be sure to let you know how I get on in the hopes that it helps someone else going through a similar issue. Anthony
  8. Hi there, i have opened a ticket and had a response from Paul on this one, but sadly it did not seem to work. I have P3D 4.1 installed with both the NGX base package and the 747 QOTS II installed, all were fine until the other day when windows did its fall creators update. I tried to fire up the QOTS II and it asked to be activated, I assume this is due to the large Windows update. I go through the update process by entering my License code... it gets up to polling for response, very briefly says done and then opens the box asking for the code again. Paul told me it seems that it is not getting through to their server and it could be my AV software, I tried disabling it as well as the windows firewall and still no joy. This happens for both the NGX and QOTS II, has anyone got any ideas of what else I can try? I am running Windows 10 64 Bit with the Creators update. Any help greatly appreciated! Many thanks, Anthony
  9. antic81

    Different runways in FMC

    A great example in South Africa would be Lanseria airport (FALA), the default scenery depicts parallel runways 06/24, however if you have the latest nav data you'll find a single runway 07/25. The data on board the aircraft is correct, its the sim that is slightly behind the times, only way to fix that is to download an add-on airport which is more up to date. More often than not though its not a physical change to the runway position but its just the very slow drift of Magnetic North, eventually it becomes apparent the runway number is no longer very close to the magnetic heading so runway 07 which once read on a compass as 070 (or there about's) has over the years drifted into a heading of lets say 078 magnetic on the compass - so therefore it may be re-designated to runway 08. Of course you can ignore all that if you were already aware of this phenomenon and just wondered how to change the number...thats already been answered above!
  10. antic81

    Middle mouse button look

    I have now tried to uninstall and reinstall - still no joy, there must be a conflict somewhere? I have found that the mouse look using the space bar sort of works, but it does snap back to the position after about 2 seconds or so... Another thing I am trying to figure out is how the middle mouse button can be assigned for both the UI and to look? It brings up the UI no problem, but it does not work to look at all, as I said the pointer just vanishes and thats it. I have tried disabling the middle mouse UI but not had any luck, but that just turns that function off without having any positive effect on the middle mouse look function. I really don't like having to use the hat switch to pan and tilt, I have been using the middle mouse look for probably the last...well since whenever EZdok first came out? Is there anything I can try? Many thanks, Anthony
  11. antic81

    Middle mouse button look

    Hi Konstantin, Tried that - but no change sadly! Its under camera in preferences - named: "Pan & Tilt on middle mouse hold" tried that on with the Enable middle mouse view selector on and off as well. Seems to have no effect, the mouse cursor vanishes but the panning and tilting remains unresponsive. Could it be some kind of conflict?
  12. Hi All, I just recently converted to Chase Plane from an older and somewhat temperamental EZDok v1.18. All looks great so far, however I am having an issue with the mouse look function, I have it set to pan/tilt middle mouse button on, but it doesn't seem to function? I have experiemental mode on and I have been trying for the last hour to get it to work. I have set up all the other controls, ie arrow keys to move around etc and they all work fine, also the middle mouse button does work to bring up the menu, I thought this may be a conflict but even after disabling that function it still didn't work. I am flying the PMDG 747 V3 if that helps? Prepared V 3.3. Am I missing something obvious somewhere? Many thanks, Anthony
  13. antic81

    FTX Global base issue

    I'll take a gander! Many thanks for the quick response though! Anthony
  14. antic81

    FTX Global base issue

    Hi All, I have noticed an interesting problem, this only seems to affect Global base, not my open LC or my area scenery. I was flying around Cape Town, South Africa and noticed what I think is incorrect texture loading, it looks like the default scenery is bleeding through and I am getting bright green text appear stating the season as part of the texture. Im running P3D V3.3 and as I say its only that region that I have picked up on it. Any ideas from anyone on a solution to this? Anthony
  15. antic81

    WSSS missing taxiways

    Hi Jim, Is it standard scenery or an addon? Have you flown in there before and seen the airport displayed correctly? Could just need to use the vector tool - or push it up the list on your scenery library? That all depends on if it was ever correctly modeled - I am not home right now sow I can't check mine for you at the moment.