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  1. Yeah I only got it on Saturday and the notes to mention that it is the latest version. I am guessing that the version that you download from Just Flight is the latest version? I am guessing that it may be the airport itself that is the problem? Has anyone else flown into the default EHAM? Many thanks, Anthony
  2. Hi all, I have recently purchased Traffic Global for XP11, I did a quick hop from Luton across to Amsterdam and while Luton was packed with aircraft, Amsterdam only had a grand total of 11 aircraft spread across the entire airport. Schiphol airport is the standard gateway airport while Luton is part of the Orbx True Earth South package (although I don't believe Orbx actually update the airports in this package). I was wondering if anyone else has found Schiphol lacking in traffic with this plug in? For reference I do have the traffic set to 100%, the traffic was like this on arrival, I have not attempted to start with the flight there. Many thanks, Anthony
  3. I am an word not allowed! I thought I had a later version than I do have so went ahead and ignored that! Is there a way to check my version number without starting the sim? I have the stand alone version (non-steam). Thanks for your help! Anthony
  4. Hi All, I recently added the HD airport texture pack update and all looks great, the only issue I have is the airport/taxiway signs seem to be slightly damaged, the info seems to be a bit garbled on the signs, I believe I followed the correct loading procedure, as mentioned everything else looks great, would anyone have an idea of what I could have done wrong? Just to clarify the ground markings are fine, its the standing signs that seem to be a bit graphically a miss! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks, Anthony
  5. Thanks for all the help gents! I restarted and re-downloaded and it decided to work! Woohoo! Thanks again! Anthony
  6. Yes mate, just gave that a go. Same outcome. Files still just seem to come up named cont1 and cont2, no extension in the name and still get the file cont1.cab cannot be found when I try to install using the .msi.
  7. Hi Bill, Yeah I have just tried that method and it still seems to do the same thing, just like yours looks it says cont1.cab when I download but when I view the file it goes back to just saying cont1 and it does not seem to be recognised by the .msi file. They don't actually say .rar at the end though. Although they have the icon of WinRAR. I'm starting to run out of ideas!
  8. I've just re-downloaded and the files appear as winrar files and are just names cont1 and cont2, if I right click they are showing as winrar files, is there anything I can do to fix this? I tried renaming as I said, it didn't seem to work.
  9. Hi Guys, Yeah I have deleted the old Content file, so when the files are downloading I can see that they (although they show WinRAR) still are named cont1.cab and cont2.cab. However when I go to the downloads section to move them all into the same folder as the .msi file they are not called .cab any more. I've tried renaming them, re-downloading them etc. I always get the same error when I try to install from the .msi file, it says cont1.cab cannot be found... I seem to remember this being a lot easier the last time I did this! Thanks again!
  10. Hi All, I am just trying to update the content part of P3D. My issue is with the .cab files that are also required as part of the download. They don't remain as .Cabs and instead become winrar files, I've tried extracting them, but how do you get them to remain as single .cab files? The content will not update without them. I have watched videos but they all seem to show the files downloading successfully as 2 single .cab files. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks, Anthony
  11. Ah! I must not have ever noticed it before! So its not just me then! Thanks for letting me know, do you know if any of the shader programmes make any difference? Xvision was one I was thinking about? Thanks!
  12. Just having a bit of a play with the K and L keys and it seems to be to be affected by sun position, it looks fine until the sun reaches about midday, then some of the houses seem to go darker than the rest in a rather unnatural way, not all, but large groups seem to go a lot darker than the surrounding area. Again not sure if this is making any sense to anyone! I don't have an additional shader addons installed. Many thanks,
  13. Hi All, Im not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but the houses appear very dark in my Xplane 11 Orbx True Earth. It looks more like the generic houses rather than the additional scenery. I am pretty new to Xplane so I am a little unfamiliar with it. My system is an I7 8700, 1080TI, 32GB Ram, Xplane is on an SSD, runs great, just the houses seem to ruin things a bit, trees look great and the added buildings do to. I did take a few screenshots but I don't think I can post them here? Im using the Beta 11.30 B7 build (I noticed the same on the B6 build) Has anyone got any ideas? Settings are: Visuals: High HDR Texture Quality: Max Antialiasing: 2 x SSAA +FXAA No shadows on Scenery World Objects:High Reflection Detail: Second Medium. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Many thanks!
  14. Hi Kyle, Will do! I'll raise a ticket in the meantime about my current issue, last time it stuck on the activation menu (nothing actually made it through to you guys from my end), this time it says its activated but I still end up with it not functioning properly, a restart of prepared brings up the activation screen again, will be interesting to see if you guys have anything on your end from me! I love windows updates! Anthony
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