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  1. ADMIN Why is my Post Deleted ?????
  2. until my m2 ssd broke, i used the complete package from toga. i.e. ENVSHADE, ENVSOUND and ENVTEX. Only then I wanted to replace ENVSHADE with RDSHADE. and that's when I had my first problem with ENVDIR. once I uninstall ENVSHADE, ENVDIR doesn't work. as soon as I installed ENVSHADE again (ie complete product) then I could open ENVDIR again. now after i reinstalled everything i just wanted to install ENVTEX and ENVSOUND and combine them with RDSHADE. so I installed ENVDIR first and then wanted to install ENVTEX.. and yes ENVDIR doesn't work again...for whatever reason
  3. That's not what I'm talking about. I have been able to use the product for several months without any problems. I don't ask for any money back. it's a good product and I enjoyed it, so it's all the more annoying when it doesn't work
  4. I wrote an email to support several months ago that I need help with ENVDIR start, which remained without an answer
  5. Then I ask directly: What can I do now ? I just want to install ENVTEX and maybe ENVSOUND. what can i do that will start ENVDIR ? thx
  6. it is a fresh windows installation. everything works and starts 100%. ENVDIR used to cause problems and still does. I run the program as admin... and it doesn't happen Google recommendations didn't help either... Response to tickets = 0 help in forum = 0
  7. I find it hard that I am told that the problem is with me that ENVDIR does not start. Since my m2 ssd broke I had to completely reinstall windows and p3d. if envdir doesn't start with a freshly installed windows, then it's not my fault. the forums are full of ENVDIR not starting. I used to have problems with ENVDIR as well. for example if you only wanted to use ENVTEX and ENVSOUND and uninstalled ENVSHADE, ENVDIR didn't start... only after I reinstalled ENVSHADE did ENVDIR start again. I'm getting fed up with TOGA Projects. you buy a product and end up being left without help and being told it's your own fault fact is ENVDIR doesn't start, and still doesn't start... and it will always stay that way...
  8. ok, so TOGA is completely dead for me. I don't feel like messing up my new p3d install. I wanted to give ENVTEX and toga another chance if the junk doesn't even start on its own with newly installed windows... then you can throw all Toga products in the bin. You won't get any help or support anyway. and to be honest, as a paying customer, i'm not very interested in private problems. I will never buy or support anything from toga or their developers again
  9. Hi, Today I wanted to at least install ENVTEX. Downloaded all packages from Simmarket. As far as I know, I still need ENVDIR. So I first installed ENVDIR but it doesn't come up again ? I haven't installed ENVTEX yet... Is it because ENVTEX isn't installed yet ?` I'm very careful with TOGA-Projects because I used to have massive problems uninstalling ENVSHADE, because after uninstalling ENVSHADE ENVDIR didn't start.. I don't want to break my new installation. Hence the question, does ENDIR not start because ENVTEX is not yet installed?
  10. Hi, After my SSD broke, I had to completely reinstall everything. Since I want to do something optically, I'm thinking about what I'm going to do. I used to always have TOGA products installed (ENVHSADE , ENVTEX ) I really liked the look of it. but when I wanted to test RDShade back then and it is not compatible with TOGA, I wanted to delete ENVTEX and ENVSHADE... But that didn't work back then.. It just wasn't possible to delete.. so I left it with RDShade. Now that I've reinstalled P3D V5.3, I'm finding it difficult to reinstall TOGA products. There is practically no more support, and the forum is also dead. Then if HF or V5.4 should come, you probably can't update it because somehow the developer doesn't exist. I don't want to break my P3D installation with a program that is no longer supported anyway. Hence my question, what is the best way to do it? Can you recommend RDShade as an alternative?
  11. Hi, I have problems with Honeycomb Alpha with PMDG 737-700 for MSFS. Alpha reacts extremely sensitively.. I have the P3D version and it's much better there. But in MSFS version I have my problems with it. is it maybe from Deadzone? to calibrate... 2% is set in MSFS. thought I'd try 20% or more? has anyone discontinued their alpha for 737-700? thx
  12. TOGA is really word not allowed. No support. I just want to get rid of this ENVSHADE and I just can't
  13. Hi, Many thanks for your response. I've already tried that with the Troubleshooting.bat. But it doesn't help. It also shows me that the files were not found. When I uninstall and reinstall Basis Program it still doesn't start.. I noticed as soon as ENVSOUND , ENVTEX or ENVSHADE was uninstalled.. the basic program no longer starts.. I would like to cleanly uninstall ENVSHADE
  14. Hi, I wanted to delete ENVSHADE. However, as soon as I uninstall ENVSHADE, ENVDIR no longer starts. I first did ENVDIR , Restore and Disabled, after that I uninstalled ENSHADE. After that, ENVDIR doesn't start anymore.. only when I start ENVSHADE.. how can I solve the problem and best get rid of ENVSHADE
  15. Here I found something in the P3D forum. Here the CEO of FSLabs writes that there are problems with AMD cards. https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6315&t=142304&p=254717#p254717
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