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  1. Viewing a post about a new prosim flightmode for P3D I came across following message: Anyone knows more of what to expect ? Regards, Marinus.
  2. Hello, I was faced with the same question as the OP and went for the QW 787. My reasoning: Since I already own the 747 V3 adding the 747-8 would only give my a little added extra's whereas the QW 787 would give me a whole new experience and aircraft to enjoy. It hasn't failed in doing so although I have to admit it is not (yet) the same quality and standard as the PMDG's. Regards, Marinus Bergsma
  3. I have no issues there...... No significant decrease in performance for me flying the 737NGX Marinus.
  4. Hello Maikel, Had the same issue, all I did to correct it was with the scenerycfgeditor move Amsterdam and Amsterdam_LC above the ORBX TrueEarth entries in the scenery.cfg file. All was good after that. Marinus.
  5. It really does look stunning and is a considerable step up if you ever experienced the NL2000 photoreal textures. It absolutely comes to life when flying VFR over the Netherlands ! I do experience a little frame drop when flying the PMDG 737 NGX in the EHAM region with Fly Tampa Eham, FTX Vector OpenLC Europe and FTX Global installed.
  6. Plus another one with the same issue Saitek Yoke buttons not recognized Marinus Bergsma
  7. Glad to know the issue is being adressed.... Thx, Marinus Bergsma
  8. Hello, I have a issue with the 737NGX in P3Dv4. When I'm in the VC and move the camera forward (Chaseplane) the nose textures are missing ( radome ) anyone else experiencing this ? For the record I only have this with the 737NGX, the 777 and the 747v3 are A ok. Thanks for your help, Marinus Bergsma.
  9. Bought it.... And imho best EHAM I've seen so far....... love it !!
  10. I once had the same problem and tried all of above suggestions to no avail. Then going through the LM forum I found that the solution in mycase was a faulty setting in my Saitek Yoke config " the assignment of button 9 as the next view category was responsible for jumping to the spot view mode upon scenariostart" re-assigning button 9 resolved it for me, and maybe it will for you ? Marinus.
  11. Can someone analyze these 2 for me, especially curious what happens in picture one where AF= set to 85 I7 6700K MSI GTX980 Ti FPS= locked @31 HT=on AF=116 Thanks, Marinus.
  12. Hello Sebastiaan, First of all, awesome work ! I really enjoy using this lists with my 737 and 777. In the 737 short list I found that in the Landing/After Landing section, WING/ENGINE ANTI-ICE is mentioned twice.... Regards, Marinus.
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